Jimmy Gets Replaced

by DirtyMartini

Copyright© 2011 by DirtyMartini

Erotica Story: Speaking of "first time" stories...this was my first attempt at erotic story writing...definitely not my last...

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Masturbation   .

Nancy was just an ordinary young girl growing up in rural Illinois, for the most part anyway. She enjoyed the simple pleasures of country life and had similar hopes, dreams and fears as any young girl on the verge of womanhood. She wanted to be loved, and a chance to give love in return. Nancy wondered sometimes if her wishes would ever come true, if she would ever be able to have a real relationship, as Nancy was sexually molested by her stepfather as a very young girl. Although her stepfather had long since left, Nancy was still haunted by vivid memories and horrible dreams. Anytime a boy even tried to get close to her, she would recoil in fear and start to shake and sweat. She has never told anyone about the abuse. She seemed destined to suffer in silence.

Nancy's one activity in which she found comfort was listening to music. She particularly liked the album 'Just Jimmy Reed', which her cousin had bought her on a trip to Chicago. She would listen to side one over and over, basking in the primal rhythms and sexual motifs while getting lost in the sound of Jimmy's deep, rich voice.

One night, while lying on the bed naked, she began to cuddle up with her favorite blanket. It was a quilt her aunt made for her a few years back. It was thick and oh, so warm and comfortable. She was listening to her favorite Jimmy Reed album and imagining Jimmy was talking to her when he sang 'but I'm a natural born lover, yea I'm a real good lover'. She imagined Jimmy as a big man with big strong hands, someone who could hold her and keep her warm and safe at night. She began to roll around on the blanket, flush with excitement. She held the blanket close to her, folding it over her erect nipples. The blanket around her made her feel safe and warm and secure. She named it 'Jimmy'.

These encounters with Jimmy became a regular thing. Every night, she would leave the cares and worries of the day for the security of her room. Every night she would lock the door, put on her favorite Jimmy Reed album and lie naked on the bed allowing the primal rhythms and sexual lyrics to put her in a near frenzy. Every night she would wrap the blanket around her and let it lightly brush over her young firm breasts just teasing the nipples. She would then wrap the blanket around her in such a way so that it would pass between her young legs and she could press it tight against her womanhood by holding it with her feet. She would grind herself into the blanket with such a frenzy, in time to the jungle like rhythms of the music, that the blanket would be soaked with the juices of this barely adolescent young girl.

These encounters went on for years, each time with the same ending. She would always grind herself against the blanket with such a frenzy that the blanket would end up quite wet. Always holding the blanket tight with her feet, always in time to the music. She wondered if anything could make her feel as warm, safe and comfortable as her time with Jimmy.

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