Practice Squad

by just-this-guy

Copyright© 2011 by just-this-guy

Erotica Sex Story: Emma planned to sign up for the Practice Squad. Big brother Eli didn't like that idea because he knew what the Practice Squad did.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Brother   Sister   First   .

"Hi, Emma," Eli greeted when his younger sister came home. He only looked away from his videogame long enough to verify it was her.

"Hi, Eli." Her brother was two years older.

Eli immediately knew something was wrong. His sister looked happy and perky instead of moody and annoying.

"What's up?"

"I've decided to join the Practice Squad when they have sign-ups."

Hearing that was enough to make him pause the game.

"You can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"Because ... because you're my sister!"

"So what?"

"It's just ... you can't!"


"You're only going to be a freshman."

"Marissa's signing up." She was Emma's best friend and a new freshman too.

"She should wait too." It was worth saying that if it meant Emma wouldn't sign up. Marissa looked very hot so it did make him think before saying that.

"Melissa joined the Practice Squad when she was a freshman."

The thought of Melissa brought a smile to Eli's face. She was excellent.

"At least wait until after I graduate," he tried.

"What for?"

"Because I'm your brother."

"So? What's the big deal?"

"Do you even know what the Practice Squad does?"

"Sure. It helps the boys get ready right before their games."

"Do you know how the girls on the Practice Squad help the boys?"


"Then what?" Eli had a growing suspicion that Emma had no idea what she was signing up for.

"To ... uh ... prepare them so the boys perform at peak performance."

"And what is that?" Eli pressed.

"I don't know. I'm sure I can do it."

"They don't just let any girl on the Practice Squad."

"Marissa said I'm pretty enough."

"Did she tell you what the girls do?"

"I didn't ask. I just know it's a way to support the school teams."

"Don't do this Emma?"

"Why not?"

When English teacher Mrs. Abercrombie discovered the principle then created the Practice Squad 15 years ago, the school's sport teams went from doormat to perennial powerhouse and constant champion.

"Just trust me," he said with a dramatic sigh.

"I once saw Christina Compton in her uniform with her head lying in a boy's lap," said Emma. "He had a smile on his face and was stroking her hair so he must have liked it." She would prove to her brother she could do this.

"Sure, Christina has no gag reflex," he replied. She graduated last school year. She would be greatly missed.

"What does that mean?"

"See? You don't know what they do!"

"Then tell me."

"She was sucking him off!" His voice rose in exasperation.

"Suck what? His belly button?"

"You're not ready, Emma, and there's more to it than what Christina was doing."

"Like what? Tell me."

Eli shook his head.

"Loser!" Emma said and stomped off to her room.

When Emma's emotions calmed down, she got on her computer. She brought up the browser. She typed in: "What to do in a guy's lap?"


Christina hadn't been doing that. Her head moved but she wasn't wriggling.

Emma tried again. "What to do with your head in a guy's lap?"

Suck his @#$%.

Stupid computer filter! Suck his what? Eli wouldn't tell her and the filter blocked her from finding out.

The next day Emma went over to Marissa's house again.

Emma said, "I mentioned to my brother that I was going to sign-up for the Practice Squad and he tried to talk me out of it. He said I wasn't ready."

"You can handle it," Marissa said with a dismissive wave. "Melissa said the first of the year can be tiring since there are more guys on the football team than on the other teams."

"And just what do we do?" Emma asked carefully. She didn't want to show her ignorance to her best friend.

"The usual stuff."

"Like sucking him off?" she said slowly. She remembered that phrase Eli mentioned.

"Sure, suck his dick or he fucks you. Whatever he wants or there is time for."

"Oh," said Emma, feeling a little stunned.

"It's stuff you've done all the time just dating guys."

Emma nodded like she agreed but she hadn't done much with any boys. She was a virgin. She didn't know her friend wasn't a virgin.

"I can't wait!" said Marissa. "It's all random each time so you don't know who you're going to practice with.""

"So you could get a guy you don't like?" Emma asked.

"Don't worry about that. They're all hot! Melissa said some of the boys she thought were sort of lame ended up fucking her best."

"That's cool." The content of Emma's words sounded more exciting than how she felt. Inside she felt concerned. She had no experience.

"I told my sister that you're signing up too. She's excited."

"So is there training?"

Marissa laughed. "You're so funny. Training? Ha! All we have to do is open our legs and the boys do the rest."

"Or our mouths."

"Yep!" Marissa had a happy smile.

"I know what I have to do."

"What's that?"

"Uh..." said Emma startled. It was an accident that she spoke out loud and unfortunately Marissa overheard. "Convince Eli it's okay that I do this."

"Of course, it's okay. It's none of his business. The guys play better if they cum 30 to 60 minutes before game time. It's a scientific fact. Mrs. Abercrombie proved it when she started doing it way back then."

It was hard to imagine Mrs. Abercrombie doing it. She was like so old now. Like 42!

"Your brother's on the football team," continued Marissa. "He knows all about it."

Marissa was right. So what was Eli's problem?

"I know what the Practice Squad does Eli," Emma said smugly.

"Oh and what is that?" He didn't believe her.

"Suck and fuck."

"So you understand why you can't do it?"


"You might be assigned to me."

"So what?"

"You're my sister. I couldn't ... you know."

"What does it matter?"

Eli shook his head. Why couldn't she understand? You just don't do your own sister.

Emma had trouble sleeping. She had a problem. She so wanted to be on the Practice Squad with Marissa but she had never done anything remotely close to sucking dick and certainly not fucking. A boy had never even touched her boobs yet.

What should she do?

There was also the issue with her brother to complicate things. She didn't care what he thought just like Marissa told her to do but it would make life easier if he was okay with her signing up.

Emma smiled. She had a moment of revelation. There was a way to make everything okay.

The next night she stood in Eli's bedroom waiting for her eyes to adjust. She had set the alarm on her cell phone to wake her at 2 AM. In a few minutes, it was no longer pitch black. She could see her brother's head sticking out of the covers.

A horrifying thought occurred. There was a major problem. Eli always wore pajamas. How was she going to slip them down without waking him before doing what she was going to do? She couldn't go this far and back down or give up. She had to risk it.

She carefully pulled the covers back. He wasn't wearing his pajama top and as he became more uncovered she discovered he wasn't wearing his pajama bottoms. He wasn't even wearing undershorts! He was naked. This was perfect.

Eli lay on his side. She could barely see his dick and she wanted a better look so she opened the curtains to let a little moonlight in. She waited for her eyes to readjust.

His dick was smaller than expected. She took it in her hand. It was limp and nothing like how she heard dicks were like. She rubbed her finger on the spongy head. His gasp startled Emma and she released him. He rolled to his back.

She smiled. This was an even better position. She got on the bed on her knees and grabbed his cock again. She looked at it. She felt apprehensive. What would happen when Eli woke up? She was pretty sure he would wake up. He might not be very happy with her but this would give her the experience she needed to be on the Practice Squad and also take care of her brother's concerns because she'd know what to do.

Something amazing was happening. His dick was changing in her hand. It was hardening and getting longer. Now this was what she heard dicks were like.

She stroked it. She didn't think about it. It just was the natural thing to do. Eli's breathing deepened and she liked that.

Emma felt nervous but she needed to be good at this before the first game. She wanted to be on the Practice Squad. She wanted to join Marissa as new team members. She just had to get over her anxiety and do it.

She went down on his dick. She closed her lips and sucked. She ran her tongue around it. Eli groaned. She looked over and smiled. Even in his sleep he liked this!

She moved up and down on it. His dick became wetter. This was good because it made it easier to slide her lips on his dick.

"Wh ... at?" gasped Eli.

"Hi," Emma said smiling and still sucking his dick.

"What... !" He then lowered his voice. "What are you doing?"

"Practicing to be on the Practice Squad."

"You ... you can't do this," he gasped. It felt good but it was his sister.

"Sure I can."

He wanted to stop her but he couldn't stop her. It felt too good. His brain might care that Emma was his sister but his cock didn't. It just liked being in a girl's mouth. He just lay there and enjoyed.

"Oh, Emma," he gasped.

"You like that?"


"So do you still want me to stop?"


Emma smiled. That was what she wanted to hear.

"So how am I doing?"


"Any tips."

"Maybe a little more tongue." He groaned. "Yes, just like that."

Her brother's dick was really wet now and the sounds he made had increased so it made her wonder.

"Are you going to cum soon?"

"If you keep doing that then yes."

Again that was what she wanted to hear.

Eli started to pant and lift his hips. He sounded desperate.

"Oh god, Emma. Yes, Emma," he babbled.

She liked all the praise. It made her feel good.

"Yes, oh, yes," he continued. "Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum, Emma. I'm gonna cum!"

He let out a grunt then his dick throbbed. Her mouth suddenly was filled with hot streams of cum. She choked briefly, mostly from surprise, then began to swallow it down.

She lifted off. She had done it! She sucked a boy's dick.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," he gasped continually.

"So how was that?" she asked, feeling happy.

"Wonderful, awesome, incredible."

"So do you think I'm ready for the Practice Squad now?" She asked it knowing she was.

"There's more to sucking cock, Emma. That's just part of it."

"What else is there?"

"Fucking. We fuck the girls on the Practice Squad. You're still a virgin aren't you?"

"Yes. So will you show me and fuck me tomorrow?" Emma asked.

Eli didn't answer right away. He knew the right answer and he should just spit it out but Emma just sucked him off. It would be no big deal to take it further. He knew he was rationalizing but the thought of taking his sister's cherry was too exciting.

"Okay," he answered.

"Great! Thank you!" She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I better get back to bed."

Eli lay in a daze. His sister just came in and sucked him off and he didn't stop her. He also was going to fuck her tomorrow. He was letting the thought of sex override the right thing to do. What worried him the most was he didn't feel guilty about it.

"I have to go, Joseph," Eli said into his cellphone. He stared at his sister.

"Okay," came the reply. "Talk to you later."

"Yeah." In a semi-daze Eli hung up.

"The skirt is not as short as what the Practice Squad wears," Emma apologized.

"That's okay," he said in a hushed tone.

His sister had appeared in his bedroom wearing a bra and a skirt.

"Mom and Dad are gone." Both parents worked. "I thought we might go ahead and start."

"Sure," he said, getting an erection for his sister and not feeling any shame about it.

"So do you want to do it on your bed?"

"Yeah, okay." He sat up. "Sit on the end of the bed then lie back."

"Wouldn't it be easier to be in the middle?"

"It's how it will be when you're on the Practice Squad. There's no beds. We just have the benches."

"Oh." Emma didn't understand. She'd go along with whatever Eli said and figured she'd understand later.

Eli pushed back the covers and got off the bed. Emma smiled at the sight of her naked brother in the full light of morning. She never really noticed what a cute guy he was.

She got into position on the bed.

"Go ahead and pull your bra up over your tits."

"Should I just take it off?"

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