Dead Men, Dumb Boys

by Sterling

Copyright© 2011 by Sterling

Sex Story: In a worldwide calamity, all the men die and all the boys become profoundly retarded. There's only one thing they're interested in any more, an interest that awakens at puberty. Women struggle to adjust.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Mother   Son   Pregnancy   .

All the men died.

The first time a man was asleep after a particular instant -- January 29, 2012, 8:37pm GMT -- he stopped breathing and died. A billion or so men in Asia just never woke up. Sleepless wives found themselves lying next to corpses in the dark, while better sleepers made the discovery by daylight.

By the time the pattern was clear, another billion men faced a cruel end -- whenever they couldn't hold their eyes open any longer, they would die. Along with the anguish came a flurry of activity. Planning for the continuity of society and in some cases the very survival of their womenfolk gave a purpose to men's final hours. Hurried instructions were given. Those on how to keep the electrical power grid operating and the food shipments coming into the cities saved lives directly. How to run a pizza shop and deliver the US mail kept things moving smoothly. How to run a marketing campaign, audit tax returns, test software, install insulation ... all would be useful some day.

Where holes could be dug in backyards, the billions of men were committed to shallow graves, while mass graves were the only option in many urban areas.

The police and security functions largely ceased functioning, but disaster was averted because the bad guys were just as dead as the enforcers.

The political vacuum was profound. In many countries the wives of politicians stepped up to fill their husbands' shoes. But because of the constitutional rules of succession, Hillary Clinton became President of the United States, not Michelle Obama. Had the Calamity struck two years earlier, Nancy Pelosi would have assumed the office.

The men died, but not the boys. When boys below the age of about 20 woke up, women discovered that they had become idiots. They had lost their command of language and abstract thought. Gone were their social skills, and they came to resemble the autistic in many ways, showing no sign of affection or attachment to others in their family. They could often be found staring off into space or examining the pattern in wood grain. Anything requiring as much discipline and skill as washing dishes or opening a can to feed themselves was beyond them. They retained toilet training, but not much more in the way of personal hygiene.

One thing the boys past the age of puberty retained was their sex drive. That combined with a total absence of social inhibitions had predictable results. They didn't have the social skills to threaten a girl or woman, and if she was strong enough to forcefully resist they gave up. But they instinctively knew where a woman's vagina was, and faced with a weak or uncertain resistance, they would vigorously maneuver their penis to the place it belongs and shove. Guided by nothing but raw instinct, they ejaculated within seconds.

There was a huge baby boom nine months after the Calamity, for two quite different reasons.

In men, one common reaction to having only hours to live is to want sex -- and without a condom. Many girlfriends and wives didn't have the heart to insist on one.

Mothers and sisters were ecstatic when a teenage boy woke up instead of dying in his sleep. If his desire on waking was to force his penis into his mother or sister's vagina, that was emotionally so much preferable to his being dead that she in her confusion often didn't have the will to resist.

Nell Johnson had a husband Bill and a 16-year-old son Kevin. When the emergency bulletins had conveyed the unfolding Calamity, Kevin and Bill knew they couldn't sleep. Both pulled one all-nighter, but the teenager couldn't manage a second one. He had dozed off at his desk in the late afternoon. When Nell found him, she in her panic screamed and shook him awake. His personality was already transformed, though at that early stage the nature of the change wasn't well understood. More exhausted than horny, he had pushed her away with a groan and flopped down on his bed to fall asleep properly. Relieved that he was at least young enough to live, she had returned her attention to her distraught husband.

Kevin had emerged groggily from his room around 6pm and joined his parents in the living room. He sat next to his mother and matter-of-factly slid his hand up between her legs, feeling the crotch of her slacks.

"Kevin!" she shouted, pushing his hand away forcefully.

But he didn't answer. He just kept his eyes riveted to her crotch, then tentatively reached out for another feel.

Already stressed to the limit, Bill exploded, hauling Kevin to his feet and crunching his fist into his son's jaw, sending him staggering away crying.

"Bill!" Nell yelled. "No, please!" she groaned, dragging him away by the hand. Somehow they ended up in the master bedroom, and she turned to give him a fierce hug.

Bill broke the hug, shut and locked the door, and put his own hand where his son's had been a minute before.

Nell yielded easily to his desire. He made some halfhearted effort at foreplay, but Nell felt the need for nothing beyond a little lubrication. Within a couple minutes she was spread out naked on the bed, and he mounted her and thrust his cock inside, gasping.

"That feels so good, honey," she whispered after a minute. "I want to feel you come!"

In seconds she felt his excitement building and saw a faraway look on his face. And then he came, with his typical big groan. He collapsed on her for a few seconds before rolling off.

"So tired..." he said.

"Shhhh!" said Nell and snuggled against him.

Within seconds, he was asleep. His breathing slowed and became regular. A few seconds later, it stopped. Nell fought back her urge to scream and try to shake him awake. The news reports had made it plain it would be pointless. In 15 minutes she was sure he was gone and thought she could feel his body start cooling noticeably.

Fighting back tears, she got up. She was now a widow, single mother to a retarded son.

The next day, Nell opened the door for Kate, Kevin's girlfriend. They were both juniors in high school, and the two had been involved for a little over a year. Nell liked Kate.

"Hi, Mrs. Johnson."

"Hi, Kate. Oh, it's so terrible, all of this."

"Yeah, I'm just in a daze."

"You want to see Kevin?"

"I guess ... Yes! I was so glad to learn he'd survived."

"Don't get your hopes up, though. He's not the same as he was before."

"Yeah, I know."

Nell led Kate down the hall to Kevin's bedroom.

Kevin lay on his back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

"Kevin, Kate's here to see you," she said quietly.

He turned when he heard the noise. When he saw Kate in her gray dress, he sat up and looked at her with interest -- sexual interest. He had been looking at Nell that way a lot ever since he woke up. Kate's expression made Nell wince inside -- she was a teenage girl in love, and she was about to be disappointed. The two teens came together in a hug, but even as they did Kevin's right hand went straight to Kate's butt.

It was no secret that the two of them slept together regularly, and Nell knew Kate was on the pill. She retreated and shut the bedroom door almost all the way, leaving it open just a crack. She didn't want to get in the way of sex, if that's what they wanted, but she also didn't want to abandon Kate.

What Nell heard from the hallway was, "Kevin!" and some giggles, a few grunts and a big "Aahhhh!" in her son's baritone voice, and then a,"Kevin? Kevin?" from Kate in softer tones.

Less than 60 seconds after Nell had pulled the door mostly shut, Kate opened it and shut it firmly behind her, head down and tears in her eyes.

"Kate?" asked Nell tentatively as the girl came into the living room. "I'm so sorry..."

Kate stood a moment, never looking up, then said, "I've got to go now," in a small voice.

"Look, I'm happy to talk any time, OK? I'm sorry."

"Yeah, OK," said Kate softly as she shut the front door behind her.

Nell knocked on her son's door and paused a moment, waiting by habit for a response. Hearing none, she opened it and saw immediately why Kate had shut it behind her.

Her son lay on his back, dressed as before in T-shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers. But his shorts and briefs were down around his ankles, his legs were spread wide, and his erect penis was slick and smeared with clots of semen. It was just beginning to droop.

What startled Nell was the smile of total contentment on his face. She hadn't seen such a simple look of happiness on that face since he was a small boy.

Nell was a high school guidance counselor at a different school from the one Kevin and Kate attended. Two days after the Calamity, the school was a completely different place. Half the teachers and administrators were dead. Some of the women teachers came in, while others were trying to fill their husband's shoes in jobs that were more vital to the immediate functioning of society. Some girls came in and some stayed home for similar reasons. Many of the retarded boys were delivered to school because their mothers needed them out of the way and were desperate for a place to put them.

The boys were suddenly totally incapable of the first grade curriculum, let alone anything taught in high school. Of more immediate concern, the male half of the student body was actively, physically trying to get into the pants of the other half. The desire was nothing new, but the boys had lost all their inhibitions. If that thing over there looked female, a boy's urgent impulse was to get that cloth out of the way to expose her cunt so he could fuck it.

"John, you're being very naughty!" Nell heard as she came around a bend in the corridor. John's pants and briefs were down to mid-thigh, his erect cock standing out boldly. Lisa was standing against the wall, and John was feeling up under her dress. But Lisa was smiling and actually holding her dress up out of the way. John pressed in against her, cock aiming right up to Lisa's vagina.

"John!" said Nell in a sharp voice.

John didn't even look at her. Lisa looked flustered for just a moment, then said, "Oh, it's OK. I don't mind! He can't help it!"

And as Nell watched, John's penis tip found the feminine folds it sought and burrowed in. Seconds later he gasped, and Lisa gave a delighted laugh as she beheld his orgasming face.

Nell realized she had been frozen in place for several seconds watching. "Come on, John, pull yours pants up, and off to your room now!" she said. She had to pull his pants up herself and pushed him along gently.

The teachers, all women of course, decided that segregation was called for. The boys were herded into classrooms guarded by teachers and a few brave girls.

Nell reflected on Lisa's reaction to her hallway quickie. She had left giggling. She was a chubby and unattractive girl. John was a popular athlete, and getting him to make love to her -- or even just fuck her -- in the old days wouldn't have been a possibility. Nell knew Lisa had some psychological difficulties, so she wasn't too surprised she had yielded to John's outrageous advances.

After finishing the dinner clean-up that night, Nell looked at Kevin sitting in the living room, staring off blankly into space. Her wonderful, intelligent, exasperating teenage son was gone. Who was this boy who was left? How could she make him happy?

She smiled as she thought of his dreamy expression after getting his rocks off in his girlfriend's pussy the other day. That was how to make him happy! Yeah, "Come on, Kevin, fuck mama like a good boy!"

It was unthinkable. Unthinkable because...

She was married. No wait, actually, she was widowed. Hopping into bed with someone else a week after her husband's death might seem a little hasty, but it wasn't actually breaking any vow.

He was her son, so it would be incest. She was still on the pill. She could have quit the day after Bill died, but amid the chaos around her, keeping her hormonal balance steady had seemed prudent. So there was no danger of incest-related birth defects, or even an unwanted pregnancy.

She could go to jail. Hardly likely. He wasn't going to tell!

It would mess him up psychologically. Ha! He didn't have enough mental subtlety to get messed up. He didn't give any sign he knew who she was. Just some person -- well, he definitely understood she was female. Before, at his most rebellious, he had shot her looks that could kill, he had given her the silent treatment, and he had yelled at her. But he had never looked at her with the emotional indifference he showed now.

What about her? It was scandalous to go to bed with a boy so much younger than her. But there were no men anywhere near her age any more. Anywhere. If she ever slept with a man again, it would have to be a boy. So she would just never have sex again. That thought raced through her like panic. Never to feel a man possess her again? She could masturbate all she wanted, but never to feel the male body on, around and in her?

Looking at his freshness and youth made her pussy surge with warmth. She had loved Bill, and of course she had learned to love his modest paunch that grew up over time. But here in front of her was a male specimen without an ounce of fat anywhere.

But how could she sleep with her son? What would that do to him? She'd been over that already -- it would do nothing bad to him. He didn't know she was his mother. And if he didn't view her as his mother, why did she have to view him differently just because he was her son?

The girl Lisa's reaction came back to her. John had wanted to mate and she had let him -- it wasn't much more complicated than that. If John had still been a full human being, the social context would have been entirely different. He would have been taking advantage of a girl, offering her no conversation, no kiss, no affection -- and certainly no noticeable sexual pleasure. He would have been risking both of their reputations doing it in such a public place. He would probably have boasted of his conquest, getting as much joy from the conquest as the act itself.

But none of those things were true. John had been like an animal, trying to reproduce with a female of his own species. Lisa had answered, taking delight in playing the role of the female: a simple sperm receptacle.

She just stared at her spaced-out son and her mind went blank.

After Nell got ready for bed that night, she lay in bed and masturbated. Her nipples stood up alertly and her pussy got wet and stretchy as she thought of her son.

She put a nightgown on, but nothing else, and went to her son's bed -- a queen-sized bed, big enough for their purposes.

"Wake up, Kevin," she said, and he woke easily enough. She helped him out of his T-shirt and briefs as she tossed aside her own nightgown.

Kevin's cock pulsed to life strongly as he saw what was being offered.

Nell looked carefully at his bright face as he mounted her. She guided his cock to her pussy opening and he pushed in.

"Aaahhhhh!" he moaned with ecstasy.

She had a brief flashback to the time over 16 years earlier when that cock had come sliding out of her as a very incidental appendage to the rest of him. Now it was sliding back in, not at all incidental.

"Unnh, unnnh, unnnh," he grunted, then "Ooooohhhh!"

After five quick strokes he began coming; after 20 he pulled out and lay beside her, total satisfaction and delight covering his face. She felt a flash of anger that he had done nothing to give her pleasure. It was irrational, of course -- he couldn't.

It couldn't have been two minutes later that she saw him looking her up and down intently, cock hard once more.

She lay back to receive him once more, this time focusing on the deliciousness of the male body that was mating with hers. He pounded her for two minutes, and she began to feel definite sexual pleasure. A muscular man's body was lying on her, insinuating its special mating prong into the special canal she had for no other reason than to receive it. She gave him a vaginal squeeze and was delighted to see his face scrunch up in pleasure and pump her even faster and deeper. Seconds later he came.

He fell asleep beside her as she drowsed herself. She woke feeling him nudge her onto her back once more, and glancing at the clock saw they had slept for the better part of an hour. This time he fucked her for twenty minutes. When he rose to his orgasm, she rose with him, and found herself grunting, getting in touch with her own animal self. They both gasped in sexual release, celebrating the deposit of a third load of sperm inside her pussy.

None of the boys could care for themselves, and they couldn't keep themselves safe. In the old days, they would have been put in institutions. The teenage boys had an additional problem: they were actively antisocial, liable to sexually harass every female of reproductive age they came into contact with.

The teachers turned half of Nell's school into an institution for boys. Mattresses were hurriedly brought in and arrangements made for the delivery of three meals a day. More permanent arrangements for a real institution would be made later, but mothers with teen sons had an urgent need. This was where they were used to leaving their sons, and they transformed the existing social network to meet the need.

Heather Collins used to dream of a world without men. Had she ever wished for it? Yeah, she had on occasion, after all the shit she got from them. She was a fat bull dyke, not the kind of girl the men were very kind to. But she wasn't going to feel guilty about exasperated wishes in passing that men would just all drop dead. It wasn't her fault.

But she never in a million years would have dreamed of the role she had now. She had been a German teacher, but now she was headmistress for a reform school for retarded teen boys. Headmistress wasn't the right word. She was more like head of security.

She hadn't had any brothers and had only known men and boys at social distances. Now she was living with a hundred and fifty boys who didn't have any social inhibitions, and she was becoming intimately familiar with the male body. They got erections a lot, and they didn't see any need to hide them.

The math teacher Mary Hernandez had raised three sons herself, and she said she was surprised that the guys never masturbated. She thought it was because of a lack of imagination. Like animals, the boys were attracted to actual females they could mate with, but they didn't fantasize about them. Heather could see their penises pulse to erection as they looked at her or one of the other women sometimes. Sometimes their fingers played over their bulging cocks, but it never led to systematic rubbing motions.

Yeah, she noted, their penises pulsed to life looking at her. She found it amusing that half of them would presumably fuck her if she let them -- she never had so much male attention in her life. She guessed it was a little flattering, at some level. But she had no interest whatsoever herself.

Even in their horniness the boys didn't use their full strength to try to mate. She and the other women fended off advances with a sharp tone of voice and firm motions -- it also helped that none of them was exactly a nubile bombshell. But Heather was the one they turned to if a boy got out of line. She brought more size and strength to the physical side of the equation.

There was a moment of silence as Shelley cut the car motor. Nancy was in the passenger seat, Rachel and Tara in the back. It was 1:30 in the morning. They were at the service entrance to the school, and Nancy knew how to sneak in.

"We're horny!"

"We want to get laid!"

"They've locked up all the cocks! Let's liberate some!"

It was a mild February evening, and each of the girls had a loose dress on.


"Missing!" chorused the other three voices.


"Missing!" they shouted together.

"Female condoms?"

"In place!" "Got it." "It's not going anywhere."


"Natural!" "Copious!" "You bet!" they all hollered, giggling, one hand up under each dress to check and fondle a few strokes more.

They followed Nancy through the service entrance and back storeroom into the hall of the arts wing.

Exchanging excited glances just outside the music room door, they let themselves in and shut the door quietly behind them.

There they were. Nineteen teenage boys, on mattresses on the floor. Some had sheets over them. Some had T-shirts or briefs on, but some did not. Three cocks were in plain view, two of them limp but one erect. Tara pointed at it and made a panting face.

The four of them pulled off their dresses and tossed them by the door. Tara sat on the mattress next to the prize cock that was ready and waiting. She paused a moment before gently shaking its owner's shoulder.

The boy woke up, saw her, and grinned at her pussy. Tara lay back and spread her legs. The boy rolled over onto her and slid his ready organ in. He made a dozen quick thrusts, then gave a big "Ooohhhhh!" before rolling off.

"Yes!" said Tara quietly with a big smile. She had been blocking on his name, and now it came to her: Colin. "What are you guys waiting for?" she asked her friends, who were just standing there naked.

"Oh!" they heard from across the room. A red-haired boy they didn't recognize rose and came towards them hurriedly. Tara was the one whose twat looked easiest to get at, and he started orienting to that.

"No, me!" said Nancy, and lay back on the bottom of the first boy's mattress.

The red-haired boy was happily redirected. He sank his cock into Nancy's open vagina and made a loud, "Unnnhhhhh!" as he came.

The noise woke some of the other boys, and their excited noises woke the rest.

In no time all of the boys were scrambling for position in a vagina.

"Oh, this is so great!" said Shelley as she felt a cock stuff her pussy. It shoved ten times before its owner gasped and she felt the meat twitch inside. He collapsed on her as a dead weight. She nudged him off so she could breathe, but realized she was being assisted by another boy who was eager for his turn. As she watched, a jet of white shot out the end of this new cock, then another and another. Gobs of the stuff, spent in premature ejaculation. His failure to connect didn't seem to bother him. His limp and happy form was easily nudged aside by a third boy, tense and excited. His penis looked big on the way in, and the stretching in her pussy confirmed that this was a huge one! It sprouted from between the legs of Bob, a quiet gangly kid.

The dimly lit room was alive with erotic sounds: rustling, the slapping of flesh on flesh, grunts and moans from the boys and higher-pitched sighs and giggles from the girls.

"That clock on the wall says 1:48," said Rachel. "I was a virgin at 1:41 when we came in, and now four guys have done it to me!"

"I've had five."

"Four, plus one who didn't last long enough to get it into me."


"Well aren't you cool!"

"Wait, that's four and five makes nine, and five makes fourteen, and then six makes twenty." Rachel sat up and counted. "There's only nineteen guys here. Does that mean one of them's already done it twice?"

"No, when I said five, I meant five lifetime, including when I used to do it with Adam."

"OK, that's nineteen. Did everyone else count right?"



"So is that it? They've all shot their wads?" said Nancy with a trace of disappointment.

"I see Alan's cock is hard again," said Shelley.

"You think he's gonna want to?"

Shelley got up and sat on his mattress, reaching out to gently stroke the firm organ.

"Unnhh!" grunted Alan, pressing Shelley onto her back.

"Looks like it!" said Shelley, spreading her legs cooperatively.

Other cocks were rising. "Can you do me from the rear, Dave?" Tara asked. "Oh yeah, I guess he can't talk..."

But Dave had no trouble figuring out the geometry presented by Tara's upturned ass. She laughed. "That's cool! I feel really stuffed."

"Hey, they don't come as quick the second time, I guess? Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, I'd heard that."

"Whoa! Say, who had Bob before? He's huge!"

"Me -- isn't it great?"

"I guess ... maybe I'm not quite as big down there as you. It sure is ... intense."

"You don't even know who I am, Jim, do you? We were friends back in third grade. I'd always kind of hoped ... Oh, it feels so good..." Nancy's voice trailed off.

"Aaahhhh!" said Tara. "I had an orgasm. Keith's been going in me for a couple minutes. How many times has he done it before?"

"He did me the first time."

"And he did me."

"So it's his third, I guess. Do you see how happy they look? It's amazing."

"Yeah, like little kids."

"Don't you love the smell in here?"

"It smells like sex, that's for sure ... Take a sniff of what's in your pussy..."

"Oh, that's so cool."

More time passed, cocks were inserted into different pussies and humped in and out with youthful enthusiasm. Dave grunted his orgasm, giving more spurts to the female condom nestled inside Rachel's vagina. She said, "That's ten ... I think I've had enough. I'm kind of sore."

"Not me! I want more ... I was so close to coming when Stu shot his wad..."

"Maybe Dave?"

"Maybe. We've tuckered a bunch of them out, you see."

Five of the boys were sleeping on their mattresses.

"No!" said Rachel firmly, pushing Bob away. "I don't want to do it."

Nancy said, "Is Bob hard again? I'd love to get him in me again. Just a minute, Bob." A boy named Hal was mounted on her, humping away.

"They don't know their names."

"Come on, Hal," said Nancy quietly. "Give me another squirt, OK? Let it all out..." In a louder voice, she said, "He's been rowing away here for ten minutes now, and ... I really want Bob again ... God, what a slut I am!"

They all laughed. "We're in touch with our female sexuality and satisfying our natural urges."

"We're sluts."

"Well, if it's Hal," said Rachel. "You think we could get his cock out of you and into me?"

"I thought you said you were done."

"Well, I don't know, Hal's kind of small and he does it gently."

"OK, it's a deal."

"Look, Hal, see Rachel? Her pussy's open. Right there." Nancy pushed Hal off of her.

"Nnnnhhhh!" protested the boy whose biology demanded he not depart a vagina before he had splooshed it.

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