Pyx 4: Vacation
Chapter 3: Brian

Copyright© 2011 by Alan C. Zumwalt

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 3: Brian - Alex, Pyx, and Vonda go on a trip that spans continents and oceans. What they do and who they meet will change their lives.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Hypnosis   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Torture   Harem   Oriental Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Enema   Cream Pie   Nudism  

I had my slaves wear a skintight knit bodysuit, with a metal zipper down the front, with jeans and their heavy coat over it. Pyx's bodysuit was pink, and Vonda's was black, per usual.

I wore a red & black plaid flannel shirt and jeans.

We arrived at the log cabin, just as the pizza delivery guy was leaving.

Brian greeted us. "Your timing is impeccable. Come on in."

Inside, the cabin looked much like a hunting lodge, but with no stuffed animal heads on the wall. It was a simple layout: A large main room, that was both a living and dining room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. A good sized bathroom branched off the bedroom. A large fire crackled away in the main room's fireplace.

Brian was a little shorter than me, about five foot nine, with salt and pepper hair. He had piercing dark blue eyes and an almost constant grin. He had a tan, weathered look of someone who spends a lot of time outdoors. He was probably in his sixties, or even seventies, but his vivaciousness and exuberance was of someone in their thirties or forties.

Aileen came out of the kitchen to greet us. She seemed more distant to me, than when we left her at the rental shop. I thought that Brian had told her about our lifestyle, and she didn't approve of it, or at least of me.

"Let me help you in the kitchen," said Pyx.

"I'm just about done with the salad," said Aileen. "All that needs doing is setting the table."

"I can do that," said my youngest.

Aileen was much younger than Brian. In her late thirties to early forties, by my estimation. She had frizzy, sun-bleached, shoulder-length hair, and the same weathered, outdoors look to her skin, as her man, and gray eyes. Her manner was more serious, and less laidback than Brian's.

As Pyx followed Aileen, Brian gestured to the chairs and sofa that surrounded the fireplace. "Make yourself at home."

I smiled. "Be careful when you say that. When we're at home, more times than not, my girls are naked."

That didn't shock or titillate him at all. "Hey, if that's how you're comfortable, go for it."

I looked at Vonda. "Make yourself at home."

Without show, my red-head quickly undressed, leaving only her collar. Once she'd stripped, she stretched, then did a little wriggle.

"Better?" I asked.

"Oh yes! I've been wearing clothes all day. This is much better. "She neatly folded her clothes, and set them on the floor, next to the sofa.

Pyx was bringing out plates with Aileen, her hands full of silverware. She saw her sister slave nude. "We can take off our clothes?" she asked excitedly.

Vonda shrugged. "Brian said we could make ourselves at home."

Pyx set down the plates. "Excuse me, for a minute," she said to Aileen. She quickly stripped, and set her clothes, neatly folded, on top of Vonda's.

Our female host sighed. "If all the girl are going bare, I might as well, too." She proceeded to disrobe.

Brian piped up. "You don't have to, hon."

"I know. But I want to make sure our guests feel comfortable."

She had a trim, fit body, with well-proportioned breasts. Her armpits and bush were hairy and untrimmed. This seemed to distract Pyx.

Pyx set the table, while Aileen brought in the glasses.

"We're ready to eat," called the hostess.

The layout was simple, two large pizza boxes, a big clear bowl with a tossed salad in it. By each plate was an empty glass.

"We have Coke, beer, iced tea, water, and red wine," said Aileen.

I chose a beer (Coors, of course). Pyx had Coke, and Vonda joined Aileen in decanting a bottle of red wine. Brian drank ice water.

As he opened a pizza box, Brian cleared his throat. "Normally, for five people, I'd get just one of Gino's extra large deep-dish whole wheat crust pizzas. But then I remembered Pyx, and decided to get two."

My youngest flushed a deep red. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

Aileen was confused. "What about her?"

Brian winked. "You'll see."

After we finished eating, Pyx helped Aileen clear the table of the plates and empty pizza boxes. We all sat back and let our meal digest.

Aileen walked in from the kitchen. "If it's okay, I'd like to talk to the girls alone."

I shrugged. "Sure. But why?"

Brian answered. "It's just girl talk. I have something I'd like to talk to you about, too."

I nodded, and my two slaves followed her into the bedroom. Aileen closed the door.

Brian put his elbows on the polished wood table, and propped his head on his hands. "So, tell me. How did you meet Vonda and Pyx?"

I ended up telling him my life story. Even abridged, it took about a half hour. Whenever I felt like stopping, Brian asked just the right questions to keep me going.

When I'd finally finished, I turned the tables on him. "So, how did you and Aileen meet?"

"Aileen used to be a world-class skier. She was training for the Olympics, when she had a bad wipeout and tore her Achilles tendon. She came here during her rehab. I got hired to oversee her training. Make sure she didn't try too much too soon. That kind of thing. We fell for each other straight out."

"Did she ski in the Olympics?"

Brian shook his head. "When she healed, she could still ski great, but not that great. So she stayed here with me."

"Did you get married?"

He laughed. "No. We don't need a piece of paper from the government to confirm our devotion to each other. We are both still free to pursue other loves, though we never have."

"I see. So her last name isn't Spillane."

"No. Her name is Aileen Wells."

He stood up and walked over to the bookcase. "Alex, have you ever heard of Tantra?"

The change of subject startled me. "Tantric sex? Sure, some. It's when a couple stay inside each other for hours. No thrusting. The man never comes. The rock singer Sting is into it."

Brian seemed impressed. "That's right. You might want to try it. I think it would really strengthen your bonds with your girls." He handed me a book. "Here, you can have this."

I took it. "I'll look into it. Thanks."

I wasn't really that interested. Staying hard and not coming did sound like a good time to me.

At that time, the bedroom door opened, and the three women walked out. I thought they might look all sweaty and disheveled, but like Brian and me, it looked like they had just talked.

"Now, you think about what we talked about," said Aileen.

"We will," assured Vonda.

Then Aileen turned to me. "Alex, I'd like to apologize to you. Every man I had met before in your ... um ... lifestyle had been a selfish jerk, who was taking advantage of weak women. After talking to your girls, I see that is not so, in your case."

"Told ya!" said Brian.

She nodded. "Yes, you did."

"That's quite alright," I said. "It is quite common for me to be misunderstood."

The couple sat on a loveseat. Out of nowhere, they produced a big gallon-sized zip-lock baggie filled with a dried green herb. "We were going to hangout for a while. You are welcome to join us," said Brian, with a big grin.

Vonda was suddenly like a little kid, bouncing up and down on the sofa. "Pot! They've got pot, Master!"

"I can see that."

"Oh, Master! It's been so long! Can I? Can I?"

First, let me make plain, I'm not a big pot guy. It wasn't part of my childhood. It just wasn't what I did.

In addition, my lifestyle made enough people suspicious of me. I liked to keep my nose clean, in most other aspects of my life.

Vonda, on the other hand, got stoned all the time as a teenager. At times, she really missed toking up.

"Since we're on vacation, and at someone else's house, you can, Slave."

"Oh, thank you, Master!" she cried, hugging me, and covering me with kisses.

"What about me, Master?" asked a slightly frightened Pyx.

"You've never tried marijuana before, have you?" I asked.

She shook her head no.

Vonda grabbed her sister slave's arm. "Oh, you've got to try it, Pyx. You'll have the best time!"

The blonde looked to me for guidance.

The idea of Pyx stoned was an amusing one. "It's up to you. If you do or don't makes no difference to me."

Brian piped in. "The guy who grows this is a friend of mine. It's organically grown in a greenhouse near here. This is primo stuff. No seeds or stems. He calls it 'Rocky Mountain High.'"

Pyx looked tempted. "I saw a movie once. A man tried pot and wound up in a mental hospital."

"Oh, that never happens!" cried Vonda. "That was just a stupid movie."

"That's what I thought," she said. "Okay, I'll try it."

Aileen went into the bedroom, and brought back a big glass hookah.

Pyx addressed Brian directly. "Mr. Spillane, you are such a great teacher. Could you teach me?"

The older man laughed. "Of course I will. But, again, call me Brian. No one ever calls me 'Mr. Spillane.'"

Aileen put a wad of pot in the water pipe, and lit it.

"Now, you'll probably cough the first couple of times, as your lungs get used to the smoke. That's normal. Just suck in the smoke, and hold it in as long as possible."

True to his word, Pyx coughed hard on her first hit.

As the pipe was passed around, I passed. "I'll be the designated sober person."

No one took offense, or called me a prude, which was real classy.

After a couple of hits, Pyx was humming and swaying.

"What cha' hummin'?" asked Vonda.

"'Rocky Mountain High.' I love that song. She then started singing the chorus, in her lovely mezzo-soprano voice.

"That's really beautiful," said a very happy Brian. "Wait a second." He stumbled to his feet, and pulled out a CD of "John Denver's Greatest Hits." He then put it into his stereo.

Soon, everyone, including me, was singing and swaying to the song. I don't usually sing. I just don't have a very good singing voice. I may have caught a contact buzz from all the secondhand smoke that flooded the cabin.

After bellowing out songs like "Country Roads," and "Calypso", the CD ended, and everyone laid back and relaxed. The bong lost its fuel and fizzled out.

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