Pyx 4: Vacation
Chapter 5: Leaving Portland

Copyright© 2011 by Alan C. Zumwalt

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 5: Leaving Portland - Alex, Pyx, and Vonda go on a trip that spans continents and oceans. What they do and who they meet will change their lives.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Hypnosis   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Torture   Harem   Oriental Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Enema   Cream Pie   Nudism  

That night, I went back to my room. Four girls: Briana, Julie, Mimi, and Linda, were waiting by the door.

"Can I help you, ladies?"

Mimi flushed slightly. "We were wondering if you were up for another round."

I raised my hands. "Sorry. Tonight is devoted to my girls. After what they went through last night, they need some alone time with me."

All four moaned loudly.


The four sulked away. "Back to the dildos," one of them said, as they went down the hall.

When I entered my room, both Vonda and Pyx were waiting by the door, kneeling and naked. "Good evening, Master," they chorused.

"Good evening, slaves," I replied looking down on them. "You may stand; hands behind your backs."

They did.

"It has come to my attention that some of you feel guilty about your little unauthorized play session last night. And seeing how it's been a while since I whipped either of you, I've decided to spank you both."

Neither of them said anything; but judging by their smiles, and the way they bounced up and down on the balls of their feet, I'd say the prospect excited them.

"But first, I need to be undressed."

With practiced skill, I was swiftly disrobed.

"I want you both to lay on the bed, face down, so your ass hangs off the side. Go!"

Both of them raced to the bed, and got in position. It was close, but Vonda got there first.

I pulled the round paddle out of my suitcase. When you travel, you have to leave most of your tools at home. The paddle, ten yards of stout cotton cord, a blindfold/ night mask, and a ball gag, were all I had with me.

As my "reward" to Vonda, I started with her. Since they were both experienced slaves, I held nothing back. I swung full force, striking Vonda's right ass cheek.

She gave a slight grunt, but that was all.

I walked over to Pyx, and struck her right ass.

She let out a yelp.

"You know how I told you that you'd need to be quieter during this trip?"

"Yes, Master."

"Try right now. See how quiet you can be."

"I'll try, Master."

I went back to Vonda, and paddled her left cheek.

Returned to Pyx, I swatted her in the same place.

Much to my amazement, not a peep came out. I thought she would bury her face in the mattress, but she kept her head up the whole time. "Very good, Pyx."

"Thank you Master," she said with a gasp.

In total, I paddled each girl twenty times; ten swats on each cheek. I aimed for the same spot on the underside of their asses. That one large spot on each cheek was a bright cherry red.

"Alright, knees up on the bed, head and tits down."

Suddenly, Vonda exclaimed, "Pyx! You're bleeding!"

"It's nothing, really."

I crawled over and looked at her face, and sure enough, two thin streams of blood were trickling down her chin. To keep quiet, Pyx had bit down on her lower lip. She had bit so hard, she drew blood. I examined her lip carefully, putting a tissue on the wounds to stem the flow. "It doesn't look too bad. We could stop and tend to it now, or would you rather keep going?"

"Keep going, Master," she said.

"That's good. Because, if we stopped, I'd have to start over, and paddle you again."

There was a pause. Pyx spoke tentatively. "But, if you wanted to tend my bleeding lip, that would be okay too."

I sighed, in mock exasperation. "Well? Which is it?"

Pyx looked down at the bed, embarrassed. "If it's all the same to you, Sir, I'd like to have my lip fixed now."

"Okay, let's go to the bathroom."

Vonda followed Pyx and me into the bathroom, where I found some alcohol and cotton balls. I cleaned her cuts, and made sure the bleeding had stopped. It didn't look like it needed a bandage, but I'd check on it later, to be sure.

"Okay, slaves. Back to the bed. We're starting over."

The two raced back to the bed. Again, they laid with their rears hanging off the edge.

I had both of them kiss the paddle. Something I had forgot to have them do the first time.

"Pyx, this time, to keep quiet, try burying your face in the mattress, or a pillow."

"That's a good idea, Master." She grabbed a pillow, and put it under her head.

This time, I paddled them ten times. Five swats on each ass. Half the first round. I figured they'd be more than ready.

But when I stopped, Vonda spoke up. "Where's the rest? You said you were starting over."

"I thought this would be enough. But, if you want me to, I'll give you all of it, again."

"Yes, please," said my red-head.

My other slave raised her head and nodded in agreement.

During the second paddling, Pyx was not as quiet as the first time. Her moans and shrieks could be heard through the pillow.

By the time I was done, my girls' asses looked like a big purple bruise. I doubt they'll sit comfortably for the next week. But they had asked for it.

"Get up on the bed. You know the drill."

They scrambled up, putting their heads down and asses up. They aligned themselves so their rears made a "V" toward me. I guess they were expecting a repeat of the last night's performance, of me fucking multiple girls at the same time. I didn't disappoint.

I alternated my thrusts between my two girls. Slamming my pelvis against their poor bruised butts.

Pyx's shrieks were again muffled by the pillow over her mouth, but not very well.

When I came, both of my slaves were close to orgasm themselves. It happened when I was in Pyx. That set her off. I pushed Vonda over the top with three fingers inside her, and a thumb diddling her clit.

When I was ready for round two, I reversed it, pumping Vonda with my cock, and giving Pyx the hand job. Both came together, with me not far behind.

We lay on the bed, panting. "So, you really like having your ass paddled that hard?" I asked.

Pyx cuddled up next to me. "We've missed it."

Vonda followed suit. Her large breasts pressing into my chest. "It has been two weeks."

I sighed. "I try to keep up with my responsibilities.

"I was just afraid..."

Both of my girls looked at me with concern. It wasn't like me to share my feelings with them.

"What is it, Master?" asked Vonda.

" ... That after what you went through last night, anything I do would not measure up."

Both of my girls hugged me. "Oh, Master! That's so not true!" said Pyx.

I could see that they were trying to put their feelings into words. Pyx was the first to speak. "Last night ... was amazing. I came more times and harder than I ever had in my life..."

"This is really cheering me up," I quipped.

"But none of it can match what we have tonight. Being with you. Feeling you come inside me."

Vonda chimed in. "It's true. If my sister, here, and I were full-blown lesbians, we'd feel differently. But for us, your cock beats any strap-on."

"So you'd choose mediocre hetero-sex over fantastic girl sex?"

"In a heartbeat," said Vonda.

"But with you, it's never mediocre," said Pyx. "Every time you make love to us, you work hard to please us. You never take us for granted."

Vonda came up with an analogy. "Say there was a new sex toy that would give you the best blow job in the world. Every time. If you were to get a blow job tonight, which would you choose, the sex toy, Pyx, or me, on our knees, sucking your cock?"

While she was talking, Pyx started doing just that.

I stifled a moan. "You two, of course."

"And that's how we feel about girl-girl sex. It's a novelty. A nice change of pace, especially if you're not around. But it could never take the place of the real thing. You, our Master."

The combination of my redhead's flattering words, and my blonde's fellating skills had gotten me hard again. I looked down at Pyx. "Do you want me to come in your mouth, or your pussy?"

"My pussy, Master."

"Then you'd better stop now."

I had her ride me in the reverse cowgirl position: with her on top, turned around, so her ass was facing me.

I held on to her waist, so that, even with her on top, I controlled her pace. Vonda sat in front of her, and tweaked and nibbled on her nipples.

This time, there was nothing to restrict her screaming. And she shouted out her ecstasy to the world. I bet she woke up the whole house. But I didn't care. I wanted all of them to know who Pyx belonged to. Each shriek of "Oh, Master! Yes!" was music to my ears.

After we both came, I had her climb off me. Vonda climbed on top of my wilting cock, and managed to get it in her. Pyx took up Vonda's job of being breast support. I quickly hardened again, and drove her to another orgasm.

As I lay there, catching my breath, Vonda curled up next to me. "So, how was last night for you? You had three horny sluts who hadn't been screwed in months. How were they, compared to us?"

I sighed. "They were a chore. None of them were subs. They kept trying to take control. I know how to please a submissive, and you two in particular..."

"How about Theresa?" asked Pyx.

"I've got her pretty well figured out, too.

"But those girls were a constant guessing game. I guess a couple more nights, I'd probably know what buttons to push. But even then, they wouldn't be you."

"Aww! That's so sweet!" said Vonda kissing me.

"Now, Briana, was different..."

"Briana?!" they cried out.

I proceeded to give them a brief account of our fuck session in the office. "With Briana, I saw some real potential as a slave. With a little training, she could join our group.

"But she lives here in Portland, not Tulsa, and so my efforts are in vain."

"Give her one of your business cards," said Pyx. "If she ever gets tired of Portland, she can give you a call."

I brightened up. "That's a great idea."

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