Raped by Her Best Friend's Father

by Fdowg

Copyright© 2011 by Fdowg

Fiction Sex Story: Jenny a very petite 15yo girl has a sleep over at her friends house. She gets brutally raped and fears getting pregnant.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Rape   Fiction   Father   MaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Sadistic   Torture   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Size   2nd POV   .

Jenny was an extremely shy girl. She only had one friend at school. Her name was Megan. Now, one would wonder why Jenny was so very shy, so let me explain. She was a 15yo girl. Like all the other girls in class she had started her period already. Her hips had started its development giving her a very beautiful pear shaped body. The problem was, unlike the rest of the class she was a late bloomer. Her tits were so small they were virtually flat, barely registering as a mean nipple stand. She wore AA bras just to have straps over her shoulders like the other girls, but her tits barely filled them out. The other problem was that her pussy was still essentially smooth.

A couple of hairs did grow 5 hairs to be exact. Yet 5, she had counted them. Jenny allowed them to grow out, thinking that the others would follow soon after, but that didn't happen. Jenny thought her five hairs looked ugly compared to Megan's full dark bush, so she plucked them leaving her pussy completely smooth.

Jenny was also the tallest girl in class at 5' 7. Unfortunately she was a bit underweight at about 88lbs.

To make matters worse, she had pretty bad eye sight and was forced to wear glasses. She had a very pretty pointy nose and good cheek bones though. It was the weekend; she and Megan had planned for a long time for her to have a sleep over at Megan's house. The day went on normally and Megan's parents were very nice to her. Jenny felt a little creepy about the way Megan's dad looked at her though, but she shrugged it off as paranoia. Far too soon the day drew to an end. Being so shy Jenny was allowed to bath by herself and Megan by herself. Even though it was summer Jenny wore a long sleeved button up pyjama shirt and long sleeved pants. The girls and Megan's parents watched a couple of movies. At about 22:00 Megan's mom decided to call it a night. She went to bed, leaving the 2 girls and her husband.

The girls were clearly also tired but they tried desperately to stay awake through the night. Sleep had overwhelmed them within the hour though. Megan's dad glanced at them and smiled. No one knew it but he was sporting an incredible hard on, and the object of his desire was the little minx his daughter called her friend. He has had an infatuation with her since he met her on his daughter's 9th birthday, but the little bitch was so shy he could never even see a good piece of skin from her. Tonight that was going to change though. He smiled as he compiled his thoughts. He got up and picked Megan up first, she weighed about 95 lbs. He carried her to her bed and tucked her in, closing the door behind him as he left. He then picked up Jenny; he carried her to a different room. This room was sound proofed especially for tonight. He placed Jenny on a bed, but before laying her down; he quickly unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off of her shoulders. Jenny didn't even wince as he did this.

The sudden chill caused Jenny's nipples to harden and she wake up. She went beet red from embarrassment as she realised that Megan's dad was looking at her naked titties. Not yet contemplating why they are naked or the fact that she was determined to fuck her brains out tonight. Jenny grabbed both hands over her titties to cover them up. Megan's dad smiled and said in a sonically tone, "Hay you little bitch, I'm not done looking at them." That was the moment that it dawned on Jenny that he was the reason that she was half naked. Suddenly he grabbed her and pushed her back on the bed, he proceeded to cuff her hands above her head to the bedpost. "Nooo, don't ... Somebody help melee ... Jenny screamed at the top of her lungs. Megan's dad just chuckled to himself and proceeded to take of his own pants. His dick was now painfully pushing against it. Tears filled Jenny's eyes as his 9" cock sprang free. "Forget it," she screamed at him, "I won't suck it, and if you force it into my mouth, I'll bite it off."

She exclaimed, not yet fully understanding her situation. "That's good to know," he said smiling sonically, moving his hands around her hips. "But those aren't the lips I'm really interested in." With that he started pulling down her pants, bringing her panties along with it. "noo, you basted, Please no, no, no, no" She exclaimed in horror clenching her legs together, trying to keep him from taking her pants off. Alas she could not keep them on as the material slipped through her knees with just a bit of force and off out of her ankles. He tossed it to one side.

Jenny clenched her knees together, trying to keep at least some of her dignity. He pulled on them with both hands, while she struggled against her bonds for some escape. "Nooo, please don't rape me, I'm still a VIRGIN..." Jenny exclaimed, with tear filled eyes as she felt her knees part. By now his cock was so hard he almost felt faint. "Not for long sweaty he grunted and he managed to force himself between her legs. Jenny new she was vulnerable to him now and a new stream of tears rolled down her face. "Oh god, please somebody help meeee..." but no one could even hear her. Having accomplished positioning himself firmly between her legs and her not being able to protect her virginity any longer he laid across her body and suckled on a nipple. Then he went to her ear and told her: "Lavvy, I'm gonna fuck you so hard that any girls you ever have in future, will be born pregnant." Jenny's eyes flew wide with this revelation and she squirmed beneath him. "No please no. I'm fertile right now..." He just smiled at her and said: "Good, then I'll give you your first baby."

With that he stretched her long slender legs farther apart and positioned his cock at her entrance. Jenny panicked, "Please sir, I've changed my mind, I will suck your dick good for you," she said begging. He laughed at her saying, "yea right and risk you biting it off. I don't think so." And with that he thrust into her with all of his strength. Jenny cried out in anguished pain as she felt his huge cock rip through her hymen and painfully penetrate her virgin canal, hitting her curvex. He didn't really care about her; all he wanted was to fuck her silly. He drew out and thrust back in really hard. Jenny sobbed as he raped her painfully. She could feel every vein and wart of his cock as he thrust in and out of her dry pussy. The only lubrication available to her coming from her virgin blood. He thrust into her lake a mad man. Jenny's small titties bounced around as her rapist pounded her score little pussy with all of his might.

Jenny had read some erotic stories on the internet as a way of satisfying her own frustration, she thought to herself that the way he was going, he would blow his load in no time. jenny screamed and cried for him to take it easy, that he was hurting her, but he just sneered at her and pounded her even harder. He started pinching and nibbling her titties but never missed a stroke raping her tight pussy. His balls swinging heavily as he fucked this undiscovered beauty, missing her ass by a few inches at the in thrust. He loved the feel of her squirming underneath him, trying to relieve the pain he was inflicting on her. She did one thing wrong though and that was to resist every movement his cock made in her. It caused more pain for her, but it was like heaven to him.

After about half an hour of him fucking her as hard as he could, she was finally getting into a rhythm with him, moving with him instead of against him. He thought to himself, wow it sure took her long enough to realise that, that would lessen the pain. He could feel his balls getting ready to release its load by now. He grinned and told her that. The realisation that he was about to spray his seed into her fertile fields brought new panic to her and she started to fight him again. This only had the effect of bringing him over the edge much faster. He put his arms around buck of her and pulled down on her shoulders while he thrust into her as hard as he could. Jenny's eyes bulged as she felt a sharp pain and he penetrated that extra inch or two. His balls slapped her ass as he penetrated her curvex, sending his cock head directly into her womb. Jenny cried in pain, disbelief and fear. He was so overwhelmed by her tightness that he came harder than he's ever come before in his life.

"No, no, no, no," Jenny exclaimed, crying bitterly as she felt her womb being filled with the sperm of her best friend's Father. She wondered to herself what she would say if she got pregnant. In fact would she be willing to destroy her friendship with Megan and report this rape? All these thoughts ran through her head as he emptied is balls directly into her womb. she felt him collapse on top of her and lye there for a minute. Jenny struggled to breath with his weight on top of her. Jenny was all too aware that his cock was not softening. She wondered if all those stories were actually based on facts. after several minutes he had caught his breath and started fucking her again.

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