Pyx 4: Vacation
Chapter 8: Walter & Edith

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 8: Walter & Edith - Alex, Pyx, and Vonda go on a trip that spans continents and oceans. What they do and who they meet will change their lives.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Hypnosis   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Torture   Harem   Oriental Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Enema   Cream Pie   Nudism  

If you have seen the restaurant scene from "Pretty Woman", you have some idea what dining on the ship is like. There were two waiters standing five feet from us, waiting on us hand and foot. I don't think my water glass was ever under half empty.

There were tables for two, and tables for eight. Since there were always three of us, we sat at the large table all the time. That was nice, as we got to meet people from all over the U.S. The Japanese passengers tended to keep to themselves.

The menu changed from day to day. The first night menu centered around seafood. This interested Pyx, as The Flames, where she worked, did very little with seafood, except for lobster.

She asked questions to the waiters, about the preparation. Soon they were stumped, so they brought out the head chef. It turned out that he had heard of The Flames, and was impressed that she worked there.

Pyx was about to take him up on his offer to tour the kitchen, when I cleared my throat. "Pyx, we have some guests that we need to talk to. Maybe you could do that tour later; say, our first full day at sea."

My slave immediately remembered her place. She bowed her head meekly. "Yes, Sir. That's a good idea."

"Of course," said the chef. "Just call the kitchen, and ask for me. We'll work out a better time."

Rebecca watched my interaction with Pyx, with great interest.

All the desserts were decadent, and were so beautifully crafted. It was almost a shame to eat it.

As we were eating, a waiter walked by with a tray of petite fors on them. "Oh! Those look good," said Vonda.

Evidently, a waiter heard her comment, because a few minutes later, a multi-level tray, with a variety of petite fors was set on our table. We gobbled them down, and left the table stuffed.

I will say one more thing about the food on the ship, and let it go at that. It was everywhere, constant and delicious. Somewhere on the ship, at any time, there was food available. There was a midnight buffet, not to mention room service, that would bring anything you want, to your door.

All of it is included in the cost of the cruise, so it seemed a shame not to take advantage of it.

Vonda and I made an extra effort to get more exercise, but we still gained ten pounds. Pyx, with her super metabolism, didn't gain a pound. It was enough to almost make you hate her.

There was an old Steve Martin movie, where there was a German cruise ship called the Immer Essen, which means "always eating." I didn't get the joke until I went on a cruise.

When we got back to our room, with Rebecca and Andrew in tow, we had them sit on the couch in the living room. The three of us sat on the bed facing them. Pyx sat in the middle.

I was surprised when Pyx was the first to speak. "I am sure you have questions, 'Becca. What are they?"

Her friend cleared her throat. "Angela, I mean Pyx, how can you live like this, as a submissive?"

"How can you not?" she shot back. "You're still a Christian, aren't you?"

The newlywed nodded.

"Don't you know Ephesians 5:22? 'Wives submit yourself to your husband.'"

Rebecca stammered. "But- But you're having sex with a man you are not married to, and another woman."

"In the sight of God, we are married. I am faithful to him. He is the only man I have ever slept with."

Pyx put her arm around her fellow slave. "And as for my co-wife, Vonda, there is nothing in the Bible forbidding a man from having more than one wife. As a matter of fact, several great men of faith had multiple wives; Isaac and Joseph come to mind."

That stymied Rebecca. "I-I see," was all she got out.

"Any more questions?" I asked.

Nobody spoke up.

"Good, because the welcome party is about to begin, and I don't want to miss it."

As we went down to the main auditorium, which was on the same floor as the dining room, Rebecca started asking questions of Pyx, about her life. My slave didn't seem to mind. Some of them were so personal; I would have refused to answer. But Pyx answered them honestly, without any resentment.

They were still talking when the presentation started. I had to shush them, so I could listen.

The auditorium was about the size of a tennis court, but was square in shape. On one side was a stage. On the other sides were three-tiered risers. The center area was flat. This gave the area a lot of flexibility. It could be a dance floor or a lecture hall.

The Cruise Director took the stage. He was one of those guys, like Dick Clark, who looked younger than their age. He may have had a bunch of facelifts, but I don't think so. He was slim, had salt and pepper hair, and an infectious grin. So many of these emcee guys are so phony; but the few times I talked to him, he seemed to be consistently open and friendly. Not a phony at all.

"My name is Randall. I'm the English Cruise Director. You'll meet Yuki, my Japanese counterpart in just a minute.

"But before she comes out, I have a trivia question for you: Who was the first US President to be born in a hospital?"

I had no idea, but various people started calling out names. Pyx beside me whispered "Carter." Only Rebecca and myself heard her.

I yelled out "Jimmy Carter!"

Randall held up his hand. "Who said Carter?"

"I did," I said, standing up.

He waded through the two hundred some people to get to me, with his wireless microphone. He asked my name.

"Alex," I answered.

"And where are you from?"


"Ah! Oil town.

"And how did you know that Jimmy Carter was the first president born in a hospital?"

"I didn't. My girlfriend Pyx did."

He looked down at my blonde slave. "Really? That's great! Pyx, stand up."

Reluctantly, she stood, clutching my arm.

He quickly ascertained that she was shy, so he didn't pursue talking to her. "I want to congratulate you two on being the first couple to win Cruise Points on this cruise."

Randall handed both of us a blue plasti-coated blue card with a "3" on it.

"Participate in shipboard activities and win points. At the end of the cruise, you can trade your points for items in the gift store.

"Now, if you like trivia, you'll want to come back to this room every day at four pm, for Team Trivia. Form a team of nine, and try to answer my questions. The team with the most correct answers will win Cruise Points, and have a lot of fun."

Pyx looked at me with her big blue eyes, silently begging me. "We'll try," I whispered. "We may not make it back in time for it tomorrow, but we'll do it most days."

Russell turned the stage over to Yuki, who did a similar introduction in Japanese. She was younger than Randall, possibly a retired model. I also felt that her warmth and friendliness was forced. Not as genuine as her American counterpart.

After she was finished, Randall joined her on stage, and they proceeded to talk about the lecture series they would have on board. There was one elderly historian, who had written numerous books. He was going to do a series on the history of the Hawaiian Islands, then later, a series on the life of George Washington.

Another younger man was doing a talk on how to stargaze, and Japanese woman would do one on Japanese flower arranging. Finally a woman was going to teach art appreciation, using the artwork on the ship's walls as examples.

After that, the Recreation Director took the stage. Her name was Katie and was a fit young thing, maybe the same age as Vonda. She enthusiastically told about all the shipboard activities. There was a salt water swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi, that were open all day, weather permitting. There would be daily ping pong, shuffleboard, and contract bridge and go tournaments every day, in which you could win Cruise Points. There was also a game room, which had all the classic board games, and a computer room with internet connection. Wi Fi was also available on board.

The service that really got my girls' attention was the spa. It had both Swedish and deep tissue massage, facials, yoga classes, meditation, and waxing services.

Vonda, who was on the other side of me from Pyx, whispered, "We'll need to use the spa in a few days, Master."

Pyx nodded in agreement.

Rebecca was mystified.

Katie then translated everything she had said into fluent Japanese. It was easy to see why she got the job on the cruise.

After Katie had finished her presentation, the meeting was adjourned. We exited to find ... more food! There was a buffet with some finger sandwiches and a cake, with the cruise line's logo on it. The words "Welcome Aboard" were written above it. Under the logo was a set of Japanese characters, no doubt giving the same message to the other half of the passengers.

After the reception, we headed back to our room. There, I fucked Vonda doggy-style, while she ate out her co-slave out. I then returned the favor, and did Pyx missionary position, while my red head straddled her face. We then went to bed. We had an early start in the morning

We woke up with our ship off the coast of the big island of Hawaii. We ate a light (by our standards) breakfast of cereal, juice, pastry, fruit, and coffee on the fantail. Pyx also got a waffle, cooked to order. In the open air of the ship's rear we could feel the warm Hawaiian breezes and caught a whiff of tropical flowers.

We hurried to the dock to join the people that had signed for our excursion to Volcanoes National Park. We three, and four others, rode in a helicopter over the lava fields, and saw the only place where new US territory was being created.

We, and other people who took a land tour, were then taken to the top of a dormant volcano. We were given a bicycle to ride down the road we had just been driven up. The paved road was downhill all the way, for ten miles through lush rain forest.

Vonda and I were surprised to find out that Pyx had never ridden a bike before. We spent a half hour at the top teaching her. She was a quick study.

As we started our descent, I spoke to my novice biker. "It may seem we are going too fast. It's okay. Just follow me and you'll be fine.

Pyx looked at me with complete trust. "Yes, Master."

The road down was a nice steady slope. You never had to pedal or brake. For the first half, Pyx stayed right behind me, by one bike length. By the time we got toward the bottom, she rode between Vonda and me.

When we got to the bottom, the other people in our group were waiting by our van. They gave us dirty looks for making them wait so long. I explained the situation and that mollified them, for the most part.

We got back on the ship a little after three. We went to our room, cleaned up, then hurried down for team trivia.

In the game, your team of nine comes to a consensus as to the correct answer for each of the twenty trivia questions. The team with most correct answer wins. Each team member wins three Cruise Points. Second and Third place won two and one points, respectively.

My team won it all a couple of times on the cruise, and came in second or third more often than not. Many people did not care about their points, so they gave them to Pyx, who hoarded them exuberantly.

As the cruise progressed, more people joined the game: thus more teams, and thus worse chances to win.

The people that rounded out our team varied from day to day; but one couple who were always with us was an old man with a cane, named Walter Pressman, and his wife, Edith, who had to be decades younger than him. While he was gray-haired, and had trouble walking, she seemed in perfect health, with bright flowing auburn hair.

After the games session ended on the first day, Walter asked if he and his wife could join us at dinner. I didn't have any objections, so I said yes.

As we left the auditorium, the old man hobbled to a wheelchair and sat down. His wife got behind him and pushed.

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