Perfect Stranger

by isadore

Copyright© 2011 by isadore

Fiction Sex Story: sometimes words are not needed

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   Oral Sex   .

I met him in an online chat room and within 20 minutes we were telling each other our deepest secrets and which way we preferred to get or give sex. I think it was my suggestion to go over to his place, but he was not against the idea and before you knew it I was scribbling his address and door code on the pad next to the computer.

It took me all of 10 minutes to drive over and another 3 to get into the building and up to his condo. Within those short minutes in the elevator I had removed all my clothes and walked the hallway to his door naked-this was one of his fantasies and I had wanted to get this off on a proper footing and leaving no thought at to what I was there for.

He opened the door and smiled, what a smile it was complete with dimples and a twinkle in the eye! Not saying anything, he bid me welcome and ushered me in; we walked into the common area of the condo and I took in the view of the city that was spread out to see from the heights of the building. I sensed rather than felt him behind me and just leaned into his chest and felt him wrap his arms around me. He showered my neck and shoulders with tiny kisses and nips of my skin which turned me on to the max.

I let him roam his hands over my body and returned the gesture by dropping my hands and squeezing his ass cheeks and feeling his tight muscular thighs and hips. While reaching behind me I found the buckle of his belt and loosened that as well as the button on his pants. Sliding my hand into his pants I found that he was going commando and thrust my hand further down to reach his penis so that I could get it out of it's hiding place.

While I was pulling that very nice, thick cock out of his pants I was also getting those same pants off of his hips and down around his ankles. He shimmied his hips to help get them to fall and also succeeded in sliding his cock into the crack of my ass, which was met by a very deep throaty moan from me. He was working that prick up and down the crack and trying to get into the depths of me but I was having nothing of that- I wanted to taste that thing before he filled my ass. So I broke our embrace and pushed him away from me so that he landed on one of the deep comfortable chesterfields surrounding the common area of the room.

I dropped to my knees and crawled over to between his legs and started kissing and nibbling from his feet up to mid thigh-god what a pair of legs this man has I thought to myself as I was feasting on them. I worked from one leg to the other stopping short of where his cock lay just to tease the hell out of him and it was working- he was sporting the most fantastic hard on that you could imagine, about 18 cm of thick beautiful man meat and it was all mine for the evening. I remembered from our chat what he liked in the way of blowjobs and was prepared to give him a most mind blowing one.

I dove in and swallowed the entire length down my throat stopping only when his pubic hairs tickled my nose. I could hear his intake of breath and feel his cock getting harder, more engorged. I slowly pulled myself up out of his crotch and nibbled around the head, sucking on his foreskin and making sure that he was wet and hard. I dove back down the entire length of his cock and held it deep in my throat, listening to his slow exhale and moaning while he started to pump into my face. The feeling that one gets while having a penis fully stuffed down your throat is overwhelming and I was revelling in that feeling, languishing in the knowledge that I owned his cock, he may have believed that he owned my throat but the reality was that his cock was mine to do with as I pleased and as an extension of his cock him as well.

It seemed an eternity that I held him in my throat before letting up on his length, it may have been only a minute but I was in that "who cares about time" state and was only paying attention to his cock and what I could do to make him squirm and moan; and I was really making him do both. My mouth was full of his cock and precum was pouring out filling my mouth as well, I was in cock sucker heaven.

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