Blind Date Goes Bad

by El Mano (Cruiser)

Copyright© 2011 by El Mano (Cruiser)

Sex Story: A young girl becomes the life of the party, even if she doesn't remember it

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Prostitution   .

Sarah James was president of the student body at the high school she attended in the upscale neighborhood where she lived all her life. Sarah was, of course, an honor roll student as well as one of the hottest players on the school tennis team. Sarah had a slim, athletic build with long, nicely muscled legs, trim hips, and an angelic face framed by silky, dark hair that she usually wore long and flowing like a soft, dark cape which hung down past her waist. Her bust, although not overly large, was more than adequate to compliment the rest of her practically perfect body.

Her mother and father were both well respected, young professionals and loved their beautiful, seventeen year old daughter very much. They were very pleased with the fact that Sarah took such pride in herself and in her school. She was not the type to take drugs or to "run" with lots of boys from the proverbial "wrong side of town".

It came as quite a surprise to them then, when mid-way through the first semester of Sarah's senior year, their daughter began to exhibit some unusual behavior one day. Her mother noticed it first. In the past, young Sarah was fastidious, practically to a fault, about her appearance. The young beauty wouldn't dream of even leaving the confines her bedroom, without brushing out her long, dark hair and making sure that her face was clean. Even when she wore blue jeans, Sarah, chose only the best, designer cuts that would accentuate her girlish curves. Whenever she went out, Sarah took great care to apply just the right amount of makeup to her naturally, lovely face. In short, Sarah's appearance was always impeccable.

So, when Sarah's Mom found her lovely daughter sitting at the breakfast table on Sunday morning, her hair a mess, her clothes looking as though they'd been slept in and her face unwashed, she had to ask, "Are you alright darling?"

"Yeah, Mom. I think so. I just feel kinda woozy, that's all."

Sarah had been out with her girlfriends the night before. Her parents trusted her explicitly and very seldom questioned her as to her comings and goings. She could go wherever she pleased within reason, and was allowed to stay out as late as she wanted provided her schoolwork didn't suffer.

This morning, however, Sarah's Mom was worried. "Where did you and your little friends go last night?"

"We went out to Staples Mall," Sarah replied practically inaudibly, cradling her face in her hand.

Try as she might, Sarah couldn't seem to piece together exactly where she had gone after arriving at the mall, or when she had come home. She remembered meeting Lindy and Nichole at B. Dalton Booksellers. The three teenagers had then left the mall after visiting a few more shops and had gone to Giolitti's Pizza. She vaguely remembered that geek, Billy bothering the three of them as usual.

Billy had only been working at the pizzeria for a month or two. 'It was a shame, ' Sarah thought. She really liked the place, but when she and her girlfriends ate there while Billy was working, they had to spend the whole time keeping away from the greasy, young man. He was all hands, he smelled bad and he was stupid. His step-father was the owner of the pizza parlor, so Billy's job was secure no matter how much he harassed some of the customers. Sarah's friend, Lindy told her once that she had actually overheard Billy's step-dad encouraging his dim-witted step-son to pay very "special attention" to any young girls who frequented the pizzeria. Sarah simply couldn't believe that. She told her friend that she must have misunderstood the man. 'After all, ' Sarah reasoned, ' Billy's step-dad is an adult and a business man like her Dad.'

"Sarah ... Sarah, are you OK?"

Sarah shook herself back into the present. Her Mom was leaning over her, shaking her daughter gently by the shoulder. Her mother looked very concerned.

"Have you got a fever, darling? You really don't look well."

"No, Mom, I don't think so. I think maybe I'll go back to bed for awhile."

"OK, honey. I've got to go the supermarket, and I'll be back in an hour. Do you think you'll be alright 'til I get back?"

"Yeah, Mom, I'll be OK, really." Sarah gave her mother a weak smile, got up from the table and walked on wobbly legs toward her bedroom at the end of the hall. She felt terrible. She was light headed and weak. She felt mildly nauseated, and her stomach churned uncomfortably. She also had an unpleasant yet somehow familiar feeling in her lower abdomen, a throbbing soreness, along with some cramping. Perhaps just the onset of her period.

Sarah lay on her bed and tried once again to remember what had happened the night before. She remembered eating dinner, then something about a credit card, and that was about it. Sarah was exhausted and slowly slipped into a fitful half-sleep.

Soon the she fell into an unpleasant, surreal dream. Through a haze, Sarah saw people manhandling her friends, carrying them away. Then strong hands were lifting her, then nothing. Next came a feeling of floating and of being placed prone on a very hard surface. In the background, Sarah, heard laughter, then groans or cries.

Sarah awoke a few hours later not feeling much better. She got up to use the bathroom. Sarah pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet, but when she bore down, the uncomfortable feeling in her lower abdomen became much more pronounced, radiating to her lower back. The teenager was a little alarmed to see a small amount of blood on the toilet paper when she wiped herself. 'What's happening to me?' Sarah thought.

Dropping the piece of toilet paper into the bowl, Sarah began to explore herself gingerly with one finger. She found that she was rather tender down there, particularly around her vaginal opening. "Ow!" she moaned softly. She was really sore. Carefully, the young girl slipped her finger up inside her vagina. She seemed to be swollen inside. It felt almost like... 'almost like she'd had sex?' she asked herself. 'No way!' she thought. 'That's just not possible!'

Sarah had had sex only once in her life. That had been a year ago after a party. She had had a little too much to drink which was very unlike her, and later had let her boyfriend, Rick go a lot farther than she later would have cared to admit. But, it had happened. It had hurt a little, but Rick had been as gentle as he knew how. It had been his first time too. Sarah wasn't too proud of having allowed it to happen and refused Rick any further advances after that night, claiming she was worried about getting pregnant, the usual excuses. Rick cared about her, and thankfully didn't pursue the matter too diligently. Sarah had been celibate ever since.

But now? 'No ... No way!' she reassured herself. 'After all, she had only gone to dinner with her friends.' Sarah knew that much about the evening past. She removed her finger from her vagina. Before withdrawing her hand from between her legs, Sarah allowed her finger to trace carefully back over her anal opening, a place she never "visited". She felt raw and tender back there too. This, mixed with the uncomfortable feeling that radiated down from her lower back, made the young girl wonder again what exactly had happened to her last night. She got back into her warm, safe bed and soon drifted off to sleep again. For some reason, she was exhausted.

"I dunno, Pop. We could get in a lot of trouble," young Billy said to his step-father in the secret, back room of Giolitti's Pizza. The small pizza parlor was located on a back street near the big, brightly lit mall and had been in business for many years. Billy's step-father bought the place about three years ago and did a reasonably good business. Most of his customers were young, high school age kids. Many of them came to his place of business because the atmosphere was dark and sort of romantic, at least in the eyes of a sixteen year old.

"Don't gimme that shit, boy!" Rob Frankel retorted. "You just do like I tell ya, and everything will work out just fine. I thought you told me that you wanted to fuck a couple of those little cheerleader types. I know I do. I got my eye on that little, dark headed number. What's her name?"

"Sarah," Billy mumbled.

"What'd ya say, son. Speak up!"

"Sarah. Her name is Sarah, Sarah James, I think."

"Sarah ... Yeah, I like her. Sarah and I are gonna be real close," the big man growled. "You just be god damn sure you do exactly what I tell ya to. Understand?"

"Yea ... Yes sir," Billy stammered. Billy was intimidated by his step-father, but was willing to go along with him this time. He fantasized about sinking his cock into one of those squirming, young bodies. Oh yes, Billy would do exactly as he was told.

In addition to owning the pizzeria, Rob Frankel was known in some of the seedier circles around town to run a prostitution business on the side. It was very profitable because he specialized in providing his clients with young, unconscious victims. In addition to his in-house service, Frankel was also the local provider of date-rape drugs. This little enterprise was also very popular and profitable.

Of the various drugs Frankel offered, which there were many, including gamma hydroxy butyrate or GHB, better known as Easy Lay and Liquid X, Rohypnol was the preferred drug of his "sleepy time" clients. When administered, drugs like Rohypnol rendered women helpless. Victims weren't aware it had been added to their drinks, because the drug was tasteless and odorless. Rohypnol is intended for use in treating people with severe, sleep disorders and is ten times more powerful than Valium. It can induce amnesia as a side effect, which obviously impairs the victim's ability to relay what transpired and to recall recent events. Frankel's clients preferred Rohypnol because it's fast-acting. Its effects begin within thirty minutes, peak within two hours and may persist up to eight hours or more. Often times, the effects have lasted as much as twenty-four hours after ingestion.

"Keep an eye peeled, son, and let me know if those three young pretties show up tonight. If they do, we're all ready for them." Frankel walked away, rubbing his crotch, muttering, "Sarah".

As he had hoped, Sarah James and her two pretty, young friends strolled into the pizzeria at around 6:00 PM. Billy hurried to their table and handed out menus to the three beauties. Sarah took the offered menu without so much as a glance in Billy's direction. This burned the young man. 'Don't worry. You'll get yours tonight!' Billy thought to himself, allowing a slight smile to cross his poorly complected face.

Sarah's companions were both blonds. Lindy, the smaller of the two was a real cutie, Billy thought. She looked to be maybe sixteen years old. She had shoulder length, light blond hair that framed her pretty face in contrast to her dark tan. Lindy had the most incredible, luminescent, blue eyes. Billy caught himself day dreaming a vision of the blond's blue eyes open wide and staring as foreign flesh invaded her tender body. The other girl, Nichole, was tall and lean, sort of like Sarah, only not nearly so strikingly beautiful. Nichole wore her long, blond hair in a pony tail that hung to her narrow hips. She had a pretty face, but her mouth seemed overly large. 'His step-dad would find a good use for that, ' Billy smirked to himself. Nichole looked to be maybe sixteen or seventeen as well.

"Good evening, ladies," Billy said in his unctuous voice.

"Hi, Billy," Lindy said, giving him a little smile as she took the offered menu. Lindy was a friendly girl. Neither Nichole or Sarah replied at all.

"Can I get you ladies something to drink?"

"Coke will be fine with me," Sarah said not looking up from her menu.

"Coke's fine," said Lindy

"And for me too," replied Nichole.

"Three cokes," Billy said, scribbling on his pad. 'Perfect, ' he thought. 'They won't even taste it.' "Do you girls want a minute to decide?"

All three nodded.

"OK, then. I'll be right back with your cokes." Billy spun on his heal and walked away toward the back.

Billy burst through the door to the office where his step-father sat at his desk. "They're here!" Billy said excitedly.

"Are they now. Well isn't that nice." The big man smiled lewdly. "I suppose I ought to call a couple of my best customers. Have the young ladies been dosed yet?"

"No, not yet. I was on my way to fix their drinks, but I thought I'd let you know they were here first," Billy replied.

"Very good, Billy. You did the right thing, but go now and let's get things started. Remember, small glasses and lots of salt on their pizzas."

"I remember, and Pop," Billy hesitated nervously. "Do you think I can have the one named Lindy? She's got shorter blond hair, and she smiled at me so nice."

"Maybe so, Son, but only after our customers have had a go at her. Then we'll see. Now get outta here and get moving."

Rob Frankel dialed the phone. "Hello, Stan. Rob here. Yeah, I've got three young ones tonight. Are you interested? Good ... good. Billy's dosing them as we speak. Gimme about an hour to get our little, sleeping beauties ready for you, then come on over. Come in the back way and bring cash this time, Stan. Yes sir, buddy. You're really gonna like these little ladies. I've had my eye on 'em personally all year. See you in awhile. Bye."

Rob made a similar call to another old customer. After hanging up the phone, he got up and made his way over to the small, one-way mirror that looked out onto the restaurant. He saw his half-wit step-son serving drinks to three very attractive, young girls. Rob's lecherous eye immediately locked onto the tall, slim, dark haired teenager. 'Sarah, ' he whispered to himself, unconsciously rubbing his stiffening cock.

It was still pretty early for a Saturday night and the pizzeria was empty save his three star customers. Rob Frankel thanked his lucky stars when about fifteen minutes later he again looked through the one-way mirror. What he saw brought a big grin to his chubby face. All three of his intended conquests were looking very groggy indeed. Gone were their animated gestures and giggles. He saw the little blond his step-son had taken a shine to lift a piece of pizza to her mouth and almost drop it. When she tried to recover, her movements were noticeably sluggish. The other blond, 'the one with the perfect blow job mouth, ' Frankel thought, was actually slumped in the corner of the dark booth. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be asleep. Sarah shook her head in an attempt to clear away the cobwebs, flinging her long, dark hair around her shoulders.

His step-son approached the booth cautiously. "Can I get anything else for you ladies?" he asked, looking directly at Sarah.

Sarah looked up at Billy and tried to answer. She struggled to form a cohesive sentence. "I ... I think the check will be fine, thank you."

Billy smiled and produced the bill from the front pocket of his red apron. He handed it to Sarah. Her hand dropped to the table once when she reached for it, but she managed to take the bill from the grinning young man on her second try.

'What's he grinning at?' Sarah thought groggily. Then out loud she said to no one in particular, "I just don't know what's come over me." She failed to notice the fact that her two friends were dozing opposite her in the booth. Sarah glanced at the bill, then fished a credit card out of her purse with jerky, uncoordinated movements then handed it to Billy.

Billy smiled politely and said, "I'll be right back with this, ma'am." Sarah leaned back heavily in her seat.

It seemed like only a few seconds passed, and Billy was back. "Ma'am ... Ma'am, I'm afraid there's a problem with this credit card."

"Wha... ?" Sarah said coming out of a doze.

"I said, there seems to be a problem with your credit card, Ma'am."

"But, how? I..." Sarah answered disjointedly.

"Young lady, I think you and your friends should come with us." Sarah looked up, the alarm obvious on her face, and there stood Billy's step-father looking very serious.

Sarah opened her mouth to protest, but Rob Frankel cut her off. "I said, you and your friends need to follow me back to my office so we can get this problem straightened out. Right now, young lady. What's your name, anyway?" he said gruffly.

"Sarah ... Sarah James," the young girl said sleepily.

"Here, let me help you up, Sarah James. Billy, help her friends."

Without hesitation, the big man took Sarah by her arm and practically dragged her from the booth. Sarah was simply to out of it to resist. She and her two friends were then quickly whisked away into the back of the restaurant by Rob Frankel and his step-son. Lindy and Nichole were barely able to walk and stumbled along behind with Billy's help. Sarah soon found herself seated in a chair facing Mr. Frankel. The big man sat behind his desk glaring at her. She turned her head to see her two friends leaning against each other on a ragged looking couch against the far wall of the office. They appeared to be fast asleep.

'That's strange, ' Sarah's befuddled mind spoke to her. After that, Sarah James remembered very little until she awoke in Lindy's car much later that night.

Rob Frankel let the three teenagers snooze peacefully in his office for another 30 minutes. "Rohypnol is wonderful stuff," Frankel said to Billy who sat looking longingly at Lindy. "But it doesn't pay to rush things. These little ladies are gonna provide us with a very entertaining evening, my boy. Let's go get the room ready for them. Stan and Tom will be here any minute."

Billy helped his step-father with the preparations in the back room. They busied themselves with various equipment when suddenly there came a knock on the heavy, steel door hidden back in the shadows. "Get the door, will you, Son," Rob said. Billy opened the rear door and in walked two rough looking men. Billy knew them to be regular customers of his step-father's. Billy was none to fond of either of them. They were surly and intimidating.

"Hey, punk," the one named Stan said as he crowded past Billy. "Where's that old man of yours?" As Billy pointed to the front of the room, he was practically knocked off his feet by the second man.

"Outta the way, kid!" the big, black man said gruffly. "It's play time."

The two big men walked toward the front of the big room. As they stepped into the light, they looked around, noticing the three stainless steal tables set up side by side in the center of the room. Standing next to each was a hanging rack with enema bags and hoses dangling ready for use. On another table nearby was an assortment of accessories including some very large dildos and several vibrator-like devices. All was in readiness.

"Tom, Stan, How the hell are ya!" Rob said as he walked in from the hall area.

"Good, Rob. Real good. But I'm ready to get it on. Where are our playmates?"

"Let's see the cash, Stan," Rob said. "You know my policy, 'No cash, no gash!'"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Stan said. "Here ya go." He slapped a big wad of bills into Rob's outstretched hand. "Come on, Tom, pay the man. These bitches better be good."

"Don't you worry about that. I only deliver the finest. Just to prove it, I'm gonna join you fellas tonight. The dark haired one sittin' at my desk is mine."

"OK," Stan said. "Let's see 'em. I'm itchin' for some tight snatch. How 'bout you, Tom?" The big, black man only nodded. Billy, who had been watching and listening from the shadows, had a very uneasy feeling about the man named Tom. He looked dangerous.

"Follow me, gents," Rob said. "The ladies are having a nap in my office."

The three teenage girls were totally unconscious when the Rob and his clients entered his office followed by Billy.

"Those two ours?" Tom asked, pointing to the two sleeping blonds on the sofa. The two girls were leaning propped against each other toward the center of the ragged couch.

"Yes sir. Go on and get acquainted. I'm gonna take mine on into the other room and get started with her in there," Rob said to the two men. Then he walked over to where Sarah lay slumped over in the chair near his desk. He leaned down and picked up the young girl effortlessly. Billy held the door for his step-father as he left the office carrying his prize.

Stan and Tom exchanged a brief grin, then moved toward the couch rubbing their hands together as if they were starving men approaching a table laden with a feast. They each took a seat on opposite ends of the couch on either side of the two unconscious, school girls. Stan glanced up to see Billy looking on nervously. "You're gonna wanna watch this, Kid. You might learn something."

Billy stared at his feet and said nothing.

"Take a seat over there and shut the fuck up!" the big, black man named Tom added menacingly.

Billy practically jumped into the chair that Sarah had been sitting in. He was none too happy about the fact that Tom had chosen to sit next to Lindy.

"This one's got nice, long hair," Stan said as he pulled the sleeping Nichole away from Lindy and leaned her inert form against himself. Nichole's head fell onto his shoulder as he wrapped a brawny arm around her. Billy noticed the young girl's chest rise and fall slowly and evenly. Stan placed a hand on Nichole's cheek and turned her face toward him. Next the big man kissed the sleeping teen on the lips, then placing his hand on Nichole's chin, he opened her mouth. Billy saw the young girl's chest heave slightly when Stan pushed his tongue into her mouth. Stan went about kissing the girl while his right hand slipped from her cheek down to her breast. Other than the occasional quick rise and fall of her chest, Nichole barely registered the fact that a perfect stranger had begun to kneed and pinch her firm, young breasts through the light, cotton pullover she wore.

Reluctantly, Billy's eyes were torn from Nichole and her lover to the other end of the couch. Tom was proceeding much more quickly with Lindy. He already had the young girl laid back on the end of the couch with one of her feet on the floor and the other up on the seat of the sofa, effectively spreading her legs. One of Tom's big, black arms protruded from under Lindy's short, plaid skirt. Billy's mouth became dry as he stared spellbound at her skirt moving in an area well up between her legs. Lindy's head lay on the padded arm of the sofa, but she faced away so Billy couldn't see her expressions, though Billy could see the soft, pale skin of her belly where Tom had pulled her button down blouse out from inside the waist of her skirt. When Tom squeezed the young girl down there, Lindy's belly bulged outward.

"This one's got one hot pussy," Tom said looking at Stan. "Hell, man, I've only been rubbing her cunt for a minute and already she's wet right through her panties." When he pulled his hand from under Lindy's skirt, Billy could see it was wet.

"Yeah, man. I just love teenage girls. This little lady's got the perkiest titties I've ever felt. Even through her shirt and bra I can feel her nipples gettin' hard, and she tastes so sweet.

"Hey, let's get 'em in the back room where we can really have some fun. I can't wait to dip my big, black cock into this one."

Billy's heart skipped a beat. He didn't know whether he felt excitement or disgust at the prospect of watching this big, black man fuck the young blond. Well, it sounded to him like he was going to have to watch, no matter what.

"Get the door, kid," Stan commanded as he rose from the couch and scooped up Nichole in his arms. Billy held the door while the two men carried their purchases into the hall.

As they entered the infamous back room, Billy noticed his step-father folding the yellow skirt that Sarah had been wearing which he placed carefully on top of a pile of clothing on a side table.

"Looks like old Rob's gettin' a head start on us Tom," Stan said as he barged into the room with young Nichole in his arms and moved toward one of the three metal tables.

That's when Billy's gaze was pulled toward the three tables in the center of the room. On one lay the most incredible sight that Billy had ever seen. The beautiful Sarah James, head of her class at school, lay completely naked on the examination table, her shapely legs together and her arms at her sides. Rob Frankel, noticing his step-son's stare said, "You like what you see, boy? Come over here and take a closer look. This is probably one of the most perfect examples of young, female flesh that you'll ever see."

Billy watched Tom deposit Lindy on the table to the left of Sarah. Immediately the big man began to disrobe the young blond. As Billy moved with trance-like steps toward the table where young Sarah lay, he heard his step-father continue, "Just look at her tits, son. They're so firm. Hell even layin' on her back they stand up nice and proud. And those little, pink nipples." Rob reached out and took one between his finger and thumb and gave it a twist. Sarah sighed softly, but that was all. When he released her nipple, Sarah's breast shook enticingly. Check out her smooth, firm belly. I'll bet this little girl's got muscles inside that'll drive a man crazy. Yes sir, Sarah's gonna make your step-father a happy man tonight. Did you see her pussy, Billy. Have you ever seen a prettier sight? Look how prominent her pubic arch is. See how it stands up higher than her thighs. That means she can handle a lotta cock, son." Sarah's firm tummy rose slightly when Rob placed a hand over the wispy, soft, dark brown down that covered her pussy. Billy's mouth began to water as he watched his step- father start to rub Sarah slowly and gently.

That's when Billy heard what sounded like gagging. He looked to his right just in time to see Stan burry his big cock to the hilt in Nichole's throat. Stan hadn't wasted any time with Nichole. He had immediately recognized a good blow job mouth and had gone right for it. The young girl lay on her back with her head hung over the edge of the table. Stan had adjusted the height of the table to bring Nichole's open mouth level with his hips. He had also pulled her shirt and bra up under her armpits, exposing her tits which he was currently mauling roughly. Billy saw the unconscious girl's chest and tummy begin to heave convulsively as her airway was completely cut off. Stan ignored this and continued to squeeze the young girl's breasts unmercifully, causing her shoulders to heave from side to side. Finally, he pulled back with his hips, withdrawing what looked like about nine inches of glistening cock shaft from Nichole's mouth. More gagging and wheezing noises erupted from the unfortunate, young teenager.

"Hey! Pay attention, son. I'm tryin' to teach you something here," Billy's step-father said gruffly. He continued to massage Sarah's pussy. "I'm gonna show you how to get a young woman aroused, son, even when she's unconscious. Get's 'em nice and wet and easier to fuck."

Billy noticed that Sarah's hips moved slightly each time his step-father squeezed her. Obviously she could feel what was happening to her. From the nearby table Frankel picked up a slim, white, tubular device. The tip of which tapered to a rounded point. Billy's step-dad twisted the small nob on the blunt end of the device, and immediately it started to hum.

"This is a small vibrator, Billy. With it I'm gonna get this little bitch hotter'n a firecracker."

Frankel placed the tip of the instrument to the top of the line of dark hair that ran down along Sarah's pussy slit and disappeared between her thighs. Slowly he moved the vibrator down the length of Sarah's slit allowing the tip to just part her soft, pubic hair, but not actually making contact with her pussy lips.

Billy witnessed a wide range of expressions flash across her countenance. Sarah's eye lids flickered at first, then her pretty face registered what appeared to be pain. Quickly though, as Frankel moved the tip of the vibrator slowly back to the top of her slit, the young girl rolled her head to one side and sighed deeply. Billy saw the tip of her tongue and a hint of sparkling, white teeth between her slightly, parted lips. Sarah's tummy bulged outward suddenly, startling Billy.

"Oh, yeah. She's feelin' it. Just look at her face, son. Pretty soon, she's gonna be one happy, little lady." With his left hand Frankel carefully parted Sarah's vulva. Billy got his first sight of the enticing, pink flesh that lay between. "Watch her face now, son."

Frankel touched the tip of the vibrator to the very top of Sarah's opened slit, just above a small, moist looking, raised nub. The reaction was instantaneous. Sarah's mouth opened wider, and she gasped in a deep breath as her hips pushed up off the table. Frankel pushed down with his left hand on Sarah's pubic arch, forcing her body back down on the table. At the same time he let go of her pussy lips with his fingers, allowing the resilient flesh to close around the tip of the vibrator. He twisted the device slowly, pushing it down slightly against her clitoris. Sarah's head rolled quickly to the other side and her stomach muscles contracted violently.

"Yes sir," Frankel said aloud. "This one's gonna be good!"

"You think she's good," Tom said suddenly from the table on the left. "This one's a virgin."

Billy was so engrossed in watching his step-father manipulate the vibrator between Sarah's pussy lips that he had forgotten entirely about Tom and the young blond that Billy had eyes for. The young man was shocked to see Lindy stretched out on her back on the adjacent table. The big, black man had not bothered to remove her skirt or blouse after all. He had simply stripped the young girl of her panties then pulled her skirt up so that it practically covered her face. From what Billy could see of her, it looked like Lindy had a very sparse covering of white-blond, pubic hair which just barely covered her pubic mound, leaving her vulva virtually hairless and smooth. Billy had a pretty good view too, because Tom had Lindy's legs spread wide. Her knees rested over his shoulders and her shapely calves lay on his broad back. Tom's face was only inches from Lindy's pussy.

"No extra charge," Billy's step-father said to Tom with a grin. "Enjoy her."

"Oh I will," Tom said as he dropped his mouth to the young girl's spread pussy. Billy heard a little whimper come from Lindy and saw her back arch slightly as the big man began to feast on her. Billy watched Tom chase Lindy's cunt with his mouth as the unconscious teenager rolled her hips from side to side. Tom's cheeks and chin worked furiously, and loud slurping noises came from between Lindy's thighs.

Billy's attention was draw to his right by a gurgling sound followed by a long, low groan. Stan had just cum, his big cock lodged deep in Nichole's throat. Billy could see the muscles of her throat moving quickly as out of instinct and necessity, the young lady swallowed copious amounts of semen to keep from drowning. The gurgling sounds came again from young Nichole when Stan thrust and withdrew several times in rapid succession, his heavy testicles slapping on his plaything's forehead.

Then, from right in front of him came a shuddering moan. Billy looked back to see his step- father grinning from ear to ear. Sarah's hips pumped spasmodically as Frankel moved the vibrator up and down between her vulva, pausing at the top of her slit each time to rotate the tip over the young girl's clitoris. Billy noticed the hum of the vibrator change pitch from a high whine like that of an electric razor when his step-father administered to Sarah's clitoris, to a lower more growling buzz when he pushed the device down between Sarah's thighs where the sound became muffled by the tender, surrounding flesh. Again a shuddering moan escaped the young girl's lips. Billy looked up at his step-father.

"She's gonna cum, boy. Just look how wet she is." Briefly he pulled the vibrator from Sarah's pussy and held it up for Billy to inspect. Billy could plainly see that the tip and most of the shaft of the device were coated with a clear, silky fluid. "Girl juice," Frankel said with a grin. "Best stuff that ever was." To Billy's surprise, he popped the vibrator into his mouth and sucked it clean. "Mmmm, this one tastes good. Now you just watch while your step-daddy makes this little lady cum."

Frankel returned the tip of the vibrator to Sarah's wet slit and began to move it rhymically up and down. Immediately the girl's hips fell into time. After only a few second's, Billy noticed her begin to shiver, then without warning, his step-father pushed his hand down between Sarah's thighs. Suddenly the sound of the vibrator became almost inaudible. Frankel had pushed it up inside Sarah. When Frankel withdrew his hand without the vibrator, Billy noticed his fingers and the back of his hand were coated with fluid.

Sarah's head began to roll from side to side and her breaths came in convulsive gasps. Frankel quickly leaned over and took one of the teenager's rigid, little nipples between his teeth and began to nibble. He returned his right hand to Sarah's pussy and began to swirl his middle finger around in tight circles over her clitoris. Suddenly, Sarah's hips came up off the table as she began to hump at Frankel's hand. Then a long pulsating whine issued from her open mouth in the same tempo as her thrusting pelvis. Young Sarah James came, not for the last time that evening.

Billy's senses began to overload as the room filled with the sweet sounds of young women in the throws of orgasm. Billy also could smell the scent of hot female flesh. A sharp cry got his attention. Billy's head snapped to his left just in time to see Tom push his hips forward. Between Toms pelvis and Lindy's small, blond cunt was the largest piece of cock meat that Billy had ever seen. The bloody thing had to be every bit of a foot long and damn close to three inches in diameter.

"Man this little virgin's a tight one!" Tom said, grinning Billy's way. "You think it'll fit?" He nodded down at his mammoth tool.

"I ... I..." Billy was speechless.

Tom pushed forward hard. Billy watched, fascinated as at least six inches of the huge, black log quickly disappeared into Lindy. A low cry came from the helpless girl, followed by a deep, guttural grunt. She did not, however, regain consciousness. Billy was amazed. He knew that Rohypnol was good stuff, but this was incredible. Another two inches of Tom's cock slipped into Lindy while Billy stood dumfounded, unable to tear his eyes from the spectacle.

"That's my man, Tom," Frankel laughed. "He sure knows how to break 'em in. She'll never get another cock like that one." Tom grinned back as he began to slowly fuck his young victim.

Meanwhile, Rob Frankel removed the vibrator from young Sarah and rolled her inert body over face down on the metal surface.

Billy watched Tom fuck Lindy. With each thrust of his hips, it seemed that the young blond accepted more and more black meat. "Come over here, boy, and make yourself useful," Tom growled. "Unbutton this bitch's shirt. I want to see her little titties bounce when I fuck her."

Sheepishly, Billy moved around the foot of the metal table. He paused briefly when his eyes locked on the sight of Tom's big shaft pistoning in and out of the small, tightly stretched opening of Lindy's vagina. He saw blood mixed with clear fluid running down one of Lindy's ass cheeks.

"Get movin', boy!" Tom bellowed. "I ain't got all day. 'For long here, I wanna give this little bitch a black baby."

Billy hustled around to the head of the table and reached out with shaking hands. As he began to unbutton Lindy's white blouse, he could feel her warm body moving beneath the material in time to Tom's thrusts. Billy heard what sounded like several loud farts.

He looked to the far table to see that Stan had mounted Nichole. He had stripped the young girl down and laid her on her back on the table. Stan now knelt on the table over Nichole with her legs up over his shoulders. He hammered away at her unmercifully, causing her head to bounce up and down on the metal table top. The sounds that Billy heard were pussy farts caused by Stan's plunging. He would completely withdraw his cock from Nichole, and then with practiced aim, Stan would jam his cock back into his helpless lover, causing trapped air to splatter out between his thick shaft and the tight walls of Nichole's vagina.

"Pay attention, boy!" Tom grunted. "Get that bra open!"

As Billy reached for the clasp between the two lacy cups of Lindy's bra, he looked down into her face. The young teen's eyelids fluttered, and pain registered in her expression with each thrust of the massive cock inside her tender vagina. Her mouth was open wide. Her tongue lolled around inside. She panted and grunted. Billy unfastened the clasp and pulled the two soft cups of Lindy's bra aside, exposing two perfect, white mounds of breast meat. They were smaller than those of either of the other two girls, but were nicely pointed with puffy, pink areola and hard, little nipples. Billy's mouth started to water as her stared at the two jiggling cones. Lindy grunted deeply, breaking Billy's reverie.

"Hands off, kid!" Tom said as he slapped Billy's hand away. The young man had unconsciously reached for one of Lindy's tits. "This little girl's all mine. If you behave yourself, we might give you sloppy seconds or maybe thirds." Tom laughed cruelly and gave Lindy a hard ram. Billy noticed that Tom's hips now slapped against the insides of the young girl's thighs. Lindy's tummy bulged out and a gurgling sound came from her throat. The young girl had taken the whole thing. Tom's entire, massive cock was buried deep inside her womb.

"Oh, yeah, baby," Tom groaned. "Man you oughta feel this little girl move inside." Tom grinned at Billy. "She's fuckin' me back, boy. Little girl likes that big, black cock." Tom wagged his hips side to side causing his black, curly pubic hair to mingle with Lindy's soft, blond down. "And now, I'm gonna give her a baby."

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