by harry lime

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: A young Irish Lassie learns there is a lot more to be found at the end of a rainbow than a Leprechaun's gold. Her teacher shows her an unusual way of celebrating St. Paddy's Day.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Teacher/Student   .

Maureen Connolly sat at her school desk looking out the window. The Grey Dublin sky showed promise of clearing before school let out for the day. The sixteen year old redheaded Irish girl was awash in freckles that were said to be the map of Ireland. Her twin sister, Moira, sat twirling her hair around a number two pencil with great concentration.

The substitute teacher, Mr. Malone droned on and on about some King this or that from some forgettable era that held no interest for most of the students. Maureen wanted to check her phone to see what messages she had received since lunchtime, but was afraid to open it in the classroom. She did not want it confiscated like her last one.

Maureen held back a giggle. She was certain Mr. Malone had forgotten to zip up. From her angle at the side of his desk, his pale green drawers were visible to be sure. Her mind started imagining his thing flopping out in front of her eyes. The thought made her flaming, red-bushed pussy squirm inside her knickers. Her little boobs were not very full yet, but her sixteen year old nipples rubbed against her schoolgirl uniform with agonizing tenderness.

She looked at her sister, only one minute younger than her, but decidedly less tormented by sexual cravings that Maureen suffered many times each night. Sometimes, she thought a wood spirit or a Leprechaun was playing with her under her nightdress. She looked to see each night, but never caught the culprit.

The most notable thing about Maureen Connelly was the size of her ass. She was a demure little thing with no boobs to attract any boys. Yet her posterior was shaped with huge scoops of ass cheeks like an African princess. The boys on the stairs all laughed till they fell down and struggled to peek under her short skirt whenever she went up. The girls all made fun of her, but were secretly jealous. They wished their asses were as round and shaped just like Maureen. But Irish girls are generally more slender and petite in shape.

Mr. Malone became aware of his error when he saw Maureen staring at his crotch with curious intensity. He reached down to correct his mistake.

"Oh, Blast!"

He exclaimed as his zipper jammed from his impetuous jerk.

Maureen saw him cover his opening from her curious eyes.

Mr. Malone looked into Maureen's eyes and relaxed at her smile. He removed his hand and turned more in her direction to allow her a peek. His voice kept pace with the lesson but his cock began to emerge from a secret cave.

She looked at it with disbelief. Maureen didn't know they grew that big. She thought of it inside her redheaded pussy or even her tight little pucker hole. Her pulse began to race and she crossed and uncrossed her legs in frustrated desire. Mr. Malone smiled at her and she smiled back. They both were close to a liquid release. Maureen felt her anus clutch as her knickers grew wet. Mr. Malone pressed down hard as his cock spurted cream.

The class ended shortly after that. Maureen waited with her Sister Moira to talk to Mr. Malone.

"Maureen, your homework was missing two pages."

"I am so sorry, Mr. Malone. Can I make it up?"

"I am taking my last period students to visit a supposed Leprechaun hideaway. If you attend, you will get extra credit."

"Oh, yes! I have study hall the last period and my sister can carry my books home."

Moira was not too happy with that, but she was ever agreeable to her sister's demands.

The sky had cleared. Thank goodness. Maureen waited at the school fence for Mr. Malone and his other students. She was surprised when he showed up with no other students in tow.

"Afraid it is just you and I, little Maureen. My class was detained for inoculations at the last minute. Let's get away before they decide to stick needles in our arms, too."

The very thought was enough to quicken Maureen's legs without any thought of protest.

They jumped into Mr. Malone's car and headed out to the forest. Maureen had never been to this area on the other side of the river. The trees were dense and the forest animals were strangely silent. Mr. Malone walked ahead of her and she followed him trustingly.

She noticed for the first time that he was wearing a jaunty green hat with a green tinged feather. She thought it must be dyed because she knows of no birds with green feathers. No, wait a minute. She had forgotten parrots. That must be it. They came to a clearing and Mr. Malone sat on a smooth rock. He had a little flask of silver that sparkled in his hand. He sipped and shuddered in sheer delight.

"You are too young, I know for a taste of the Irish."

Maureen held out her hand. Her eyes flashed sparks.

"I be over sixteen, I'll have you know. I've been bedded by many a boy with most lustful intent."

She was over sixteen but her cherry was still intact. The same could not be said for her pretty mouth or her magnificent ass.

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