Captain Horatio Horn and the Slutty Space Pirates

by Invid Fan

Copyright© 2011 by Invid Fan

Humor Sex Story: Losing two space ships in two weeks is never good. But, when your second rescue comes from teen pirates turned sluts, life was never better! A roaring romp set in the universe of The Waifs.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Humor   Space   Oral Sex   .

Losing two ships in as many weeks never looks good in your official reports.

Captain Horatio Horn, top of the class at the academy, fastest to get command of his own ship, and general military badass, sat sweating alone in the escape pod. Two meters tall, short black hair, and a ripped body the envy of any soldier which filled his sharp dress uniform to perfection, Horn looked back on the events of the previous day. This time at least he had managed to get all of his men off the ship before the new engines exploded, staying behind himself to give one final heroic effort to save the ship. He almost did it, too, single handedly replacing both the core and the clutch before the destroyer blew up. Horn barely managed to make it to the one remaining escape pod with all the top secret files.

Naturally, having spent none of the past six hours on the bridge he had no idea where the hell he was now floating.

The four meter square cube he was in had maybe a day's worth of air left when there was a sudden banging outside the hatch. Horn stood, hand on his sidearm, ready. He would defend the secret plans with him to the death, or preferably to the death of others. The hatch slid open ... and framed in the doorway was a familiar figure.

It was Lessa. She looked at him with serious, smoldering eyes. The tall warrior teen, a few centimeters shorter than his two meters, wore a blue leather bikini top that cupped her firm mounds nicely. Two gun belts crisscrossed her trim waist, framing tight blue leather shorts that molded to her body like a second skin. Her limbs were muscular yet graceful, and her long brown braid reached the small of her back. She was floating in the zero gravity of the shuttle, not crossing into the artificial gravity of the pod.

"You again," she said, huskily. Horn nodded, feeling blood flow into his cock causing it to rise up in salute to the dangerous beauty before him. He stood calmly, regarding her with questioning, confident eyes. Lessa looked him up and down, licking her lips. "So, you need ... assistance?"

"From you? Always." He thought he saw a slight blush on that stern face, and she floated back a bit and motioned him to enter the shuttle.

The hatch slid shut behind him, and looking around Horn noticed that she was alone. Before, there had been another teen with her.

"Just you?" he asked, regarding her. Lessa scoffed.

"We got rid of all the... 'boys', after seeing you for the first time. Once we saw a MAN..." and Lessa floated up to him, "nothing else would satisfy." Lessa reached out and gently but firmly took the pistol out of Horn's hand. "No guns allowed, Captain." Casting it aside to float towards the back of the cabin, she then ran a hand down his chest to his groin, feeling the long, thick, hard weapon there.

"And this," she added, beginning to slide down his body, "will have to be disarmed before we get to the ship."

Captain Horn grabbed onto two hand holds on the ceiling as Lessa unfastened the fly on his dress uniform pants and pulled out the thick nine inch cock. (Male body parts were still measured in the archaic units of their barbarian past. Female breasts used a new unit of measurement called a "hand full" or hf) Floating before him, she looked up again with those smoldering eyes and slowly licked the head. Horn groaned, closing his eyes, and felt her slowly lick over and around the smooth dome of his cock. He bent his legs back and his feet found handles on the wall he could wedge them into to hold himself still. Lessa's hands pulled his large balls out of his pants as well, hefting their weight as her mouth continued to tease his cock. Suddenly, she took all of him in her mouth. He let out a cry, as her nose found itself in his pubic hair and he throbbed in her throat. Pulling back she began sucking loudly, and Horn felt himself thrusting into her mouth. He was not going to last long...

Lessa felt him start to swell, and she pulled back so only the large head was held captive. She bit lightly, and with a yell he exploded. Thick, white Captain's cum shot into her eager mouth, and Lessa drank it all. She moaned around his cock, and Horn could smell her sex.

Taking one final lick into the slit in his cock to get that last taste of goodness, Lessa released his member and floated up. She was licking her lips. Horn let go of his hand and foot holds and looked back at her, drained but still manly and in control.

"I'm going to have to search you for weapons often," She said, with the smile of a predator.

They felt the shuttle shudder just then, and heard the banging of metal. Gravity slowly kicked in, setting them on their feet.

"We're here. Welcome back to The Liberty."

His weapon of mass orgasm put back away, Captain Horn followed Lessa out the shuttle hatch an into the large shuttle bay. It was less crowded than last time, and he noticed that indeed there seemed to be no males. In addition, the lovely teen ladies were much more underdressed than was the case on his previous visit. Flesh of various colors was in abundance, and one mechanic was even working fully nude. Her body was covered with grease and grime, and Horn felt a stirring in his just drained groin just looking at her.

With a cough, Lessa brought his attention to the girl in front of him. It was Mel again, the apparent head of security, at least when he was here. Like Lessa she was fit and trim, if a little darker in skin tone. She was dressed in a uniform half shirt over her small breasts and matching tan shorts. Her bald head shined, and her green eyes regarded him as if he was a bowl of ice-cream, to be slowly licked, tasted, and savored. Bowing his head to her in greeting, Mel then led the Captain out of the shuttle bay and into the heart of the ship. His eyes were focused on the sway of her hips, and on how the shorts left her ass smooth and well defined. After too short a walk, she showed him into his cabin.

"I hope these accommodations are better than your last ones," she said, slowly walking over to the bed and laying a hand on it. "We think you deserve only the best."

"And is that bed the best?" Horn asked, raising an eyebrow. Mel looked over her shoulder at him, and unbuttoned her top and let it fall to the floor. Her shorts followed, and he found himself admiring her nude form from behind. She turned, and he saw the full red bush between her legs as she first sat then lay down on the bed, stretching out. Mel turned her head towards the Captain.

"Why don't we try it out?"

Horn slowly undid his smartly pressed uniform, and let it fall to the floor. As he stepped out of his pants she groaned, watching him slowly become hard before her eyes. The Captain strolled like a god up to the bed, and getting on it slowly positioned himself over her. Mel spread her long legs, half wrapping them around him before he had even gotten into position. Her hands were stroking his chest, feeling his cut body, and she whimpered.

"Fuck me, Captain. Fuck me like only a MAN can!"

He thrust, finding her soaking entrance on the first try. She cried out, hands clutching his back and legs crossing around his ass. He pounded into Mel, her pussy a hot furnace. He could feel her clutching at his cock, trying to capture it as it did its duty. Suddenly Mel's fingernails dug into his back, and he felt her convulse around his cock as she screamed his name. Her head shot up and she bit his shoulder, and that sent him over the edge. Horn shot wave after wave of invading sperm into the teen, and she chanted his name over and over.

Finally, she collapsed onto the bed and released him. Horn looked down at the beautiful girl spread under him, and as her eyes once again focused on him, he smiled at her.

"I don't know about the bed alone, but with you in it I think it is the best."

"Oh, Captain!" She looked at him in adoring wonder, and reached a hand up to caress his cheek. She noticed then the slight stream of blood from where she had bitten.

"Oh! We have to get that looked at!"

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