Loving Rowie Knightly

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Keri Ball is in love with her beautiful, unattainable afro American boss Rowie Knightly. But one day, after her exercise run, everything begins to change.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Romantic   Lesbian   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   .

Keri picked her blue running pants for today's workout. She labored around the track at the end of the workout and was pleased with the slight tingle of fatigue that she felt. It felt good. She also like the way that she felt wearing the stretchy blue nylon workout pants, capri style.

"Rowie should see me now!" she giggled to herself as she finished the run and headed for the door.

The running pants, pale blue and the white ones, were Keri's 'walk on the wild side', as she thought of it. They fit her like second skin and she looked lovely in them. At 5'4" and 120 lbs Keri was not large, 'except in the ass', she'd quip to herself. She was, however, proportioned in just a lovely fashion, her slimness, despite a pair of 35" breasts, was enhanced by the soft but real swell of her butt.

Keri, Karolyn Ball, worked quietly but effectively in the accounting department of a major firm, on loan at times to PR, because of a flair for that also. At 34 she led a restless life, sort of restless anyway.

She had what she felt was a romantic soul and fairly languished from lack of any kind of romance in her life. Any kind, that is except for Rowie Knightly. Rowie Knightly was the COO of the company, and Keri's idol. At least that's the way that it began for Keri.

She always appreciated the tall, leggy afro-American 'Boss' from afar and gradually slipped into a one sided love affair with her. Keri absolutely, totally, probably stupidly, fell in love with Rowie Knightly.

She worked hard at not letting those feelings ever get in the way of doing her job. She was sure that Rowie Knightly never noticed her, a fact about which she was, however, wrong. But she did allow herself sighs and fantasies about being Rowie's 'dirty girl', a name Keri gave herself and giggled about.

Keri had certainly had dates, since moving to the city to take the job with the company but nothing that ever stirred her. There was also the occasional fling with a date, ending up in bed but never being satisfied. Her mind, and her senses were so flooded with Rowie Knightly that it was almost as if 'no one else need apply' with her.

She was fairly religious about working out, and provided herself with what she called "Rowie outfits". That is, outfits that were designed to attract Rowie's never given attention. But for Keri it was the way that she played this game of 'loving Rowie Knightly'. It made her content.

"I have," she said to herself often enough, "My love for Rowie Knightly, Clever fingers and General Thomas! And that can be enough for me"

(Keri had been a history major with an accounting minor in college. She had named her vibrator 'General Thomas', after the Civil War General George Thomas, whom she admired.) She decided on one last lap and then it would be shower and she'd take herself out to dinner. She made it a sprint lap and pushed herself good and hard as she pounded around the track.

"Maybe she's watching!" Keri said to herself, too out of breath for a characteristic giggle, as she reached the goal of the end of the track.

She walked three revolutions of the track then to cool down and then went into the women's locker room. She had her iPod clipped to her running pants and was busy unclipping it and disconnecting the head phones, when a rather husky voice spoke up and said:

"Nice sprint, Keri, you looked good out there!"

Saying an automatic 'thank you', she raised her head and froze, totally froze.There was Rowie Knightly, just toweling off. Keri took in the sight quickly: Tall athletic form, lovely coffee colored skin, long legs ending in nicely shaped thighs, and buttocks that were round and firm, and, Keri thought, lush.

Keri just stared for a number of seconds. Rowie stood there and Keri scanned her kinky triangle of pubic hair, and the breasts that were larger than she'd thought, with delicious looking, large chocolate brown nipples. There were still drops of water gleaming on Rowie's closely shaved head, and the smile that she was giving Keri was simply gleaming.

Keri felt like the proverbial deer in the headlights. Much to her disgust she got an immediate answer to the oft asked question: 'What do you do, when you come into contact with your grandest desire?' The unfortunate answer for Keri was: 'you freeze, become mute and lose forever the moment.' Rowie's voice broke through Keri's instant muddle:

"Keri, are you okay?"

It brought Keri to the light of day quickly: "Uh, yes, Ms Knightly," she said quickly. "Just out of breath from the sprint."

"Well, girl, you looked marvelous out there," Rowie said enthusiastically, "And it's 'Rowie', hun, not 'Ms Knightly'."

"Thank you, uh, Rowie," Keri said, never taking her eyes off of Rowie's naked body for a second and desperately trying to not show that she was doing it.

"I like running!" was all that Keri could think of saying before she walked to her locker.

She was berating herself immediately, as she hauled her tee shirt up and off. She almost ripped off her sports bra in disgust at the inanity that she'd spouted in her big moment. There was a bench there and she heard a vague noise at the other end of the locker room, which she took for Rowie finishing and then leaving the room.

"Nice!' she said to herself out loud.

(Such conversations were one of the ways that Keri had of achieving perspective with herself. At times they were conducted silently, but at times, like now, they were done out loud. Rowie had gone and so, she could do this now, she thought.)

"Come face to face with your fantasy, your idol and all the lovely witty things that you've always wanted to say are gone and you mumble that you like running! Dim Wit!"

She thought involuntarily of her favorite movie 'Amadeus' for a moment and added:

"Shit wit! You were supposed to have the words! You were supposed to be able to tell her, to make a declaration. You know that."

Then she heard a voice. Looking up she saw Rowie standing there with a concerned look on her face.

And, yes, it was worse than Keri had thought. She'd given Rowie a demonstration of the madness of the way that she talked with herself.

"Are you okay, Keri honey?" Rowie was saying.

The beautiful woman was now wearing a pair of royal purple bikini panties with a clear, flowery panel in the front, showing her luxuriant pubic hair. But the concerned look on her face spoke clearly.

Keri tried to make it okay by saying: "It's my way. When I have a conflict, I talk to myself about it is all."

At that point Rowie said a soft 'okay, honey' and began to turn away, not wanting to intrude.

Keri simply blurted out: "I love you, Ms Knightly, Rowie!" and, realizing that she'd just betrayed herself and made it worse, instead of using all the cleverly worded romantic language that she always spoke to herself about broke down immediately into tears.

Rowie turned immediately and went to Keri. "Hey, hey, girl; Keri!" she said, as she pulled Keri up to her feet and put her arms around her.

Keri didn't think that she'd ever felt so well protected and taken care of as she did at that moment.

"What did you say?" Rowie asked softly.

Keri looked up and summoned all her courage and said: "I said 'I love you, Rowie'; I apologize for being so brash and inappropriate, for even saying it!"

"No, no, no," Rowie said, "No apologies for saying something so lovely."

Keri was hoping for a kiss but Rowie stood back and held her at arms length then and simply smiled at her. The smile was dazzling and all that Keri could manage was:

"Sorry, ma'am, I'm sweaty!"

Rowie laughed, a crystal tinkle of a laugh, and replied:

"Sprinting full out like that, I guess you'd be sweaty."

Keri hardly breathed, hoping, hoping that Rowie was going to ignore her declaration of love, which would never be mentioned again in this world by her.

Rowie spoke up then and said: "Thank you for what you just said. I need to live with that statement for a little while, otherwise I'd invite you for a drink."

"Thank you, ma'am," Keri said.

"No need to 'ma'am' me, honey," Rowie continued, "It's only you and me here."

Rowie thought for a few seconds and said: "I'll speak inappropriately here; wanna stay and watch you get naked, see what kind of lovely butt goes along with those pretty titties but not gonna do that. This gal's gonna go and give herself some thinking time."

She air kissed Keri, which almost made her swoon, and turned.

Keri was all action immediately. She hoped, hoped that Rowie would turn and smile at her one more time, and she wanted, at least with this, to be ready. Rowie did turn and by then Keri was totally naked. In a moment of inspiration or, maybe, desperation, she allowed herself the theatrical gesture of shooting her arms up at an angle and her hands splayed.

"Why look at you, you bad girl!" Rowie said, giving the tinkling crystal laugh again and the dazzling smile, as she disappeared.

Keri sat and sighed and knew that she had to gather, regroup her forces before her shower. She'd never felt so pleased, that she could remember, in all of her lifetime. She hummed, as she went off to the showers, deciding that further speaking with herself would wait until she'd given herself over to the luxuriousness of the shower.

Her mood lasted far into the evening. She took herself out for a favorite meal at a cozy place, all the while studying the people around and wondering if any of them felt as happy as she did at that moment.

She realized that she'd been fairly rescued, after making a jerky start with Rowie, she'd discovered the tall, beautiful black woman to be amazingly caring. It gave her a glow that she was basking in.

Her evening with General Thomas was a complete success. She used her friend, and trusty vibrator, with thoughts and scenes of the locker room encounter running through her head, and reliving the delicious feeling of her breasts pushing against Rowie's during that hug. It was such thoughts that ushered her into sleep, and she woke with pleasant thoughts in the morning.

These gave way soon enough to worry for Keri. She wondered what might happen at work. But reassured herself that nothing was going to happen, because she only ever got periodic glimpses of Rowie at work, and that was normally satisfying for her, enough for her. It was at least enough to fuel her fantasies, her mental romances, as she called them, and give her romantic fare for her sessions later with General Thomas.

Her morning went along smoothly and well, when, in the middle of it, she got a call.

"Keri Ball," she said into the phone.

"Keri, this is Rowie Knightly," the lovely deep voice said into her ear.

Keri tingled.

"Yes, ma'am," she said quietly back.

"Could you spare me a few moments? There's something that I want to talk to you about."

"Of course, Ms Knightly," Keri said, "Shall I come there now?"

"That would be lovely," Rowie answered.

They hung up and Keri was all at sixes and sevens. She walked around her area just a little bit to calm herself, talking to herself severely and then went out to the elevator bank to go upstairs to the top floor. During the elevator ride she spoke to herself severely:

"No more mooning out loud or stupid statements today, missy!" She went up determined to be professional today and not the love sick teen ager.

There was a group of secretaries that were working outside of Rowie's office and one of them, seeing Keri approach, got up and greeted her. Keri knew her slightly.

"Hey, Keri," she said, smiling.

"Janice!" Keri answered, "The big boss wants to see me."

"Yes, please go right in," Janice said, going to the door and knocking slightly, since Rowie was waiting for Keri.

Keri went into the large office and stood in front of the door. Rowie was already up and out of her chair, a smile wreathing her face saying:

"Keri, how are you today, girl?"

Keri's grin in return was 24 carat: "Fine, lovely even!"

"I guess so," Rowie answered, coming forward and giving Keri a hug that she wasn't expecting at all.

Rowie went behind her desk and asked Keri to sit. Keri had been thinking about what she was going to say and realized that now was the time:

"Uh, Rowie, if I may, I want to say that I'm pretty much ashamed of my behavior from yesterday."

"Don't you dare, girl!" Rowie said with a huge smile. "Your declaration was the gold star in my day. I just need to process it, and the theatrical 'ta-da' just made my day."

Keri reacted by both blushing furiously and putting her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle.

"You blush, girl," Rowie said, giving a conspiratorial grin. She went on: "Look at you blush! I wonder if you blush all the way down to your toes."

Keri laughed and Rowie held out her hand: "No, no, don't you dare take your clothes off here in my office." She gave Keri a fierce grin and continued: "Until I tell you to."

Keri hooted into her hand again.

"Those busy girls outside are going to think that we're high on something in here," Rowie said.

Keri sighed and said: "Gee, I think that I already am!" Then she hesitated and went on: "But I'm being rude; you called me here, and I got us off on the wrong foot."

"We'll keep that 'foot' 'til later," Rowie said, "But business now."

"Business now!" Keri said.

"Keri, as you can see from the group outside, I work with various secretaries. They each represent kind of a section of the operations that I keep an eye on. But I'm lacking something important on my staff. I need a 'Girl Friday'."

Keri looked at her wide eyed.

Rowie held up a hand and said: "I mean someone to give me advice, when I want it. Arrange things and keep an eye on them: schedule things, deadlines, requests. I mean a kind of liaison person, and I'm talking about much more than a secretary."

By now Keri's hand was over her mouth in surprise, suspecting where Rowie was going with this.

"Yes, you're right," Rowie said, "I'd like to offer you the job. I have been reading your dossier, and your work record, according to everyone that you've interacted with, is sparkling."

She ended by smiling at Keri, whose first reaction was "Mean it? Really?"

Rowie laughed and said: "Mean it really!"

"Oh," Keri said, in a rush, "You'll never regret it! There will be no loose ends; I promise! I'll take such good care of you!"

Rowie smiled and said: "Yes, I believe that you will."

She shoved a paper across the desk at Keri, who took it; it was the compensation package with a huge raise, over $15,000 and benefits and perks, for Keri, who squealed.

"Keri," Rowie said, with a laugh, "I love your enthusiasm. It's like watching you do that sprint yesterday! Just spectacular."

Keri grinned at her in response.

Rowie went on then: "Can you clean up and re-assign your stuff in the next two days and begin on Monday?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am," Keri said.

"Honey," Rowie said softly, "I think that 'Rowie' is going to be fine." She then got a feral grin on her face and said: "Except for special, really special times!"

Keri blushed.

"There you go again, I love it!" Rowie said. "You are so much fun."

Rowie stood and went around her desk with her arms open. Keri responded immediately and fit herself into the taller woman's arms, and just sighed. After a moment, Keri spoke up and said:

"But I don't want to take up too much of your time; I know how busy you must be."

"You're a love!" Rowie said. "But let me just show you how we're going to do our logistics."

They went to the corner of her office, where there was a door. "We'll route people through this office, which will be yours. The door to the secretaries' room will be closed and they'll take work orders from you and me."

Keri was positively smitten by it.

"Let's go and announce it," Rowie said.

They went out into the secretaries' area and Rowie told the three women in there what the new plan of organization would be. She asked for their aid in getting Keri settled in; then they went back into Rowie's office.

They looked Keri's office over, and Rowie said that she'd have it ready for her in a day, and then began to walk her to the door. At the door, just before they exited from Rowie's office, she asked Keri softly:

"Going to run today?"

"Yes," Keri said simply. "I run every day during the week."

"More of those sexy running pants?" Rowie asked, leaning closer to Keri.

"I didn't think you noticed," she went on, and blushed again. "I call them my Rowie pants."

Rowie laughed: "Gonna eat you up, girl!"

Keri blushed again, and finally answered the question:

"Yes," Keri said, blushing still, "White!"

"Can't wait to see that!" Rowie said and hugged Keri, who whispered: "I have to say it, and won't keep on, I promise. I love you, Rowie."

Rowie smiled and said softly: "Hold that thought!"

Then she unexpectedly ran her tongue along Keri's lips, just before opening the door. Keri's feet almost never hit the floor, as she walked out.

She was on the track before Rowie that day and already had done a few laps, before Rowie emerged from the locker room and joined her on one of her rounds.

They greeted one another casually, as they ran the track together. Keri was wearing the white, spandex running pants. They might have made her feel self-conscious normally but she was actually displaying herself for Rowie today, and was aware of that The pants merely served to emphasize the loveliness of Keri's ass, as well as putting on display Keri's lacy panties.

"You look like fancy food out here today, girl!" Rowie said with a broad smile, as she joined Keri in the run.

"Thank you!" Keri said with a barely suppressed giggle.

"Now you go ahead and run just a little ahead of me for a bit," Rowie said, "Let me kind of take in the scenery."

Keri flashed Rowie a grin and said: "Yes, ma'am!" She speeded up just a bit and set a pace that had her a few steps in front of Rowie, in effect putting herself on display. She blushed a little but was super pleased with what was happening.

Rowie caught up with her in just a bit and loped in beside her again, saying:

"You look tasty, Keri!"

Keri gave her a huge grin and said 'thank you' again.

"Maybe next time no bra!" Rowie said.

"Oops," Keri replied, "Bouncy, bouncy!"

Rowie laughed and said: "I guess!"

They lapsed then into a companionable silence and measured themselves by one another. After a bit, Rowie said:

"I have to cut my run short just a bit today; I'm going in after this cycle."

"I just have my sprint to do," Keri said.

She nodded to Rowie, as the tall athletic black woman moved to the locker room door on that revolution. Keri then broke into her sprint stride and began to wind down her own run.

She was concentrating on the effort of the sprint and lost sight of Rowie for a bit, as she finished up her run and headed into the locker room herself.

She had, it seemed, the place to herself, and didn't see Rowie anywhere. She sighed, fearing that Rowie had had to leave quickly and, shedding her running clothes and grabbing a towel, headed for the showers.

As she passed a shower cubicle, a hand reached out and grasped her by the arm. Keri 'eeeped', as she was hauled into the cubicle; was surprised but was grinning soon, as she encountered Rowie's magnificent nakedness in the cubicle.

"Join me, girl," Rowie said.

Keri managed a sighed "Oh, yes!" and went into the taller woman's arms. She was plastered against Rowie, feeling the exquisite pressure of their nipples against each other.

"Make your declaration now!" Rowie almost ordered.

Keri didn't hesitate: "I love you, Rowie; I really do."

"That's what I want to hear!" Rowie said, "Makes me wet hearing it, and I don't mean sweat."

"I like you sweaty!" Keri said simply, and, using her tongue began to lick at Rowie's neck.

"My, my you are such a treasure, Keri," Rowie said. "I could get used to this!"

"I do love you, Rowie, and I hope that you do learn to get used to it!" was Keri's reply.

By then Rowie had the shower ready and on, letting the two of them, embrace and kiss under the spray of the water.

"I'm not sure exactly what to do here, Ms, uh, Rowie," Keri said.

"That's part of the deliciousness of all of it," Rowie answered with a broad grin. "But maybe for today just kissing in the shower is good."

She hugged Keri tightly to herself, as she said this but immediately slid her hands down Keri's back to rest them on Keri's ass cheeks.

"Ohhh," Keri sighed, at the contact.

"You do the same, lovely girl!" Rowie said.

Keri did, sliding her hands down Rowie's back and finally grabbing hold of those magnificent ass cheeks.

"Ms Knightly..." Keri began and Rowie said, with a tinkling laugh:

"Hey, girl, we're hugging here and were bare assed naked, now it really is Rowie!"

Keri laughed and said: "Rowie, you are a goddess!"

Rowie laughed and Keri said, "I mean it," and blushed.

Rowie responded with a kiss. It was a kiss that took Keri out of all cognition, it took her away. It was soft and then insistent, and involved lips and tongues and teeth, and had Keri sighing tremendously right away.

"My, you can kiss, girl!" Rowie said.

"Oh, I thought it was all you?" Keri said.

"Mmmmm, aren't we good together," Rowie said.

"Marvelous!" Keri said, "Wait 'til I tell General Thomas." She slapped her hand over her mouth, as soon as she'd said it but couldn't take it back. Not then, not there.

"General Thomas?" Rowie asked.

Keri could have kicked herself for letting that little item slip. She looked up at Rowie and explained who General Thomas was, and a bit of background.

"Well are you just the thing!" Rowie said, "I want to meet your General Thomas and maybe see him perform."

"Come to dinner?" Keri asked spontaneously.

"Love to," Rowie said.

"Saturday at 5:30 PM?" Keri asked.

"Aren't you a love to ask me!" Rowie said. "But waisting water here. Another kiss and then we wash."

"Wash, yes," Keri said. "I forgot for a moment where we were! All that I could think about was your lovely nakedness."

Rowie laughed: "You are a gemstone, girl!"

And then they kissed. The kisses were right from the soles of her feet, it seemed, and they left Keri, and Rowie panting for breath, when they were finished. Keri put her head on Rowie's shoulder, when the kiss was finished. Unaccountably, she wept.

"Hey, hey, girl!" Rowie said, "What?"

"I'm being silly, I know," Keri began but Rowie put in:

"Don't you use that 'silly' word, girl; here you are being lovely, and sensitive and kissing like an angel and 'silly' isn't a part of this world at all."

"It's just that I've wanted to do that for so long..." Keri said, and reached her head up again for a kiss, licking her tongue along Rowie's lips first.

"Well, then, girl, you just enjoy!" Rowie said, inviting the kiss.

They kissed for a long minute, with the water cascading down on them, and Keri said, softly, at the end of the kiss:

"I do love you, Rowie, my goddess! I do!"

"Oh, I like the way that you wrap me up in that word," Rowie said, "Just like it, eat it up and like it!"

"Wash?" Keri asked.

"Wash!" Rowie answered but broke into a giggle, when she realized that what Keri meant was to wash her.

Keri began with the soap and sponge and washed Rowie's face first. Then she moved her attentions down to her neck and shoulders. She went to the back of her and began to wash down her back, slowing down, when she reached Rowie's waist and the beginning of the swell of Rowie's ass cheeks. She washed each ass cheek, as though she were shining a statue and then ran a soapy hand up along Rowie's ass crack.

"Mmmmm, my you do that well, my Keri!" Rowie said and let out a soft moan, when Keri's hand invaded the space between her ass cheeks and washed her thoroughly there.

Keri finished working down Rowie's back, ending by kneeling behind her, and from that position, before she went on with the front, she grabbed Rowie's hips and planted a kiss on each ass cheek.

"Lovely!" Rowie sang out.

Keri turned her around and then began to wash down her front; she did each armpit, licking her tongue through the arm pits first and getting a kind of giggle from Rowie. Then it was on to her breasts, taking time at each nipple to lick a little and munch on them with her lips.

"What lovely treatment!" Rowie said but by then Keri was working on her waist and down her thighs.

She finished kneeling directly in front of Rowie's pubic hair and, when the was was finally finished, she planted a kiss on Rowie's pubic hair, looking up at her boss with amorous eyes.

"Thank you, Keri, love!" Rowie said, "Now I'll do you."

"Oh, no," Keri said, "It's my job to do you; I do myself, the goddess shouldn't."

Rowie laughed: "Spoilin' me, girl!"

She moved then and was kneeling in front of Keri: "Gonna get me a pussy kiss anyway! That's what this goddess wants!"

She kissed Keri on the nest of her dark, curly pussy hair, and got a sigh for her reward.

"And you get to spoil me!" Rowie said, getting up and kissing Keri.

"I mean to," Keri said, as much in her element as at any time that she ever thought about.

They hugged then, the shower finished, and the water off.

"That was wonderful," Rowie said, hugging the smaller woman.

"I sometimes," Keri began, "Sometimes, fantasize that you're sweaty from a run and I get to take off your wet things and then lick you all over. I'm sorry if that's gross."

"Gross!?" Rowie said, "Sounds like Sunday dinner to me, girl! Do you mind if I call you girl?"

"Girl or anything else that you want," Keri said, licking a nipple.

"Licking girl, washing girl, running girl, lovely ass in white stretch pants girl..." Rowie said, as Keri sucked on her nipples.

Just then there was a noise in the locker room, as someone was going through to work out.

Rowie put up a finger on her lips for silence and they both giggled. When they were alone again in the locker room, they got out of the shower to dress. Keri just stared at Rowie, dressed now in a pair of gold satin panties.

Rowie looked at her and said: "Don't you be thinkin' that, bad girl!"

Keri let out a laugh and hid her mouth behind her hands.

"Put your clothes on!" Rowie said, laughing, "Or maybe we'll disgrace ourselves here yet, if I get my hands on all that pale, lovely white flesh."

Keri's response was to strike the theatrical 'ta-da' pose again and Rowie laughed.

They did decide to go out for a drink, after their workout and locker room time.

They went to a local place called 'McGrue's'. While there, they talked about the job that Keri was going to take. Rowie spent some time outlining to Keri her kind of schedule and the special needs of it. They also talked about the logistics of the job. By the end of their conversation, Keri was excited about the possibility.

"Dress code for Saturday's dinner?" Rowie asked.

"Gold panties!" Keri said, in a quiet voice and they both broke into laughter.

"You bold, bold thing!" Rowie said, still laughing! "Serve you right if that's all that I wear!"

"Eeep!" Keri said, hiding her mouth behind her hand, and nodding at that thought.

Then Keri said: "I'll probably wear jeans and a tee shirt."

"Right!" Rowie said, "That'll suit me fine. Now, I've got to go, I've got dry cleaning to pick up and all sorts of things. Have to make sure my gold panties are all washed and ready for tomorrow night."

"Here, let me write down, where I live," Keri said, giving Rowie her address and apartment number.

When they got up, they hugged each other and left, heading for the car park.

What happened next likely went a long way toward establishing the bond that was already growing between the two of them. They walked and spoke companionably, as they went. Rowie noticed two rough looking kids, one latino and one black, cross the street and come toward them.

"Oh," she said to Keri, who looked up and saw them approaching too.

Keri tensed and both of them slowed down, giving the two kids a chance to pass. Instead the two of them stopped in front of the two women.

"Well, bitches," the black kid said, "Here's pussy for both Juan and me!"

"Pussssssy!" Juan said, wagging his tongue at the two women.

"One pussy for me and one for Juan," the Black kid said, and then added: "I'll take little miss white ass, Juan; you get the nigger, tall and black."

Rowie spoke up then: "Get out of our way, mutts!"

The black kid pulled a knife from his jacket pocket and pointed it toward Rowie and said: "Say what, bitch?"

Rowie took a step back but nothing prepared her for what happened next. With a strange kind of grunt, Keri lashed out with her foot and kicked the knife across the side walk; she then made another noise and with a little hop, all in one quick movement, she jammed her foot against the startled black kid's knee, sending him to the ground writhing in pain. She didn't stop there but took a step toward the latino, who was too surprised to do anything and, again with an adjustment of posture, and a slight noise, she kicked the latino kid in the crotch and, spinning around, landed a foot agains the side of his head. He went down in a heap.

Rowie was simply staring. The black kid was obviously in agony, holding his busted knee and the latino kid barely managed it to his feet. He held out his hands as if to ward Keri off, as she made her noise and began to move again. But he turned and ran for all he was worth.

Keri took Rowie by the hand and they disappeared up the street. When Rowie finally calmed down and came to her senses, she called 911 to report the kid hurt on the sidewalk.

They went on quickly to where their cars were parked.

"Follow me home," Rowie said, still breathing hard, and Keri nodded.

Rowie led Keri to her house and she parked in the driveway, while Rowie put her car in the garage. Rowie was out of her car, and shutting the garage door, as Keri got to her. Keri threw her arms around Rowie and clung to her.

"My god, girl!" Rowie said the astonishment simply running out of her. "My god, girl! My god!"

"I thought that they were going to hurt you!" Keri said simply.

"But my god, girl," Rowie said again, "Where'd you learn that?"

Keri grinned, and said: "Martial arts, red belt!"

Rowie pulled the smaller woman to her and hugged her for all she was worth. Keri received the hug and simply held on, putting her head against Rowie's breasts.

"I was so scared!" Keri said.

"Sure didn't look it to me!" Rowie said, "At least you make that 'here I come momma' noise before you attacked. I'll be watching out for that!" She ended grinning broadly at Keri.

"I love you, Rowie!" Keri said then, "I wasn't going to let them hurt you!"

"Oh, my precious one, my precious one!" Rowie said, lowering her head and offering her lips to Keri, who kissed her avidly.

When the kiss was broken off, Rowie said: "I don't know how to adequately say 'thank you'!"

"Oh, Rowie," Keri said, "Sure you do; you're doing it right now!"

"Glass of wine?" Rowie asked, and Keri nodded.

They went into the house and Rowie settled Keri in the living room. She went and fetched them each a glass of white wine and they sat. Rowie put her hand up to her chest and said: "My heart is still beating so fast!" She gave Keri a beatific grin and went on: "You were wonderful! Marvelous, exciting! How long have you studied that?"

"Oh years!" Keri said and she grinned. "They told us that once we became red belts, it would be easy to practice. I never have until today."

"What?" Rowie asked, astonished. "This was your 'maiden voyage?'" She sat down in her astonishment.

"Yes," Keri said.

Rowie was up from her chair, and grabbing Keri by the shoulders into a long hug and a long, drawn out kiss!

When they were finished with the kiss, Rowie began to cry:

"My hero!" she said. "You were wonderful!"

Keri held onto her and let Rowie calm down.

"I'm sorry," Rowie said, "I'm not usually the weepy type but that was just so upsetting and amazing."

Keri just held Rowie then, until she calmed down. Finally, Rowie asked brightly:

"How about some dinner? I can whip up omelets for us."

"Sounds lovely!" Keri said.

"We have to talk, girl," Rowie said, "I'm learning more and more and it's lovelier and lovelier: first you sprinting in those sexy running pants..."

"I call them my 'Rowie Outfits!" Keri said, giggling, and Rowie whooped, when she heard it.

"Then it's you getting dirty and personal with General Thomas, and now you are tougher in the streets than the masked avenger! I'm gonna keep you! That's what I'm gonna do!"

They hugged, and kissed one more time.

Keri then repeated: "Rowie, I was so scared ... that they'd do something before I could react."

"Reacted pretty quickly, as far as I was concerned," Rowie said.

Then it was Keri's turn to sob, while Rowie held on to her.

"See," Rowie said, "We just take care of each other here!"

"Yes, we do," Keri said.

Then Keri sobered and asked: " Rowie, I need to ask, if we're going to have, uh, this, uh, relationship kind of thing, do I need to not work with you so closely?"

"Why, you wonderful, wonderful, clear thinking girl!" Rowie said enthusiastically. "I understand what you mean and I don't think that it'll be a problem. We'll work at it to make sure that it's not a problem, anyway. That's what we'll do."

"Oh, good!" Keri said. Then she asked: "Can I help with dinner?"

"Sure can," Rowie said, "But give me a second or two here, I'll be right back."

Keri sat and drank her white wine. She felt as much at peace right then, as contented, as she could ever remember. Then Rowie came back into the room and Keri involuntarily hooted. All that Rowie was wearing was a pair of panties and an apron.

"Ta-da!" Rowie said, displaying herself in the same theatrical fashion that Keri had already done a few times.

"Oh, look at you!" Keri said, moving across the room to hug Rowie.

"Special panties preview!" Rowie said, grinning at Keri!

"Lovely," was what Keri said and then they went into the kitchen to get the dinner ready.

Rowie put on an apron and then held one out for Keri.

"I feel so overdressed!" Keri said.

"Then put on your kitchen uniform, girl!" Rowie said, and watched, as Keri, giggling all the way, stripped to her own panties and put the apron on.

"Look at the two of us puttin' on this show!" Rowie said, kissing Keri one more time.

"Ain't we something!" was Keri's response, as they giggled and toasted each other with their wine.

Rowie considered for a moment and said: "Nah, won't do! You're still overdressed for this kitchen."

Keri simply giggled, as Rowie went to her knees behind her, telling Keri to grab the sink with both hands, and she put her hands on the waist band of Keri's pale blue panties and pulled them down and off. While she was down there, she gave Keri a kiss on the ass cheek:

"Love this ass!" Rowie said, "So white, and firm and lovely, and bite-able"

Keri gave out a kind of 'yip' then, as Rowie, laughing now, bit her on the ass cheek and then, humming the music from 'Jaws', moved over to the other ass cheek. Before she bit the other cheek, she had Keri kind of dancing and jumping around in expectation. She bit her and got a corresponding 'yip' from Keri.

"Lovely, "Rowie said.

"Feels so nice!" Keri said.

"And there's one more thing that I could do with this marvelous, white, plump ass," Rowie said.

Keri looked over her shoulder, and said, in a tiny voice: "What's that?"

"Something that you can do to me also!" Rowie said. "Any guesses?"

"Make love to it?" came Keri's tiny voice again.

"Oh, yes, but later; this now!" Rowie said grinning and slapped Keri's ass.

Keri jumped and let out a little squeal.

"Oh dear," Rowie said, "That noise sounds too much like your attack noise for this girl!"

Keri just grinned at her.

"Just one more little liberty with this pretty, white ass!" Rowie said, and then pried Keri's ass cheeks apart and gave her a kiss directly on Keri's ass hole. Keri's reaction this time was almost atomic!

"Girl! You're gonna wake the neighborhood!" Rowie said with a grin, and got up and plastered herself against Keri's nudity.

She turned Keri around then for a kiss, both of them removing their aprons first, and plastering themselves together. They each had hands on the other's ass, during the kiss, and Rowie moved back and forth to let their nipples play with one another during the kiss. It lasted for many minutes. Keri's mouth was slightly open, when the kiss began and she invited Rowie's tongue into her mouth gladly.

"Oh my!" Rowie said, "Black belt in kissing!"

Keri put her head against Rowie's shoulder and simply sighed: "I love you, Rowie Knightly!"

"Oh, yes, talk to me that way," Rowie said and gave Keri another light kiss. "I love you too, little girl! Little white warrior, sparkling white assed lady! Spank-able assed lady! Bite-able assed lady!"

"Oh," Keri responded, "I could get lost in you!"

Keri looked up at Rowie at that point and said: "Rowie, I have, uh, experience with men, not a huge amount but some but ... I, uh, have no experience with women! I mean..."

"Honey, I know what you mean, and we'll learn together and there'll be some teaching, some biting and some spanking and lots of fun things!"

Keri grinned: "Ohh! Goodie for me! Goodie for us!"

Keri made the salads and Rowie made the omelets. They sat to eat and Keri let out a small laugh. Rowie looked at her with a questioning look on her face. Keri said:

"Look at us, you in your gold panties and apron and me with an apron on and nothing at all!"

Rowie laughed too: "Too true, girl friend, here you are bare assed naked."

It made Keri giggle, after Rowie said it.

"Yes," Keri admitted, "Bare assed naked! Me! I can hardly believe it and here with you!"

"Oh, you're such a goose," Rowie said, leaning over to kiss Keri.

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