The Real Thing

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Two boys came in to buy a girly magazine while I was working at a convenience store while going to college. So, I asked them if they'd be more interested in the real thing. Oh, they were.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

My introduction to sex, at least sex with a guy (Yes, there's a story there that I'm leaving out for now.) was, at best, disappointing. I really liked the guy, was even wondering if it was love, and when I finally did let him into my pants, well, let's just say it was over almost before it started.

He fucked me when what I wanted was to be made love to and as soon as he unloaded his cum, that was it. He just never thought that I might want something out of our coupling but a pussy full of his cum. Not an auspicious beginning to what most people consider one of life's prime adventures.

So, now I was in college, there was sex going on, of course, but I was taking classes, studying and working nights in a convenience store, clerking; not one of life's most sought-after occupations.

Late one afternoon, two boys came in the store, looking around, I knew to keep an eye on them for possible shoplifting, they did kind of keep an eye on me. They hovered mostly around the magazines which, I knew, were pretty easy to steal. They left without buying anything and I was pretty sure they didn't put anything under their clothes.

A few days later, they were back, again over browsing the magazines and then the taller of the two came over to the counter with a magazine he put face down on the counter. He didn't make eye contact so I was pretty sure it was one of the more explicit men's magazines we stocked and, sure enough, turning it over, it was a Playboy, the latest College Edition.

Even though I pretty much knew better, I asked, "Are you eighteen or over?"

"Um, yeah," he answered as he handed me a ten. I thought, 'Oh, what the hell, he's just a horny boy who wants to go jack-off to some sexy girl's pictures and took his ten and rang it up and put the magazine in a bag and gave him his change. 'Happy jacking," I wanted to say but, instead, I left it as 'Thanks and have a good day, ' knowing the magazine would help them both have a better day than normal.

It was funny how I kept thinking back to those two boys when I was working, wondering if they were getting in lots of masturbation or maybe doing each other, just thinking about what they were doing with the magazine propped up between them. It kept me wet and aroused during my usually boring hours behind the counter.

They were back the next week and this time the taller one brought a Hustler up to the counter and, more boldly now, laid it down cover facing up as he handed me another ten. He was no longer avoiding my eyes as I scanned the magazine into the system and counted out his change. I slipped the magazine in the bag telling him, "Look, I know you're not eighteen and, truthfully, if you want to buy it. it's fine with me."

He said thanks and they left, no doubt for another jack-off session which I imagined as I worked the rest of the evening.

All this was helping my own masturbation as well, wondering about the two boys and trying to picture in my mind what they were doing to themselves and maybe even to each other.

Then, one evening, they came in again. I watched them over by the magazines, looking through several, then choosing one which the taller boy brought to the counter. I scanned it and changed the money he had given me, then added, "Um, I'll be getting off my shift in about ten minutes, if you two would walk me home, it's only two blocks from here."

I knew it must be against store policy but, well, I was hornier than I'd ever been and it just popped into my mind. Maybe my roommate wouldn't be home. Even is she was, I had my own bedroom.

"Uh, sure, yeah, that would be fine," he said, "We'll wait for you outside."

I began checking out of my shift as Cedric, the next person on came out of the back to take over.

I was soon outside where my two new young friends were waiting.

"I'm Todd, this is Barry," the taller boy said.

"I'm Julie, and I live two blocks this way," I told them as we began down the street. "Do you guys go to the high school over on Winters Street?" I asked.

"Um, no, not exactly. We will though," Todd said.

"You will? What's that mean, you just moved here?"

"Um, no, um, we're still in middle school."

"Middle school, how old are you two?"

"We're, uh, thirteen," he said softly.

I let his answer soak in ... thirteen, like seventh grade. He was pretty tall, maybe that had thrown me off a few years. Well, do I take them back to my place and make them men or send them on their way to masturbate even more furiously?

We continued to walk as I asked them about themselves, "So, thirteen. I don't suppose you two have much experience beyond looking at girly magazines, right?"

"Yeah, we just can't wait to get into high school; the girls, I guess, are more willing," the shorter one, Barry, said. By then we were up on my front porch as I turned the key and opened the door. We all went inside and I asked them if they might want a beer. I figured I'd gone this far, what the hell.

I lived in a house that had been subdivided into apartments and as Todd and Barry were sitting down, my roommate, Cindy, was also coming in the front door. She said hello and I followed her back to the communal kitchen to get three beers.

"Who are those two, they just look like kids?" she asked.

"Oh, they're two boys who come into the convenience store to buy girly mags, I thought maybe I'd make men of them. Want one of them for yourself?"

"Hmm, no, they look too young for me, go right ahead if that's what you like," she said and I went back out and there they were looking at the magazine they'd bought.

"Come on, you naughty boys, come back to my room," and they each took a can of beer and followed me back.

I closed the door and had them sit on my bed.

"Okay, I know you like to look at girly magazines, have you ever really seen a girl naked? A real, live girl?"

Their eyes lit up and they both said they hadn't.

"Well, wanna see one now?" I asked as they nodded enthusiastically.

I started unbuttoning my store logo shirt, pulling it off, then reaching back to unclasp my brassiere. They weren't going to see exactly the same tits they did in their girly mags but they were pretty nice 34-B's even if not up to the standards of Playboy and the like.

"Oh, wow, you're really beautiful," Todd gasped as Barry added, "Yeah, so pretty, wow."

I loosened my belt and pulled down the navy slacks that were part of my store uniform and stood there in my little pink panties.

"Should I take these off?" I asked saucily.

"Yeah, oh, yeah," Todd urged and I pulled them to the floor and kicked them away standing there for them to see.

I shave my pussy completely so they were seeing me bare like most of the girls in their magazines.

"Julie, you're so beautiful," Barry said.

"Do I make your dicks hard?"

"Oh, yeah, the hardest," Todd said eagerly.

"Well, why don't you show me how hard they are?" I asked. They both looked at each other and stood up as they pulled down their flies and reached in.

"No, guys, get naked, take it all off. I just might want to see you, you know."

They both pulled off their teeshirts, then began taking down their pants. Their briefs were poked out really good, I couldn't wait to see what was causing it.

Then down they came as they stood there, Todd, proudly, Barry, a little bashful-looking, with their dicks straight out pointing at me.

Todd's was long and thin and lighter in color than Barry's shorter, stubbier version, but both were nice, they looked so cute standing there naked, not knowing what else to do but just stand there naked. It was fun.

I took a step toward them and reached down to take them both in hand and give a light squeeze.

"Oh, man, just that could make me shoot," gasped Todd as I gripped him gently. I tugged them both a bit and then asked them to sit on my bed and jack-off for me as I modeled my naked body for them.

They each sat down and took their dicks in their hand when I thought to ask, "Do you want some hand lotion or something?"

Each said they did and I got some from on top of my dresser and squirted some on their hands. Then they began as I turned my back to them and bent over as I spread my legs apart and reached under to rub my wet pussy lips for them.

"Oh, god, look at that, Barry, I've died and gone to heaven," Todd gasped as I watched them from under my legs as they jacked up and down faster and faster. I backed up to them closer hoping they would get the idea and, in case they didn't, I went ahead with, "Be sure and cum on me, guys."

As I rubbed along they were beating faster and faster as I saw Barry begin to spurt his cum up in long arcs as it splattered on my butt. Then Todd's cock began its eruption as his cum flew out landing on my butt and the back of my left thigh.

"Ohh, UUH, UUH, UHH, umm," Barry moaned followed immediately by his friend in like fashion.

I backed up to them and asked, "Now you can lick it all off, boys," and their tongues began cleaning me off as I stood there rubbing my clit.

Then, I turned to face them as they stared at my bared body.

"I can't believe this is happening, you are so sexy and beautiful, look what you're doing to me," Todd said as he lifted up his hard dick for me to see.

"Have you two had sex? Have you fucked a girl with this?" I asked him as I took it in my hand feeling it throb his heartbeat.

"No, but, oh, would I love to, it's all I think about," Todd said breathlessly.

"How about you, Barry? Fuck a girl yet?"

"Not yet. I hope maybe tonight I will," he said grinning wide.

"Well, you might just get that wish, guys. Either of you ever do oral on a girl, eat her pussy?"

Both shook their heads side-to-side looking so eager at the prospects of their evening.

"Move, let me sit down," I asked as they scooted over for me to sit between them. "Who wants to eat me first?"

Chapter 2

"Oh, I do, I've wanted to try it ever since I first heard about it and yours, well, yours is so pretty," Todd jumped in with.

"Saying nice things to a girl, especially about her body, will get you lots in return, Todd, my pussy's all yours," I told him as I leaned back in my elbows, spreading open for him as he got down and knelt in front of me.

I watched as he leaned forward to give me a soft, sweet kiss then he began licking up and down in my slit. I moved my feet up onto the bed which opened me even more for him as his palms rested on my inner thighs as he swept his tongue all around under me between my legs.

To open myself even further, I reached down and pulled my labia apart as he began probing even deeper. Oh, it was wonderful. He was flipping his tongue around all up and down as I held open for him and I was getting closer and closer each second.

Only one boy had ever given me oral sex before and that was only three times. Those three times were good, lots better than the one time I got fucked which was, as I've said, less than stellar.

But right now, as Todd ate me out while his buddy kissed and sucked my boob while I slowly jacked him up and down, I was enjoying it more than any sex I'd ever had before. I just didn't care what their age was, it was making me feel better than I ever had.

"Mmm, oh, Todd, that's really good, that's getting me off pretty soon, mmm," I moaned as he looked up as me so happily.

It was feeling so good, this young boy was making my pussy just sing with passion, I knew I was soon a goner.

"Mmm, oh, yes, right there, Todd, omigod, that's sooo good. Mmm, oh, OH, AYYE, AYYE, uuh, uuh, mmm, so good," I moaned as my body shook with ripples of exquisite pleasure as he continued licking me.

"Wow, Julie, that really got you off. I've never seen a girl get off before, it's really strong. I hope I get to do that to you," Barry said excitedly.

Todd pulled his head from between my legs, his grin all wet with my juices, and told his friend, "It was fantastic. Can Barry do it now?" and I nodded and they traded places.

Barry looked up and me, smiled and dove in licking, tonguing, sucking on my pussy as Todd played with my boobs and began sucking one. I was sure getting a lot of attention and I was loving it. These two boys were new to sex and they were enthusiastic. I just laid back and let it all happen.

It really was spoiling me to have two guys working on my body, I lay there wondering how it might feel to have a whole bunch of young, eager boys feasting on me. Two was wonderful, four or five? Well, I dreamed about it as they pleasured me so fervently.

I was casually stroking Todd as he sucked my boob, not really paying much attention as I was focussed mostly on Barry's tongue in my pussy. Then, suddenly, Todd let out a groan as cum began spurting up out of his cock.

"OH, UUH, UUH, UH, um, mmm, oh," he groaned as the strands of cum slowly dribbled down my hand.

"Oh, wow, that felt so much better than when I do it, you're really great, Julie, just the best ever," he said as he leaned over and kissed me. Barry was also kissing me, yes, in the way I love the most and he was getting me wound up pretty tight, too.

I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled him tight into my pussy as I began humping myself against him as my orgasm just took me over. I groaned heavily as I began to release him from my leg's grip, falling back on the bed as I trembled with pure waves of pleasure.

"Mmm, fuck me now, one of you," I asked and Barry got up and put his dick right up where he had just been kissing and pushed right up into me. I was so wet and juicy that he went in easily and began fucking me in and out. I raised my legs up and lay my ankles over his shoulders as his friend sucked and caressed my boobs.

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