Millie Growing Up

by Dr Scribble

Copyright© 2011 by Dr Scribble

Erotica Sex Story: 15-year-old Millie has an unused pussy and two brothers. The elder is already keeping her Mama happy, and now the younger wants to find out what fucking is like. Millie obliges him, and later her older brother, but her real aim is to get pregnant with Daddy's baby. Or maybe Uncle Biff's, because he's promised to show her how on her next visit. Millie and her Mama are willing receptacles for all the sperm the men in the family want to dump in them. For sure they'll end up pregnant.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Uncle   Niece   InLaws   First   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

Millie's pussy was wet again. Ever since her last stay with Uncle Biff, it had moistened at least once a day, and sometimes more. Without Uncle Biff being there to sort it out for her, she'd found she could do something to help with just her fingers. Before she'd left, Uncle Biff had promised that next time she came to stay with him, he would make sure she had no problem with a wet pussy and no way of sorting it.

In the meantime, he suggested, her brothers might help, or even her father – but he might be less willing than Tommy or Jack.

Millie was the middle one, in terms of age. Tommy was fourteen and Jack sixteen. He seemed much older though, because his voice had begun to deepen and he'd sprouted hairs under his arms. He'd grown a lot, too, in the last six months: in a way, he'd also grown away from her and Tommy, because suddenly their mother was finding him lots of chores and things, which generally involved him in locking himself away with her in her room. It was obviously dirty work, Millie thought, because he spent so much time in the bathroom afterwards – and even on days he didn't help out Mama.

Still, there was always Tommy. He seemed fed up that Mama didn't want him around so much as his older brother. Millie guessed he'd be down at the pool at the end of the dusty lane they lived on. She decided to go look for him. She put her little pink sundress on, and grabbed a towel from the airing cupboard, thinking that the weather was warm enough to go skinny-dipping in the pool, and that would certainly cool her pussy.

Tommy was squatting beside the water, wearing his swimming trunks and tossing pebbles in, as near the center as possible.

'Hi, Tommy, ' Millie said as she reached his side. 'Wotcha doin'?'

'Tossin' skimmers, ' he replied. He looked round for another flat pebble, just as Mille squatted beside him, and saw she was naked beneath the sundress.

'That your pussy?' he asked, staring at it unabashedly.

Millie saw where he was looking and a sudden flush of warmth flowed along her fuck tube.

'Sure is. Ain't you seen one before?'


She brought her legs together, cutting off his view. 'You can look at it if I can look at your cock.'

Uncle Biff had told her a man's thing was called that. Or prick, or various other names.

Tommy looked startled at first, then shrugged. 'Deal, ' he said.

He wriggled out of his swimming trunks and revealed that he had a small erection – around four inches, Mille guessed: about half the size of Uncle Biff's. She took hold of it, and tried to get near, so she could study it in close-up, while Tommy wanted to get close to her pussy. In time, they turned into the classic sixty-nine position, which so admirably suited their purpose.

While Millie examined the smooth shaft and roseate head of Tommy's cock, he held her thighs apart and stared at her pussy. She rubbed his cock head, and heard his indrawn breath. The lack of any accompanying comment she took as encouragement, and rubbed again.

Tommy, meanwhile, edged his fingers closer to Millie's slit, which was already juicy with her lubricant. As he explored further with his fingertips, he found himself drawn to the widening hole at the bottom of her slit, which seemed to invite examination. Gingerly, he inserted one finger, then – hearing Millie's indrawn breath and sigh – two. She sighed again.

'Oh, Tommy, that's nice. Keep doing that, ' she urged him, all the while not relaxing her grip on his cock.

Uncle Biff had put his fingers inside her several times, causing her to feel hot and excited until she had almost, on that last occasion, passed out with pleasure. Tommy was less expert than their Uncle, given that this was the first time he'd been able to explore a girl's twat, but the feeling was still there, still good.

Tommy, for his part, was feeling an excruciating but wonderful ache in his perineum. His cock felt ramrod stiff, like it had never done before, and he began making little thrusting movements to drive it through the tube formed by Millie's hands.

Suddenly, that feeling of ecstasy which Millie craved swept through her. She let go of Tommy's cock and laid back on the ground, enjoying the warmth coursing through her as her little pussy twitched and convulsed around his fingers. She reached down and pulled them out of her.

'T-too sensitive, just now, ' she gasped.

Tommy groaned with disappointment, his cock throbbing freely now she had released it. Millie heard and understood dimly his frustration, reached up and pulled him on top of her. Almost the minute his cock found itself squeezed between her mound and his stomach, it belched forth its first-ever offering of a clear juice, powerful jets that left streaks all over her belly, and on the skirt of the sundress which was turned up over her breasts.

That was it for him. Tommy slipped down so he was laying full length on her. Millie's legs parted so he could settle comfortably between them, and he found his face inches from hers. He discovered he wanted to kiss her, and did so. Millie responded enthusiastically: this was something Uncle Biff hadn't done, on the lips – though he had kissed her in other places. Millie liked being kissed on the lips almost as much as she'd enjoyed feeling his mouth sucking out the wetness from her pussy. Maybe Tommy could be taught to kiss her pussy and Uncle Biff her lips, so she could achieve the best of both techniques with either man or boy.

'Whooo!' Tommy exclaimed. 'That felt great.'

'For me too, ' said Millie, her enthusiasm returning. 'Can you go again?'

They both looked down at his cock, which had shrunk to around a quarter of its erect length.

'Maybe if I played with it again?' Millie wondered.

'Try it, ' he said.

He rolled onto his side so Millie could reach him comfortably and she began squeezing and flicking the tip gently.

'Why don't you play with my pussy again, ' she suggested.

The youngsters wriggled round so they were again in the sixty-nine position, with Tommy on his back, able to reach Millie's twat with his tongue, and Millie's mouth positioned over his cock, which had begun to show signs of interest. It seemed like a no-brainer for her to capture the tip of his cock between her soft lips and draw it into her mouth.

Tommy's cock rapidly stiffened. Millie felt the pleasurable wetness in her pussy.

'Okay, do me now, Tommy, ' she said.

Tommy slid his fingers once more into her entrance and reamed them in and out. At the same time, Millie handled his cock, once again trapped between them.

'Get on top, ' she directed.

He did so, and she delighted in the feel of his stiffness rubbing against her mound.

'Wait a minute, ' she said, 'just rub your cock up and down.'

Tommy tried to figure out what she meant, and began dry humping her, rubbing his prick against her pussy lips. It felt good to him. He rubbed harder.

'Slowly, Tommy, ' Millie urged, her hips rising and falling in response to her own desire.

Tommy's cock slid along the soaking slit of her pussy lips, and his fingers were still inserted in her entrance. She jerked beneath him, forcing his fingers out of her, but placing the tip of his cock exactly at her entrance. Next time she humped her hips upwards and Tommy powered his downwards, his cock slid effortlessly into her fuck tube. There was a moment's tightness, then he was suddenly in her all the way.

Millie had felt his cock press into her unused pussy, and the sudden tightening that signaled the end of her virginity. What followed was delight, pleasure, ecstasy, like nothing she had experienced before – not even at the hands of Uncle Biff.

But then, he'd told her she would experience his cock the next time she stayed over at his place.

She'd seen him ejaculate, though. Long ropes of white, creamy jism had shot from his cock, quite unlike the colorless spooge Tommy had fired off earlier, and she knew that Uncle Biff's spooge could give her a baby, while Tommy's could not.

Which meant she could practice with Tommy all she liked without getting pregnant.

Uncle Biff would be a different proposition, and she needed to decide whether or not she was going to let him impregnate her or not.

Tommy fucked her steadily. She locked her ankles behind him and used her leg muscles to pull him into her each time he pumped her. This time, she felt her climax coming on and simply rode it out, gasping and grunting as the waves hit her. She felt her pussy clamping round Tommy's cock, but was quite happy for him to carry on reaming her out. She'd felt nothing like it before, ever, and knew she wanted to experience fucking a lot more, now she had.

Tommy began fucking her hard. She reveled in it, savored it, comfortable with the thought that even if he shot off inside her, there would be no consequences in the shape of a baby.

Tommy's expression suddenly settled into a rictus, his teeth bared, and he pressed hard into her and held himself there, quivering with the effort.

She felt his cock throb three, four, five times, and her pussy responded by going into a spasm of its own, squeezing and milking for every last drop of his fuck juice.

Finally, he collapsed on her, and rolled off to the side, his cock sliding out of her well-used pussy. A final weak spurt coated her pussy lips with his spooge.

Millie was glad he hadn't gotten any more jizz on her sundress. She explored the sloppy mess that was her fuck tube, pushing more of his goo inside with her fingers. She lifted them to her mouth and licked the creamy spend from them.


She collected another globule of jism from her pussy and looked at it. No longer colorless, this time, Tommy's jizz was white and creamy like their uncle's.

'Oh shit!' she breathed.

'What's the matter?'

'You fucked me properly, ' Millie replied. 'Your jizz, it looks like Uncle Biff's, and he said that could make me pregnant.'


She looked at him askance. 'Have a baby, you idiot.'

Tommy smiled and shook his head. 'You can't have my baby, ' he said confidently.

'And why's that?' she asked. 'I'm in the middle of my fertile time and you just fucked me with proper baby juice.'

'Because I'm your brother, and everyone knows that sisters don't have their brothers' babies.'

She pushed him aside and sat up.

'That, idiot brother mine, is because brothers should not fuck their sisters, not because, if they do, they can't make a baby.'

He stared at her, then down at her snatch which was still leaking his jizz. 'So I could have put a baby inside you, Millie?' he asked.

'I'd say there's a fair chance.'

'Why didn't you tell me?'

'Because when you squirted me before, all your juice was colorless, and there wasn't so much of it. This time, your juice is white and creamy, and I'm just certain it's teeming with your little baby-makers.'

Tommy hung his head. 'What are we going to do about it, Millie? What can we do?'

She thought about it for a minute. 'I'm going swimming. It'll probably wash it all out and we'll be okay.'

'I'll come with you.'

The siblings entered the pool after Millie removed her sundress, and were splashing about when Jack appeared on the bank.

'Hi. Wotcha doin'?' he asked.

Tommy stood up. He was in shallow water so his nakedness was immediately apparent. 'Swimmin'. '

Millie had been sitting on the rock-strewn floor of the pond and had two fingers inside her twat, opening it to let the water wash away all that was inside. Now she stood up.

'What've you been doin' with Mama?' she asked.

He colored up. 'Aw, this and that.'

'Such as?'

'Nothin'. I can't tell you.'

'Why's that, Jack?'

'Cos she made me promise. If I tell, she won't let me ... again.'

'Won't let you what? You gotta say now, Jack, or we're gonna tell her you told us, anyway.'

Jack stared at his younger siblings.

'Come on, Jack: spill the beans, ' Millie encouraged.

'Yeah. You gotta tell us now, or else, ' Tommy chimed in, earning a filthy look from his brother.

Jack drew in a deep breath. 'Okay. If I tell you, you have to promise to keep it to yourselves. You're not supposed to know until you're older.'

'Okay, ' said Millie, 'we promise.'

Tommy nodded his agreement.

Jack sighed and rolled his eyes. 'Okay. Here's the SP: Mama's been showing me how to fuck. She says I'm gettin' to be a man, and I have to know how to fuck a girl.'

Millie arched her eyebrows. 'She's been letting you fuck her?'

Jack's bottom lip protruded. 'Well, yeah.'

Millie asked, 'And how many girls have you fucked since mother showed you how?'

Jack blushed. 'None. Mother says that I mustn't until she says it's all right.'

'So you actually fuck your stuff into her?' asked Millie, frowning.

'Of course, ' Jack said, trying for insouciance.

'You don't mind getting her pregnant?'

Jack took on the appearance of a terrified rabbit, perhaps appropriately.

'She said I needn't worry about pregnancy, that it was okay to cum in her.'

Millie rolled her eyes. 'She didn't say that you can't make her pregnant, only that you needn't worry about it if you do.'

Jack gulped. 'You think so?'

'How many times have you fucked her?'

'A couple of times a day for ... for about a month.'

'I reckon that'll do it. If she isn't pregnant now it's because she can't.'

Jack seemed to gather himself. 'Anyway, what do you know about it, little sister?'

'Do you think you're the only one in this house who is fucking?'

Jack looked at her, then at Tommy. 'Why? Who's fucking? Who's fucking who?'

Millie smiled. 'Whom. Not "who". None of your business, unless you want to share what you've learned with Tommy and me.'

As she spoke, the implications of her words made her pussy start to moisten again. The thought of Jack having a cock that was bigger than Tommy's was intriguing. She wanted to see it.

'Why don't you get undressed and join us, ' she invited.

Jack looked at her, then stripped off his clothes. He stepped into the water and waded towards them. As he did, Millie sank down until just her head was visible above the water, and her pale body was spread out just below the surface. Jack stopped at her feet and stared down at her. He squatted down in the water and reached forward to place his hands on her belly. She watched him silently.

Jack turned to Tommy. 'Shouldn't you go somewhere and play with yourself?'

'He can stay and watch, ' said Millie. 'If he wants.'

'Learn how to do it, ' said Jack.

'He has nothing to learn from you, ' said Millie.

Jack stared at her, then at Tommy. 'You two?'

'Who do you think?' she asked.

'But ... pregnancy?'

'No worries, ' she said airily.

Jack's eyebrows arched. 'Can I?'

'If you want.'

Millie let him help her to her feet and they both waded back to the shore. She lay down on the small beach, and Jack lay beside her, his cock, already a couple of inches longer than his brother's, suddenly rigid.

'Here, turn, ' she commanded, and the two siblings were soon head to tail. 'Now eat me, Jack, ' she said. 'Tommy, you can play with my tits.'

She wrapped her lips round Jack's tumescence and drew it into her mouth. Tommy managed to get his head in place to lick and suck at her breasts, and Millie found she was enjoying that enormously, when suddenly Jack's mouth descended on her twat.

It was like a light had been turned on. Every pleasure center in her body lit up and a ball of heat rushed through her.

'Ooooh ... Aaaargh ... Wooooowwww! Aieeeeh!!!'

Her power of speech deserted her then as Jack pushed more of his cock into her mouth. She was capable only of a series of groans, until the exquisite sensations she was experiencing died back, like a fire which gets over the first rush of flame and settles into a comfortable red-heat of warmth.

Millie had forgotten what she was doing with Jack's cock, and he withdrew it from between her lips. While she still rolled her hips, he pushed between her legs and a moment later, his cock burrowed into her fuck tube. The pleasure she experienced was overwhelming. Tommy kept sucking at her breasts, alternately with rubbing them, and suddenly Jack stiffened on top of her, thrusting hard against the soft tissues of her cervix. This time, as his cock lurched, she felt his load spewing inside her and had another blinding flash of sheer ecstasy.

Jack rolled off her, his place taken at once by Tommy, who did not hesitate to push his own straining cock into her greasy twat and pump away.

Millie couldn't speak. All the stimulations her body was experiencing were too much. She lay there, trying to hump back at her younger brother, eventually laying passively while he pumped her full of his own jizz.

Millie was almost numb with pleasure.

Afterwards, she rose shakily to her knees. 'Must get in the pool, ' she muttered, staggering into the water once more while her two exhausted brothers watched, their cocks shrunken and shiny with their combined juices.

When they returned home, it was a bit later than it should have been, and Mama was clearly not pleased.

'I was looking for you to help me with something this afternoon, Jack, ' she said, pointedly.

Jack shrugged. 'Sorry.'

Millie had shot upstairs to change out of her sundress – more especially, to put on some knickers and a bra before her mother noticed she wasn't wearing any. When she returned, in a T-shirt and mini-skirt, dinner was on the table and everyone, including her father, Paul, was waiting for her.

'I have news for you kids, ' he said. 'Your Uncle Biff has said we can all go and spend a couple of weeks with him in the mountains. Would you like that?'

Millie wasn't sure. A couple of weeks with Uncle Biff alone would be interesting, she felt sure, but if all her family were there, she wondered how she would ever find the opportunity for them to play more games with her pussy and his prick. She wondered how it would feel if he stuck his big prick inside her like her brothers had.

Tommy and Jack seemed enthusiastic about the idea, though, so Millie nodded and smiled.

Daddy was smiling, too, and she caught him staring at her: not her face, but her developing boobs, before his gaze dropped to the expanse of her thighs visible below the short hem of her skirt. It was, she realized, the same way Uncle Biff had looked at her that first day, before he'd taken her into his den and shown her things to do with her body – and his. Maybe, she thought, it was just because Daddy was Uncle Biff's brother.

After they'd put away the dinner things, Daddy and the children settled in front of the TV while Mama had gone to her bedroom. She came down and joined them, wearing her robe. She sat near the boys, glancing from time to time at Jack, until she had his attention. With the slightest of movements, she caused the robe to open and slip along her legs until almost all her thighs were visible. She rested her hands on the bare skin and slowly began rubbing. Jack's gaze was rooted to her, Millie noticed, her own pussy beginning to weep again.

Mama had been shifting in her seat for a minute or two before she stood up.

'Jack, I need you to help ne with something. Come upstairs.'

Jack stood up and took a step, then stopped and turned to her. 'Can Tommy help too?'

'No!' Mama said at once, then stopped and looked at her younger son. To Jack, she said, 'Why? Do you think he could help?'

Her hand was pressed against her pussy mound, the fingers stretched so the longest must have been forcing the silk material of her robe into her slit, Millie thought. Wow.

'Yes, Mama, ' Jack replied.

Their mother looked uncertain for a moment, then shrugged. 'Then why not – if Tommy wants to join us.'

Tommy and Daddy were both looking at Mama. Tommy was all eagerness, Daddy's expression more of a satisfied smile. The boys followed their mother up to her room.

'Come here, honey, ' Daddy said, holding out an arm towards Millie. 'Let's you and I get comfortable.'

Millie noticed the swelling in her daddy's trousers that was so much like the one in Uncle Biff's. She wondered what Daddy's cock would feel like in her hand, or in her pussy, which was quite wet once again and achingly empty. Now she'd had a couple of cocks in her, she knew what it felt like to be full, and very agreeable it was, too. She sat beside her daddy and felt safe and comfortable as he wrapped an arm round her. She wondered if she could rub her pussy without his noticing.

Millie surreptitiously slid her hand beneath the folds of her skirt on the side away from her daddy, and felt for her dripping twat. When she looked at Daddy, though, she realized he must have seen the slight movement. His eyes were riveted on her pussy, and the lump in his trousers was even more marked.

'Are you okay, baby?' he asked.

'Just a little itchy, Daddy, ' she said.

'Can I scratch it for you?'

Millie nodded and pulled her short skirt up so he could see her knickers and the damp spot forming where they covered her dripping fuck tube.

Daddy used his free hand to rub slowly up and down her slit, through the thin covering of her panties. The sensations this kicked off in her made her close her eyes and moan with pleasure. Daddy's other hand, the one round her shoulders, was suddenly rubbing the hard little nipples on her tennis-ball-sized breasts through the material of her T-shirt, and the heat in her belly made her wriggle with excitement.

'Are you enjoying this, baby?' Daddy asked.

'Yesss, ' she moaned.

'Good. So am I, but it must be our little secret, Millie. You have to promise not to tell anyone I'm doing this for you. Otherwise I might have to go away for a long time.'

'I promise, Daddy, ' Millie replied, feeling the gushing heat fingers in her twat and flicking her nipples always caused. 'Mmmm!'

'You like that?' her father asked thickly.

'Oooh! Yesss!'

'Then would you do something for me, baby? Somethin' I'd like as much?'

'Yes, Daddy. Anything.'

He took his hand away from her snatch long enough to unfasten his trousers and pull the zipper down until his cock sprang out.

It was stiff, the shaft was red and veined, and the smooth head almost purple. Millie unhesitatingly reached out and grasped it, while her father pulled aside the material of her panties and after lubricating his finger with her juices, he thrust it firmly into her love channel.

Daddy's finger was so much bigger than Tommy's or even Jack's pricks. It pushed and prodded at the walls of her pussy, widening and stretching it. Millie's tummy began to heave, and she humped her hips up at her daddy's finger, trying to get it ever further inside her.

'I can't get it any further in, honey, ' said Daddy. 'How 'bout if I use this?'

He took his finger out of her and wrapped his hand round his cock. There was a small outpouring of precum from the tip, which he smeared over the head. Millie lay back and pulled her panties aside.

'Yes, please, Daddy. Fuck me with your prick.'

Daddy turned on the couch to bring his prick to her entrance, where it nudged her swollen lips and another load of precum poured out.

'You ready for this, honey?'

'Please, Daddy, ' she replied.

He took his cock and rubbed the well-oiled head against her opening, easing forward as it began to force its way inside his daughter's fuck tube.

'Oh, baby, you're so tight, ' he groaned, pressing hard against her.

Millie felt her insides stretch as never before and widened her legs as much as she could to make it easier for her daddy. He got right on top of her, hunched up so he could drive his cock deeply into her pussy. Millie heaved back at him, as much as she could, with his being so much heavier than she.

'Got ... to get ... it all the way ... in, ' gasped her daddy.

'Yes, Daddy, fuck it all the way in, ' she cried. 'Are you goin' to fuck your juice into me, Daddy?'

'If you don't mind, baby.'

'It's just that I'm between periods just now and you might make a baby in my little womb.'

He thrust harder at her words and she felt his cock swell even bigger.

'Is that what you want, baby? Do you want me to make a baby in your little belly, so you can feel it getting' bigger and wrigglin' around inside you.'

Millie had no idea, but it evidently delighted her father, who was now stroking hard into her pussy and she could feel the heat building. She was going to come...

'I'm cumming, Dadddeeeee... !' she screamed, humping up hard against him.

Her daddy stiffened on top of her and she felt his cock begin to pulse warm wetness against her cervix, and knew he was at that moment making a baby inside her. Heat balled again and her little pussy went into more spasms, while her Daddy hunched into her two, three, four times, like a stallion breeding a little mare, trying to deliver his seed as close to her egg as possible.

At last the two lovers relaxed. Daddy left his cock inside Millie as long as he could, in the hope she would have a better chance of catching.

'You know if you keep doing that, you could get her pregnant.'

The voice of Millie's mother from the doorway caused them both to start. Tommy and Jack were standing either side of her, and her robe was open. Mama's pussy lips looked swollen and glistened, and her thighs were wet. Both boys were naked.

Daddy sat up, his cock shrunken and shiny. 'Looks to me like she won't be the only one, ' he said.

'Oh, I know I'm gonna get pregnant, ' said Mama, 'if I ain't already, but then I'm old enough to know what I'm doin'. Millie's only fifteen.'

'Old enough to be a good fuck. I wasn't her first.'

Mama looked speculative for a moment, then down at her sons.

'You boys been fuckin' your sister?'

Tommy looked sheepish. Jack said, 'Only since this morning, Mama.'

She looked at her daughter. 'You're gonna get pregnant if you keep fuckin'. You know that, don't you.'

'I don't mind, Mama, ' said Millie. 'I enjoy fuckin' too much to stop.'

'You could use condoms. Maybe I could get you on the Pill, but you're a bit young.'

Daddy spoke up. 'The boys can use condoms if they want, but I ain't.'

Mama looked at her husband and children, and shrugged. 'Well, we better get used to the idea there's gonna be more babies in this house, cos I ain't stopping fuckin' the boys.'

Her husband grinned. 'Well, when they get older, we can fuck the babies, too.'

'You have a filthy mind, ' said Mama. 'I like it. Now why don't we go up to our bedroom and fuck up a storm.'

Millie felt her pussy pulse and her juices begin to flow at the prospect of more fucking. Daddy picked her up and carried her to his and Mama's bedroom, and there she learned what Mama meant by "pulling a train". Her mother got on her knees and leaned forward to rest her head on a pillow, leaving her ass weaving around in the air, her pussy glistening in the gap between her thighs. She looked round at her husband.

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