The Sunglases

by Rod O'Steele

Copyright© 2011 by Rod O'Steele

Erotica Sex Story: A boy finds a mysterious set of sunglasses with very unusual properties.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   .

Mike was walking home from school along Industrial Way. His mom hated it when he walked home that way; she was always worried that Mike would get run over by one of the trucks that tore by, heedless of the occasional pedestrian. Mike preferred it because the other people at school didn't walk that way.

It was a typical spring day, slightly warm with clear skies. As Mike was walking, he was kicking some pebbles, trying to keep them on the little path by the road. One skittered off and under a small bush. Mike reached under the bush looking for it. His hand hit something. He pushed back on the lower branches and saw a small black box. It looked new, but it had been scratched up, as if it had bounced along the road before coming to rest under the bush.

Mike pulled the box out and examined it. There were no identifying marks on the outside except a small red and white sticker that read Top Secret. He wondered what was in the box. Mike tried to open it but the latches were locked. They looked like the latches on his dad's briefcase and had little slots for a key. He looked around; there was nobody in sight. He shrugged, and put the box in his knapsack and headed home.

When Mike got home he took the box into the garage. He grabbed one of his Dad's chisels and a hammer. Mike justified what he was about to do by saying to himself maybe the owner's name was on the inside. He busted both of the locks and the top opened easily. The inside was padded with foam rubber and contained only a pair of glasses. Intrigued, Mike opened the box all of the way. Inside the lid was a tag.

XMG-57h Terrorist Detection Glasses - For Experimental Purposes Only.

Caution - Do not bend or twist. Damage to internal circuits will occur.

Keep dry. Clean lens with approved cleaning products. Do not stare directly into intense light or damage to imaging circuits may occur.

Mike picked up the glasses. The lenses were reflective and silvery, like sunglasses. They were heavier than they should have been. They were also ugly, with thick black frames. Sunglasses were supposed to look sporty, weren't they? He tried to fold closed one of the arms but they were a solid piece. What the heck were these?

Mike put them on and the world changed. He could see into the wall. He could see the wiring under the plaster board in the garage. Mike looked out the front of his garage just as Debbie, his stuck up neighbor, was walking by. She was naked. He nearly had apoplexy. What was she doing walking by the house naked? He tore off the glasses to get a better look only to find her dressed. She had disappeared by now. He ran out of the garage. She was in front of the next house. Mike put the glasses on again and she was naked. He tore them off ... clothed. He did it three times before she turned up her walk and disappeared into her own house.

Stunned, Mike walked back to the box and read the tag inside the lid again: Experimental detection glasses. He turned over the box, nothing. There were no identifying marks. He had no idea who had built theses glasses, who owned them, or what their intended uses were. Questions filled Mike's mind, 'What am I going to do?' 'Am I in trouble?'

Mike put away the tools and carefully stuffed the box and glasses into his knapsack before heading to his room. He buried the box in the back of his closet behind boxes that hadn't been moved in years. Mike set the glasses on his desk and looked at them. Then he tried them on again. Experimenting, he found they weren't exactly sunglasses despite their appearance. They didn't darken things; things became slightly fuzzy, washed out sort of like watching a TV. Some of the detail was drained away. The strange part was that the glasses did penetrate various things. But the effect was variable. The wood of the desk the glasses penetrated easily. He could see the objects inside the drawers clearly. But metal seemed to block the effect almost entirely. The clothes in his closet were gone with the glasses on, but when he held up his hand it looked unchanged. Mike put the glasses back on the desk. The lenses did make them look like silver sunglasses; they looked like mirrors from the outside. What the heck were they?

Mike lay back on the bed looking at the ceiling. Who had built these glasses and what were they intended to be? Were they some sort of government spy glasses? Maybe there were intended for Homeland Security. Try to smuggle a gun on board when the security people could see right through your clothes. Had some company built them? How could he know? Would whoever built these glasses come looking for them? Had anybody seen him pick up the box?

Questions; nothing but questions and Mike had no answers. It took him a long time to fall asleep that night. He spent a restless night.

In the morning, Mike kept looking at the glasses as he dressed for school. He was afraid to take them out. What if his mom asked about them? What if whoever built them saw him wearing them? But the image of Debbie kept coming back. Mike had seen right through her clothes. Would it work at school? Maybe he could see Heidi without clothes. Heidi: the stuck up head cheerleader and prom queen, walking around school naked. That was too much to resist. Mike hid the glasses carefully in his knapsack and left for school.

Mike's head was on a swivel as he walked to school looking for them; the people who had to be looking for the glasses. But he didn't see any dark sedans or government cars. When he made it to school, he stopped outside the main gate. Mike pulled the glasses from the sack and put them on. The world looked different, slightly faded. But he could see well enough.

Everybody else was naked. Mike looked down to see he was naked except for the metal belt buckle which seemed to hanging in mid-air. He nearly ran until he remembered that they couldn't see him, only he could see them. There were so many girls, all naked. Big tits, small tits and tits in between all paraded by as if nothing was wrong. It was a little creepy as well, all of the guys being naked. But Mike didn't see them much, his attention being drawn by so many naked girls hurrying to get to class on time. The glasses selective properties made things even weirder. Metal chains and lockets were clearly visible as were the metal clasps on clothes, even though the clothes themselves were gone. He watched one girl who had three metals rings apparently floating eight inches under her swinging hand only to realize that the glasses penetrated the binder and all he saw was the metal. Mike began to notice that the effect did vary with the type of cloth. He noticed one girl had pads over her tits but the bra holding them was invisible. Something in the cups blocked the penetration of the glasses. The warning bell rang, awaking him from the trance he was in. He hurried to his locker, grabbed his history book, barely making it to class as the bell rang.

Mr. Jones looked up as Mike entered the class; the teacher's gaze followed him. He sat at his desk. Mike was looking at Roxanne, who sat in front of him. Her back was bare, naked. He could see the indentation in her back that her bra made. He could see the metal clips, but the bra was invisible.

Mike heard a voice say, "Mr. Martin." He looked up at Mr. Smith. "Is it too bright for you?"

"No, sir."

"Then perhaps you could remove the sunglasses. I think the lights are not too bright," he said with sarcasm in his voice.

"Yes, sir," Mike said quickly pulling the glasses from his face as the rest of the class laughed, but not before Roxanne had turned in her chair and he got a glimpse of her small tits. They were incredible.

Mike put the glasses under the desk, hiding them in his lap. He'd have to be careful and hide them before he went into his classes. Too bad, he wouldn't see the girls in class naked. He had to console himself with the knowledge that he would get to see them during breaks.

Class dragged interminably until the bell finally sounded. Mike carefully didn't put the glasses on until he was outside, then quickly put them on. In a flash, the world changed. Roxanne came out behind him. He turned and nearly stumbled. She was naked. He couldn't see her tits since she was holding her books in front and the glasses didn't seem to penetrate them completely. He did see her pussy. It looked strange with the hair matted close to her body. He realized that her pants held it that way. It did allow him to see her labia peeking through her matted hair. Then she was by. Mike turned and followed watching her cute ass bounce as she walked. It was strange watching her walk with her feet not touching the ground until he realized she had on platform shoes that the glasses made disappear.

Mike walked to his second period class, his head staring straight ahead but his eyes never stopped moving, a set of tits here, a nice pussy there. He was surprised how many girls shaved their pussys, not completely; they usually had a strip or small triangle. He stopped outside of class and carefully put the glasses in his pack before going into class. Mike wished he could have brought them in. Algebra was taught by Miss Nishimoto, a twenty-five-year-old who had been the subject of his wet dreams the entire semester. Algebra was able to make his erection disappear. Mike had been hard almost continuously since he'd arrived in the morning. 'Thank God, ' he thought, 'baggy pants are the rage.'

Halfway through class, while Miss Nishimoto was caught up in the lecture, Mike slipped the glasses on. Suddenly, she was standing stark naked in front of the class. And she was gorgeous. She looked his way and he quickly looked down and removed the glasses hiding them on his lap, feeling guilty and wondering if she could tell, he stuffed the glasses into his knapsack, the fear deflating his hard on.

It was between third and fourth period that it happened. Mike saw Heidi coming. He nearly stumbled when he saw her walking towards class, naked as the day she was born. She held her books in front but they were low enough that Mike could see her shapely tits and high enough that he could see her pussy, trimmed into a small vee. He waited by the door of class and held the door open for her. It allowed him a few more seconds to see her. She had a tattoo right near her pussy. Whoever had put that on had seen all of her. You couldn't have worn a bikini and had that tattoo put on. She thanked him as she went by. Mike took off the glasses and followed her into the room. She was actually wearing her cheerleader outfit. He couldn't believe that sweet little Heidi, the Prom Queen, had a tattoo where she did.

Lunch was a voyeur's feast as most students congregated in the quad outside the cafeteria. Mike sat with his back to the wall of the gym and stared. He didn't drool but he wouldn't have noticed if he had. Hundreds of naked girls, freshmen to seniors, blondes, brunettes, redheads, light, dark, Asian, Black, were in the quad. LaTasha, a black senior with humongous boobs came by. Her tits were squeezed against her body by her bra. They jiggled and swayed even with the support of the bra. With the bra's invisible support they were an unearthly sight, huge and seemingly unsupported defying gravity pointing straight out from her chest, surmounted by large dark areolas and thick nipples. Mike's boner grew even harder. May, a cute, petite Chinese girl in his English class, walked by. Her tits barely extended from her chest, and were mostly the nipples. Mike was surprised by the luxuriant thatch of hair between her legs, a large dark forest matted down by her panties. He had figured a little Asian girl like her wouldn't have much hair. The glasses were very educational.

By the end of lunch, Mike was in sensory overload and his cock ached from the continuous erection. Mike took off the glasses and hid them in his knapsack. He stumbled through the rest of the day barely able to pay attention. After school, he rushed home and immediately hurried into the bath were he jerked off in record time. Only then, was he able to start thinking about something other than his aching cock.

He lay in bed that night thinking about the glasses, trying to figure out what they were intended for. Even his addled adolescent brain doubted they had been invented just to see naked high school girls, though he did believe they could have no better use. He could discern no purpose for the glasses and no identity for their rightful owner. Maybe he should turn them over to the cops? Maybe there was a reward? But how could he explain the broken locks? What finally decided him was the thought of Heidi. He fell asleep with her image in his mind, Heidi gloriously naked, and her tattoo.

Mike was an only child. He had been raised around boys, even his cousins were all boys. The only girl in the neighborhood had been Debbie, a tomboy until seventh grade when she had suddenly become a young woman and would only hang around with her girlfriends. Because of this, Mike didn't know how to talk to a girl. As the winds of puberty howled through his tortured body and soul, he became more withdrawn. This had the pernicious effect of making his communication with the opposite sex ever more difficult, an increasingly vicious cycle of withdrawal, helplessness, and rejection, until he was nearly a self-imposed social pariah. It wasn't that he was bad looking. In fact, many of the girls thought he was cute. They might say hi, but his bristling personality always scared them off.

As the days passed, Mike continued wearing the glasses between classes. A strange thing began to happen: a thing which Mike would not have believed possible. He began to take the glasses off sometimes. He already knew what most of the girls looked like naked. Clothed was more interesting somehow. He would see a girl and try to imagine her naked. It has been said that the erotic only really exists between the ears. That imaginative attempt was more erotic than actually seeing a naked girl. The glasses made him a passive participant whereas when the girls were clothed he was an active participant in the imaginative process.

As the old saying goes, if you are scared to get up for a speech, imagine your audience naked. You laugh. And so, when Mike did wear the glasses he began to see the absurdity of things that had seemed so important before. And as he saw them absurd, they brought laughter. He began to laugh instead of withdraw and sulk. And with this came confidence: they had nothing that he did not have or could not see. The mystery that was girls did not seem so mysterious.

Mike had been staking out the garage nearly every day waiting for Debbie to walk by so he could watch her through the magic of the glasses. But this afternoon, he didn't put them on. He was feeling the absurdity of the situation that afternoon and he laughed to himself. It was in this mood that he saw Debbie. Feeling light and carefree, Mike shouted out, "Hi Debbie."

Debbie was shocked. Mike never spoke. She stopped and looked at him. He looked different, a smile on his face and his stance exuding confidence instead of his usual retiring posture. Debbie felt herself drawn to the confident smiling boy. She smiled in response, "Hi."

Mike walked out to the sidewalk, "How come we never talk anymore?"

It was the last question Debbie expected to hear from Mike, but it was the right question. "I don't know," she answered honestly.

"We used to be best friends," he said gaily.

Debbie noticed something strange. Mike was looking her in the eye; his own eyes had never once trailed down to her bust, something that all boys seemed to do. Mike didn't notice at all, since he had seen her naked day after day, he had little curiosity about what was under her sweater; he knew Debbie felt an immediate warmth for and confidence in Mike. He was talking to her as a person, not a body, and she responded. "Yeah, we did."

"I'd like that again, that is if you would," he said.

Debbie nodded, "That would be nice."

They shared a history class. "Maybe we could work on the final project together. It's supposed to be a team project," Mike suggested.

"Sure," she responded. "Saturday?"

"Great. Do you have any ideas?" he asked.

"Yeah," she responded. "I want to do something on the Jim Crow laws."

"Okay. I'll look on the Internet and see what I can find. See you Saturday," Mike said, a big smile on his face.

"Yeah. Saturday. See you," Debbie said turning to walk home.

"Later," Mike said. He watched her walk away before heading back to his garage thinking how easy it had been to talk with Debbie.

Debbie walked home wondering what had happened to Mike. He seemed so different, mature and confident instead of withdrawn and creepy. She hugged her books to her chest. He really was good looking when he smiled. She wondered what it would be like to kiss him. It had been years since she had thought of Mike that way. He had been her first crush when her own change to a woman had begun. But he had never responded and she had been bitterly disappointed, though she had never let him know. Now, this new confident Mike rekindled those buried feelings, the pangs of that first attraction.

The glasses stayed hidden in Mike's closet until Friday night. He took them with him to the mall where kids from school liked to hang out. Mike staked out a planter in the middle courtyard of the mall off to one side. He'd be able to see everyone who walked by. He settled back and put on the glasses. The scene changed. All the people scurrying or sauntering by suddenly were without clothes.

Mike watched a woman, maybe twenty-five and in full bloom of her beauty walk towards him. Her high heels made her entire body sway. But to Mike it looked a little ridiculous, her walking on tippy toes and swaying so. Her tits were large and jiggled with her gait. They were impressive, seemingly floating in air, with large areolas and large nipples. She too, had marred her beauty with a tattoo near her crotch. Mike realized that he was looking at a naked woman and appraising her objectively. He appreciated her beauty but he wasn't stunned or overwhelmed as he had been the first time he wore the glasses.

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