Pyx 4: Vacation
Chapter 6: Olympia

Copyright© 2011 by Alan C. Zumwalt

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 6: Olympia - Alex, Pyx, and Vonda go on a trip that spans continents and oceans. What they do and who they meet will change their lives.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Hypnosis   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Torture   Harem   Oriental Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Enema   Cream Pie   Nudism  

As we crossed the bridge over the Columbia River, into Washington state, I spoke up. "We won't be flying out of Seattle today. We'll do that two days from now."

"Why, Master?" asked Pyx.

"Two reason. First, the more I've read about Seattle, the more I wanted to spend some time there.

"And second, I thought we might want to spend some time today in Olympia."

"Vanessa!" shrieked Vonda.

"That's right. I thought you might want to see where you sister lives."

She hugged me so exuberantly I almost lost control of the car. "Oh, Master! Thank you!"

"By my calculations, we should be there by two pm."

Vonda entered the address into our rental's GPS.

Soon after we crossed into Washington, the near constant drizzle stopped. While it was still overcast, the sky got lighter.

As we approached noon, I looked for a place to eat.

Vonda tried to convince me to skip lunch, and keep driving.

Pyx, though, overruled her. With her metabolism, skipping a meal was almost unthinkable.

I compromised, and went through the drive thru. My youngest got her much needed calories, and we got back on the road as quick as possible.

We were at a stop light. Beyond it was the highway on-ramp. Pyx was already munching on some fries, out of the bag.

"Would you like me to drive for a while, Master?" asked Vonda.

"Oh no! I want to get to Vanessa's in one piece, and without any traffic tickets."

My red-head tried to protest, but knew it was pointless.

"If anyone were to drive, right now, besides me, it would be Pyx."

"Who me?" said my blonde, with her mouth full. "I'm not a good enough driver."

"Girl, the state of Oklahoma has tested your driving abilities, and has deemed you competent to drive on all types of roads."

Even Vonda backed me up. "I've seen you drive. You're a good driver."

She tried to protest, but I interrupted her. "That settles it. As soon as you're done eating, you will take your turn at the wheel."

She went pale. "Yes, Master."

When she finished off her second apple pie, I pulled over, onto the side of the road, and got out. I got into the passenger's seat, and Pyx got into the driver's.

She took a few minutes, adjusting her seat and rearview mirrors. She waited for a break in the traffic. When she got an opening, she smoothly accelerated into the flow. She set the cruise control to the exact speed limit.

A few minutes after two, we pulled in Vanessa Harrill's driveway. Vanessa came out running. Her twin jumped out of the back seat and hugged her. The two engaged in a little-more-than-sisterly kissing.

Next she hugged Pyx. "Hey there, kid! Keeping it bare?"

My slave nodded seriously. "We got waxed before we left."

"Why, that's cheating!" she said teasingly.

"I thought so too," Pyx replied, just above a whisper.

She then turned to me. "There he is! The man who saved my family!" She gave me a hug. Both hand clasping my ass. "Boy, tonight I'm going to wear you out," she whispered in my ear.

Both girls looked confused. "How did he save your family?"

"You don't know?" exclaimed Vanessa. She turned to me. "Why didn't you tell them?"

"I wanted it to be a surprise."

She grabbed both of my girls' arms and escorted them inside her small home. "You remember how my two kids were staying with the ex-in-laws?"

Vonda nodded. "You didn't want to expose them to the porn lifestyle."

"That's right. I had just given up on ever getting them back, when, out of the blue, Alex here, e-mailed me. He said he wanted to invest in 'Nessie's Room.' He asked how much it would take to make the operation world class.

"I sent back this outrageous amount, thinking he wasn't serious.

"He responded by asking for my bank account number, and said the funds would be in my account tomorrow."

"Hey! Don't make me out to be a saint. In exchange, I own fifty percent of Nessie's Room, Inc."

"And that helped you get your kids back?" asked Pyx.

Vanessa nodded. "When I gave up custody, my website was just starting up. I was filming, and editing in this house. Not a place for kids.

"As my success grew, I got an old warehouse that I converted into a studio, to do all the filming. It was all wide open spaces, which is great for photography, but there was no place to edit. So I kept on doing it here.

"With Alex's money, I built onto the warehouse. I had a suite of rooms added on, that are used for meetings, accounting, and a state-of-the-art editing and visual effects center. No more porn related stuff in my house.

"When I called my ex-in-laws, and told them that I wanted my kids back, they balked. They said my profession was not the right environment for children, regardless of their level of exposure.

"With some of Alex's funds, I hired the best family law practice in the state, and won them back. They've been back a week now."

I looked down at my watch. "Do you think we have enough time to see the facilities, before they get back from school?"

"I don't see why not," said Vanessa. "And if we do run late, I'll leave them a note telling them to go over to the Donaldsons across the street. They have a child also in their class.

The headquarters of Nessie's Room, Inc. was only two miles from Vanessa's house, but in a completely different neighborhood. It was nestled amidst a bunch of warehouses, and looked right at home. A third of the building, though made of the same type of bricks, was newer, if you looked at it carefully.

There was no sign, no indication of what type of business was inside. And I can see why. Imagine what kind of trouble there'd be if the location of a porn studio was made public.

Vanessa had to unlock two stout metal doors, then disarm a security keypad, before we got into the building. Inside the doors was a brightly lit small office, that looked like it could be part of any small business. A dumpy middle-aged woman was answering phones. "NRI. May I help you?"

"Hi, Marsha," said Vanessa.

The secretary smiled and waved back.

Vonda's twin led us through a side door, and out into a cavernous room. The walls were painted that shade of green they use so they can substitute whatever background they want in a movie.

"Nothing shooting today.

"So far, we've used this room for a sci-fi space movie, and are about to start production on a pirate one."

I scratched my head. "With just a few exceptions, porn movies are great for getting your rocks off, but suck in script, production, and acting."

"We're working to change that. John Hyne, who is also an investor, is a genius when it comes to all types of special effects. He can make a small budget movie look much more lavish.

"I have a board of editors, of which I am one, who goes through every script we use. They work hard to make each one the best script possible.

"And finally, all actors we put under contract, go to acting classes, either here or in L.A."

I was impressed. "That is different. Any of them flunk out?"

"We've only been doing this for a few months, but we've already had to let one girl go. She was beautiful and sexy, but she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, even with classes.

I laughed. "I've seen loads of those in porn movies."

She showed us around some smaller sets, mostly used for bedroom scenes.

Next came the costume and makeup department. In one corner of the large dressing room, there was a large walk-in closet, stocked with every kind of sex toy and devise you could imagine.

My eyes lit up. "Vanessa, do you mind if I borrow an item, just for tonight? I promise to leave it when we leave Olympia."

She spread her arms. "Be my guest."

I found a cloth bag, like they want you to use at grocery stores. I took it with me into the closet, and closed the door behind me.

When Vonda and Pyx wanted to come in with me, I winked at them. "It is to be a surprise."

I came out after just a few minutes.

Our last stop was a large set of double doors. Vanessa said, "This room is my tech guy, John's, baby. He is convinced this is the future of movies. Me? I'm not convinced. But he got all the equipment. All I had to do was build the room."

Behind the doors was a spherical room, about thirty feet across. The walls were white, with little black dots, about the size of an Oreo, evenly spaced on them. When the doors closed, they blended in with the rest of the walls, almost perfectly. It felt like you were inside a snow globe, except you couldn't see out.

In the middle of the room was a narrow pyramid of large white padded blocks, about fifteen feet high. The blocks were all attached to each other, so the structure would not come apart ... Scattered over the pyramid was a dozen pink and a dozen black little pillows, each three inches square.

"What's this place?" asked Vonda.

"It is an attempt to film from all angles." Vanessa pointed the walls. "See those dots? Each one is a HD camera; one hundred and twenty of them, in all. When viewed on a computer, you can watch all action in this room from any angle, swooping in and out and around the actors, like a fly in the room.

I caught onto the idea. "That sounds amazing. Do you have any footage you can show us?"

She shook her head. "We just finished getting it built. I was hoping you girls would be our first test subjects."

Vonda said, "Sure."

Pyx looked at me; and when I nodded, she whispered, "Okay."

Vanessa ushered me to the doors. "We'll be watching from the control room."

We exited, going to the next door down the hall. The control room turned out to be inside the curves of the sphere.

Looking at a monitor, I could see that the girls were standing by the pyramid. "Do you want us to undress?" asked Pyx to the air.

Vanessa spoke into the microphone. "That won't be necessary..."

I butted in. "I think that's a great idea."

The two nodded, and proceeded to disrobe.

"What made you think I wanted you naked?" asked Vanessa.

Her twin shrugged. "This is an adult studio. We just figured whatever you wanted us to do would involve us being nude."

"For this initial test, no."

My two looked disappointed.

"But I think you'll find it a lot of fun."

As they were taking off their clothes, my host pointed at a small control knob, by the keyboard. "Give it a try."

I pushed the knob up, and my view of the girls moved up, until I was seeing the tops of their heads. Pushing to the right or left swung my view around them, so I could see them from all angles, except when blocked by the pyramid.

She pointed at the set of buttons, next to the knob.

"This button lets you zoom in, and this one lets you zoom out. And these three let you freeze frame, rewind, and fast forward.

And all the cameras are on?"

"That's right."

I practiced circling around and over my slaves, who were waiting with dwindling patience.

Vanessa spoke into the microphone. "We're going to play a variation of the game King of the Hill. When I sound the buzzer, grab a beanbag and get it to the top of the pyramid, before your competitor. Pyx is pink and Vonda is black. First one to five, wins."

"What's the prize?" asked Vonda.

"That's up to Alex."

Before they could ask any more questions, Vanessa called out, "Ready, set..." Beep went the buzzer.

It was quickly obvious that Pyx, while younger and smaller, was also a better climber. She went ahead four to nothing in short order.

Vonda, who didn't like being shown up, grabbed the blonde, as she scrambled up for the fifth time. She pulled her off the pyramid. Pyx wrapped her legs around her waist. They tumbled down to the hill.

Fortunately, the floor beneath them was padded like the blocks that made the pyramid. They landed on the bottom, with no injury.

As chance had it, Pyx wound up on top of Vonda. She leaned forward and whispered something to her fellow slave, then gave her a passionate kiss. She then jumped off the stunned red-head, and scampered up the pyramid for the fifth point.

I had to rewind and amplify the sound, to hear what Pyx had said. It was, "I'm glad you're my co-wife."

I spoke into the microphone. "Alright, that's enough. Pyx is the winner."

Both hugged. It was obvious that there were no hard feelings.

My girls didn't have many chances to cut loose, and just have fun. Both seemed to enjoy a chance to play. And looking back, in the light of what happened later, I was glad they had this chance.

As we were pulling up to Vanessa's house, her kids were crossing the street, to go to the neighbor's house. They had just arrived from school.

Brian and Kelly Harrill were fraternal twins, both five years old. They both had their mother's red hair; but the rest of their facial features must have come from their father.

Vanessa introduced them to their Aunt Vonda, and her two friends, Pyx and me.

We all went into the house. The kids talked animatedly about what they had learned in class.

Pyx helped Vanessa and Kelly in the kitchen, get supper ready. Vonda watched on and talked.

I went into the backyard with Brian, and tossed the baseball around. It turned out he was a big Seattle Mariners fan.

We had a meal, consisting of spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, and a tossed salad. The kitchen table was crowded, with six sitting at it, but we got by.

After a store-bought chocolate cake, the kids brought out their favorite game, Monopoly. It had been many years since I had played, and Pyx claimed that she had never played it. Once we started playing, we all had a good time. I thought the game would be too advanced for the kids, with all the math involved, buying and selling; but they evidently had good minds for math. Kelly ended up dominating us all.

Toward the end of the game, Vanessa, who had already been knocked out of the game, went into the kitchen, and fixed us drinks; cocoa for her kids, and hot tea for the rest of us.

By the end of the game, both Brian and Kelly were yawning.

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