Pyx 4: Vacation
Chapter 1: Preparations

Copyright© 2011 by Alan C. Zumwalt

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Preparations - Alex, Pyx, and Vonda go on a trip that spans continents and oceans. What they do and who they meet will change their lives.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Hypnosis   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Sister   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Torture   Harem   Oriental Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Enema   Cream Pie   Nudism  

I decided to go to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium, the next day. I did so for three reasons.

First, I still didn't have a good grasp on my latest slave, and seeing her at work might help in that regard.

Second, I thought it might be helpful to see Pyx interact with her old classmates and friends.

And lastly, I had never been to the museum. I had always wanted to, but never found a good reason to go. I'm like those lifelong New Yorkers who had never been to the Statue of Liberty. This gave me an excuse to go.

By chance, my convertible pulled into the Air and Space Museum's parking lot right behind the school bus carrying Theresa and her charges.

The nun was surprised, and a little fearful, seeing the three of us standing at the bus exit.

"What are you doing here?" she exclaimed.

I shrugged. "Isn't it obvious? You told us you'd be here, and I wanted to see more of Pyx ... I mean Angela's old life."

The other nuns and schoolchildren piled out of the bus.

Most of the nuns and a few of the students clustered around Pyx, asking her questions, in a much freer atmosphere than a few rushed minutes after mass.

I went over to hear what she was saying to her friends. We didn't want to completely shock and scandalize them. So while not totally lying to them, Pyx left out big chunks of the truth.

Here's what she was to say about me and Vonda: I am her friend and landlord. I helped her get a room, and her job at the Flames. Vonda and I are a couple.

She followed the script to perfection.

Several nuns thanked me for taking such good care of her. "Coming out into the world was the best thing that ever happened to her," said Sister Claire, the big nun who ran the kitchen at the convent.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Back at the convent, she was such a shy thing. She hardly ever spoke above a whisper. It was like she wanted to disappear, and not be noticed at all.

"But now look at her. She's smiling and talking to her former classmates. She's so confident."

There were a few other people at the Air and Space Museum that morning. In addition to their usual displays of space artifacts, they had a collection of flight simulators, everything from a modern jet to the Wright Flyer.

Soon, all the girls were laughing, trying to keep their planes from crashing.

Theresa was watching some girls try to land a 747, when I came Up behind her, and pulled on her black sleeve. I then motioned with my head for her to follow me. Leaving the exhibit, I escorted her to the men's restroom.

Once the door was closed, I examined her, making sure was wearing my collar under her wimple, and she was wearing no panties under habit. All she had on was her butterfly vibrator.

I dropped my pants, and pulled out my cock. "Get on your knees," I ordered.

She gaped. "Here?! What if someone comes in?"

"I think I'm the only man in the building.

"If one does come in, I guess you'll have to suck him off too."

She gasped. "You're kidding!"

"We'll see. Now get down on your knees, and get to work. Don't make me tell you again."

The nun carefully knelt, so her knees touched the sparkling white restroom tile. Her habit formed a tent around her.

It may be sick, but the fact she was giving me head in her nun outfit, was a major turn on.

About halfway into the blowjob, the bathroom door opened, and in walked a man. He was in his late twenties or early thirties.

He was about to say something, but I put a finger to my lips, and gave him a wink.

He smiled, gave me a thumbs up, and quietly left.

Theresa did not know any tricks to rush my ejaculating, and since I had already fucked both of my other slaves that morning; it took a good long time for me to come.

When I finally did, the nun swallowed my cum greedily, so as not to stain her habit or wimple.

She did a pretty good job. Just a small gob formed in the right corner of her mouth, which she didn't notice.

As she was straightening her habit, I told her about the man who walked in.

Theresa was horrified. "Did he see my face?"

"Relax. All he saw was the back of your bobbing wimple. He couldn't even how tall you were."

"But, what if he's waiting outside the door?"

I smiled. "Well, I guess you'll have to offer to suck his cock as well."

Her jaw dropped. "You're kidding."

My smile faded. "I never kid when I'm giving you, or any of my slaves, orders."

She gulped. "Yes, Sir."

As it turned out, the man must have moved on to another restroom, as there was no one outside.

While on our way back to the group, a speaker announced that the planetarium show was going to start in ten minutes.

Theresa, and the other nuns, rounded up their charges, and got them in line to enter the auditorium

While waiting, Vonda noticed the cum on the corner of Theresa's mouth. She motioned to her, and pantomimed the problem.

When she finally found the glob, and realized what it was, she blushed, and slipped it into her mouth.

This pleased me greatly. To a slave, her master's cum is precious. Every drop is to be taken into her, not flicked away lkie a piece of lint. The fact that she knew this instinctively, showed that she had real potential as a good slave.

But part of me was disappointed. I had been looking for a reason to punish her. I'd have to tie her up and whip her, next meeting, for no reason at all.

The planetarium show was interesting. It was all about what might have been the Star of Bethlehem.

I sat between Vonda and Pyx. Theresa was off chaperoning two girls who were known to be troublemakers. Both of my fulltime slaves were wearing no bra. Their tops were loose, so you couldn't tell.

When the lights went down, I put an arm over Pyx's shoulder, and started massaging and tweaking her far breast. She let out a gasp, then a moan.

I whispered in her ear, "You need to keep quiet, or I'll stop."

She nodded. "I'll try," she whispered back.

She bit her lip, and tried to stay silent, but inevitably little gasps and groans sneaked out.

I pulled my arm away.

"I'm sorry, Master," she whispered.

"We'll talk about it later." I put my other arm around Vonda, and began fondling her.

The red-head purred with pleasure, and cuddled up next to me, so I'd have easy access to her ample breast.

After the show was over, all the nuns and schoolgirls piled into the bus, and the three of us left in my car. We followed the school bus to a local taco chain, and ate lunch with them.

When we finished eating, we said our goodbyes, and headed back home.

Once we arrived, the two girls undressed, and I walked over to the computer.

Pyx followed behind me, nervously.

I turned on the screen, and brought up the web browser.

My blonde slave knelt at my feet.

I looked at her. "Yes?"

"I'm so sorry about being so noisy at the planetarium, Master."

I patted her head. "Nothing to be sorry about. God made you a screamer, and I love you for it."

Pyx sighed in relief. "Thank you, Master."

"But you might want to try and control it more. On our trip, we are going to be out in public a lot, and staying in rooms that are not as well sound-proofed as our place here."

"I'll try, Master."

"Good. I don't want to gag you all the time we're on vacation."

After I did some investigating, I found that it'd be impossible for Pyx to change her name, and still get her passport in time.

I explained this to her. Though she was disappointed, she understood.

"That's okay. I'll just submit the papers as soon as we get home."

Several other unexpected things needed to be taken care of in the two and half months before the trip.

Looking at the itinerary, it occurred to me that there would be some times when my girls would be on their own, and would need to ride around without me. While Pyx had never driven, Vonda had a driver's license, that had expired over two years ago.

I took them both out, on a weekend, to a high school parking lot, and took them step-by-step through the Oklahoma State Driver's Handbook.

While Vonda rolled her eyes, and said she didn't need a review, Pyx was truly scared of driving. "Why do I have to drive? Vonda and you can drive for me."

"Because you never know when an emergency will come up. Besides, getting a license is one of the great rituals into adulthood."

"If you say so, Master."

I decided to do the easy one first, and had Vonda get behind the wheel. She confidently put the car into gear, and backed out of the parking space. She drove expertly through all the required maneuvers. The only part she had problems with was parallel parking.

"I have never gotten the hang of this," she groused. "I have hardly ever had to use it."

I read her the tips in the Driver's Manuel, and we practiced it several times.

Finally, we pulled out of the parking lot, and onto the public streets. We drove through residential neighborhoods, then major streets, and finally onto highways. Through it all, Vonda drove flawlessly.

"You're real good," said Pyx, as we pulled back into the high school lot.

Vonda nodded. "By age twelve, I was driving my mom's drunk ass home from bars."

"Now it's your turn," I said to Pyx.

As Pyx sat in the driver's seat, I noticed that her hands were shaking.

I took her through the dashboard displays, what each gear on the shift did, and how to set the seat and mirrors. She seemed to understand it all, but was still trembling.

Vonda leaned over from the back seat, and spoke softly to her "Honey, why are you so scared?"

Tears formed in her eyes. "I don't want to wreck Master's car. I don't want to get us killed."

"Pyx, a car is not some monster you have to tame. It's just a machine, that does exactly what you tell it to do. It takes some practice, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it."

The blonde nodded, and seemed to calm down a little.

"Today, we'll stay only in this parking lot," I said. "The worst you can do is run over a curb.

"Now, turn on the ignition."

She pushed the button, and the BMW roared to life.

It took about an hour for Pyx to feel comfortable driving around the lot.

"That's all for today. Read all the rules of the road in the manual. We'll start on actual streets, tomorrow."

"Yes, Master," said Pyx.

That evening, while Pyx was fixing dinner, Vonda spoke to me.

"You know, Master. Our little girl would be a lot more relaxed if it were just her and me in the car. You know I'm a good driver."

I mulled it over. "That's true. But you are still not legal yet. I don't want you both to get arrested."

"So, I'll go to the DMV in the morning, get my license, and take Pyx out in the afternoon."

"That would work," I acknowledged.

The next day, Vonda got her license, and took over as Pyx's driving instructor.

Three days later, Pyx got hers.

Sometimes, the most unexpected things can cause problems.

Both Vonda and Pyx were scheduled to have their full body waxing done at a spa, just a few days before we left on our vacation.

Per their instructions, the needed at least five to seven days of hair growth in order for the treatment to work. The wax needs something to pull out.

Vonda loved the break from getting up early to shave, but it distressed Pyx.

After the first day of not shaving, I caught her wearing a jogging suit around the suite.

"What are you doing?" I demanded. "Get naked before I whip you raw."

"You don't want to see my body, Master. I'm all hairy and gross."

"I want you naked, even if you were covered with boils and warts.

"Your obedience is what I want most. So, follow my rules, Slave."

She gulped, nodded, and disrobed.

Through the first part of this week, Pyx was not her usual chipper self. She slumped over, trying to make herself even smaller. And any time I looked at her he put her hands over her pussy, covering up her pubes.

The second time she did this, I'd had enough. "Pyx, there may come a day when I change my rules, and not want you to shave at all."

This stunned her. "Really?!"

"Really. In that case, you pits, legs, and pussy would be as hairy as possible."

She tried to wrap her mind around this idea. "Oh my!"

"What would you do then?"

She bowed her head. "I'd follow you new rule."

"That's right. Now this week, I've altered the rules. No shaving. This week only.

"Have you shaved this week?"

She shook her head. "No, Master."

"That's right. Because you are a good, obedient slave. Your stubbly pussy and legs are a sign of your obedience. Something to be proud of."

A smile crept across her face. "I hadn't thought of that," she said to herself. Pyx bowed her head. "I'm sorry, Master. I'll not cover myself anymore."

I hugged her. "That's a good girl. Now, to make sure you remember this lesson, I'm going to give you a spanking."

She nodded. "Yes, Master."

"Let's go to the bedroom."

We walked out of the kitchen and into the living area.

Vonda was on the computer. She sensed something was up. "What's going on?" she asked.

"This is between Pyx and me. Stay on the computer."

Her eyes widened. "Yes, Master."

By the time we got to the bedroom, tears were trickling down my youngest slave's face, and my dick was starting to harden.

"Take off my belt, Slave."

In just a few seconds, it was off.

"Now, hand it to me."

Pyx fell to her knees. With both hand, she lifted up my folded black leather belt. I took it.

"To make sure you remember this lesson in obedience, I think ten lashes is about right."

"it you think so, Master. I think I need more."

"How does fifteen sound?"

"That sounds perfect, Master."

"Now bend over. Hands on the mattress. Legs spread."

She complied.

"Legs wider. Or do you want me to use a spreader bar?"

"No, Master," she replied, and strove to obey me.

"Now, with each lash, I want you to say 'I'll obey you, Master.' Understand?"

"Yes, Master."

With no further warning, I swung my belt against both cheeks of her petite ass...

She let out a yelp, then cried "I'll obey you, Master."

With each lash, she cried out a little louder.

On lash fifteen, I swung between her legs. With this, she shrieked, and her whole body shook.

My belt came back with a wet spot on it.

I dropped the belt, and unzipped my pants. Without a word, I shoved my erect cock into her dripping gash.

Pyx cried out as I entered her, and even louder when my pelvis hit her bright red ass.

With a measured pace, I withdrew, then slammed into her rear, full force.

"Oh, Master!" she cried. "So good! I'll be good, Master!"

I repeatedly pummeled her pussy and sore ass. Her whole body seemed to vibrate, when I finally shot my load into her.

She collapsed onto the bed, and I fell down beside her.

"That was wonderful, Master," she gushed, as she got down and kissed my penis.

"I'm glad you liked it."

Going to get the actual waxing done was fairly uneventful. Both of them had the procedure done at the same time, in adjacent rooms.

Pyx asked that I be with her during the waxing. This must be an unusual request, but they allowed it.

I have been told that waxing can be quite painful, and from the occasional shrieks from Vonda's room, I believe it.

But Pyx didn't make a sound. She just fastened those big blue trusting eyes on me, and rode through it. There were a few grimaces and gritted teeth, but nothing else.

The waxer was impressed. "You're a tough little thing, aren't you?" she said, as she was putting up her gear.

Pyx just looked at me, and said, "I can take any pain with Alex beside me."

I did a quick inspection, making sure all spots were covered, then left the room.

I went next door, where Vonda still had a ways to go. The waxer had just laid down a wax strip down her ass crack, and my red-head was trying to wiggle away.

"It won't be so bad," the waxer assured her. "It just needs to be done quick."

"That's what you said on my legs," said Vonda.

I walked over to my slave, and whispered in her ear, "Do it for me."

This calmed her, and like Pyx, she locked her eyes on me, and went through the rest of the process without complaint.

When we got home, Pyx shed her clothes, and started leaping around like a newly shorn sheep. "I'm so smooth," she exclaimed, rubbing her hands over her bare pussy. "Come feel how smooth I am, Master."

I had already examined the spa's handiwork, but I obliged her. "This should last three to four weeks. I you start feeling stubbly, let me know."

"Yes, Master," they both said.

During the two and a half months between New Years and our vacation, I continued my training of Theresa. Trying to make her the masochist that both Vonda and Pyx were naturally.

The day before we left, Theresa came over for a final test.

I sent the other two girls out to do some last minute clothes shopping for me.

My nun showed up around three thirty pm. She removed her habit and wimple at the entrance, then knelt at my feet. I was sitting on my recliner.

Without any niceties, I dove in. "I want to try something different today."

A look of fear, then anticipation, crossed her face. She waited for me to finish.

"Today, we're going to make love. Straight vanilla sex."

A kaleidoscope of emotions swept through her, starting with relief, then delight, fear, worry, and disappointment.

"No nipple clamps or whips?" she asked.

I nodded. "And no enemas and butt plugs. Just the two of us having great sex."

I stood up, and reached down for her hand. She took it, and I pulled her to her feet. I then lifted her into my arms, and carried her into the bedroom, like we were newlyweds.

I laid her on the bed, the proceeded to undress.

"Would you like some help, Master?" she asked hesitantly.

"If you'd like."

With practiced skill, Theresa quickly removed my clothes.

She scooted back onto the bed, and I followed her. I kissed her deeply, as I entered her.

She let out a little gasp and wrapped her legs around my ass. That was the only sound she made.

It took several minutes of hard, steady pounding before I came.

When I pulled out, Theresa sat up, and was close to tears. "I'm sorry, Master," she said.

"What's wrong?"

"I didn't come. That's the first time. Everything inside me felt like it was lined with cotton."

"You want to know why?"

She nodded. "Please."

"Without pain, sex is not a turn on, anymore. Plain, vanilla sex is no longer good enough for you. But I think you already knew that."

Ashamed, Theresa bowed her head. "Yes," she said in a small voice.

"But that's what I've been aiming for. To turn you into a pain slut, like my other two slaves.

"I'm taking you to Room 414, where you can really get off."

"Alright," she said leerily.

Room 414 was my dungeon fantasy suite. Its walls and floor were made to look like rocks, and the temperature and humidity were set to give it the dank feel of a dungeon. Electric torches and candles illuminate the suite. The sounds of water dripping, and batwings fluttering echoed in the background.

My slave's was covered with goose bumps when she walked in. "I've never been in here before."

I nodded. "I usually prefer the techno-dungeon, to these more medieval trappings. But in this case, I think it's the right place." I motioned to a eighteen inch wide pillar made, seemingly, of mortared smooth stones. "Come over here," I ordered.

Shivering, she complied.

I cuffed her hands over her head with a pair of shackles that hung from the top of the column. Each foot was similarly bound by a set of irons attached to the bottom. One foot on each side of the pillar.

From behind a rack, I brought out a long belt, with a six inch strap-on attached in the middle. At about the height of Theresa's knees, I wrapped the belt around the post, and secured it loosely. I slid the belt up, until the dildo was buried deep in my slave's dripping twat. I then buckled the belt tightly to the pillar.

She let out a gasp and moan at the invasion. With her feet shackled, there was no way for her to get off the intruding cock, though she could bend her knees, and slide up and down it an inch or two.

I gave her a minute to get used to her restraints. She let out a low moan as she moved against her bindings and dildo.

"Today, we're going a little rougher than we've gone before." I showed her the five foot long, half inch thick bamboo rod. Though it still had some give, it was a lot less pliant than the switches and belts she was used to.

Though there was some fear on her face, there was also trust. She knew that I wouldn't go too far, and cause any permanent damage.

Without being told, my nun leaned over and kissed the rod.

"If I get too hard, let me know."

"Yes, Master," Theresa cried.

I started with little more than taps, starting at her shoulders and going down to her ass. I then returned back up. My hits got harder and harder. By the time I was done, I was swinging full force, one-armed. With each hit, the strawberry blonde arched her back and cried out. Her whole body shook.

I was afraid that something was going to bread, either the rod or one of Theresa's bones, when she cried out, "Enough!" She collapsed against the pillar, her body soaked in sweat and cum running down her thighs. "God! That was intense!"

Applause broke out behind me. Vonda and Pyx had returned from shopping, and found my note in the suite. "Very impressive," said Vonda, as I went to unshackle Theresa. "You know, you are going to be in some serious pain for the next few weeks."

The nun's backside was a mass of purple, black, and red bruises. "And every time I wince in pain, I'll think of the one who gave them to me. My master."

Pyx looked around the dungeon suite with great interest. "I've never been in this room before."

I helped my battered slave to a rough wooden chair. "It's not one of my favorite, but it does have its uses. Other tops love it, though."

My blonde slave's eyes lit up at all the medieval torture devices. "Promise me we'll spend some time in here, when we get back, Master."

"I promise."

Theresa, still panting, looked up at me. "Did I pass the test, Master?"

"You more than passed."

"I'm going to miss you, Master."

"And I will miss you, Theresa."

"And me too," said both Vonda and Pyx together.

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