The Agreement

by Lemonbelly

Copyright© 2011 by Lemonbelly

Erotica Sex Story: The girls in Kenny's class have banned themselves from dating the boys. Each boy gets one chance to pass a test that will allow him to spend the weekend with three girls of his choice. Can Kenny pass the test?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   School   .

Today was the day. Today was the day that Kenny Loravitz would go down in school history. The first boy to pass The Challenge.

What am I talking about? Are you sitting comfortably? Good, I'll begin.

Start of term of the fourth year of Canon Whatsit Church of England High School and we found that they had swapped all the classes about. Due to a stroke of luck, we had fifteen of the hottest girls in the year in our form. Not that I'd get any, you see I'm a 'geek'. I'm not the Alpha Geek, the best in the year, but I'm close on his heels, the Beta Geek if you will. It does mean that I am actually blessed with some social skills that Kevin, the Alpha Geek, sadly lacks, and it means that I'm more accepted by the less gifted of my brethren.

The first day, after lunch, the girls had an announcement, something we were to call The Agreement.

Amy, one of the natural leaders of the pack, spoke first.

"Boys, this is our first exam year, and we are likely to be in this class for next year as well, till the end of our GCSEs. We are also going through puberty, and our hormones will be all over the place. Now, we know you are guys and can't help thinking about sex, and we are well aware that we are all pretty hot. Now, in normal circumstances, there will be people asking each other out, tension, jealousy, cliques and bitchiness for the next two years. We figure that if we all work together to pass our exams, we will have the best chance. So to that end, we are saying that we will not go out with any of you, or sleep with any of you. Full stop."

This was greeted with groans, mutterings and general displeasure by their male classmates, most of whom were already calculating whose knickers they were aiming to get into. The grumbling was ended by Shelly, a girl who had a reputation that the only thing that opened more than her mouth was her legs.

"Calm down lads. There is a way to get into our pants. Three of us, per boy, for a weekend, how's that sound to you?" Well, that got us interested! "What will happen is this. During the year, each boy will be asked a question. This will come on the Friday nearest your birthday, though that may change for people who have birthdays near each other. If you answer that question correctly, you can fuck one of us that very Friday. On the Saturday, you can take one of us on a date then fuck us. On the Sunday, you have all day with one of us.

"All of us girls have agreed to this. Now, the only thing we have is that if a girl has been picked already, she can choose not to be put up for picks. Though this can only happen if they are going out with the guy who picked them. Meanwhile, we are free to date whatever boys we want from outside this class, with the understanding that if picked we have to break whatever commitments we have and fuck you. Of course, if you want to date any girl from the rest of the school, then go ahead, it'll give you some practice.

"If this works well, we will repeat it again next year. If we get through the whole school year without being beaten, then boys, drinks are on you at the end of year party."

We didn't really have a choice about it, we all agreed, then supplied our birthdays and a rota was worked out. I had to wait till March, but as it turned out, that was a good thing.

Dave was the first boy up, at the start of October. We all met in our form room at the start of lunch. The girls explained the rules. They would give him the question on a sheet of A4 paper. Just using that piece of paper for workings out, he had ten minutes to tell them the answer and how he worked it out, or he had failed The Challenge. They assured us that he wouldn't need things like trig, logs or whatever that you need a calculator for.

Amy, Shelly and a few of the other girls took him to the next door classroom. He came back ten minutes later, stumped. This was pretty worrying as Dave was a bright lad. The girls allowed Dave to tell us the question. I thought about it and was stumped. It took Kevin almost a quarter of an hour to crack it. We all realised that we'd been played!

Though, give the girls their due, The Agreement was paying off in class. All the teachers loved us because we were all friends; there was no insulting, no mocking the teacher, no trying to show off to impress the girls. We all wanted to work, and we all worked well together. We had a pretty good idea that the teachers knew about The Agreement and were turning a blind eye to it because of the way our class behaved.

Kevin was up a week or two after Dave. He almost cracked it. In fact the only reason he didn't pass The Challenge was because he got rather, let's say, over-excited at the prospect of the upcoming weekend and couldn't get his words out in time.

Amy and her best friend Shelly effectively ran the girl's side of The Challenge. They both had vested interests in keeping the boys out of their pants. I've already referenced Shelly's lifestyle. She enjoyed older men and more importantly, their drinks and their cars. Sorry, did I say cars, I meant to say cocks! Amy had a long term boyfriend. He was a year older and could be a knob sometimes; I wasn't sure what his views on the whole thing were.

Amy lived over the road from me. Our parents were both well off, so there were fair sized front lawns and a wide suburban cul-de-sac between the houses. We both had front facing bedrooms. This is important, as I will demonstrate in mere moments.

We were good friends. When we were younger, most of the families in the street had kids who were much older than us, so we played out a fair bit. I suppose that it was because it was of hanging around with her so much, that I could actually talk to girls, though I wasn't very comfortable around them. I also got them impression that, at least in boyfriend terms, girls didn't think of me that way. Who wants nice when you can have macho, you know? And they say girls mature quicker than boys. At least we can see past the excitement and know if they person we were dating is bad for us! Or is that just me? Yeah, I dated a bit, not really got past 2nd base, not really had anything last longer than a few weeks. Although I do have lots of girls who want to be 'friends' with me. To prolong to torture, they actually insist on it. I thought the idea was that they didn't speak to you after that!

Now, there are two things that Amy doesn't know about me. The first is that I have a bit of a thing for her. It's no biggy, it's not 'she's my one and only'. It's more, I think she is pretty sexy and has a genuinely nice personality. She is a hockey player and developed some decent muscles and a nice set of curves. She has a forceful personality, she has her points of view, her principals and she will defend them, and her friends, with all her being. I have this picture of her in my mind, riding a chariot at the head of an army of Celts against Roman invaders, dark hair flowing in the wind, sword drawn and pointing in the air.

The other thing she doesn't know is that I'm an avid astronomer. Well, no, she knows that I have a telescope. My dad bought this big-arse reflector and even built a dome for the bugger. Once or twice, I've taken Amy there at night to star-gaze. Or more specifically, planet gaze. She thinks that dad is the only real buff, and that I just have a passing interest, but no, I enjoy the science too. In fact I have my own telescope. It's a small refractor that I keep in my room. It turns out that the trees on the road block out most of the light from the street lamps, so I can look out from my room and see a lot of stars. Much more comfortable in the winter!

Now, do you see the connection? Telescope, my thing for Amy, bedrooms that face each other, but a fair distance away? Yep, I used to, on occasion, spy on her. Lights off in my room and open the window. Because of the hedges and stuff that surround her house, and the distance it is set back from the road, she occasionally doesn't close the curtains before she undresses. Now, that is a view to inspire me when I try to get to sleep. I've even watched her have sex once or twice. Now, I can actually fix up my web cam to my telescope and record everything. I haven't yet, but it was always a temptation.

Anyway, it was October, the Thursday before Kevin was up for the Challenge. I was watching Amy just before bedtime. She was on her mobile and holding a book. At the time, the most important thing was that she was in her bra and knickers and walking around talking, so I almost didn't notice the book. The book was a Mensa puzzle book.

I figured it out straight away. This was the book that they used to set the challenges. From the cover, I could see it was from a collection of the toughest puzzles they had. I needed to get my hands on that book.

The only problem was that you could only get the book if you were a member. I didn't really like the idea of joining Mensa. I couldn't see the intelligence of paying money just to prove to others you are intelligent. Then again, I was amused by me being possibly the only person wanting to join Mensa to get laid!

Joining wasn't too hard. Apply for a home test. I had an hour to do two problems. Within thirty minutes they were in the reply envelope and in the post box with money to get it marked.

A month later, I went into Birmingham to sit a written test under exam conditions, more money. A few weeks later, they sent me my membership details, I was in.

The membership package allowed me access to the website, and more importantly, the shop. My mum was rather cynical when I told her that I'd joined Mensa, however she agreed to purchase the books I wanted, partly as a Christmuka (Jewish family, Christian country) present, partly for their educational value.

The books arrived at the start of the New Year, cunningly missing the festive period. The book that Amy had was there, as were the rest of the set and another few books that I thought that she could have at her disposal. I now had two months to crack the puzzles.

The way the girls had set The Challenge meant that I couldn't just memorize the answers; I had to work out how to do each and every question. Lucky that the homeworks we had weren't too time consuming, we tended to cover more than enough in class. Once I got a handle on the buggers, I found they got a whole lot easier. By the time I got to the final book, I was taking about ten minutes to work the damn things out.

By the end of February I had completed all the books. So I started working though them again, hoping to, if not remember how to do them, remember how to start off each one. Wayne was up the Friday before me and so I checked Amy that Thursday. Amy had a different book. To my relief it was one that I had.

So, we are back up to date. I looked through my telescope yesterday and saw Amy looking through one of the Mensa books. It was the hardest of the lot. At least she was respecting The K-Lo. No, I know, no boy with a collection of Mensa books and access to two telescopes can ever be referred to as The K-Lo!

Play it cool. Act like nothing was different. After all, if Kevin couldn't pass The Challenge, how could I? Well, not quite true, everybody knew I had some game and that after me, well, who else could take them? It was as if the morale of the boys hung on me. And, if I played it right, I'd lose my virginity in a few short hours.

At break, the boys gave me a pep talk. Kevin tried to talk tactics, which would likely have confused me, so I tuned out a bit. What was pleasing was that all the boys wanted me to pass. Well, I wasn't going to let them down.

The lesson before lunch, IT, was tense. Normally, when there was somebody up for The Challenge there was an extra bit of tension. There had been a bit more with Kevin, but there was even more today. Or maybe that was just my nerves. Amy and Shelly were watching me, thinking that I would be scanning web sites or something. The other girls were glancing over at me, wondering who I'd pick if I won. I was glad that Gwen was one of them, she was in my plans.

"Okay class." Miss Carr addressed us about half way through the lesson. "Who is up this week then?"

"What do you mean, Miss?" Shelly replied with mock innocence.

"You know full well what I mean, who is up for your challenge?"

"That would be me, Miss." I put my hand up.

"Okay, this could be fun. So who thinks that Kenny will win?"

About five boys put their hands up. Only Gwen from the girls put her hand up. She turned to look at me as she did it, I smiled at her and she blushed and turned around.

"And what do you think Kenny?"

"Not wishing to boast Miss, but I'd be impressed if Amy and Shelly have thought up a question that will beat me!"

That got some laughs. Amy and Shelly tried to look indignant, but I knew they were made up. They thought that I thought that they came up with the questions. Hey, why not string them along for a bit. Amy was smart, as was Shelly, so it was not beyond belief that they could have come up with the questions. Both Amy's parents work at the University. I'm pretty sure they must have helped her work out the problems, which would mean they were in on The Agreement. Come to think of it, so must all the other girl's parents if they had to be available at any weekend. The plot thickens.

"Now, now, Kenny. You know that pride comes before a fall!"

"I know Miss, but I work on confidence!"

"So, who are you going to pick?"

"I'm sure you have ways of finding out, Miss!"

And we went back to the lesson.

Lunch arrived and I was shepherded to the form room. Wayne did the mock boxing trainer rubbing on my shoulders. Amy, Shelly, Jill, Stacy and Tara led me into the next room. Dr. Spencer, our maths teacher arrived and sat at the back, pretending to work. I assume he was here to keep an eye on me.

Amy produced the sheet of paper from her blazer, and pointed to the clock, which was approaching 12.35. She unfolded the paper, holding the writing to her chest.

"When the second hand reaches 12, you have exactly 10 minutes. You have to tell us the answer and how you worked it you by the time the ten minutes are up. Are you clear with that?"

"Clear as mud!"

The second hand passed its mark and Amy handed me the paper. I looked at the question. It was the hardest fucking question in the book! I didn't flinch. I just sat back and looked at Amy.

"So, you busy this weekend?"

Then I hunched over the paper and went to work. I was aware of Dr. Spencer laughing in the back of the room, and I caught a look of displeasure on Amy's face at my remark. As it happened, I had gone over this very question last night. First time I tried it, it had taken me half an hour just to get my head around how to do it. This time, I managed to draw out the suspense for five minutes before I sat up told them I'd finished.

The explanation took about a minute then I gave them the answer. I knew it was the answer from the book. It was the same answer I've got every time I've done the question. I looked at the girls; they wore no expressions on their faces.

Shelly took my paper over to Dr. Spencer and asked him to check the workings. He did and assured the girls I was spot on with my methods. He turned to congratulate me.

The girls had to conference between themselves for a minute or two, and by the time they had finished, the ten minutes were up. I got out my seat, and we all returned to the form room.

I managed to hide the smile for all of, ohh, I don't know, ten seconds. Then I got high-fived from all the guys. Who's the man? Sorry: Who d'man?

Amy cleared her throat. "Everybody, we want to announce that Kenny has passed The Challenge, now, under the terms of the Agreement, he has the pick of three girls."

"Just a minute." Kevin spoke up. "I think we should all see the question, to make sure that is of the same standard as the others."

The girls groaned. The boys had all agreed on this after about the fourth person. We thought this would drag out the tension. Obviously, the girls all wanted to know who would be picked, so for once the ball was in the boy's court, so we were going to milk it for all we got.

Amy handed a second copy of the question over to Kevin. They always make two copies. Since these questions were all out of books, I guess they felt safe that we couldn't just Google it. I suppose that they'd already Googled it to make sure.

Kevin looked at the question for a bit, and then grabbed a pen and paper. A few of the other lads joined him and discussed it. This year we had really developed being able to work out things as a team, which in turn has helped up on our individual school work. It took the efforts of six of the top brains in our year just over fifteen minutes to work out how to do it. Meanwhile I bathed in smug. Amy showed them my workings, just to confirm I had actually got the answer.

"Yep, we're happy with this. Well done Kenny!"

Amy tried to gain control of the situation again. "Okay, I need some lunch, can we get on with the choices. Kenny, who do you pick for tonight?"

"I choose Shelly." Hey, for my first time, I didn't want somebody who was nervous; I wanted somebody who knew what they were doing. Besides, Shelly was one hot customer. The class all looked at her and she grinned slightly.

"I'm honoured Sir!" I think there was some degree of sarcasm in that, but we were good mates and I knew there wasn't anything unkind in the comment. "So, who do you want for the date on Saturday? Remember, this is due to start at 7pm on Saturday and last until Sunday morning if you can last that long!"

"For that, I choose Amy." I saw shock briefly, but it was replaced by a smile, a genuine smile.

"Kenny, I would be delighted. Now, can we hear your choice for Sunday? This will last from noon on Sunday till when we arrive at school on Monday."

No, I'm pretty sure that people would have figured I would have gone for Amy, after all, she is my closest female friend. Likewise, Shelly wasn't a surprise, every guy in the class wants into her pants. Now, Sunday, this was into the unknown. I figured that whoever I chose for Sunday would be the girl I wanted for keeps. After all, I wanted to be able to get to know her properly, not just screw her.

"Can I just say beforehand, that no guy who is offered the choice of three girls from his class to sleep with can have a hard a task as I have. All the girls here are not only extremely sexy but fantastic people to boot. However, since I can only choose one. I want to spend my Sunday with..."

My phone rang. I broke off what I was saying to answer it. I knew it was Dave who had rung me, he had set it up on the walk over, getting my number ready to dial, just in case, then leaving his phone in his pocket. We had planned that he would dial just before I give out the last name. It was another of those things we had planned to increase the tension. Instead of picking up the call, I pressed the red button to cancel, then pretended I'd answered it anyway, gesturing to the expectant crowd for them to wait.

"Yeah ... hi ... yeah ... I know it is you ... yeah, really ... caller display ... yes, even from a land line ... no, you are in my phone book so when the phone sees the number, it recognises who it is from and tells me ... yes it is clever ... no, they've been able to do that for years ... no, really ... no almost all of them ... yes, you caught me at lunch ... no, I'm not in a lesson, that why my phone is on and I'm talking to you ... no I haven't eaten yet ... yes, I will eat ... no, nobody has taken my money, I just haven't got around to it yet ... yes, I know that I shouldn't skip meals ... no, that's okay, I'm going out tonight ... yes really ... oh, that could work, I have to be back by the evening though, I'm going out ... no, today and tomorrow, and Sunday ... yes, all three ... no I'm not in any trouble ... no I haven't joined a gang ... no, I am not becoming a chav ... or taking drugs ... okay, yes, so is that all you want? Yes, bye."

The guys could hardly keep a straight face; most of the girls were not amused.

"So, what was I saying?"

"WHO!" Ten of them shouted!

"Oh, yeah. Gwen."

There was no hiding the delight on her face, she beamed. Score one for me!

Lunch was over pretty quickly and we were soon back in the form room. Mrs. Fennick finished the register and looked up.

"So, who did he pick?"

The girls owned up and Mrs. Fennick nodded, adding that all of the girls would have made good choices. Gwen said that I'd almost made that point. That pleased me; she never normally speaks up in class.

Two more lessons in the afternoon, then home. I arranged to meet Shelly at 8 at her house. When I got home, Mum was already there. She finishes early on Fridays.

"Hiya Kenny, how was school?"

I did the normal lesson summery spiel, A grades in homework, yada yada yada.

"So, who'd you pick for tonight then?"

At that point, I found three new full levels of shock (each with six sub-levels). I misplaced my words, so Mum decided to fill in some gaps.

"All the parents know about The Agreement. You know that all the parents of the kids in your class talk to each other. Well, the girls all told their parents and we heard about it at one of our get-togethers. Now, we weren't exactly best pleased, but we all trust our kids, we all know that you are responsible young adults and we were assured by Amy's parents that these questions were extremely difficult.

"When Kevin failed, we realised that these were hard and could provide a challenge. Of course, the amount of postcards, phonecalls and letters from the school praising each and every one of you has also convinced us that The Agreement is helping your work. We all approve of it now, though we admit that with lesser kids, it wouldn't have worked.

"Amy's parents explained where Amy got the questions from, and her dad showed us some of the books, and they were very hard. We had a fun night with them. When you suddenly joined Mensa and then wanted those books, I knew why you wanted them, though it took me a bit of time to figure out how you knew. Frankly, I'm disappointed that you spy on your neighbours, but you are a teenage boy and she is a very attractive young lady, and I can't blame you for having taste.

"If you noticed, some of the books you got, you didn't order, but I'd seen them that night, so added them to the order! Now, I know you haven't had that much success with girls, but you are a smart, attractive, funny young man, and I'm pretty sure that if you just wanted sex, you could have gone and got it, hey, I bet there are girls who will offer it for your tutoring them, so there must be more. There must be a special girl who is worth you joining an organisation you disagree with, worth sacrificing a chuck of your presents for books which you then spend two months working through. She must be very special."

Having recovered my power of speech, I told Mum about Amy, Shelly and especially Gwen. She seemed pleased and told me how much she liked Gwen. I already knew that she liked Amy. Shelly often came by to see Amy, and Mum seemed to approve of her too.

After she put the food in the oven I brought down the book and showed Mum the problem. She gave up after ten minutes and I showed her how to do it. I admitted how long it took me first time round and she pointed out that most people would not have been able to answer it given hours, so not to get down on myself. I told her about the tricks we played on the girls and she was in stitches as I performed my phone conversation for her. She told me that she was glad I had a good upbringing because I had all the attributes to be the perfect evil genius.

Amy knocked on at about 6. She had a box of condoms with her.

"Here, a present. Me and Shel are on the pill, but I don't know about Gwen, so be safe and have these."

"Thanks. You okay with tomorrow night?"

"Yeah, fine. If I wasn't willing to go through with it, I wouldn't have gone along with Shel's idea about The Agreement. Personally, I'm glad it's you. However, come Monday, nothing changes between us, you straight with that? I'm not saying nothing happened, I'm just saying that we will always be mates and I don't want sex to get in the way. Besides I think Gwen has some ideas on making sure that you aren't tempted by me again!"

I smiled at that. Amy can read me pretty well, and figured out why I'd gone for Gwen.

"Your guy okay with this?"

"No, not really, but I'm pretty much fed up with him anyway. We've been together for years and perhaps what I saw in him as a thirteen year old is not what I see in him now. Hey, if it saves an 'it's not you, it's me' talk, then yeay!"

Then something caught her eye. Bugger, I'd left the book in the kitchen, just visible from the front door.

"Something wrong Amy?"

"Err, no, nothing. See you tomorrow." She retreated with a thoughtful look on her face.

I showered before tea and found Dad had got back and been informed by Mum about my day. He seemed proud.

I left at 7.33. Yeah, I knew exactly how long it would take me to walk over to Shelly's. I arrived at exactly 8.01. I didn't want to arrive on the stroke of 8 and seem too eager! The K-Lo can't look too eager! Yeah, I know, I'm as gangsta as the gay teletubby.

Shelly answered the door in shorts and a long t-shirt. The logo was 'ISUCKYOULONGTIMETWODOLLAR'.

I pointed at her chest. "I thought this was free!"

"Only the first time, unless you are good!"

She walked back along the hallway, her hips swinging, beckoning me to follow.

"So, you coming or not?" She winked.

Her parents were dressed to leave. Shelly introduced me to them. I was slightly nervous, after all, it was obvious I was only there to bang their daughter, but they seemed pleasant and friendly. Still, I was glad they were not going to be around for the next few hours. I felt my mood lift as the front door closed with a reassuring thud.

"Okay Ken, these are the rules. Nothing up the arse, no pissing, no shitting, no smacking or strangling. I'm on the pill and clean, and I'm guessing you are clean too, no need for condoms if you don't want. So, bed or sofa?"

"Bed, I guess."

"Yeah, would be safer. I don't think Amy would like it if I injured you, and I know Gwen wouldn't."

"So, what has Gwen said?"

"Oh, for fuck's sake, let's get on with the screwing. This isn't a night to be bothered with your love life; this is for your sex life, and giving you one." You've got to admire her bluntness.

I had this faint feeling of impending doom as I entered her bedroom. After all, I was about to have sex with a girl who had probably already had more partners than I will ever have. I knew that this was going to go wrong and it would be around school by the time I arrived on Monday morning. I'd have to change my name and move away.

Wake up Kenny. Come back to real life. You know Shel. You know that she wouldn't tell. Not just because it would fuck up The Agreement, but because she is a sweetheart underneath the brazen exterior. You chose her because she will help you get it right, and then for Amy and Gwen it will be better. Besides, it is not like you haven't Bittorented enough porn to know your way around.

"Shel, you know that I..."

"I know it's your first time." She grinned at me and pecked me on the cheek. "It's my first time breaking a boy in, so we are both in the same boat."

"I'm not ready for a boat; your bed is daunting enough!"

She giggled and wrapped her arms around me. We locked faces, tongues fighting for control of each other's mouths. Her hands were untucking my shirt, unbuttoning it and pulling it off my arms. My chest was now just a layer of cloth away from hers. I was conscious of a massive boner forming downstairs and I tried to back off so Shel wouldn't feel it. No such luck. Within seconds, my belt was undone and my trousers on the floor, I stepped out of them, kicking them hopefully to safety. I felt hands cupping me through the cotton of my pants. Then the kiss was gone. I opened my eyes and Shel was gone.

Looking down I saw her, on her knees, I level to my crotch. I'd seen the clips, I'd dreamed the dreams, I knew what was about to happen next, but nothing could prepare me for the sensation of her lips around my cock. It was warm, it was wet, it was, it was, well I don't know what it was, but wow, welcome to the real world K-Lo!

The real world didn't actually last that long. I swear she swallowed! Moments later, I exploded. I staggered to the bed and collapsed. Actually, I attempted, but my pants were around my ankles, so I just collapsed, luckily landing half on the bed. Score one for the clutz!

Shel laughed at my vain attempts to maintain dignity. She sat there smiling, like the cat who had got the cream. Well, she had got the cream actually, so, well, that is one screwed simile.

"I think I can go Kosher again!" She purred as she launched herself onto the king-sized bed that I had finally succeeded on climbing fully onto.

There wasn't exactly ceremony in her strip, just a quick couple of tugs and she was naked. Brain overload. There in front of me was a vision that embodied that Beautiful South track (yes, I'm a fan, no laughing, this is stressful enough as it is) 36D. Obviously, she isn't a hooker, but she is the name that is mentioned in the jokes we crack, hell, she cracks them better than all of us. Her body is thought of fondly in the rugby mauls. I love curves, and there were enough curves to love on Shelly. She wasn't what you'd call fat (never call a girl fat and expect to keep all your skin), and in any era but our flat-pack-obsessed poundage-is-evil celeb culture, her portraits should be hung as wonders of the human figure.

She had turned this young man into a dribbling clown, but will she be able to turn this passive into a manic. Well, it was now or never, one last chance, or an outside bet to me, the easily led.

Was I using her? After all, I had cheated. No I hadn't, I solved the puzzles. It was me; it was my brain that defeated theirs. Apparently, some joker once said that the meek will inherit the Earth; this is my first step on claiming my share. I can't be using her; it was her idea, this whole Agreement thing.

My brain was caught up arguing with itself, my heart was beating out disco and my eyes her content with the naked form in front of me, long dark hair resting on her breasts. I convinced myself to look along her figure and to the thin strip of dark hair leading to the meeting of her legs.

If it took me effort to move my head, summoning up the will to move the rest of my bulk was seemingly beyond me. SNAP OUT OF IT! After what seemed like hours inside my cranium, but I guess were not even seconds, blood started moving inside my limbs and I inched closer to this beauty.

Shel understood the situation all too well and took the initiative. She moved over to me and shoved me onto my back and in a graceful, well practised move, swung her leg over me to sit on my lap. Grabbing the back of my head, she brought my face up to her chest, and I wasn't going to deny the chance to indulge in her flesh. I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked, feeling around the flesh with my tongue, my arms wrapped around her for dear life.

Switching tits, I was aware of her breathing heavily, I was amazed, it was me that was making a girl react like this.

Shel made the next move, rising of my lap, she stood above me, giving me a great view of her snatch. The view, however, was only fleeting as she lowered it onto my face, whispering instructions to me, as she pushed me back to the bed with her pussy. My broadband connection had taught me what to do here; I reached forward with my tongue and tasted nectar. I figured I could get used to this taste, and this position, having a pussy grinding in my face. Her breathing got quicker and louder as we continued this dance of sorts and soon I was aware her spasmming, cumming on top of me.

It won't surprise you to know that I was back rigid again, and Shelly was taking no prisoners, in one movement moving back down my body and impaling herself on my cock. Goodbye virginity. I held her sizes as her legs pumped out a rhythm, her warm pussy sliding up and down my shaft, her body gripping mine as our carnal instincts took over.

She switched over to missionary position and gave me control, I slowed things down as I could feel that I was due, but it was no use, I felt her tighten around me and I came inside of her. She held me to her chest with one arm and pulled the duvet up and over us.

We lay there silently for a while, just cuddling. A while turned into some time, and some time turned into, well, nothing really, because Shelly was starting to get fidgety. I took it that she was dropping hints that this wasn't going to be an all-night affair. I shuffled off the bed and got dressed while exchanging embarrassed pleasantries.

She wore just a dressing gown as she showed me down stairs. At the door she stopped and kissed me goodbye.

"For a first time, that was a good effort. You shouldn't have any problems for the rest of the weekend!"

"Yeah, errr, well, thanks for everything. See you Monday." I waved her goodbye and felt the bracing chill of the spring night air on my face as I walked home. I walked home a man.

When I woke up the next morning, I woke up a man. I woke up a rather stiff man. No not stiff like that. Well, actually, yes stiff like that, but I mean I was finding it rather hard to move my legs. This wasn't good. My groin mussels had gone on strike after the unexpected workout last night. Serves me right for not warming up! Oh yeah, that is going to work. 'Excuse me Gwen, can you wait a minute, I need to do my stretches so I don't injure myself.' I figured I could walk it off.

I actually managed to drag myself downstairs and got breakfast without passing a parent. This was vital so that they didn't ask why I was walking funny. Though I'm sure they could guess why! I spent the morning on homework. By the time I got up for lunch, I wasn't moving any freer. After grabbing a snack out of the fridge, I slipped out for a walk. Well, I was aiming for a walk, but first I had to get through the stages of limp, hobble and shuffle.

I did a bit of shopping, but then walked out of the town towards the river. It was a couple of hours later before I got home. I was fully aired out and moving comfortably again.

You know how it is, you have something important to do, and you are waiting for it to happen, but time seems to pass slower than ever. Even listening to the football didn't help. The main match was a tedious Chelsea 1-0 win, but I kept listening for the brief Stuart Hall interludes from Goodison Park and his poetic descriptions of Everton's 2-1 victory. 5pm and I hung around upstairs just listening to interviews of irate managers demanding vengeance on referees and dopey centre backs trying to sound eloquent but throwing in the phrase 'like I said' without actually having said anything before.

I had a shower and a shave and a general clean up and I was ready to take on the world. Cue the James Brown CD and get dressed. Not geeky smart, not uber-casual. This was just a pleasant evening out with a close friend and some extra-curricular rutting.

7 o'clock came around, and I slunk out of the house. I hadn't seen the parents all day, which was probably a good thing. In less than a minute I was at her door. She opened it, inviting me in, before I had the chance to ring the bell. I headed to the lounge and plonked myself of the settee.

"So, here we are." Amy stated the obvious.

"Yep, looks like we are."

"So, what is your plan?"

"Ice Skating then an evening in casualty. Or perhaps a meal afterwards, it all depends."

"You go ice skating much?"

"Not in years."

"Well, perhaps will skip it and make sure you in one piece later."

"Yeah, sure, shall we head off?"

After a bit of a nervous start, the evening got better. Pretty soon it was just two old friends having fun. We ended up going to the indoor kart track. We teamed up with another couple to make up a team for the 90 minute endurance race. Two hours and umpteen spins later and we were heading back towards the centre of town, arm in arm. Make that sore arm in sore arm. Tenth out of twenty wasn't that bad, and we decided that if anybody asked, the other couple let us down!

We settled on a nice French cafe near the canal basin for dinner.

"So, Kenny, how did you come by that book?"


"You know, the Mensa puzzle book. The one that was on your kitchen table yesterday."

"Oh, that one, well..." I could see this was going to be a tricky explanation.

"Did your parents get it for you?"

"Kind of, it was a Christmuka present, but I wanted it and ordered it, after all, my parents aren't Mensa members."

"And you are?"

"Yeah, I thought I'd give it a try."

"Even though you were dead set against them not a year ago?"

"I had my reasons."


"Maybe. Okay, yes. Though, to be honest, a night out with you is not something I'd turn down!"

She laughed. "Did you know we were using these books?"

"Yeah, well," time for a little white lie, "I was chatting to a mate on The Net, he's Mensa, I mentioned one of the problems and he said it came from a book he had."

Amy seemed satisfied with the explanation.

We finished our meals and headed off home. Well, we managed to get out of the cafe then bumped into Amy's bloke and a couple of his mates. Great. Not.

"So this is why you ain't out with me tonight?"

"I explained it to you on the phone Josh."

"And I'm meant to take it am I? Sorry, I can't see you cause I'm boning this," he squared up to me, stared into my eyes then gave me a shove, "geek."

I hadn't noticed one of his mates crouching behind me, so I tripped over him and fell backwards into the canal.

I managed to float myself back onto land. Amy's bloke and his mates stalked off laughing their heads off, ignoring the torrents of abuse that Amy was hurling at them.

"Quick, let's get back to yours and get rid of these damp clothes."

Lucky we lived close to the town centre, and it was warm for March, so I wasn't shivering too much by the time I got home and dripped upstairs. I grabbed my towel and darted straight away into the bathroom, leaving Amy in my bedroom.

One warm shower later, I was feeling much better. Wrapped in my fluffy blue towel, I crossed the hall back into my room. Amy was looking rather cross. It didn't take me long to figure out why.

"What's the meaning of this?" She was pointing at my telescope, which I'd forgotten to pack away.

"It's a telescope, light passes through lenses and so it makes far off objects much larger."

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