An Abridged History of the Order

by Celtic Bard

Copyright© 2011 by Celtic Bard

Fantasy Story: Alexandra McKiernan is a Warrior of the Almighty, a Knight of the Faith, the Left Hand of God. The Order has been the servants and allies of her predecessors since the time of the Apostles. But from whence came this Order of warriors and holy men, wizards and scholars? This is a quick peek behind the light of the world into the Darkness the Order has fought for almost 2,000 years. Learn the truth concealed behind the veil which hides the battles waged in the Dark Wars of Human History.

Tags: Magic   Historical   Paranormal   Military  

Author's Note: This "story" serves as a brief background on the Order featured in Enter the Darkness. The short stories that make up Chapters I and V show the Order's origins (Chapter I) and how the Order learns of and prepares for the arrival of the Warrior of God that Alexandra McKiernan becomes as the protagonist of Enter the Darkness. Reading this is not required to read Enter the Darkness nor vice versa. It was simply something I began compiling for my own use in writing Enter the Darkness and thought others might enjoy a look behind the scenes as well.

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