A Question Posed

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Romantic Sex Story: I looked up from my girly magazine to see my younger sister looking in my bedroom window watching me masturbate. Where it led is still hard to believe.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I want to tell you the story of how my sister and I ... well, let me start it a different way.

First off, my name is James. Don't call me Jim or Jimmy or Jimbo, it's James. Simple.

My sister is Robin and we live in, um, maybe I shouldn't say where, I guess. It's in the Midwest, anyway. We live with our parents, both of them, Mom and Dad, unlike so many of our friends whose parents have divorced or whatever.

I was sixteen when this took place, Robin was fifteen. We got along pretty well, she got better grades that I did except for math and science which is what I thought I wanted to go into when I got to college.

We both dated some though neither of us had ever had a steady girlfriend or boyfriend. As far as I know, Robin was a virgin just like I was. I'd gotten two girl's tops off, Rose Brooks and Christine Welch, not at the same time, no but that would have been fun. It was with Rose when I was thirteen and I was sixteen when I got to Christine's boobs. But no further. Boy, did I try.

I did have sex, though. Lots of it. Figured it out? Sure, like all of us, right? By hand.

I was well-versed in masturbation, had a stash of Playboys and one or two Hustlers thrown in, though I really preferred the girls in Playboy, especially in the three College Girls issues I looked at the most.

Notice that I said, 'looked at, ' not 'read.' Come on, you never read them either.

I kept them in my closet on the highest shelf, way at the back in the corner under a pile of car magazines. I had cleverly arranged it so I could always tell if someone was going through my stash and in the last few months, there were telltale signs.

Well, my mother hadn't said anything, so I really didn't think it was her, my prime suspect was, of course, my sister. I waited but she never said anything about the magazines but there did seem to be a slow and subtle change in my younger sister.

She started getting sexy. Both our parents worked so we were home alone every afternoon after school. It started out slowly, once a week or so, that I would 'accidentally' see my sister in some revealing situation. The first time was when she was changing from her school clothes in our connecting bathroom and left the door to my room open.

She was standing in the bathroom, talking to me in my room as she took her clothes off just like she did it every day; first her shirt, then bra, right on to stand there in her panties, quickly pulling on a pair of shorts, then a sweatshirt over her head. It wasn't long and she didn't fully face me but still ... it was nice, even from the side.

Now, compared to my Playboys, my sister still had some room to grow if you get my meaning. Not that her boobs were bad or anything, no they were really quite pretty, just fairly small. About like a half a small grapefruit. Like I said, they were quite pretty, upright and firm with small, pink nipples. I had looked at her bras and knew she was A-cup.

She would often play with the girl next door who was also her age and I would always take that time to grab a handful to tissues and a squirt of hand lotion and get myself off drooling over the big melons I saw in my skin mags.

It always gave me lots of time as I particularly liked to go slow, it just seemed like when I did that, I had the best orgasms. And that's what I wanted.

Then, one afternoon after school, she told me she was going to see her friend and, as usual, I got my favorite Playboy out and the lotion and tissues and stripped naked to lay on my bed and enjoy my time alone with Hugh Hefner's lovely women as I stroked myself slowly and pleasurably.

My bedroom is on the side of the house and as I looked at the Girls of the Southwest Conference, I looked up and there was Robin's face in the window, she was just outside on the side of the house.

"Go away, leave me alone," I screamed and threw the magazine at the window as I scrambled to cover myself. Shit, I thought, now she's seen me. She wouldn't tell our mom or dad, I hoped. Surely she wouldn't.

I quickly dressed and straightened things up, mentally kicking myself for my carelessness. Why hadn't I thought to pull the shade down? Now she knew, now she'd seen me. Well, I thought, I'd better make sure she doesn't tell on me, that would be hell to pay for sure.

So, I went outside and she was just coming around to the front of the house when I saw her.

"Robin, I need to talk with you about what you just saw. You're not going to tell Mom and Dad, I hope."

She laughed, actually laughed.

"Oh, James, come on. I promise I won't tell. Big deal, you were getting off. Everybody does it, so what?"

"So, you'll not tell them?"

"I promise, I won't tell them, it's our secret. After all I don't want them taking your girly magazines away."

There it was, it was my sister that was looking at them. Just as I thought.

"You look at them?" I asked her.

She looked a bit funny but said, "Yeah, I've always thought those girls are just so beautiful and, well, I want to look like they do someday. I just need to grow some more, I hope."

"Oh, Robin, you're looking more and more like those girls, you've really changed the last few years, a lot."

"Have I really, you think so?" she asked smiling in appreciation from my comment.

"Yeah, I really do, and I can see that in a few more years, you're gonna look just like those girls, just like them."

"Want me to show you the one I most want to look like?"

I'd be lying if I told you this conversation with my little sister wasn't giving me a hard-on.

"Sure, I think you know where I keep them, right?"

"She's in the one you were looking at, the May College Girls issue, come on, I'll show you," and we came back in the house and to my room. I went in my closet and retrieved the magazine from where I'd just put it and handed it to her. It fell open in her hands to the girl that I had been jacking-off to.

"It's her, that's who I hope I look like when I'm her age, I want a figure just like her's," and she hands me the magazine. It was the same girl and, well, there was a resemblance. It was incredible that we both thought that one girl was the very best.

"That was the one I was looking at just now."

"You mean when you were, um, doing that to your ... uh, thing?"

I didn't really want to tell her exactly what I was doing in case she didn't see clearly but then she added, "I know you were masturbating, I saw you doing it, like how boys do it."

Well, there it was.

"How do you know?" I asked knowing that our parents weren't very forthcoming in matter of sex and the like.

"All us girls talk about it all the time, about how boys jack-off. I don't live in a cave, James, I know some things about sex. You know girls do it too. Well, not the same way but anyway. I look at the same girl."

I just stood there, speechless. Was my sister gay?

"Um, do you like girls, is that it?" I sheepishly asked.

"No, James, god, I told you that I hope I someday look like her. I think she's beautiful. It doesn't mean I'm gay. And you don't have any naked guy magazines, what am I supposed to do when I want to ... you know."

"You really masturbate, too?"

"God, you are so dense. Everybody does it as far as I know. Of course I do."

"You do look kind of like that girl you know. Well not exactly but..."

"Well she's got a better figure, I'm just fifteen."

"I'll bet you'd look pretty good alongside her," I told my sister.

"I could pose like that and you could see how I looked compared to her."

The photo my sister was pointing to was one of the girl in a halter and shorts.

"Sure, that would be cool," I told her and she ran off to her room. In a few minutes she came back to my room in a halter top and shorts and struck a pose similar to the girl in the magazine. She was leaning on the back of a chair looking back over her left shoulder at the camera.

I held the magazine up and told Robin, "You know, she's a lot like you. You two could be sisters even."

"Oh, god, really? Me and that girl? Oh, I wish I had her boobs and her ass right now."

"Come on, Robin, this girl is in college, you just went into high school. Still, though, you're pretty hot. You'd really look good like that," I said pointing to a pose where she had unfastened her halter and was holding it loose over her boobs which seemed ready to spill out.

Robin held the front of her halter as she reached around and pulled open the tie in the back, then bent over looking up at me, smiling, just like the girl in Playboy.


I had the hard-on of my life.

"You're her younger sister," I commented and seeing the cleavage my sister had, at fifteen, I added, "and you're not so little in the boob department, either, see?" and I turned the magazine to the next page where the girl had dropped the halter.

Robin looked up at me and dropped the halter to the floor.

"And, now?" she asked grinning at me.

Omigod, there she was ... topless with her perfect boobs, they were stunning. They just looked larger when she was naked on top, I don't know why but they did. They were perfect and stood right out just like the girl's in Playboy. Even down to the small, pink nipples, they looked just the same.

"You're beautiful. I can't believe how perfect you are, Robin. You really could be her sister and not so little a sister, either. They're really bigger than I'd thought. Like this, you just look bigger, they're like I'd see on any high school girl, even the seniors."

Well, she lit up at that.

"Really, you don't think they're small?"

"They're beautiful, as beautiful as the girl in Playboy, any day," I told her and she straightened up tall, now proud of her looks.

I decided to push my luck and lifted the magazine, turning the page, showing my sister a fully-nude shot of the girl.

Chapter 2

She didn't blink an eye, she just reached down and pulled her shorts off and her panties to the floor, stepped out of them and took the same pose.

I stood there frozen, unable to move, really.


"I ... I ... you're ... god, you're even prettier, Robin, just perfect," I managed to get out. She was, too, her hips were nice and her legs were no longer the sticklike legs of only a year or so ago, and her pussy. Omigod, her pussy was perfect, just two perfect halves tucked between her legs, bare and beautiful. She must shave, I thought, surely by now she'd have pubic hair.

"Oh, come on, James, look at her. I'm fifteen. Come on."

"I really mean it, you're totally beautiful, Robin. Okay she's got bigger boobs but for your size, you're perfect."

"You really mean it? That I'm as nice as her?"

"You are, in every way."

"Do I give you ... you know, a stiffie like she does?" my sister asked pointing to the magazine.

Well, Robin was naked as she asked me such a personal and intimate question so I decided to answer her, "Uh, yeah, you do."

"Can I see it, you've seen me?"

"You mean, like get naked?"

"God, James, are you alright? Of course, I mean naked, come on."

So, I pulled off my tee, then undid my belt and pulled down my shorts and kicked them away and looked up at her. My sister's eyes were on my middle. I looked down and there, of course, was a spiked-out tent in the front of my shorts as she began to giggle.

"Come, on, James, drop 'em, I wanna see."

I pulled my briefs to the floor and raised back up, my cock pointing upward right at her face.

"God, it's huge, I kind of saw it looking in the window but your hand was there and so was the magazine," she gasped but I knew it was pretty much average at six and a half inches. Still, I liked the idea she thought it was so large.

"Can I, um, touch it? I'll let you touch me."

I nodded and she reached down and wrapped her fingers around it, sending a shiver through me. I never knew my own sister could have me so aroused as I felt. Then, after a slight squeeze, her hand began moving back and forth on me as I reached for one of her boobs.

"You're so firm, it's like you're soft on the outside and kind of hard on the inside," I said of her breasts, they're so pretty."

"You're pretty firm, too, you look pretty happy, big brother, does this feel good?"

"It feels wonderful."

She put down her other hand underneath and asked, "These are your balls, right, your testicles?"

I nodded as we both kept feeling each other's newly exposed bodies. It was amazing. She was looking down as her hand went back and forth.

"Is that your precum?" my sister asked looking at the liquid oozing from the tip of my dick.

"Yeah, you know what it does?"

"Sure, James, it helps slide your dick into a girl's pussy."

She answered my question so matter-of-factly that it surprised me. Maybe she knew a lot more about sex than I'd given her credit for. And she even said, 'pussy, ' just like that. Well.

I was looking down as well. She was bare on her pussy and I couldn't believe how plump and pretty it was, just like the girls in Playboy.

"You're looking at my pussy, James. Do you want to see inside it, see more of it?"

I was so surprised at her asking, all I could get out was, "Yeah."

She backed up to my bed and sat down, then opened her legs, nodding for me to sit down on the floor in front of her.

"Give me your hand," she asked as I hesitantly lifted up my arm toward her.

She led it right to her pussy and asked me to point my finger out. Then she put my fingertip right on her slit up near the top.

"That's where my clit is. You've heard of that, right?"

"Yeah, but I didn't know where it was, well, exactly, anyway."

"If you rub there, not too hard, it really makes the girl feel good," she told me so I started rubbing her and she sat back on her elbows and closed her eyes. Must feel pretty good, I thought.

"Mmm, oh, that feels so hot, James, can you put a finger inside me?"

I never dreamed something like this might ever happen, it was just incredible. I figured that my middle finger would work best so I slowly worked it up into her then began moving it in and out as I rubbed the inside walls of her pussy which were so smooth and soft and slippery.

"Oh, that feels so good, um, really good," she moaned softly as I rubbed and stroked her pretty, pink pussy.

"Have you ever done anything like this before? With any other boy?" I asked.

"No way, James. At least with you I know you won't ever tell anyone, after all I know about your girly magazines and what you do with them. I figured you're safe. And, it's turning out pretty good, too. Do you like this?"

"I'm loving it, I just never knew you were so beautiful. Your body is just perfect."

"As nice as the girl in the magazine?"

"Well, she's in the magazine, you're right here. I'll take this any day."

"Mmm, so will I, James. You're really making me feel so good. I could just let you do this all day, it's so sexy and good, mmm," she murmured softly, "mmm, but I don't think I'll be able to last all day, it's really hot-feeling."

"It's sure hot to me, too, Robin," I told her as her hand moved up and down on me. Then she began to moan as I felt the inside of her pussy squeeze my finger as her hips bucked up and down.

"Oh, OH, OH, uuh, mmm, oh, James, don't stop, mmm, just go on," she gasped as her face took on this ecstatic, angelic look. It was the first orgasm I'd ever witnessed and it was beautiful.

"Mmm, oh, I've done that a thousand times, but you doing it, oh, it was the best. Show me how you do it now so I can see how you like it. Then, I'll do you."

I told her I usually use some hand lotion and went and got my trusty bottle and squirted some on my hand, then went about my business of jacking-off.

"You look so sexy doing that, James, do you do it very often?"

"Oh, couple times a day, usually. Well, during the summer, I have more time so, well, more then, maybe three, even four times."

"Wow, that's a lot. You really get horny, huh?"

"All the time, Sis, even right after I cum."

"You guys are always horny, I guess. Maybe your nice sister will help you with you being hard like this all the time. Bet you'd like that, huh?"

"I'd love it, wanna try it?"

She looked at me, then took the bottle of lotion and squirted some on her hand to grip me as I took my hand away. Her first few strokes were stunning.

"Mmm, oh, that feels so good, lots better than when I do it," I groaned.

"Even without looking at your pretty college girl?"

"Oh, this is so much better, way better."

"You mean you like looking at me better than looking at her?"

"Oh, yeah, and you're real, you're right here, she's just some pictures. And, she can't do this," I told her as I nodded to her hand moving up and down on my cock so wonderfully.

"You like me doing this, huh?" she asked smiling at me.

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