Taylor Con
Chapter 2

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Sequel to "Incidents of Taylor". Wives. Kids. Fred had it all... and when it came time to chose either them or his career, it was no contest. Maybe a vacation to the World Science Fiction Convention can relieve some of their stress, although vacations never seem to go as planned for this family...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Pregnancy  

There is nothing more frightening than children being left with a stranger for the first time. The crying, the worry ... Fred hoped Taylor and Anita were over the worst of it now that they were in Philly. The conversation in the car had been a downward spiral of sadness only stopped when Fred started pumping The Donnas through the speakers. You can't be sad while listening to The Donnas.

The convention officially started noon on Wednesday, so the trio drove into Philadelphia early Tuesday morning. Fred dropped the women off at the convention center so they could set up Taylor's paintings at the art show, then drove to the hotel to park. He was paying for this spot for the whole week, so damn it he was going to use it. It would give him a chance to check in, then test the walk to and from the convention center as well. They had booked late, so were probably a good half hour walk away. Not ideal, but it could have been worse. In Baltimore the hotel had been uphill both ways.

Fred set off on the walk back, happy. He was at another World Con, this time with those he loved. He had been planning on going to one with Lisa, but ... well. That he still thought of Lisa as much as he did surprised Fred. He would have thought, with two current loves, the memory of his beautiful Lisa would have not exactly faded but maybe become something only recalled with specific promptings. But, no. She was still alive in his mind, giving advice and commenting on things. And throwing the occasional willing woman in his path, although luckily that had stopped after Anita. Fred didn't know if he could handle three.

He had only walked a couple blocks when Fred suddenly stopped in front of a large window. Well, this solved tons of problems. A 24 hour greasy spoon! He looked in, saw the long counter and rows of booths, then took in the menu posted outside. Perfect. Unhealthy as hell, but here was a good breakfast to start the day and a fallback dinner place if they didn't find anything else interesting. Fred started walking again, whistling a Black Sabbath tune.

The street he was on hit a large plaza in front of city hall, and for the fun of it he took a right and wandered over to get a better look. Eh, just your normal city hall. Couldn't match Buffalo's art deco penis shaped structure! Swinging left he ambled past a large stone church-like structure ... then stopped. Turning, he walked over to the brass plaque on the wall and re-read it. "Masonic Temple Grand Lodge". Fred backed up a few steps and looked up at the massive grey edifice. He turned and looked at City Hall across the street, then back at the Temple. He started laughing. Now THIS was a secret society!

A few minutes later he saw Anita and Taylor standing waiting for him.

"That didn't take long. Everything set up to your satisfaction?" Taylor folder her arms and huffed, but Anita just grinned at her wife.

"No, but it's the best we can do. If we can keep her from going down there and fiddling every hour we'll be OK." Fred raised an eyebrow at the pouting long haired beauty, and she just glared back.

"It's my first public showing, OK?!?" she snapped. "I'm nervous!"

Fred put himself between them and snaked an arm around their narrow waists.

"All the more reason to do some sight seeing today while we have the chance." Without waiting for protest he led them away.

They saw Independence Hall, naturally. Anita, new to the country still, was fascinated. She tried to compare what happened here with the various rebellions and coups in Mexico and just shook her head. Hell, none of those would even make a good musical. They walked out humming 'Piddle, Twiddle And Resolve', then after a quick look at the Liberty Bell Fred had them jump on a bus to go to the harbor. There was something that he had been waiting years to see.

"My god, it's beautiful..."

Anita had never seen anything like it. They stood on the shore next to a ... naval work of art. The U.S.S. Olympia. The hull was a bright white, with a red stripe along the water line. The superstructure and masts were a golden tan. The lines were straight and strong, the weapons and ornamentation a mix of 19th and 20th century. A massive gun turret rested on each end of the deck, yet small one barrel turrets stuck out from the sides in odd places. Seeing it made her realize that beauty can be independent of function, and some of her husband's fascination with weapons of war now made more sense. She turned to look at him, and saw tears starting to flow from his eyes. She took his hand and squeezed it, questioningly.

"They may scrap it." Taylor let out a gasp, and looked at him in horror.


"They let it sit without conserving it, and they're out of money." Fred sighed and looked down at them. "It's the only ship left from the Spanish American War, and the idiots let it rust to nothing." Raising his gaze again, he tried to drink in every rivet. "Maybe they'll find a home for it. I hope so. I want nothing more than to have my sons, and grandsons, walk its decks." Fred laughed. "Maybe the Buffalo Navel Park can get it."

Getting a hold of himself, Fred offered an arm to each of his women and led them on board. They wandered from cabin to cabin, and Fred took photos of both them and various interesting features. When they were alone for a moment the girls quickly bared their breasts and posed next to one of the deck turrets. Too bad that photo couldn't be used for fund raising.

It was 6 PM before they made it back to the hotel, tired but happy. They stopped by the van and removed their luggage, then headed up into the front lobby to seek out the elevators. As they passed the desk, Anita had an idea and handed her bag to an already over loaded Fred.

"I'm going to check on good places to eat nearby. I'll be up in a minute." Fred good naturally cursed her, and they parted.

As Anita approached the desk clerk, she noticed a crying woman pleading with him. She had short, curly blond hair, large glasses, and was wearing a dark blue blouse and jeans. She was obviously incredibly upset, and as Anita walked up to the other end of the desk the woman dropped her shoulders in despair, turned, and picked up her two bags. One of them had a small knit blue and white rectangular box clipped to the handle. Focusing on her own task, Anita turned to the obviously relieved clerk and got directions to a couple potential dinner spots a few blocks away. Thanking him, she turned towards the rest of the lobby.

The woman had seated herself on a couch in the middle of the room. Her face was one of confused frustration. Anita started towards the elevators, but ... she looked at the stranger again. There was something about her. Her feet took her towards the blond.

This couldn't be happening.

Rachel looked down at the printout for the hundredth time. Tuesday, August 16th. It said so right there, like it had on her computer screen at home and like it did on her iPhone. So why the hell did the hotel say her reservations weren't till next week?!? What the hell was she suppose to do?!?!

Calm down, girl, calm down, she told herself. You can handle this. So all your plans on your first real adventure have fallen apart right from the get go. That's the fun part of vacations, right? No plan survives contact with the enemy and all that. She was a strong adult.

So why did she just want to fold up in a ball and cry?

"Excuse me?"

Rachel's head whipped up. Standing before her was a dark haired, curvy Hispanic woman She was wearing red shorts and a halter top that showed off her ample breasts. Rachel had no idea who she was, and she just looked at her for a moment. Dealing with strangers was NOT her strong suit. Nor a suit she even had in the closet, to be honest. The woman smiled, a completely honest smile, and spoke again.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but I saw you walk away from the hotel desk ... is there anything I can do?"

Rachel must have shown something on her face that told this stranger some of what was going through her mind, as she sat down on the far end of the couch giving Rachel lots of space.

"Are you going to the World Con?"

Rachel's eyes widened.

"Yes! Yes! It's my first one! How could you tell?" The woman smiled.

"The Tardis on your bag was a clue. We're going too; in fact we checked my friend's paintings into the art show earlier." The woman extended a brown hand. "I'm Anita."

"Rachel." Rachel reached over and shook, then retreated back to her side of the couch. Realizing that now they weren't really strangers, and she did need to talk to SOMEONE, she sighed and looked down into her lap. "They screwed up my room reservations."

"They what?" Anita looked shocked, and Rachel picked up and waved the paper printout.

"All my confirmation's say I have a room starting today, but their computer says it's not till next week. And," she continued, a note of despair returning to her voice, "they have no free rooms. Nobody does. This was the only place in my price range within the city limits..." Her hands started shaking. Next thing she knew the dark stranger was sitting way too close to her and putting her hand on Rachel's arm. Rachel froze, and sensing she had overstepped herself Anita casually removed it and put both hands in her own lap. She looked at Rachel with concern in her eyes.

"I'm so sorry..." Rachel mentally yelled at herself. Why was she like that. This person was just trying to be nice. There was no reason to be mad at her. It's not her fault Rachel was so emotionally and socially screwed up. She took a deep breath.

"Look ... I'm sorry. I'm not at my best at the moment." She reached out and gently touched Anita's bare arm, then withdrew her hand back within her personal space. The smile she got back made her blush. Anita cocked her head at her.

"Have you eaten yet?"

The change of subject froze Rachel for a moment, then with a slight smile she shook her head no.

"Well, my friends and I were about to go out and eat once we got the luggage up to the room. They're probably wondering if I got lost or something. Would you like to join us? It's easier to think on a fully tummy, and we can consider your options."

Rachel bit her bottom lip. Part of her wanted to jump at this offer of friendship, needed to in fact. It had been so long ... and part of her was raising reminders of why it had been so long, and urging the walls to go back up. Anita waited patiently for an answer. Then, suddenly, she raised her arm and waved.

"It's my friends!"

Rachel turned, and her heart stopped. Leaving the elevator was a tall brown haired man wearing jeans and a black Weird Al T-shirt. Next to him was a short white waif of a girl with amazing long brown hair, but Rachel hardly noticed that. Her eyes were on the man's face. Those eyes...

Rachel had had crushes. Hundreds. She may have never had a romance, but she was romantic to the core and had pined over many boys who had never even noticed her. Never had they caused this reaction. Her mouth went dry, and to her horror her panties got wet. She felt not just her face, but her entire body turn red in embarrassment. It got even worse when she realized Anita was still siting right next to her and getting an up close view of her. She slowly turned towards her, and saw ... understanding and compassion. And a twinkle of humor. Anita stood as the newcomers walked up, and made the introductions.

"Rachel, this is Fred and Taylor, my friends I was talking about. Fred, this is Rachel. She's going to the convention, but the hotel fucked up her reservations so she has no where to stay." Despite her embarrassment Rachel was observant enough to notice the quick look Fred shot his friend, his raised eyebrow answered by smile and a shrug. The brown haired girl looked like she was going to break out laughing. Rachel rose to her feet and shook their hands. Fred's hands were strong, rough, warm ... she never wanted to let go. She imagined that he felt something too when they touched, that there was something in his eyes ... Taylor's grip was light and soft, and she smiled warmly.

"She hasn't eaten yet, so I figured the four of us could go somewhere. We can toss her bags in the van for now so she doesn't have to carry them." Rachel protested weakly, but the others assured her it wasn't a problem and soon they were walking down the street in the waning daylight.

They were a trio, Rachel quickly realized. An honest to god, three way romance. Like something out of a Heinlein novel. The two women even had wedding rings! Rather than feel jealous that he was already taken, she felt excited. Too much was happening.

They found themselves at a seafood place, a little high priced but not that bad. Rachel picked something cheap, but seeing that Taylor asked her to pick an appetizer for them to share.

"We're not made of money, but we're here to have fun."

Once the orders were in, they asked about her. There wasn't much to tell. Rachel was an 18 year old recent high school grad, living at home while planning on attending school at Indiana University for Engineering. She was treating herself to this trip, a reward for nothing in particular but she was sure she deserved one for something. It was her first time out of state, first time flying ... lots of firsts so far. She refrained from adding she hoped there'd be some more.

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