In Your Dreams

by Axolotl

Copyright© 2011 by Axolotl

Humor Sex Story: Nicola convinces her sister Shireen that liberal applications of fresh sperm will make her breasts grow. Does it work? What do you think?

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Humor   Incest   Sister   Petting   Size   Big Breasts   .

This story is a fantasy. It doesn't really make them grow. On the other hand, if it isn't true, it's strange how many people seem to believe it. Surely, they can't all be wrong?

Some of the things that happen in this story are pretty nauseating. If you are no older than the characters in this story, perhaps you ought to find some more suitable reading material.


"Does it really make them grow, do you think?" Shireen lay on her back and rubbed the last of it into her swollen nipples. There was nothing else for her to rub it into, after all.

"It worked for mine, didn't it?" Nicola grunted and rubbed the backs of her calves. "Haven't you finished yet? I'm getting cramp."

"It's still coming out," her sister whined. "There's ever such a lot in there. Your boyfriend must be a stud bull elephant."

"I'll tell him you said that. Actually, I don't think that's all his juice in there. Some of it is probably mine."

Shireen hastily tried to sit up, unbalancing her sister who was precariously poised above her on the bed, her panties down around one ankle. "Careful, for fuck's sake, Sis!"

"I don't want your juice on my tits," Shireen gasped. "Girl juice won't work. It will probably make them even smaller."

"Impossible," Nicola muttered, and climbed off. She peeled off her soggy panties with an expression of profound distaste, and looked around for somewhere to wipe her fingers. Her breasts bouncing massively up and down and somehow at the same time jiggling in all directions, she plodded across the bedroom and picked up a towel.

"Are you sure it's what worked for yours, Nic? Yours were huge even before you got pregnant. Before you even went out with Mark. Or with anyone, for that matter."

"I can't help it if they're the biggest in the whole school, can I?" She swung them from side to side in her T-shirt, watching the effect in the dressing table mirror with evident satisfaction. "But when I started seeing Markie, he told me how it worked with Pam when he went out with her. So I started rubbing his jizz into my tits. A week later, I needed a new bra!"

"You grew out of your bra in a week?"

"Not exactly. Some boys stole it while I was in PE. But it was getting too small, anyway. It was only a 34E," she added - quite unnecessarily, Shireen thought.

"But that was at the beginning of last year. Have you rubbed cum into your tits since then?"

Nicola was getting bored with the subject. She wanted to take a shower. She smelled disgraceful. "Look, I can't hang around talking all night. I've got a date with Kenny in half an hour!"

Shireen pouted and rolled herself into a ball. "It's not fair," she mumbled, sucking her thumb. "Why can't I get a boyfriend?"

"You won't get one lying there playing with yourself all night. Do what I did, get out and find yourself one."

All very well for her, Shireen thought, all she has to do is take a deep breath and the boys will crawl through shit and broken glass to get their hands on her custom-sized tits. At least, she thought, another couple of months and they'll lose interest. The boys won't go near her when she's the size of a house. Not that that will be much comfort to me...

The front door slammed as Nicola went out, and seconds later, Kenny's van roared away from the house and screeched round the corner at the end of the street.

Shireen rubbed the last of Mark's semen into her barely-budding breasts, and closed her eyes.

"Wow! Look what I found!"

Shireen sat bolt upright and dragged the sheet round her chest. Too late, he had already seen her. The whole school would know by tomorrow. "Markie!" she said. "Nic's room is just along the landing."

"I wasn't looking for Nic. I came for you. Came for you. Came for you..."

"Well, you found me," she whispered huskily.

And he immediately unzipped his chinos and produced a vast two-handed whopper of a penis. He aimed its enormous purple head squarely between her eyes, then grinned, and lowered it to point at her chest. She scarcely had time to whip the sheet aside before jet after jet after scalding jet of juice hit her, bang on target. She could feel the individual drops as they splattered off her breast bone. It seemed to go on for hours. Strange, she had always heard there would be a couple of powerful squirts, then a few dribbles, then nothing. Mark laughed and put himself away. "That's all for now, babe!" he said, and turned on his heel. The door closed behind him and shortly afterwards Shireen heard laughter coming from Nicola's room.

"Oh, fuck it!" she said, sitting up again and staring round the room. The clock said it was just after eleven. "These dreams are getting too realistic for my liking." Wet dreams, she thought, feeling between her thighs where a spreading damp patch marked her all too recent arousal. Unconsciously, her hands went to her breasts, then jerked away.

They were wet and slimy!

"Oh, no! It can't have been true... ?" She sniffed at her fingers, rubbed them together tentatively, even tasted one. It was the real thing, all right. Without thinking, she began to rub it into her tiny titties. "No! Stop it, Shireen! This can't be happening. Unless you're still dreaming!" She pinched herself carefully on one buttock. "Ouch! Not so hard!"

She was awake. Then she explored the bed, and discovered that she had rolled over on to Nicola's cast-off panties, still sodden with their load of mingled juices.

"Oh, fuck it!" And this time she sobbed herself to sleep.

"Nic?" she asked casually at breakfast, as soon as their mother was out of the way. "Is Mark's thingie very big?"

"Shireen! Not while I'm eating!"

"Sorry!" She waited a few moments. Nicola speared a large sausage on her fork and dipped the end of it in tomato ketchup. Her lips closed round it with lascivious delight. "How big is it?"

Nicola removed the sausage and laid down her fork. "What's up with you, Sha? You're becoming obsessed with sex!"

"I'm not! I was just wondering how big Mark's cock is."

"Big enough," Nicola mumbled. "It doesn't matter how big cocks are, it's what they do with them that matters."

Shireen had heard that one before. "So it's not this big, then, with an enormous great big purple end?"

Nicola pushed away her plate. Her sister's hands were at least a foot apart.

"In your dreams!" she snarled.

"How did you know?" Shireen gasped.

"Markie, for your information, has the smallest dick in the school," Nicola said through gritted teeth. "That's one reason why I'm seeing Kenny. Despite being of Scottish descent, Kenny's got a prick as big as ... as..." she rejected the salt and pepper pots and her abandoned giant sausage, looking round the room for something of comparable size to Kenny's redoubtable manhood - and failed. "He's fucking huge!" she finished weakly.

"Nicola! Please mind your language!" Their mother had come back in; God knows how much she had heard.

The sisters scrambled up from the table and rushed off to get ready for school.

Shireen placed a hand on her sister's sleeve.

"How long was it before you felt your tits getting bigger, after you rubbed spunk into them?"

"Oh, not again! Why did I have to sit next to you on the bus?"

"Because you're my sister and you love me. I've been thinking about it all day, Sis!"

"You're supposed to think about your school work, not making your tits grow."

"I think it's working," Shireen whispered with some pride.

"You're becoming a pervert, dear sister..." Nicola sniffed and turned to talk to one of the girls across the central aisle. "Working?" She spun back and stared at her sister. "Don't talk garbage!"

"It's not garbage, you know," Shireen said confidently. "I looked at them at lunchtime. It's starting to work. I'll show you them later tonight, if you like."

"What makes you think I'd be interested in your tits?" Nicola put her nose in the air. She put it down again. "How big are they, anyway?"

"They're not really huge yet," admitted Shireen with due modesty. "But you know how it is with tits. They don't get enormous straight away. It might take days before they're as big as yours!" And giggling, she dodged Nicola's playful swipe at her as they swayed down to the front of the bus, saying goodnight to their various friends.

Shireen was right. It was taking days. A whole week later and she was on her back on her bed once more, with Nicola squatting over her.

"You're not very polite, Nic, why don't you turn round the other way so you can talk to me properly?"

"I don't want to see your face. And your silly shaped tits. And I don't want to do this any more. It's so undignified."

"You're only upset because it's started working. You're worried that mine will end up bigger than yours."

"No I'm not! I just happen to think that since you're my sister and you're three years older than me..."

"I'm not three years older than you. It's two years!"


"Two! Two and a bit."

"Two years and eleven months," said Nicola confidently. And since you're very, very nearly three years older than me, you ought to be able to grow your own tits without me having to save up my boyfriend's spunk and pussy-fart it out all over your horrible chest."

Shireen rubbed the slithery mixture into her fast swelling breasts. If you had taken a large orange and sliced it in two, then laid the two halves on Shireen's chest, that was how they looked. They were ninety-five percent areola. It gave them a bizarre appearance which scared Nicola so much that she refused to look at them.

"I can nearly suck my nipples," Shireen purred.

I could suck mine before I was eleven," drawled Nicola in a bored voice. "Both at the same time."

"The only reason I can't suck mine is that they stick out so straight and firm."

"Oh, piss off!"

Concentrating hard, Shireen scooped up the last dangling string of sticky fluid and wiped it off at its source. Nicola jerked involuntarily and gave a small squeak. Shireen grinned and pulled a rude face at her sister's interesting rear end. "You can get off now, it's stopped coming out."

"That's it. I'm never doing it again. Go out and collect your own jizz." She was standing with her feet turned inwards, performing shallow knee bends and wiping her not particularly private parts on a corner of Shireen's face flannel.

"You'd better put that in the washing basket, thank you very much. Are you going out tonight?" Shireen asked.

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