Taylor Con
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sequel to "Incidents of Taylor". Wives. Kids. Fred had it all... and when it came time to chose either them or his career, it was no contest. Maybe a vacation to the World Science Fiction Convention can relieve some of their stress, although vacations never seem to go as planned for this family...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Pregnancy  

Violet ran around the outside of the house, looking for a Mommy.

The advantage to being the oldest child was you usually had first crack at telling your side of the story, but it still relied on getting to a parent first. At three and a half, Violet was an old hand at this, but the sheer number of parents she had to take into account was often more than her young mind could deal with. However, having that many people to love you more than made up for it, and more often than not the little girl felt pity for those with just one Mommy.

Violet rounded a bush, and stopped. This caused her three year old sister Cindy to run into her, and they both tumbled to the ground laughing. A giggling tickle fight broke out, and it wasn't until she had her sibling pinned to the ground that Violet remembered her quest. She stood, brushing the grass from her shirt and knees, and ran over to Mommy Taylor

"Mommy! Freddy hit me!" Cindy waddled up next to her, nodding in support of big sister while sucking a thumb. Cindy tended to support both sides in these disputes, as if her brother and sister were in trouble then she herself wasn't.

Taylor put the sleeping bag down next to the van, and looked down at her daughters. Both were the splitting image of their mothers. Violet had smooth shiny black hair falling to her shoulders, skin the color of light chocolate, bright brown eyes and a default impish expression. She was growing fast, and while not fat was rather solid. Not so little Cindy. Like Taylor she was as thin as a stick and always seemed to be in danger of blowing away. Her hair was long and brown and her skin was almost pure white, but while Cindy's eyes were the green of Taylor's they had the look of her father. They seemed to convey deep thought, although at this point the only thought involved whether to switch to sucking the other thumb.

"Well, did you hit your brother first?" Taylor put her hands on her hips and cocked an eyebrow at them, trying to act the tough parent. It wasn't easy. She was the pushover in the family and everyone knew it.

Violet considered her answer. Lying was out of the question. You couldn't lie to a Mommy, nor (shudder) to Daddy! But, not saying something wasn't the same as lying. What could she say to avoid the question...

Unfortunately, Cindy hadn't developed that sense of a moral grey area yet.

"Violet was hitting Freddy, an' I was holding him, then he got away and started hitting us!" This got Cindy a mean look from her sister, which she ignored and went back to sucking her thumb.

"Well," said Taylor, looking down at the duo, "that seems fair to me." Just then the two and a half year old in question came running around the house, waving a Nerf bat and yelling. The girls screamed, and ran around the car to get away from the charging sibling. The brown haired tan skinned boy chased them around the van twice, all three laughing, and Taylor flattened herself against the side of the vehicle and watched the battle. She was tempted to join Freddy in the chase.

The front door opened, and out walked Mommy Anita. She paused on the top of the steps, holding six month old Jaxom in her arms as she took in the scene. The two girls immediately changed course and headed towards her, their screaming laughter increasing. Anita walked down to the sidewalk as the two crashed into her legs, hugging her and giggling. She looked over at Taylor, who laughing had picked up Freddy and was tickling him. The two mother's eyes met, and for the millionth time in the past three years they were the happiest people in the world. The slightly older Mayan woman then looked down at her clingy daughters.

"OK, lunch time! Go wash up!" The two yelled in glee and dashed up the stairs into the house. Taylor put Freddy down and he followed them in, yelling for them to wait up. Taylor walked up to Anita and gave her son a quick tickle. Jaxom giggled sleepily, then tried to use Anita's right breast as a pillow. The mothers again gazed lovingly at each other, and Taylor leaned in for a quick tender kiss. Breaking it off they realized they were a bit too exposed out here in front of the house. Anita sighed, and raised her free hand to caress Taylor's cheek.

"Do you think he'll be OK?"

Taylor sighed, copying the gesture.

"No. But he's doing it for us. We have to do what we can to help him through this." She looked around, taking in the warm end of June day The flowers in the garden were a brilliant yellow and red, the two large Maple trees flanking the driveway created a green archway that seemed to separate their little paradise here from the rest of the world. Why did reality keep intruding...

"Well, he'll be home soon enough." Anita handed Jaxom to his birth mother, and the two of them made their way inside. "What will be, will be."

Fred pulled his car into the driveway, careful not to block the van in. Turning it off, he closed his eyes and leaned back.

It was over.

Ten years, and his teaching career was already over.

It was his own fault, naturally, although he couldn't see how it could have been avoided. Well, he COULD see, but neither option was something he could ever do. One would require living a lie, living in constant fear of discovery, and the other would have meant not having the best family anyone ever had. Giving up your dream career was nothing compared to keeping that.

The problem naturally was people. More specifically, people who expected teachers to somehow be if not perfect, at least not in any way out of the ordinary or "morally" questionable. The more conservative the school district, the worse this was. In some places nobody openly gay would be allowed in a classroom, others would object to a Muslim or Atheist teaching (although that would never be the official reason for termination). For the small town Western New York district Fred had made his own, having two wives would have been the final straw.

The news hadn't made the rounds yet, mostly thanks to him living a half hour away just outside Buffalo. But, after three years word was starting to spread, and a few of his friends had asked some pointed questions. It was time to leave now before this became a public scandal and his lovers were dragged before the spotlight in shame. He could never have lived with having done that to them.

Fred opened the car door and stepped out, and that must have been the signal because the front door suddenly burst open and out poured four kids and two wives. The three oldest children made the dash in half a second, while Jaxom had to wait until Taylor had descended the concrete steps and deposited him on the grass until he could half stagger, half crawl over to his Daddy. Fred knelt on the grass with Violet, Cindy and Freddy hanging off of him and welcomed Jaxom with a big hug. With a growl he shook himself as he rose, tossing off giggling kids in every direction as he stood up straight holding Jaxom. Anita and Taylor were suddenly there, and the family shared a big hug. A few cars passed by as they stayed like that for a few moments, then Anita shooed everyone inside. The kids ran back in while the adults took their time, Fred flanked by his beautiful companions.

"Everything go OK?" asked Anita, her eyes searching his face for any sign of worry. It would be just like him to try and hold back.

"Yeah..." Fred sighed. "I don't think I'll really consider this the end until fall comes and I'm not in class. It's always possible in three months I'll be in a class room again..." He gave both of them a squeeze. "I just need a vacation."

Taylor leaned against her man.

"Well, you're in luck..."

The sun had vanished from the sky and the stars were starting to twinkle when the kids were finally put to bed in the tent. Taylor exited the large nylon construction (at three rooms it was bigger than her first apartment), zipped it up, then turned to look towards the fire. They had set up camp in a small clearing on a wooded hill. No water, no electricity ... just a few hundred yards of gravel roadway connecting them to the rest of the world. Anita had heard of this place from someone at work and had gotten permission for the weekend. Both of them agreed this was what they needed.

Fred had set up a double cot up as a lounge chair, complete with raised back, and was sitting in the middle looking up at the stars. The embers from the fire floated up to join them, making new constellations every few seconds. Taylor couldn't tell what he was thinking, or even if he had any thoughts beyond the beauty of the night. Her eyes picked out Anita emerging from the darkness where the van was parked, probably having put the coolers in it for safe keeping. Anita paused just on the edge of the firelight, taking her own long look at their man. Taylor moved up herself so her wife could see her, and after a moments silent communication they nodded to each other and stripped. Leaving their clothes where they dropped the two made their way to either side of the cot and joined Fred. He was startled when they suddenly appeared next to him, but with a chuckle at their nudity he put an arm around each and drew them against him.

"Now this," he said, turning his head to give each woman a brief kiss, "is how camping should be." They all laughed at that, then Taylor pulled herself partway on top of him and looked into his brown eyes, her green ones sparkling. Her right hand caressed his cheek.

"I love you, Fred." She lowered her head and kissed him, tender and yet submissive. As soon as she felt him kissing back, she allowed his lips and tongue to have their way with her. She pulled back, and only partly slid off of him as Anita pulled herself onto his right side. Anita caressed his entire face with both hands, her soul visible in her dark eyes.

"I love you." She leaned down and kissed him, her lips much more sensual and offering teasing hints at what was in store for her lovers later. Anita's head rose, a brief wet glistening strand connecting their lips before it broke. She felt a hand turning her head, and found herself looking into Taylor's eyes. The two whispered their love to each other, then kissed. They felt Fred's hands lightly caress their spines, and each could feel the other shudder.

"I don't think words can describe my love for both of you, and nothing I can do, will ever be enough to show how much you mean to me." The women broke their kiss, and Taylor began to grab the bottom of his T-shirt.

"Then I'll guess you'll have to let us show you."

Taylor pulled Fred's shirt off, then began to undo his jeans as Anita moved up offered a breast to him. Fred nibbled and sucked on the dark full breasts before him, causing his wife to close her eyes and moan. He lifted his ass a bit and a moment later Taylor had his pants and underwear off. It wasn't long before he felt soft licks along the bottom of his cock. Fred redoubled his efforts on the soft mounds, but with a sudden movement Anita sat up and moved to straddle him. Taylor rose and did so as well, and Fred found his hard cock trapped upright between their bodies. His two wives leaned into each other, Taylor's hands reaching around to cup Anita's breasts while she pressed her own smaller mounds into her back. With the dying fire behind them, they looked like the magical creatures Fred knew them to be. Slowly, they began to rise and fall as one, fucking him.

Taylor felt her own needs rising, and she bit her bottom lip. It was time.

"My loves..."

Anita turned her head, and Fred reached out to touch her leg. She tried again.

"My loves ... I want another baby..."

She closed her eyes. Taylor didn't know how they'd respond. Four children already to take care of, the future uncertain ... and Anita unable to have more of her own. That was the worst. Fred Jr's birth had been hard, and they had decided to never risk Anita like that again. She had been happy when Taylor's belly swelled with Jaxom, as that had given both two, but now...

Taylor felt a kiss, and opened her eyes to find Anita had twisted to face her. She brought both hands up to Taylor's face, wiping away tears the brown haired girl hadn't even known were there. Taylor also felt Fred's strong hands caressing her thighs. Looking she saw the love flowing from each of them.

"Have our baby," Anita said, and turning back to face Fred she scooted forward a bit on his tummy. "We'll both fuck him, and you'll receive the seed of our husband." Fred's hands guided Taylor to rise up, Anita rising too, and then with a shuddering groan Taylor lowered herself onto her stallion's cock. She could feel it pulse within her, as if it knew she had an egg starting the trip to meet it. She began to rise and fall, and Anita followed her every movement. Fred's eyes were half closed as he watched both his mates fucking him, the sensations and emotions overwhelming. He moved a hand between Anita's legs, and she moaned as she found herself impaled on two of his fingers with his thumb rubbing her clit. She had always been the most sensual of the three, and Anita found herself quickly rising to the brink. Taylor lightly biting her neck was the final straw, and she came, hard, soaking Fred's hand. Only the two hands on her breasts kept her in time with Taylor, and she felt that speed increasing as Taylor started to reach her limit. Anita only half saw the glistening finger Fred was holding up to her, but instinctively she opened her mouth and tasted her juices. She savored the flavor ... before meeting her soul mates she had never realized what tastes and smells of a lover could do to her. Now she lived for them. Fred's hand went over her shoulder, and Taylor sucked the other finger, and just the knowledge that her wife was tasting Anita gave her another small cum.

Suddenly they felt Fred start to buck hard against them, and all three increased speed. Fred's hands suddenly clamped onto Taylor's waist, holding her down, and the feel of his seed coating her sent Taylor into one long orgasm. Her partners could just make out the word "baby!" among her moans and groans. She leaned back, hands grasping her ankles and breasts thrust into the sky, holding that trembling pose for a half minute or so before collapsing. Soon both women were lying half asleep on top of a similarly exhausted Fred.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, until Fred suddenly slapped at his arm. He sighed.

"OK, unless we want to all get eaten in the not so good way, it's time to go into the tent."

Cousin Debbie almost burst through the front door of her house as the van came to a stop in her driveway. Fred's feet had just touched the ground when she was there giving him a big hug. Embarrassed, as he'd never been on hugging terms with the extended family, he hugged her back for a moment then created some space.

"Hello," he said, smiling. Laughingly she echoed the greeting, and stepping back they appraised each other. Fred didn't think he had seen her since the death of his parents a half decade or so ago. He had never been one for visiting cousins or aunts, although he enjoyed the meetings well enough. He wasn't even sure who everyone was, especially once you got beyond immediate relations. Debbie, though, he knew. She was the daughter of his mom's sister, and at around 40 maybe 6 years his senior. Whereas at 6 foot he took after his dad's Polish side, she reflected the English/Scottish/Whatever genetics of generations of New York farm wives. At about 5' Debbie was taller than her mother, and Taylor for that matter, but she had a solid build and nice curves. And breeding hips, although she'd only popped out two kids.

"I couldn't believe it when you called yesterday!" Debbie gushed. "I haven't seen you in ages!"

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm just not the family gathering type. But, once Anita found out I had family near where we were camping..."

It was then that Debbie noticed the clan gathering around her. She raised an eyebrow at Fred, who managed to look like an embarrassed teen despite towering over her. Laughing, Debbie didn't wait for introductions.

"Well, hello! I'm Debbie." Anita stepped forward, while Taylor got the kids into a sort of line.

"I'm Anita, and this is Taylor." This got both of them warm hugs. "And these are our kids, Violet, Cindy, Freddy, and Jaxom." Debbie immediately noticed the lack of any indication of exact relationships, and as the kids mobbed her she gave Fred another raised eyebrow.

"It's ... complicated." She nodded, picking Jaxom up.

"Well, let's go inside. John and the kids are off at a soccer match and won't be back for awhile. I have some sandwich fixings and we can have a good talk."

A half hour later the three oldest kids were deposited in front of 'The Little Mermaid', and the four adults and a sleepy Jaxom were sitting at the kitchen table. Debbie was enthralled as Taylor and Anita told her their own fairy tale, of rape, abandonment, hopelessness, then true love and family. Fred stayed out of it, apart from correcting some of the more extreme boasting. He knew when he was outnumbered.

"So," Debbie asked, "you go from not seeing anyone, from what your mom would talk about, to a harem!"

"I've offered to get Anita and I silky harem outfits, but he's said no!" Taylor pouted, and the other two women laughed while Fred just looked up at the heavens.

"We have a standing rule now not to help beautiful single women," he said, jokingly. "Too many instantly fall in love with me and it's getting to be a pain!"

"Aww..." Both Taylor and Anita leaned over and patted his shoulder in sympathy. Debbie just shook her head.

"Aunt Shirley would be happy you have such a wonderful family, Fred. Although four kids! I had a hard enough time with two!"

"Hopefully five," Taylor added, rubbing her belly. Debbie just looked at her as the others chuckled.

"Actually," Anita said, "that's one reason, besides obviously wanting to start to get to know our husband's family, we're here." Debbie sat up, interested. Cook tradition was that family was there to help family, so the five years of silence meant nothing. "There's something coming up at the end of August that we want to go to in Philadelphia. We CAN take the kids, easily, and were planning to, but they'd be bored and we couldn't do as much. If we had relatives who could look after them for five or so days..."

"August? Shouldn't be a problem, I don't think. I do some babysitting weekdays so they'd have kids to play with, and we can do stuff. What's in Philadelphia?"

Fred grinned.

"The World Science Fiction Convention. Very geeky." Debbie laughed. Her older brother had read lots of sci-fi, passing the books down to Fred, but she was never into it. "I've gone to a few, and they're s a blast. Once the kids are ten-ish, I'd say they'd have fun. They have kids programs and limited daycare. But for now, not so much."

"So, what goes on at one of these?"

"Oh, tons of stuff. It's not like the huge Comic Con you may have heard about, as this is mostly about books, but they have lots of scientists and authors talking, panels on how not to get published, art shows ... Taylor's going to set up some of her paintings and we'll see if we can sell something or make contacts." Taylor squirmed awkwardly, as she always did when her art was talked about. It was odd, but that always seemed a more personal subject to her than family matters.

Debbie took a sip of fresh brewed ice tea, and sat back.

"Well, you'll have to get me a stuffed Harry Potter or something."

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