Pregnant Sister

by Simon

Copyright© 2011 by Simon

Erotica Sex Story: Impregnanted, abandoned and dumped she found love in the arms of the one person that loved her, her brother. Sister brings others in need into the relationship.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Petting   Pregnancy   .

Pregnant sister: Sally, Nora, Eric & Barb

Sally was home when I arrived after school, she left school early for a Doctor's Appointment. I got home and sis was in the living room of our small apartment on the sofa, crying. I sat next to sis and asked "What's wrong?" and and she answered "my life is over now, I'm pregnant and Josh dumped me, I am going for an abortion all alone, I just wish I was dead". It broke my heart to hear her "Sally I'll cut school and take you, I love you and always loved you" said very low and she smiled, "you are always there for me, I wish Josh had been like you". I thought to myself "I wish I was Josh and the one fucking you sister"; Sally is a sweet, pretty Senior and 18, slim and blonde 5'7". Sally hugged me and I held her as she cried, "mom will kill me, lucky our insurance will pay, it is $800".

Sally started to cry, "Josh asked me who the father was? And I told him that he was! Josh asked me how many boys had fucked me, and was I charging like a real whore, then asked me if you were fucking me and you are the father" and she she cried hard. I was stunned and said "he was just being mean Sally, I've always told you Josh was not good enough for you. He thinks because he cheats on you that you are cheating on him, as for me, Josh figures that since he rapes his younger sister and forces her into sex that you are doing the same." Sally looked stunned "why would you think he forced his sister or cheated on me" and I answered, Josh shows the guys photo's of all the girls he fucks, he showed me his sisters nude photos, other girls and you to Sally, I am so sorry, that was why I always warned you about Josh. Then said "don't worry I will get your photo's back"!

Sally was crying and whispered "no Eric, Josh always told me he was the toughest boy in School and he'd hurt you" and I answered "no Sally Josh is a bully and a sissy, he picks on younger kids and is a coward, the guys all know that; I'll knock out his cowardly ass if he tries".

Sally looked at me serious "if you get my photos back you can fuck me one thousand times now and not get me pregnant, all the boys at school will think I am a slut now and would date me just to fuck me and use me as a whore". Sally paused "this afternoon I decided I can not do without sex, and I need a partner I can trust, Josh dumped me like a harlot, you are the only boy that ever cared for me me, you are my sex partner, you'd even fuck me if I decided to keep the baby and screw me while I am pregnant, you don't need a condom now". "Sally I'm your brother and you are to good for this" and then she interrupted me; "you don't understand, I know how you look at me, it always made me feel special, Josh and his friend's and the guy's at school think I am skank now, just a whore" and she was crying. I held sis and petted her head, neck and back, fearing to touch her because of my lust for her.

Sally whispered "mom left a message on the machine she is coming home late tonight after midnight and has a big meeting. I want us to go to my room, you and me will make out, and you are going to get lucky and don't need a condom, you will be fucking me like you always wanted to. Your going to be my only sex partner now, Josh has been fucking me for over two years, and I need a man, if you refuse then I'll just become a whore and let the guys fuck me and use me like the little skank I am! " I kissed my sister lightly and she pressed her lips to mine, "Sally you are not a skank, you are a dream girl and beautiful, the sexist girl I ever saw" and she smiled.

Sally stopped crying and took my hand and lead me to her room, closing the door. Sally unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it onto her chair, I stood there numb seeing her pink bra and C breasts enclosing her cleavage. Reaching behind herself she unfastened her bra and laid it across her blouse, looking at me unzipping her skirt and saying "Eric please" and lowering her skirt and panties together, baring her body, and her shaved pussy showed. My jaw dropped, kicking off my tennis shoes and then my t-shirt and jeans were gone and I stepped out of my briefs. Sally came forward and smiled and I hugged her close. Her bare breasts flattened on my chest and her naked pussy was pressed into my hard-on, this hard to be a dream and my hands were on her bare ass holding her butt cheeks and pressing her into me. "Would you stay with me and be my man even if I decide to have this baby, you'd have to fuck me pregnant and enjoy me" and I answered "yes"! Sally broke our embrace and took my hand, kneeling on the bed saying "I need you inside me now" and bent her head down to the bed, her butt facing me; I stepped forward and her hand took my hard penis and lead me into her, I pressed and slide all the way inside my sister's tight pussy and she whimpered "oh you are so much bigger then Josh it almost hurts me, I feel so full, fuck me hard".

I moved in and out of her wet, tight cunt and was stunned I lost my virginity to my own sister and she seemed to love this, driving my penis in and out of her, as my hands cupped her breasts, fondling her. I'd have killed anyone just to feel up Sally's tit's! Now I was her man and fucking her. In and out slowly and then in fast and hard, then withdrew slowly, ramming into her and she was whimpering over and over "I love you Eric" and "Ohhhhhhh". I came but could not stop myself and my penis didn't soften this was my dream girl that I jerked off over nightly and my beautiful sister and my cock was inside her. Her tits were full and soft, hard nipples and a firm inside, this was my dream. Finally I came again and sis was quiet and said "oh shit you fucked me 30 minutes and I am drained, we laid there snuggling. My cum inside her tight pussy and my arms around her, Sally looked at me and said "I love you" and I said "I have always loved you, forever" and she smiled.

We laid on the bed and I gently played with my sisters breasts, her nipples hard and she smiled "you love my tits" and I smiled, "your cum is dripping our of my little cunt, and I feel so happy now, I am with my man now. "Sis I like your shaved pussy; it is beautiful, so smooth and pretty" and I placed my hand between her leg's covering her woman's mound and touched her gently. Sally smiled at me and her naked body was so lovely, I lowered my mouth to her breast and was kissing first one nipple then the other, kissing all her breast, and sucking her nipples like a child feeding at it's mother's breast. Sally's hand was on the back of my head stroking my hair gently, "Eric you make me so happy" and I moved between her thighs and looked into her eyes, taking the head of my erect penis and gently entering her cunt, pushing and sliding all the way inside my older sister's vagina. "Oh Eric you fill me so much, I feel so full and so alive, rape me Eric, force me this time" and I did, taking her hands and playing out this game. "Sally you are mine now to force, to fuck just my little slave whore now" and she smiled. I was ramming hard into her and holding her hands above her head with my left hand, while my right hand caressed and fondled her breast, pushing in and out hard and fast. Sally screamed and I released her hands, thinking she was hurt, "Oh shit I never came like that before" she smiled. "I nearly fainted as you made me cum" and she took my face in her hands and kissed me the kiss of a lover.

After falling asleep I awoke, a wonderful feeling in my penis, sis was cleaning my penis with her mouth and I awoke to her sucking my cock, she looked at me, "this is just something I need" smiled and arose, swung a leg over me, and aimed my hardened cock at her pussy and sat down. "Ohhhhhhhhhh she moaned in pleasure as I filled her, and she was so tight, and then began to move her ass forward and back, my hands on her breasts feeling her and thumbing her nipples as she rode my cock. Time seemed to stand still and her body became the whole world, my cock pushed up inside her tightness, she smiled and started to shake like a leaf in the wind and she her cuming turned on my penis, and I moved her up and down and drove my cock so deep inside her and she collapsed atop me moaning :I love you" over and over. Sis ran to the bathroom and returned kissing me, I tasted toothpaste and she smiled, I peed you should have seen the semen coming out of my little pussy and brushed my teeth, my breath smelled of cock" and she laughed.

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