Nasty Boy

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2011 by Thesandman

Incest Sex Story: A young man truly discovers love for the first time.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Romantic   Reluctant   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

It had been an incredibly hot summer. So hot, that the air conditioning at school had broken down. Upon finding out it would take several hours to make repairs, the Principle of the school decided to send everyone home. Not that I minded, being a Friday for me meant an unexpected long weekend. At just fifteen years old, most of the guys I ran around with had decided to head over to the local public pool for an afternoon swim. Wanting to go with them, I first needed to head home, get permission (and money) in order to do so, promising to catch up as soon as I could get there. It was only a few short blocks away from where I lived, so I raced home in order to grab my stuff. Mom would be home of course, though dad would no doubt be at work. Mom worked too, but she worked from home, so upon arriving I was quiet and cautious upon walking in. Mom had warned me about being noisy before whenever I came into the house. Always telling me to do so quietly, in the event she was on the phone with someone, or busy working at her computer in the den. She had made it clear in the past that she didn't want people knowing she was actually working from home, in the event they thought her to be running just some small mom and pop sort of a business. Having my own key, I quietly let myself in, listening. Sure enough, I could hear her talking to someone from down the hall, in her little office that she had set up a while back now. I didn't really bother listening to what was being said, not at all interested in her on-line business anyway, but moved towards the room in order to alert her to the fact I was home.

What I saw not only shocked and surprised me, but it would eventually lead to events that I would never have imagined in my entire life.

For one thing, my mother was naked, standing there in front of her computer. Had it not been for that, she would probably have seen me. I quickly ducked back around the door into the hallway, now fighting to control my breath. Sure, I had seen her naked before, by accident, though nudity in our home wasn't a big deal to be made out of either. Catching a glimpse here or there, walking in while she was in the process of dressing to ask her a question about something, though not a common occurrence, never resulted in repercussions either. But this ... this was something else entirely. I peeked my head around the corner again. She was now sitting in her chair, facing the screen with her back to me. On screen, I could see a man, who was obviously NOT my father, as he sat there stroking himself. He had a large cock, which was incredibly hard as he tugged on it, obviously for her. As she in kind, must have been touching herself, while he watched her, though at the moment I could tell she was fondling her breasts for him, speaking to him as she did. Another reminder that I needed to be as quiet as possible, now more acutely listening to what was taking place there inside the room.

"You like looking at my tits?" She was asking, still holding and jiggling them by the looks of it as he continued to watch.

"Fuck yes!" He responded back huskily. "I wish I was sucking them now!"

It was almost comical in a way, mom's computer was dinging almost constantly, from others who were obviously attempting to "IM" her as it's called, though she was currently ignoring those for the moment. It almost sounded like one of those old pinball machines going off with as much sound as it was making, all those dings going off almost constantly.

"I wish you were too," she replied. "I wish I could wrap these tits of mine around that nice hard cock of yours too!" She added to that.

"Stand up, let me see your pussy again," the man asked.

Now even I have to admit. Mom was pretty attractive for being in her mid-thirties. She had dark shoulder length hair, hazel colored eyes, and fairly large breasts. I mean they weren't ginormous or anything like that, but they were pretty big, bigger than any others I'd ever seen anyway ... for real. And though she did have a bit of a pooch as she called it, I honestly didn't see that as any kind of distraction. Mom had a pretty nice body, even if she was my mom. And the fact she was my mom, and doing this while I stood there watching her, was a little unnerving for me. Sure, like any kid I guess, I had purposely enjoyed looking at her before, stealing those occasional peeks and the like. But I'd never really actually sat down and fantasized about her either. Until now anyway.

When she started to turn, I ducked my head back around the corner again, not daring to peek until I heard the guy talking to her. "Oh yeah, that's good ... stay right there, just like that," he told her. "I'm gonna cum soon!"

I peeked my head into the room again, just barely enough to see. And though mom was now facing towards me to some extent, she still had her head turned facing the computer screen. I stood, looking at mom's lovely pendulous breasts, hanging there, free-swinging just a bit as she appeared to be grinding her ass, and obviously her pussy for the guy she'd been talking to. He suddenly groaned, grunting, and then began to unleash a torrent of cum, fountainous spurts spraying everywhere as mom moaned with him, her own hand down between her legs as she obviously stood there fingering herself.

"Catch you later honey," mom called, turning without looking thankfully, and brought up yet another image. It was an entirely different guy, though again all I saw and was looking at, was this large cock.

"Hey Steven!" Mom spoke. "Nice to see you today. And obviously you have something for me too I hope!"

"Holy shit!" I said to myself. "She actually knows who the guy is, just looking at his cock!" Obviously mom had seen it before, though I now had to ask myself the question: "For how long as she been doing this anyway? Long enough to recognize someone seeing them just like that obviously," I answered myself. And then once again, mom sat back in her chair, back to playing with her breasts and talking to this Steven guy as he began stroking his cock for mom.

"Got a nice big squirt for me today?" She asked.

I didn't bother hanging around any longer, or taking any more of a risk that I already had. I now had a rather BIG squirt pending myself, and quietly ran off to do just that. But I didn't dare do it inside either, so I snuck back outside the back door and into the garage. It was where I had put my secret stash of men's magazines, up in the loft area where there was storage for boxes containing old Christmas decorations and clothing and such. I had made a place up there to sit in without anyone ever being aware I was even up there. I moved over to my secret little corner, able to look out through the slats into the side window of the house where the kitchen was, and sat back, quickly removing a couple of magazines I had stashed there. After I had done that, I slipped off my jeans and shorts and proceeded to jerk off. Not too surprisingly however, I didn't even bother looking at the pictures of the nude women ... the only image I could see in my mind, was my mother, bent over the way she had been ... finger-fucking her own pussy.

I had actually just finished jacking off when I suddenly caught movement through the window slats as I glanced over towards the kitchen area. To my surprise, mom had walked in, still naked no less, standing in front of the refrigerator, looking for something to drink. Almost immediately I found myself becoming aroused all over again, secretly watching her from my private place, knowing she was totally oblivious to that fact. I sat looking at her in a whole new light. Realizing perhaps for the very first time just how sexy and attractive she really was. Though I also now noticed something I hadn't really seen before, not even during my "accidental" excursions into her bedroom. Mom was shaved! There wasn't an ounce of hair between her legs whatsoever. And not only that, but her full breasts appeared to have fairly sizeable, dark tan areolas about the size of silver dollars, that looked erotic as hell to me as I sat there across the way, gazing at her. Almost as though looking at her for the very first time!

Although I certainly couldn't hear it, the phone must have rung as she suddenly walked over picking up our cordless phone. In seconds, I could see she was agitated at whoever she was talking to, though I now had a pretty good idea. For a couple of years now my parents hadn't been getting along very well, and it was becoming more and more obvious. Although they really didn't fight, at least not around me, dad was spending more and more time away from the house. I honestly didn't believe he was seeing anyone, but he was spending more and more time at work. Mom and I both felt dad was more married to his job, than he was to her. He was even spending Saturdays now working instead of at home. About the only day he was home was on Sunday, though I had very little to do with him even then. Dad would watch whatever sports games were on the TV, while mom usually read a book, or went out shopping. So it was almost as though they were more room-mates, simply existing in the same house, as opposed to being husband and wife. Whatever it was he had said had obviously upset her. Moments after hanging up the phone, I saw mom do something I had never seen her do before. She actually threw the phone!

After seeing that, I figured it was probably safe enough to go into the house, though I was again hoping I might in fact catch her again before she actually got dressed. Acting as though I was just then arriving, instead of an hour ago, I came in ... this time letting the back door slam just loud enough to announce my arrival. I heard nothing however, and figured she was upstairs in her room, heading upstairs myself.

Mom and dad's room was at the opposite end of the hallway from my own, so I turned right at the landing instead of left, purposely making a point of letting her know I was home. Not too surprisingly, her bedroom door was open, so there was no reason to knock. I walked in, and sure enough, found her sitting there on the bed once again talking into the phone. I could tell in seconds, she was on the phone with her sister, though looking up as I came in, obviously surprised to see me. And yes, as hoped, she still hadn't put anything on, quickly snatching up a pillow from off the bed, holding it up in front of herself, and then covering the mouthpiece for a moment.

"What are you doing home so early?" She asked, not making mention of the fact I had just gotten a glimpse of her. Like I said. I quickly explained why I was, and then she nodded, waving me out of her room. "I'll come see you in a minute," she told me. "I have Susan on the line," confirming once again, she was speaking with my Aunt, no doubt discussing her problems with my dad again. I turned around, walking out, closing the door behind me, but pleased that I had in fact gotten one last quick fleeting glimpse of my mother's bare breasts.

Less than an hour later, mom came into my room. "Well, I guess it's just you and I this weekend," she informed me. "Your dad called earlier, said he'd been called away for an emergency meeting in LA. Didn't even have enough time to come back home and pack anything, said he'd get what he needed while he was there."

I began to second guess my earlier assumption. "Ok," I said simply.

"Anyway, I don't feel much like cooking now, so how about we order something in, Pizza ok?"

"Sure," I said again simply, though I was pleased to hear we'd be eating Pizza tonight, and then hoped that would lead into the other thing, which we also usually did whenever dad was away from home.

"Watch a movie?" She then asked.

"Yeah cool ... my pick though, remember?"

We had always taken turns whenever we did that, though we were also both pretty good about picking something that the other one might enjoy, at least a little. I stayed away from gory movies, and mom agreed to stay away from really silly romance ones, unless they were comedies, in which case I could handle those. Likewise, she seemed to enjoy the adventure movies I usually picked.

"Ok, I'm going to go ahead and take a shower then. Why don't you call in the order, and then figure out what movie you want to watch tonight?" She soon after left, back to her room, and I waited until she had gone before turning back to my PC again. There was something to be said about being a bit of a computer geek. I had long ago deciphered mom's password, something she had never changed. And I had done something else as well too that she wasn't aware of, since we were both connected on the same system, I was able to switch over from my user, to hers. Once I had done that, browsing through the web-sites she had recently been too was easy. And it didn't take long to discover where she'd been visiting all day either. She hadn't even bothered logging out of the site she'd been at. I quickly made my way over to the door, peeking out, but her own bedroom door was now closed again, telling me she was in the shower. I looked up and made a note of the screen name she'd been using while on line earlier. "Naughty mom," she had been using. And then logged off myself, and ran downstairs to order us up a pizza.

Since this wasn't exactly one of our planned nights, it meant that I'd have to find and select something off the "Pay for it" programming on the TV. Several available movies I had already seen, and a few others, I had no real desire to. There was one however that caught my attention for several reasons. One, I had heard mom talking about it with her sister when it first came out. She had wanted to see it, but never had yet. And two ... being a bit of a murder mystery, I also knew it had a fairly adult story line involved, and as the ratings suggested, there was a good deal of nudity, and strong sexual content. I decided to take a gamble, and then ordered it on line. All I could do now was sit back, wait for the pizza to arrive, and surprise her with my somewhat risqué' selection.

Needless to say, she was a little surprised when she found out what I had picked out as we dove into the pizza, as the movie came on.

"Danny! You do know that there's a lot of sexual content in this don't you?" She asked, though so far, she hadn't said we couldn't watch it. Like I said, I knew she'd been wanting to.

"Yeah? So? I mean it's not like I haven't seen nude women before in other movies mom," I drawled as though she was the one being silly about this. She paused, thinking about it and then said.

"Well ok. I guess it's alright this time, but you have to promise me, you won't mention that I let you watch this to your father. Ok?"

I smiled inside, keeping a straight face. "No worries mom, we'll keep this our little secret, just between the two of us." Ironic in a way perhaps, because it wasn't the only naughty little secret we were both keeping either. She just didn't know it yet.

Though the sun had recently set, it was still very hot outside. Unfortunately, dad was a stickler about running the AC during the evening hours. As such, it was now off, so all we had were the overhead fans to keep us somewhat cool still. As was usually the case during the evening, we dressed light and comfortable. All I had on was my typical pair of lightweight shorts and briefs, and nothing else. Mom too had dressed comfortably after her shower, likewise a pair of loose-fitting shorts and a tee shirt, though it didn't take a scientist to discover she wasn't wearing a bra either. Not all that out of character for her to do so, as she very often didn't in the evening after the AC turned off, and as long as whatever she happened to be wearing, didn't obviously highlight that fact too terribly much. Tonight however, it did just a little. Her tee-shirt was white, a bit tighter on her than usual, so I had a pretty good look at the outline of her full breasts snuggly laying beneath it.

We sat eating our pizza, enjoying the movie, though we were both relatively quiet while watching certain extremely sexual scenes together. I even heard her cough once during one of them looking quickly over towards her, seeing a faint blush in her cheeks when I did, along with a nervous laugh afterwards as she glanced towards me, and then back at the rather racy scene taking place on the TV. And though she had turned away, I had taken a moment more to notice that her nipples were actually hard, pressing against the extremely tight stretched material. The fact that I too was becoming aroused hadn't gone unnoticed either. I had twice shifted in my seat, trying to readjust myself without it looking too noticeable, both times mom glancing my way, and once, I was almost positive looking directly towards my crotch when I did that.

By the time the movie had finally ended, I think we were both at a loss for words. The final few scenes fairly explicit and suggestive in nature.

"Well," mom said sitting up turning off the TV. "That was ... certainly interesting wasn't it?"

"You can say that again," I responded, now sitting there with a full-fledged erection, which I had attempted to partially conceal by having taken one of the couch pillows, and placing it in my lap. Like she didn't know what that was for, I had thought.

"I hope that wasn't too uncomfortable for you, watching something like that with your own mother," she expressed sounding a little worried and nervous about it.

"Oh, not at all. Anyway, not that way I mean. Not because you're here or anything like that. Actually I thought it was pretty cool that we could. The movie was interesting yes, and certainly a lot of skin," I laughed easing the tension just a bit. "I was more worried that you were uncomfortable watching it ... because of me."

"Really? You were worried about what I was thinking? How sweet!" She grinned, and then stood, walking over to give me an affectionate hug, once again something I wasn't expecting, nor able to do much about when she pulled me up out of the chair in order to hug me. What I'd been trying to hide, and obviously failing to do now, all but stabbed her in the stomach as we hugged. Though I think she immediately realized that, breaking our hug almost as quickly. Once again her face blushing just a bit as she suddenly looked up at the clock on the wall.

"Well, best be getting ready for bed Danny," she told me. "Sleep tight," she added this time leaning over for a quick brief kiss, ensuring that we didn't exactly come as close together this time as we had a moment ago. The thing was, she seemed almost giddy, grinning silly even, which was totally out of character for her. That ... and for a Friday night, it was actually still early yet, barely after ten. So for her to be making a show out of heading off to bed, I knew something was up.

"Alright. Good night mom," I told her turning off the rest of the lights prior to heading upstairs to bed myself, though I had no intention of going to sleep yet either. Especially now. Once mom had turned in for the night, I usually got on my computer and browsed the internet, which I had every intention of doing once I knew she had indeed gone to sleep.

I lay in bed waiting, giving her enough time to finish her nightly routine before daring to log on and start browsing. Luckily for me, I actually heard her bedroom door open, and then softly close again. The thing was, I'd been laying there stroking my dick again, feeling quite horny, and honestly fantasizing at that moment. Playing head-games with myself about how I might imagine the evening could have gone ... in a perfect fantasy world. Even when I heard her approach, thinking this might be one of those few rare times when she actually checked on me to say goodnight again, I couldn't stop touching myself. I figured she'd call into me through the door, I'd respond in kind, and that would be that. So the idea of continuing to stroke my cock became highly erotic for me, knowing that I would be doing so when she did that.

Only that's not quite what happened. With my own room dark, I could easily see the hall way light on, illuminating the small space beneath my door. I saw movement because of it, and realized she was actually standing there, though she had made no sound, nor had she called into me whatsoever. And odder still, she remained there for another full half minute or so..."Doing what?" I silently asked myself. "Listening? Listening to what?" And then I wondered ... was she wondering if I was ... jacking off?"

The mere thought that she might be, or that she was, thrilled me to no end. I lost whatever inhibitions or fears I might have had about it too in the blink of an eye. We had actually had a conversation about things like that almost a year ago now, after the first time she found soiled sheets from what she had then explained to me as being a "wet dream." That had taken us into the discussion of masturbation and such, and how it was perfectly normal for boys AND girls to experiment with that, and how they learned how their bodies functioned, and what pleasure was. Though it was the kind of pleasure that should be kept private until such time as you found someone, fell in love, and more importantly, got married. The fact it was my mother I had had that conversation with, and not my dad, had been interesting enough. But I had always felt closer to her anyway, and far less embarrassed whenever anything of a sexual nature came up. Like watching the movie together we'd just watched earlier.

But now ... here she was, still standing there outside my door, and I now felt more certain than ever, that she actually WAS trying to listen in on me. I surprised myself, actually groaning. Not real loud, just a little, but I simultaneously threw my sheet back as well, purposely working my cock. I wasn't sure how much of anything she could hear or make out, not like I was spanking it or anything, but if she could hear much of what I was doing, I was bound and determined to do it for her too. The next thing I knew, I was actually hovering on the edge, glancing over towards the door again, her shadow still there off to one side, blocking the light. "Oh my god! She really IS listening to me, or trying to anyway!"

I decided right there and then, to just let it happen, and so I did. This time when I groaned, it was for real. The pleasure I felt, the sensation of my cock erupting, spurting and spewing what felt like a gallon of cum-cream, was one of the most intense self-given orgasms I'd ever had. Not that I'd really had much else, aside from one hand-job from a cousin of mine a year ago ... but next to that one, it was easily the best ever since then.

I gradually came down from my orgasmic rush, looking towards the door just as the shadow that had been there, slowly and quietly moved away. I lay there trying to catch my breath, thinking about what had just happened, and then wondered ... would she be?

I had a distinct advantage I suppose. Once mom had returned to her room, she had shut off the hallway light. With my eyes already having adjusted to the darkness, and with just enough light filtering in through the windows inside the house, I could still easily make out the hallway, and the closed door sitting beyond. Quiet as a mouse, perhaps even more so than what was necessary, I crept along until finally reaching her door, now standing outside of it, listening in on her, just as she'd been standing there listening to me.

And then I realized I had one more additional advantage that I'm sure she hadn't thought about, if she'd even been thinking or worrying about it in the first place. What I heard, and easily did, was the sound of a gently humming vibrator. I knew mom had a couple, I had likewise discovered those months ago too. But now, there I stood, listening to her as she actually used one. And like me, well ... at least towards the end there, she was moaning softly, not loud enough to have to worry about being overheard or anything ... unless of course, someone just happened to be standing outside your door.

I stood there imagining what she must have looked like, laying there in bed, working one of her toys in and out of her pussy, obviously groaning deeply with pleasure. I couldn't help wondering what she was laying there thinking about. I even ventured to allow myself the thought, maybe she was fantasizing herself, maybe about me even, and then nah ... no, she wouldn't be. She was probably thinking about one of those other guys she'd been watching jack off earlier. I heard her moan deeply, and then silence, I almost turned walking away, but then she started panting. "Fuck!" I again said to myself..."She's gonna cum!" I'd been standing there stroking my own dick, which was as hard as steel again, listening to her, not expecting to actually climax again, I'd wait to do that when I was back in the safety of my own room again. But it was still hot, listening to her, listening to my own mother who was about to have an orgasm. And then she was, crying out softly...

"Oh ... oh ... oh, Danny!"

I didn't even realize I had just cum in my own hand.

I had a hard time even looking at her when I came downstairs the following morning for breakfast. I had gotten very little sleep as it was, my head spinning, wondering, and worse really fantasizing now. The fact she was wearing not much more than her morning robe didn't help either. As was usually the case, until she got dressed, I knew she had very little on underneath it. When she walked over, placing my plate on the table, I glanced, seeing her robe billow out just a little, but enough that I got another quick tantalizing peek at her tits. The problem with that was, she caught me looking, even as quick as it was. So when she returned with the toast, likewise setting that down in front of me, I noticed she had gathered her robe together in one hand when leaning.

I couldn't help wondering if mom was experiencing a few guilty feelings herself from the night before. Having watched that movie together felt comfortable enough that I'd actually enjoyed it, as had she. But it was also just as obvious that we'd both been quite aroused because of it too, which had caused each of us to do what we later did. The difference was, I wanted to do it again, but I wasn't sure she wanted to, until she surprised me.

"After breakfast is over, I need to run and do a few errands, and then after that, I need to do some work, undisturbed for a couple of hours. But I was thinking, since we're on our own again this evening, that later, we can order in again, watch another movie. Though it'll be MY pick this time!" She said smiling though she actually winked at me too!

"Sure! Sounds good!" I responded, hoping it didn't sound a little too anxious, though her reminder that it was her pick more or less deflated any hope I might have of seeing anything as interesting with her as we had last night. Still, spending more time with her especially if she got as comfortable as she had last night, held promise. Mom's additional comment and reminder that she needed to work "undisturbed" went without question. Whenever she did that, she would usually close and lock the door in her workroom, though her doing that now held other significance for me, and I began to wonder about that. And of course as I did, a plan slowly began forming in my mind.

"Cool, I need to finish up a final paper anyway," I informed her. "So I might as well busy myself doing that while you're working, and then like you said, after we're both finished, we can relax again ... maybe with fast food this time, and another movie then," I again gambled here. There had been another movie I had briefly looked at as a possible selection to the one I had chosen. And though I didn't feel there was much chance she'd agree to watch it, I suggested it anyway. Mom looked at me, her eyebrows actually rising.

"Well, I have been wanting to see that one too," she said thinking about it. "But it might be even worse than the one we watched last night. I don't know," she hesitated.

"Hey, same deal as last night," I tossed in hopefully. "Well keep that one our little secret too. Please mom, I really would like to see it."

"I bet you do!" She laughed, and then nodded her head yes. "OK, same deal then. Not a word to your father about letting you watch movies like that, or it'll be the last time you ever do!"

"No worries," I replied, happy as a clam now, though so was she as she finally sat down kitty-corner next to me at the table. Once again, her robe billowed out just a bit, a hint of her soft breasts suddenly coming into view again. And this time, she either didn't notice, or didn't care. But she sat there eating her breakfast along side of me as I sat steeling occasional glances towards her.

When mom eventually left to run her errands, I ran upstairs to take care of something myself while I had the time. Accessing the site she visited, I set up my own account, running through several possible screen-name identities before finally selecting one. I figured it would have to be something that would catch her attention, and thus warrant an invite, other wise I'd be left in the dark, unable to watch her. Since she was using the name, "Naughty mom," I figured my best bet was to go with something similar, so I set up my own account under the name, "Nasty Boy." Once I was all set up, I logged off and then patiently waited for her to come home. I had actually busied myself on this fictitious paper I had to do, which as far as I was concerned, was well worth the effort. School would be out for the summer in less than two weeks now, so most of the really important term papers and projects had already been turned in. After this, most of what the teachers gave us as assigned homework was designed to merely keep us busy, more than anything else. As expected, she stopped by my bedroom briefly after she returned, saw me busily working on my computer, pleased to see I had already done several pages on my "report."

"Ok, I'm going down to do a bit of work now myself," she informed me. "So remember, no phone calls, no interruptions ... and try and be quiet ok?"

"No worries mom," I assured her. "I've got at least an hour or so, if not more before I can finish this. So that should keep me plenty busy until you're done working too. After that, I'll ride my bike down and pick us up some burgers or something for this evening, how's that sound?"

"It sounds perfect," she told me, and then headed downstairs ... to work. I logged on to my new account. After getting in, I switched on my own web-cam checking it. I wanted to ensure there was nothing behind me that would give anything away, keeping the view nice and tight ... primarily on my crotch. I was surprised at how big I looked in the screen, even though I probably wasn't. Laughing to myself, that statement I had seen before in the mirrors of mom's car. "Caution. Objects may appear larger than they are."

Satisfied with the way things looked, especially with me sitting there rigidly hard, I did a search on her screen name immediately pulling it up. She was indeed on line, though I was shocked at the number of viewers listed, well over two hundred, and in the middle of an afternoon no less. I could also tell she was only chatting with one or two however, opting for an IM response myself as there wasn't anyway I could vocally communicate with her. I imagined that would drastically reduce my chances of actually communicating with her, but even if I didn't. Even if all I did was sit there and watch her, and amuse myself ... it would be worth every precious moment while I did.

I sent off a request for a personal invite, and then simply sat back, not really expecting a response. At the moment she was obviously engaged with someone, her movements obvious, as she seemed to be taking requests, responding ... though again I couldn't hear what was being said, nor could I see her face either. She was doing a pretty good job of keeping that secret, though she was certainly displaying her body in ways that I could never have even imagined. At one point, she directed the web-cam down between her legs, close enough that I found myself sitting there staring at her fully exposed clit. She had used her fingers to further expose it, tickling it with a fingertip, and then slipping it inside, withdrawing what appeared to be a very slick, milky looking substance.

"Mommy cream," I thought, actually wishing I could taste it as she then reapplied that to herself, teasing her clit again. I sat, jerking myself off, watching, totally unprepared, and un-expectant when I heard the ding on my computer going off telling me she'd accepted the invite to actually talk to her. So focused on looking at her, I almost jumped out of my seat. She had typed:

"So ... are you?"

"Am I what?" I asked myself, and then it dawned on me as I remembered my screen name, typing back.

"Very much so ... yes."

"So I see," She responded adding an LOL. And then adding, "Nice cock."

"Thanks. Nice tits. Nice pussy."

"Thanks. But I don't really care for that word ... pussy. Sounds too sweet, too innocent. I like a more erotic sounding description. I like ... cunt."

"Nice cunt," I quickly responded back again, though my mind was doing summersaults, this was my mother I was actually talking to here! Telling me to call her pussy a cunt for god's sakes! A word I had never once ever heard her utter before, and a word that I damn well knew had I ever said in front of her, would have gotten me grounded for life!

"I think it is," she had responded back ... waiting. "I like watching you. I like watching men playing with their pricks, making them squirt for me while I touch myself. Would you like to do that for me? Make your cock squirt? Imagine where you'd like to shoot on me? My tits? My ass? My cunt?"

"All of them!"

She LOL'd me again. "I bet you could too. So ... do you enjoy looking at older women?" She must have checked out my phony profile. I had given my age at 17, not sure I could pull off sounding mature enough or wise enough to be 18.

"Yes, I do. A lot."

"I bet you enjoy sneaking peeks at your mother or sisters too don't you?" She asked turning around for me, letting me see her at almost every angle, sitting down now, easier to type perhaps, though she sat holding those amazing breasts of hers, fingering her nipples for me waiting for my response.

"I don't have any sisters," I answered without really answering her question. Not quite sure how I should actually handle that. But she wasn't about to let that go either.

"So just your mom then ... nasty boy," she'd added. "I like nasty. And I bet you enjoy getting very nasty after looking at her too don't you?"


"Do you imagine touching her? Kissing her? Licking her cunt maybe? Maybe even fucking it? You're not a virgin still now are you?"

"Yes ... yes ... yes ... and yes." I replied, though I now sat stroking my cock with one hand, trying to keep up with her, typing with the other, watching her as she continued to likewise flick her nipples, pulling on them for me.

"You ever get to watch her play with herself?"

"No. I wish," I responded truthfully. "I'd really enjoy doing that yes. But so far, I've only been lucky enough to actually see her naked." Which of course was the truth now as well with her sitting right there in front of me.

"Has she ever walked in on you while you were? While you were jacking off maybe?"

"Once, almost. I think she knew I was. But I had pulled up the sheet over myself by then, though that was well over a year ago."

"Maybe next time you should let her see. I bet she'd like that. Don't you think Nasty Boy?" She asked. "I bet your mother secretly things about what you look like, and might actually enjoy walking in on you sometime. And I bet that she'd enjoy having you walk in on her too sometime. Have you ever tried?"

"No, not really. But I have listened to her. I've listened to her as she came, and as I did," I again honestly remarked, though also being very careful here. I didn't want to say or do anything that would make her suspicious either. So far ... so good. This was indeed getting me horny. Talking to her about my mom ... when she actually WAS my mom, was weird and hot all at the same time.

"I bet she knew. I bet she knew you were standing there listening to her, wishing you'd just walk in, see her, stand there and jack yourself off for her while she watched you. I know if I was your mother, I certainly would."

I wanted to die. I was stroking my cock so hard and fast now for her while she watched me, that I felt like I was going to erupt any second now.

"Hmm, that looks hot Nasty Boy. I like how you stroke that nice hard cock of yours. Can you see my cunt? Can you see how wet I am? How hard my little clit is?" She aimed the camera down now, another close up on her pussy so I could see every detail, the wetness, the frothy juice that was even then starting to pool and collect between her neither lips. "I bet you'd enjoy licking this too wouldn't you?" She asked. "I bet you'd enjoy sticking your tongue nice and deep inside your mother's cunt wouldn't you?"

"Oh fuck yes! Yes!" I responded back. "I'd give anything in the world to be able to do that!"

I was truly fisting my cock now, the head glistening with an abundance of precum, which I now used, smearing it all over the head, up and down my shaft.

"Hmm, let me see how tight your balls are getting you Nasty Boy. Let me see how much cum you have in those things, that you're going to be shooting out here for me soon. I want to see your balls, have you imagine me licking them, and sucking on them just before you cum."

I spread my legs, zooming in, letting her see my tight swollen nut sack, my cock straining now, throbbing, cum drool actually starting to hang from the tip towards the floor, hovering on the edge now ... so close to cumming.

And then the screen went blank. Her Web cam suddenly disappearing. I sat there looking at her, waiting for her to return, an inadvertent power bump or something maybe, though of course that hadn't happened to me. Maybe it was the site. I waited a moment more, still stroking my cock, but slowly now, until a message came up, informing me, and everyone else ... that Naughty mom was no longer on line.

And then the door to my bedroom burst open! Like an idiot, I hadn't bothered to lock it. Mom always, always knocked first, whenever it was closed. But not this time. No, certainly not this time. There I was, sitting there at my computer, cock in hand. She came barging into my room. And though she did have a robe on now, it wasn't closed. I could clearly and easily see her nude body. The body I was sitting there looking at a few moments before.

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