My Sister, My Lover

by chchboy

Copyright© 2011 by chchboy

Erotica Sex Story: A tale about youngsters growing up and learning about the world around them. A mother and her sister can be great teachers.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Daughter   Aunt   Group Sex   First   .

My Sister and I loved watching my cock sliding into her pussy, I liked the way her lips caressed my cock and she loved the way it disappeared and reappeared. We would sit for hours playing with each other before putting it in, then, if she was sitting on me, would ride slowly up and down so we could both watch the movement. If I was on top she would sit with her back against the headboard, propped up to see.

We were twins and we had enjoyed the sensations for a couple of years now, not that what had happened before wasn't good, this was better.

We would sit close facing each other, Sis would spread her legs wide and put them on my knees. She loved pulling my foreskin up and watching it roll back, how my cock twitched when she stroked it. She was very gentle sometimes, hardly touching but other times she gripped the shaft hard. I liked both.

I would rub her clit with my thumb and caress her lips with my fingers to get her juice going then slide two fingers into her pussy with another touching her rosebud. We played like that until we were ready for the next part, sucking each other.

Sis would get on top, lower her pussy to my mouth, when I could just touch her full, red lips she would kiss the head of my cock. She loved controlling the speed and would slowly lower her pussy while swallowing my cock. She was teasing both of us.

Sis would climax first, I would suck on her clit only as she licked the head then she would sit on my cock or lay back so I could get on top. She would hold her lips open as I rubbed the head from her ass to her clit. By lifting her hips, I knew Sis wanted me to push my cock home. When my cock was fully in we would pause, just feeling the sensations, the pleasure. Me, the warm tight pussy. Sis, the big, hot cock.

It had started when Mum had us both in the bath together a long time ago, I can remember she would stand me up and pull back my foreskin and wash me, rinse me and then get Sis to do the same. Mum would wash Sis between her legs, she was different, Sis had to put a foot on the edge of the bath and I had to hold her, then I could wash her while Mum held her. Mum was real good teaching us how to do it and watching to make sure we did it right.

The best part came when we got out of the bath. She would check my cock was clean and dry then play with my foreskin until it was stiff and suck my whole cock into her mouth. Sis had to lie down for Mum to make sure, then she would lick her pussy.

Mum would get in the bath and we would both wash her. We learned how important it was to be clean inside the pussy as well. We also learned other things. Mum taught me and Sis how to lick her pussy, how to hold and rub her breasts and that it was okay, after a bath to put a finger in the other hole.

Mum let Sis play with my cock and suck it but said I could not put my finger in Sis just yet, I could kiss and lick outside but I had to promise to put my finger in Mums pussy only. She told me I would hurt Sis if I tried.

A couple of years on, Sis and I would do our chores in the morning and then Mum taught us, it was called 'home school' because we lived a long way from town and the track was to long and rough for the school bus.

Dad and grand dad had died early on trying to build a better road.

Mum's sister would come with the groceries on the weekend and visit. Mum would give her our homework and we would get the next weeks work, we would put the groceries away then had the rest of the day off. Aunty Jill liked coming to visit and we waited for the weekend to see her, she was fun.

When we had everything put away Aunty Jill would take her clothes off, Mum hardly wore clothes at all, we didn't bother, and we would sit on the back step and tell her what we had learned that week.

Mum would tell her if we were correct and Aunty Jill would give us a treat.

Suck my cock or lick Sis.

About a year later, one Saturday it was raining, a summer rain storm was predicted Mum told us and maybe Aunty Jill could not come but she did. Even though it was raining it was warm and we were running around outside when Aunty Jill arrived. She drove straight into the barn and had taken her clothes off before she came out and just stood in the rain.

Mum came out and gave me a bar of soap and told me to wash Aunty Jill, Sis was going to wash her. We all had an outside bath, standing up, Mum told me not to forget Aunty Jill's pussy.

Usually Aunty Jill didn't stay long on Saturday but she always gave Sis and I a kiss and suck before she left, I had put my fingers in her pussy, she had told me soon I could put my cock in her pussy.

I washed her all over making sure around her breasts then I held her leg as she held my shoulder and I washed her pussy carefully. I cupped my hand between her legs to get some rain water to rinse her off. Mum had showed us her clit, how it hid and that it needed special care, I was supposed to pull the skin back and rinse there, Mum liked that a lot. It gave her a climax.

The rain was running between Aunty Jill's breasts and into my hand but the other was holding her leg, I asked if Aunty Jill could pull the skin back. She reached down and held the skin and I could see her clit. It was bigger than Mum's, I told her so.

It was Aunty Jills turn to wash me. She gave my cock a lot of attention and told me that today I could put it in her pussy as she soaped my hole, running her finger in and out, my cock was standing up. She bent down and sucked it into her mouth.

The rain had got harder and we all went up on the back step, there was a hanging seat there and Mum and Aunty Jill sat down. My cock was still standing up and Sis pulled the foreskin back, and showed Mum it was bigger. Mum smiled at Aunty Jill.

Mum told Aunty Jill she had been watching it all week, when she held my cock she had noticed precum, that maybe now was the time to try and put it in her pussy.

But she could go first, Sis rubbed my cock some more and asked if she could help.

I asked Aunty Jill if I could see her clit again and if Mum would show us her's at the same time. Both learned back and opened their legs, Mum told me to hold Aunty Jill and Sis could hold her and we should both suck their clits and then change.

Aunty Jill had a bigger clit and when I put it in my mouth she asked me to rub it with my tongue. Mum had taught us how so I showed her I could.

She moaned just like Mum and I heard Mum moan as well telling Sis she was doing a good job. I kept on rubbing and sucking like I did with Mum.

I felt Aunty Jill move and then she held my head hard against her so I rubbed harder with my tongue until she closed her legs round my head, her whole body shook.

I looked up and she was pulling her nipples. She opened her legs and told me to put my cock in her. She told Sis to hold my cock and point it at her pussy.

After Mum had said I could put in her pussy, Sis and I had practiced. We had been playing with each other a lot and Sis had used a finger in her pussy. I hadn't put it in Sis, although when she rubbed my cock against her opening she did pull me forward and the head did just go in, just a bit. She told me not to tell Mum yet but she thought my cock would go in all the way just like our fingers in Mum's pussy. We really liked my cock touching her pussy.

I stood up between Aunty Jill's legs and Sis held my cock pointing it at her opening, she was holding her lips open and Sis and I could see she was wet like Mum gets when we put our fingers in her pussy and rub. Mum leaned over to hold Aunty Jill's breast and watch, she told me to think of my fingers in her pussy but now it was going to be my cock.

She put her hand on my back and pushed me forward until the head touched Aunties pussy and told Sis to rub it up and down between the lips to get it wet then I was to push it in. Mum had told us it was important that the pussy be wet before I put my cock in.

Sis pushed my cock down over her clit and when the head was at the opening Mum pushed my back and my cock slid into a pussy for the first time.

Sis had to let go quickly, it went right in. What a feeling, it was warmer than when Mum or Sis or even Aunty Jill sucked it. I must have had a silly grin on my face because Sis asked what was wrong.

I was just standing there but Aunty Jill must have liked it, she was moaning again, Mum told me to move my cock in and out, just like your fingers and to put my hand on my Sisters breasts, that she was missing out on the fun. Sis leaned into me and I squeezed her breast just like she liked and I moved my hips, out and in. Aunty Jill had a big smile and Mum was rubbing her clit and sucking Aunties nipple.

I could feel my cock in her pussy and looked down, that was the time I learned I wanted to watch, I told Sis to watch as I moved. She didn't say anything but kept watching. Mum said that this was why sex was so beautiful, that the feeling was just a part of it and that shortly Sis would feel it to.

Well I was looking and feeling and shaking, Mum hadn't said what comes next. She didn't have to, it happened, I felt my knees go weak as that something happened.

Mum had been watching for this I think and told me I was going to cum, I was going to discharge into Jill, to push in deep.

I had forgotten about Aunty, she was pulling on her nipple with her mouth open when she cried out she was cumming. I pushed in hard as I felt something funny in my balls then the discharge from my cock. I wanted to see but I wanted to push again as Jill clamped her legs around me and cried out yes

When Aunty Jill finally relaxed her legs I stepped back and my cock popped out Mum told Sis to suck my cock, to taste my cum and to rub my foreskin, just lightly. Sis dropped to her knees and sucked me, then put part of my cock in her mouth and played with my balls, I felt the urge to push again. My cock was still hard as she pulled back to look at it. Stroking it. It looked bigger.

Mum had sat back and she asked me if I wanted to put my cock in her pussy. I nearly fell over Sis as I moved and then remembered something else Mum had taught us. She told us how she liked to be held after her climax. I figured that was what had happened to Aunty Jill, she had a climax, Mum doesn't make any noise, and looked at Aunty, she was still smiling and told me to put my cock in my mother.

Sis was still kneeling there holding my cock and she nodded. As I moved between Mum's knees, Sis let go and put her hand under Mum's leg to grab my cock and told me that once it was in Mum she was going to play with my balls. I wanted two cocks so I could put one in my Sister as well.

I didn't have to wait this time, my cock was wet and Mums pussy was wet, my cock went straight in. Mum gave a gasp and lifted her legs so I could get closer and Sis held my balls. Mum looked at me and said just to hold still, to let her feel my cock.

Aunty Jill held her hand and said it was the biggest cock she has ever had, Mum looked at her and said that at long last she had her Son's cock right where it should be, that it felt so good, so right and so big. She looked down at Sis and told her she had so much fun waiting for her as a tear rolled down her check.

Sis said she just wanted to watch my cock in her pussy and kissed Mum's leg. I started the movement again and Sis leaned over to watch and kept rolling my balls. I held Mum's legs against my chest and watched my cock sliding in and out of my Mothers pussy, I didn't think I could have been happier.

I sort of knew I could move further, longer strokes, not fully out but fully in, Sis saw what I was doing and moved her fingers to touch my cock when I pulled out and I saw her touch Mum as I pushed in. I looked up at Mum and saw the smile. Her Son's cock and her Daughters hand giving back all the learning and loving. I saw her eyes close like they did when we played with her pussy, she was going to climax but this time she had a cock instead of fingers.

Just like with Aunty Jill the feeling came quickly and I moved faster, Sis held my balls again and squeezed, I wasn't sure if it was good or bad but my knees got weak again. I felt Mum's pussy squeeze my cock hard and I pushed into her pussy hard.

For the first time Mum spoke while having a climax as she told me I was making her cum, her Son's cock was making her cum. Sis heard as well and squeezed and again that discharge, that feeling of wanting to push as I pulled Mum's legs hard into my chest.

After a while my cock got soft and slipped out, Mum leaned over and told me she wanted to lick my cock clean and told Sis to lick Aunty Jill's pussy, that way she could taste my cum and Aunty Jill's juice. Sis said she wanted my cock in her pussy. Mum explained that she had to wait for her period so she knew when it was safe. I wanted to put my cock in her pussy too.

Mum licked and sucked me until I was clean, there had been white stuff Mum told me was cum. Then she sat up so I could lick her clean as well. I sat on her lap and Sis sat on Aunty Jill's lap as Mum explained in her teachers voice how females got pregnant. She said all of this was part of school work for a little later on but we should know now.

Aunty Jill was playing with Sis and rubbing her clit, she showed Sis her clit and pointed out how her's stood out where as she could not get Sis to do the same but how it still felt nice when it was licked and that she could still suck my cock. She asked Mum if she was going to suck me until I discharged.

Mum said it would be a good idea if Sis did it, they could watch and explain but would have to wait till my cock was hard again, maybe after lunch.

We sat there for a while as the rain got worse with Mum holding my cock and Aunty with her fingers rubbing Sis.

After lunch, Auntie said she would spend the night rather than risk the track and how much fun we could have and asked Mum if we could have a threesome with Sis helping. I didn't know what that meant and was about to ask when Sis did.

Mum said she would explain later and asked me what I liked best, what gave an erection. I tried to think but just said everything, then told her about what Sis and I had done, how Sis had held my cock against her pussy when we practiced. I told Mum I hadn't put it in but it did feel nice when my cock rubbed her pussy.

Aunty Jill laughed and told Sis to sit on her knees and spread her legs so Mum could rub my cock against her pussy. She told me Mum would have to hold my cock because it seemed so ready to enter any pussy.

Sis got in place and I moved between her legs, Mum pulled my foreskin back then put her hand around the length, the head was poking out and she squeezed, It got bigger. She smiled at Auntie and said it was just what they had waited for, a nice big hard cock. You can have it all weekend and I can have it through the week.

Sis put Auntie's hand on her pussy and asked her to hold her pussy open so she could feel it. Mum moved me forward and rubbed the head up and down a few times then stopped and ran a finger tip over the opening, it was sticky and she told Sis I was ready.

Mum went back to her teachers voice as she told Sis what to do then asked Jill to show her. Aunty Jill had sucked and licked my cock many times but this was different. She held the foreskin and pulled it back as she moved her mouth forward and nearly swallowed my cock, it felt like I was in her pussy again. As she withdrew she held the foreskin again and pulled it up.

Sis just about jumped for my cock and took it her hand, we both knew this time would be different. She looked at me as her fingers pulled the foreskin back then put it in her mouth. When Aunty Jill first sucked me she just sucked my cock into her mouth, Sis used her tongue to play with the head as she sucked my cock back and forward, pulling and pushing my foreskin.

Mum and Aunty had never played with my foreskin while sucking me before, I knew now that it would have been to early, that I should feel my cock in a pussy first.

Sis had watched and was trying to give me the same feelings.

Mum was talking about what would happen as I got closer, how Sis should hold my balls and wait till they tightened then take her mouth away but keep moving my foreskin so we all could see what happened.

I think Mum was talking and not watching as Sis felt my balls lift, she squeezed and swallowed the first load before moving.

She pulled back but kept stroking with my cock aimed at her mouth, I could feel and now I could see as another squirt of white creamy stuff shot out straight into her mouth. I pulled back then pushed again and Sis held my cock hard. Another squirt but Sis had moved back to watch and this time the stuff landed on her tits.

Aunty was still kneeling beside Sis and leaned over to lick her breasts. Mum joined with Sis but aimed the next squirt into her mouth then told Sis to put it back in her mouth, to suck but not worry about moving my foreskin, just suck to get the rest.

We would never be the same after Sis had sucked my cum.

That night we all went to Mum's big bed. I lay on my back and Mum would sit on my cock while Aunty would sit on my face then they would swap and Sis would put my cock in their pussies. I sucked Sis that night and used my tongue as a cock.

She climaxed.

The rain eased in the morning and I walked the track with Aunty, she wanted to make sure she could get out before driving. I thought it was okay until we got to the place where Dad and Granddaddy died. Aunty said she would stay another night, just to be sure. We sat on a stump for a while before starting back uphill and Aunty asked if she could hold my cock again.

She told me I had a big cock for my age and her pussy would miss him. It gave her so much pleasure and asked if I wanted to put it in her pussy again as it was so hard. I said her pussy had given me lots of good feelings too and asked if I could suck and lick her pussy first. There would be no one else on the track today and Aunty took her dress off, I took my shorts off and knelt between her legs.

Her clit seemed even bigger today, I played and sucked it till Aunty had a climax and told me to hurry, to put my cock in her cunt. I didn't know what to do until she pulled me forward, my cock going into her pussy all the way. Her legs went around my bum and she held me there as she pulled on her nipples. She had another climax and told me to fuck her, to push my big cock so far in that my balls would follow.

She held me real tight for a while then relaxed a little. She smiled at me and said she was sorry but feeling me suck her clit and then putting my big cock in her pussy had been to much, so much so she had an orgasm. She told me it was my turn and that she and Mum would tell me and Sis about the other words later.

She squeezed my cock with her pussy and I felt bigger and began to move. Aunty closed her eyes and told me what I was doing was fucking, that it made her feel so full with my cock going in and out, she wanted me to go faster, to push harder.

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