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Humor Sex Story: Every twelve year old boy needs at least one goal in his life. Jeffrey's goals started simple and just kept growing from there. From a simple feel of his mom's titty, Jeffrey was a boy whose life was to meet one goal at a time.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Humor   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

Mormons and Southern Baptists, stop here and go elsewhere. This tale ain't for you.

Dad walked out on my twelfth birthday. He never said a word to Mom, gave no hint to anybody else or indicated he was unhappier with his home life. On the day I turned twelve, he waited until Mom and I left the house to go shopping for my big main present, an adult sized bike with an adjustable crossbar so I could pedal without banging my tender young balls.

It was Saturday morning, the sky was a bright blue and Mom had on her suburban mom uniform, as she called it. She wore a pair of spandex bicyclist's shorts that showed every indentation and crease in her body, including her perfect camel toe. For a top she wore a light cotton tee shirt with no bra. Her B sized titties only saw a bra when she dressed up to go to a formal business dinner. So far as I was concerned, I had a perfect mom and an almost perfect life.

However, there was the one fly in our family ointment and it turned out to be a biggie. Mom made way more money than Dad, one hell of a lot more. Dad worked as a jet engine mechanic and brought in thirty-five dollars an hour. Mom worked as a business systems sales person and took home over ninety thousand dollars a year after taxes. That pissed him off royally, as I found out later.

He swallowed his pride and accepted the classic nineteen forty-one Packard convertible she gave him for his birthday. It seemed to me his gratitude never got past his eyes.

He swallowed it further and even said a fast thank you when she gave him a Rolex for Christmas. Behind that forced smile I saw an angry man. Mom really tried to please the son of a bitch. I couldn't understand why he seemed so angry with Mom...

The day we went shopping for my bike, I told her about what I thought I saw in his eyes all the time. She looked a little sad and told me, "Honey, your father is a proud man. It bothers him I make more money than he does."

"That's stupid," I told her and she didn't argue with me.

She just smiled and said, "Let's go to the bicycle store and see what they have."

I ended up with a twenty-four inch trail bike that fit my young body better than the adult sized bike I thought I wanted. Then came the big surprise. Mom asked me if I wanted her to order an electric motor for my bike. Hoo boy, I thought I had died and gone to someplace better than Heaven. Who the hell wanted to sit around on a cloud when he could go out and ride a powered bicycle? Not me, that was for damned sure.

Mom told the man to install the best bike motor they had on my new bike and give it the extended battery pack. "The Super-Pack will give you four times the distance between charges," the man told her. That translated to almost sixty miles between charges.

"Do it and give him a good helmet." By the time we got out of there, Mom had spent almost two thousand dollars on my new bike and its accouterments.

I hugged her end ended up with her cloth covered right nipple between my lips. "Oooh!" I moaned.

"Oh!" Mom exclaimed and stepped back.

"Oh wow," the bike salesman said. He grinned at me and muttered, "Lucky kid." Mom frowned and we pushed my new bike outside the store.

"Can I ride it home?" I wheedled her. "Please Mom?"

She laughed at my antics and told me, "Jeffrey, if you try to grandstand or do anything dangerous with it, that bike will be a nice tax donation after I give it to DI. "DI is short for Deseret Industries, the Mormon charity thrift store where foreigners go to get free shit, among other things.

I knew she was serious and would do so in a minute if I abused her trust in me. "Oh Mom, I'll be the safest kid on the road. I'll stay in the bike lanes and be real careful." I smiled my winningest smile at her and remembered how great her titty nipple felt between my lips. Just one little mishap and I was scarred for life and addicted to my mom's nipples. My lips tingled for the rest of the day.

"I think you'll do all right."

She hugged me and was careful my cheek was all that came in contact with her. I closed my eyes and rubbed my face against her nipple. She didn't say anything.

"Let's go home. You ride carefully."

"Oh you betcha," I told her. "Thanks again, Mom."

Besides riding my bike safely, I had a second goal. I wonder what Mom's titty nipple tastes like? I decided that somehow I was going to get a few licks on Mom's tits. Every twelve-year-old boy has goals in life. Some guys want to be a super hero and others want to be a fireman or a cop. Me, I wanted to suck on my mother's tits. No more and no less. I already had a battery powered bike.

When I got home, I saw Mom outside on the front lawn. She was wandering around in circles in shock. "Your dad is gone," she told me in a little girl lost voice. She was too numb to cry.

She led me into the house and into chaos. The seventy-two inch flat screen TV was gone. In their bedroom, his clothes were missing. Also missing was Mom's jewelry. The son of a bitch had even taken my computer from my room. "Oh god!" Mom moaned.

I went outside and went to the next-door neighbor's house and asked Mary Starling if she had seen anything. "He pulled up with a big trailer hooked to the back of that fancy car of his and loaded up all that stuff and drove away. He didn't even wave good-bye."

She thought a minute and told me, "You better get your mother to call the bank and put a hold on your account." I thanked her and ran back to tell Mom what the neighbor suggested. Mom already thought of that and turned to me as I entered the house. "That son of a bitch cleaned out our savings and our checking accounts." Well, at least she wasn't in shock any more.

I found a note on the floor by the kitchen table. It said, "Today I finally get my balls back now." The fucker didn't even sign it.

I showed it to Mom and she snorted, "Before he went looking for his testicles, he took the time to steal everything he could from us."

"The credit cards!" she exclaimed. She grabbed a phone up off the desk in her home office and dialed the emergency number for Visa and reported the cards stolen. She called American Express and told them the same thing."

She called her boss at home and tried to arrange a salary advance. "Sid, I need a couple of thousand dollars to make it through to the fifteenth. My husband has run out on us and took everything with him. He cleaned out both our savings and checking accounts."

Mom listened to whatever he had told her and then said in a deadly voice, "Sidney Weisman you cheap son of a bitch, I quit. I can go to work for IBM or International Business Systems next week."

She listened and told him, "Fuck you and your cheapskate ways. I want my final check on Monday. Remember when I leave, my accounts will leave with me." She slammed the phone back down in its charging cradle and broke the charger.

"Let's go get a gun and shoot him," I suggested.

"Great idea champ, but we don't know where he is. Besides, we can't afford to buy the bullets, let alone a gun." She hugged me and kissed the top of my head. My mouth was against her left nipple this time. My lips parted and closed back. I wanted to taste it without any tee shirt in the way. The delicate fragrance of her natural body odor gave me a hard on.

"Oops," She interrupted my moment of bliss. "None of that now." She laughed and bopped me lightly on the head. "Let's go out to eat and decide what we're going to do next.

I remembered she had quit her job. "Mom, you don't have a job; are we homeless now?"

"Not by a long shot, Tiger. I have my investment account and a vested interest in Sid Weisman Business Enterprises. He forgot I hold thirty percent of the voting stock in the company. By Monday morning he is going to be spitting bullets. He knows he'll be in big trouble if I put my stock in his company up for sale and tell all my customers I've quit.

"Times are bad right now and I have the most viable customer base in the company. Sid knows that if I go elsewhere, my customers will probably go with me. I'm going to sweat that fat little weasel. No man is ever going to hurt me, ever again."

"Mom, you know I'll never ever hurt you," I told her.

Her eyes got a little misty and she told me, "You are the one male in my life I can always trust." She kissed my on the lips and I got my first super hard on.

"Go ride your new bike while I make a few phone calls." I rode around a few blocks and showed my friends my new bike. The sun started to set and I headed home.

Mom had showered and changed into her baby doll pajamas and slipped on a peignoir to obscure the good parts. She had borrowed a spare TV from the Peebles next door and we watched George Clooney kill goats with his thoughts and then some romance thing. At last it was bedtime.

"Would you sleep with me tonight sweetheart?" she asked me. "With all that has happened I don't want to be alone."

I had sense enough to not act eager, no matter what. I would have walked through hot lava for a chance to snuggle up with her. "Okay, I told her in a soft voice. That might be nice." Man, it was all I could do to refrain from doing a few hand stands to show my enthusiasm. I played it just right and she said let's lock up and get some sleep.

I stripped down to my shorts and she removed her peignoir. She rolled over on her side and had me spoon back against her. Oh well, I figured, her tits felt nice against the back of my head.

The next morning she was flat on her back, when I woke up. The next thing I noticed was my hand was inside her nightwear and I had hold of her pussy. "Oooh," I whispered to myself. I didn't dare make a sound or move because I might wake her. I wanted this moment to go on forever. Of course it was all over much to soon.

"Huh? Oh!" she woke up. I kept my eyes closed and waited for her to remove my hand. She waited a bit and actually held my hand while it cupped her pussy. "Ah, this feels good. I don't really want to do this," she told herself in a low voice. Then she gently removed my hand from her pussy and pulled it out of her baby doll bottoms.

She let my fingertips drag across her clit and she shuddered. Damn it, I wanted it to go on forever. When she got out of bed and stood up I asked, "Mom why don't you have hair on your pussy?"

"Well my, aren't we nosy this morning." She gave me an amused look and told me, "I guess we are going to be pretty close, now that the asshole is gone."

"I hope so," I told her. She gave me that look again. However, since I didn't have a smirk on my face so she let it pass.

The next day was Sunday and we went shopping with her business expenses credit card. The asshole didn't have access to that card. Our first stop was for breakfast. For simple, plain fare, The Village was okay. Sausage and eggs served with a glass of vegetable juice and a glass of orange juice was all I could handle. Mom had her usual steak and three eggs.

We talked and planned our schedule for the day while we ate. She asked what I wanted in a TV and a computer. "The TV we had before would be okay. I would like a gaming card in my new computer."

"Okay, she said and finished off her steak. She left a tip, paid cash for our meals and we went out to her Dodge minivan.

"Mom, one thing I don't understand." I was seat belted in and turned sideways in the seat to look at her.

"What is it honey?" She watched the road carefully. "What don't you understand?"

"Why did you ask your boss for two thousand dollars if you still have enough money to buy us a new TV and me a computer? Something doesn't sound right."

She laughed. "I'm glad he isn't as sharp as you. His cheap ways blinded him to the way I just manipulated him so he'll do what I want. First, I am aware he plans to send the service side of the company to India. He thinks he can direct sales through New Delhi and have the equipment drop shipped to the customers here in the States.

"If I call on my customers and tell them that I quit Sid because he plans to outsource and try to even run the service department out of India, Sid will lose his business."

"Mom, That sounds mean and dumb." What she just told me seemed cruel to the workers over here.

"He is just another greedy individual who let his avarice blind him. He has wanted to buy my company stock back. After we have a big yelling match, I'll agree to take back my resignation. Then I'm going to let him win the argument and agree to sell my stock back to him for double the face value. Then he'll fire me. I know that sneaky rat. He thinks his son can take over my customer list."

"But then you'll be out of a job and we'll have to live in a van like all those poor people we see on TV all the time." Two of my classmates had lost their homes when their dads lost their jobs. Both families had to move into homeless shelters.

Sweetheart, Sid will pay me almost seven hundred thousand dollars for my voting stock. He needs it to make his dumb plan fly. It still won't because my clients want service, not some singsong foreign accent telling him a representative will be with him shortly, like in the next month or two.

"Besides I want to sell real estate." We pulled into a parking place next to the big electronics super store and got out.

We pulled into a parking place next to the big super store and got out. We walked into the store hand in hand and headed for the Television department. The sales dude took one look at my mom and tried to look down the front of her dress at her braless tits.

"Mom, will you show this guy your nipples so we can get a TV and head over to the computer department?"

A man in his early forties came up to us and said, "Kirby, you are needed elsewhere. Go." This new man's tag said "Department Manager."

"Thank you for the timely rescue. I almost slipped in a puddle of drool. At least I believe it was drool I saw puddle on the floor in front of him," Mom told him and grinned.

"Again my apologies. Do you have any idea what your first choice is?" I saw he had begun to check out my mom, though in a more polite manner than Kirby had.

"We would like a sixty inch or bigger HDTV or something similar. We also would like an entertainment center with plenty of storage. What you got?" She checked out his front. Then she added, "Size counts in TVs as well."

"I have one just the right size for you, exactly what you're looking for." He grinned at Mom and waited.

She laughed and came back at him, "Okay, we have that settled. Now what about the television? You got one of those big enough to meet my needs as well?"

Man, Dad had barely taken off and Mom was already out comparison shopping. I started to get pissed. Then I remembered that Dad had stolen my computer when he took off. Go get 'im Mom, I thought to myself.

He brought us over to a display and told her, "You can have that exact setup for three thousand dollars. I'll even help deliver it and set it up for you."

"Sold. Now let's get a couple of good computers and monitors. High end HP's will be all right if you can't give me Compaqs. We want thirty-six inch monitors and good quality scanner printer combinations. The bastard at least left us our desks."

"Oh, you had a home invasion?" he asked.

"No, My husband of thirteen years deserted his son and me and stole everything not nailed down, including my jewelry and my son's TV."

"Jesus, what an idiot!" he exclaimed. This time he was not joking. He was shocked. "As beautiful as you are, the man is an idiot."

He looked her up and down. "You're too young to have been married thirteen years. Well, unless you're a hillbilly child bride from Arkansas or Tennessee. Is this guy really your son?" Mom smiled and nodded yes.

"Mom, just ask him to come to supper and let's get the computers." All of this flirting made me jealous.

"I have a better idea," he told her. "Why don't I come over to your house tomorrow morning and install everything for you? There'll be no charge.

"Won't your wife object?" Mom asked and smiled at him. Her smile said she had him pegged from the get go.

Then he unpegged her get go. "I thought I'd bring my wife along with me."

"Oh boy, you are a big surprise." Mom had a big grin on her face. Very seldom did someone set up a word trap and catch her in it.

Then she stopped, "Oh no, are you suggesting a swing on the wild side?" She cocked her right eyebrow like she always did when she thought someone was trying to set her up.

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