Jenny's Love

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2011 by Sirdar

Sex Story: A School teacher rescues a boy from a bad foster home and takes him as a lover

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Pregnancy   .

"Now boy you look after the house and behave yourself, we will see you after the holiday" Frank Rainer said to Tony as he picked up the last suitcase, and took it out to the car. His wife Clare spoke as she picked up her hand bag said. "You know where the vacuum cleaner is, so I expect to see the house spick and span when I return, and you know how to use the washing machine, so there is enough work to keep you out of trouble while, and mind there is no funny business while we are away..."

Tony watched them drive away, to the airport with their two sexy teenage girls in the back of the car, he knew there was little in the way of food in the house, and somehow he had to survive for two weeks. He sat down in a chair, and he sobbed his heart out. The only consolation was that he would not have to come home from school to face his nagging foster mother...

It was so different from last years holidays when his mother was alive. They had gone to the local Theatre in the City, and although it was just the two of them, they had a lovely holiday, he had lots of presents from his mother for his birthday, and he had saved his pocket money to buy her a nice brooch. But then she had been taken ill and died, and not having any close relations to look after him, and because he was only fourteen, he had been put into foster care.

The Rainer's had seemed lovely warm caring people when he had first been taken and introduced to them. But when the Social worker had left the house. His foster mother Claire Rainer, had then changed to become the foster mother from hell ... He had been given a whole range of housework tasks to do, each day when he had finished school, such as washing dishes, vacuuming the house, and even doing the washing and hanging it out. afterwards.

His stepfather had insisted he washed the car every Saturday, and sometime he would make him wash the car twice if he was in a bad mood, or he was not.satisfied. Tony was too tired to do his homework most days,, and when his form teacher had enquired why his grades were slipping, and had enquired about him seeming so tired at school, and not doing his homework, he had eventually broken down, and told her what his Foster home was like. She immediately took it up with social services. Subsequently he had ended up with a very bad beating from his Foster father while his foster mother held him down. He was off school for two days and he still had the bruises on his backside. His foster mother had made him wear one of her daughters knickers and the girls had teased him and called him sissy boy...

One day he had heard his Foster mother boasting to a friend, that if you knew the right people in Social Services, and looked after them financially, you could end up with a Foster child, who you could use to get all the chores done, and you would get paid for it as well.

Tony had just gone to sleep on his mattress on his fourth night in the house, when his Foster mothers daughter Kim came bursting into the room. He knew Kim from school and he knew that she had quite a reputation for a fourteen year old with the boys

"I'm still soooo hot," Kim said, "Do you mind if I take this off?" She asked pulling up her tank top. Tony couldn't understand how taking her tank top off would cool her down, Tony was under the sheet stark naked his pyjamas having been taken away from him.

He stared at her black lacy bra revealed by the removal of her tank top. "That doesn't really help," she said, frowning and thinking. " I know why I'm so hot!" She paused and looked at me. A sly smile crossed her beautiful face. "It's you Tony, with that big cock of yours = your making me hot."

And with that statement she leaned over and kissed him. Her tongue came out into his mouth and after the initial shock Tony felt himself responding. She pulled back his covering sheet and moved on top of him and started rubbing her hands over his chest and wandering down to his cock. Tony had never had sex with a girl before but he guessed what she wanted.

He was quite scared, He had never had a girl come onto him me the way Kim was and it was intimidating, not that he really minded. Her crotch was grinding against his erect cock and her hands had started to pinch his nipples.

They kissed and caressed each other for quite awhile, until she broke away from him stood up. and undressed.

She had perfectly round tits and she had small pink areolas with pretty buds on top. Kim was down on her knees, her head making a bee line for his cock head and her hand wrapped around the base of it.

"Ummmm, Nice and big, I like 'em like that." She said before engulfing his cock.

She gave Tony a nice blow job. She dripped saliva down on his cock his shaft, worked the top half with her mouth and the bottom half with her hand. She kept blowing he until I felt like he couldn't take it.

"Oh Kim baby, you gotta stop or else I am going to make a mess" Tony gasped. She just grunted.and grabbing his cock rubbed it along her pussy lips She rubbed his cock along her pussy lips.

"You want my cock inside your pussy?" Tony asked.

"Yes, I want you in my cunt. Please fuck me. Please, oh, inside of me..." She grabbed my cock with her hand ... With her hand around the base of my cock, Tony shoved his cock into her pussy and she removed her hand so he went deep inside of her.

"I love it." She murmured as she lamped her young lips on his.

Tony leaned down and kissed her deeply as he pounded away into her. Her tongue wrestled furiously with his, and her muffled grunts, with every thrust, filled his mouth with air.

Tony pulled his mouth away from her, and she ripped at his nipples with her fingers.

"Oh, yeah, squeeze my nipples. That feels so good." She whispered...

"Ohhh, yeah fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can."

So, he did, Tony pounded into her and slid his cock from side to side. Tony leaned in again to kiss her mouth and then with surprising strength, she hugged him and rolled him onto his side. I continued the momentum, and with only a few adjustments, Kim was on top of him.

They were still kissing, and he could feel her big tits pushing against his chest and he desperately found he wanted to suck hard on those nipples.

"Ohh yeah," Kim said as she bucked harder against his cock, "Oh that feels so good."

She pulled her body away from him, and I laid his head back down on the pillow. He opened his eyes, looked up at her and almost came. His cock spasmed as if it was coming, and he barely got himself under control. All this from just the lovely vision of Kim, her tits bouncing, her blond pussy hair peaking out with every up and down thrust.

That was it.

"Ohh Kim, I'm gonna explode inside of you."

"Oh yes, I want to feel your cock fill me up. That will make me come."

"Ohhh, yeaaaaahh, here it is Kim!"

"Oh, oh, oh, mmmmmmm." Our screams echoed off of the walls as their orgasms subsided. Kim collapsed on top of him, her breast pushing into his chest, They engaged in some furious kissing.

"Oh my god, look at the time." Kim said, bolting upwards. It was barely eight o'clock.

"Yeah, so?" I said.

"Mother will be coming to tuck me in."Now Tony this is our secret tomorrow we will talk

The next day Kim agreed to help Tony when she could with his chores, providing he told no-one of their love affair, and so Kim would spend most evenings and some nights with him when he had finished his chores.

His form teacher Jenny Masters a 22 year old teaching graduate ot her first school however, had been a little suspicious of the reply she had got from the Social Worker, who had told her that the Rainer's were lovely caring people, and that Tony was a problem child. The school records showed completely the opposite, and that Tony had been a star pupil. But Tony's work had gone downhill badly, in the past few weeks since moving to the foster home, and that from being one of the brightest prospects in the school, his work had deteriorated badly till he was languishing at the bottom of the class.

When she spoke to the Headmistress she was advised to leave the matter to the Professionals, but Jenny was worried. That very morning although the school had finished for the Summer vacation, she had decided that she would visit Tony's foster parents, and see for herself what the problem was. As his teacher it would not be out of place to see them, to voice her concerns about his school work...

As she parked her car outside the house, she saw Tony hanging washing out on the line at the side of the house. She knocked the door without answer, and not being the type to give up, she walked round the side of the house to talk to Tony. He was shocked to see her.

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