Love Potion, Just in Time

by SlaterChance

Copyright© 2011 by SlaterChance

Romantic Story: Could an old folk mixture really bring the magic back into my marriage, or was I destined to a life of beauty and frustration.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   .

Let's start with her feet. They are just the right size, delicate, with very smooth lines. Her toes are perfectly shaped morsels, just right for nibbling. Her toenails are always trimmed and nicely colored. Her ankles are delicate, definitely a woman's ankles. Her legs are long, with some muscle, but not enough to make them look unfeminine. Her thighs are smooth and well formed.

Her hips are nice, with just the slightest amount of curve to give them that sexy appeal. Her waist is slim and you can just make out her front hip bones. Her tummy is soft, supple, and toned. It's not a six pack, but it's perfect in my eyes. Her shoulders are broad, for a lady, but that makes for a very nicely formed back that tapers down to her slim waist.

Her face is unbelievably beautiful. I love to stare at her and wonder at my luck in capturing such a beauty. She is a classic beauty and I love her. Her hair is full, glossy, and nicely cut, just like the models in the magazines.

In fact, she has been on the cover of several national magazines. One magazine even went international. Of course, that was a number of years ago, when we were first married. Her brother was a hair dresser to the stars and was able to get her in on a few shoots. She enjoyed the experience, but decided to go on to college and use her brain instead.

This is the women that I am married to. I will often sit and watch as she works around the house or outside. I am hoping to catch a glimpse of even the slightest bit of skin. I am still awestruck at the fact that I am married to her, even after all these years.

If I hear the shower running, I will rush to the bedroom, hoping to catch her as she dries herself and prepares to dress. I believe she feels that these times are her little treat to me. She is the only woman that I long for, the only one I need. I am foolishly and helplessly in love with her.

There is just one problem.

She has no sex drive.

Not only does she not have a sex drive, but she never even thinks about sex. I have tried everything, but nothing works. Putting her on a guilt trip might work occasionally. Telling her about my needs just elicits a, "you get enough action".

Telling her that men think about sex constantly just goes over her head. Me, wearing anything sexy, is definitely a non factor. I could stand in front of her naked, for hours, and she would not notice. I could deny her sex for a year and she wouldn't complain.

Now if we do happen to get in a situation where I am able to arouse her, she will respond and act like she really likes it. I don't think she fakes it because her whole body shakes and she screams that she wants me. She becomes a whole different person. But then it is just one climax. When I try for more, she tells me to stop. She says it is like ice cream. You just need to savor it and enjoy it occasionally.

Then there is the kissing. She wants a dry, light kiss. If I ever try to put my tongue in her mouth, her head rears back in disgust. I have tried everything, but I never get more than a few seconds of tongue. I'm not the kind to stick my tongue deep into her mouth, but I do like a little tongue action.

I even bought a massage table. When she would lie on the table, I wanted time to stop. There was this incredible body, lying in front of me. The beauty, the curves, and the smooth soft skin were overwhelming to me. I didn't know where to begin. I began to gently massage her shoulders, arms, and legs. I ended up doing such a good job of relaxing her that she became drowsy and drifted off to sleep. Then I was left with my pent up urges, screaming to be met, and no outlet.

So that was my situation, I was living with a beauty and unable to take advantage of it. I had told her how much it would mean to me if she would become a little sexier. I had told her that it is something that costs nothing and it is good and healthy. She would just smile and call me silly and say that I got enough action.

I would often envy my friends with less beautiful wives. They would tell me of all the action that they were getting. I knew some of it was bragging, but some of it must have been true. I began to wish I had looked more for sexual prowess, when looking for a woman, rather than falling in love with one because of her intellect.

Did I mention that she graduated at the top of her class, summa cum laude? She works hard on everything she does and she does it well. She is actually an incredible human being.

So what was I going to do? I could leave her and find someone else. But I didn't want anyone else. She is a great lady and she has many incredible talents. I enjoy being with her, but at the end of the day, I want some "together" time. I will wish away a whole day just hoping to get some action at night. Then the evening will arrive and nothing happens. Never will she enter the room in a sexy outfit and say, "Hey, want some of this big boy?"

One day, when I was looking at some old books at an antique shop, I came upon one titled, Folk Remedies of the Dominican Republic. It was a very old book and I thought it would be interesting to look through. I bought it and headed for home. After dinner, I waited at the table, hoping to catch a glimpse of skin. It was summer time and she was wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt. No bra. I was in ecstasy.

When she bent over to take my plate, I stole a peek. Very nice hanging boobs. When she sat down, her shorts would ride up, and I would see some very nice thigh. When I made a comment about how sexy she looked, she just said that she was hot and warned me not to get any ideas.

I went to the family room to look at my new book. There were some remedies for sour stomach, fever, hard stomach, and many others. There was one that really caught my eye. It was titled, Love Potion. I looked through the list of ingredients and found that many of them were readily available.

With all the ethnic food stores around, I was sure I could find most of the needed items locally. Many of the ingredients listed were your everyday aphrodisiacs such as; star anise, ginger, and honey. Some of the ingredients came from woody plants and had to be soaked in red wine for several weeks to remove the bitterness. These plants included Brazil wood, canellila leaf, and ginger.

One ingredient caught my eye. It was the gonads of a rabbit. I guess the thinking there was that the rabbit is so prolific in mating that it must have a great sex drive.

Over the next several weeks, I collected as many of the ingredients as I could find. I also went on the internet to order a few. Some, I was able to refine from over the counter drugs. I relied on my chemistry training that I had learned while in college. I also added a few of my own ingredients that I learned were rumored to increase desire.

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