My Time at the Mall

by chchboy

Copyright© 2011 by chchboy

Fiction Sex Story: A man needs sheets, well everybody does but when he finally overcomes his dislike of the mall he finds two lovely females, one that needs his help

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humor   Group Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Looking back at two nights of bliss with two young, beautiful ladies, I remembered it had all started with an ad. The advertisement had not caught my eye until I saw the magic words. Super King Size Sheets, on sale. It was hard enough to find a store that had super king size, let alone a sale, I read more with interest, could it be... , YES, Egyptian cotton, with a high tread count. I looked for the store name and my heart missed a beat. It was in the Mall. I HATE THE MALL, and, it was Saturday

All those bright stores saying "Come on in, Spend all your Money, We have credit", cap's included, not to mention those Menacing Mothers. I'm 40, with a few grey hairs, I earned them and I have had a good life without ever biting a child or giving a female 'That Look', I don't even know what 'That Look' looked like. I just hated the Mall, but I did need some new sheets, they were there and they were on sale.

Bite the bullet and go.

I was upset even before I got into my car and the traffic didn't help, why does everybody have to be on the road when I am, and why were they all having a 'Bad Hair Day'. Keep calm, Breath deep, you have been in worse places and these people are not even shooting at you, it's just a shopping trip. I arrived at the Mall shaking and found a park close to the entrance. Maybe my luck had changed.

I entered, muttering to myself, training helped, down a bit, up the escalator, turn right about, half way down the hall. Don't look left, don't look right, into the store, buy and beat a hasty retreat. And so it was a hell of a shock when the young lady in front of me fell into my arms two steps from the top of the escalator.

I had been looking at the steps when I started on the moving walk way and had walked forward until I saw heels and stopped, Mall Manners. I had not even bothered to look up at the owner of those heels. I thanked our instructors. "Don't walk around with your hands in your pockets", we had been taught to be ready for anything, I don't think they had ever thought anything like this was going to happen.

I caught her as she rocked back into me, as she began to slide down my body I wrapped an arm under her shoulders, bent and put the other under her legs and lifted.

I'm 6' 3 and well built, things hadn't gone south yet, she seemed like a feather.

I stepped off the walk way and moved to my right, again training. "Don't stop and get in the way". I looked down at her. Eyes closed and chest moving, what's wrong. My time in the gulf didn't help here. There, you looked for bleeding, then you looked for a hole, then you looked at the other side for another hole. One hole, bad, two holes okay. Plug the hole/holes slap on a field dressing, give a shot of A1, mark the time on his forehead and call for a dust off.

It wasn't going to work here.

I knew I should get her into the recovery position so she didn't choke on her tongue, when my mind told me something else. Warm Bare Skin tickling bare skin.

She wasn't wearing panties, I had short sleeves. When my wife of 18 years left me and the children, saying she loved me but wasn't in love with me, I put a sign up in the garage so I could see it every time I got into my car. 'SHIT HAPPENS'. It had happened again, I couldn't just put her on the floor. My mind raced, seeing pictures of me pulling her over and moving her leg and her bare bum showing. I could hear the screaming, Pervert... , Killer... , and worse.

I looked for somewhere I could put her down, a bed would be nice, a couch would do. To the left, a Mens store, not good, to the right, what the hell was 'Bling', ah, two up on the right, a Women's store. I walked straight in, aware of a small group of wannabes following, they grouped around the entrance waiting for the camera to show so they could have their 2 seconds of fame or see the police haul me away in cuffs so they could tell their friends about ... The Mall Rapist.

'Thank You', I blessed whoever, the store was empty save the sales girl. I used my command voice as I asked if there was a bed, somewhere I could put a lady that had fainted. Things started to go down hill, it took a while for me to realise how big the hill was. And it was a rollercoaster ride.

No there was no bed, no couch, just a big easy chair with no arms, I looked at it and thought they had put it there for the husbands. When they got the bill they would have to sit down. I sat down with the lady in my arms. I held her shoulders up and her head rolled and rested on mine.

The training took over again, "Miss, I need you to get some paper and a pen, on the second line write the time that I came in, now, on the first line, subtract 1 minute and write 'lady collapsed'", she disappeared and came back, looking at her watch and writing, and, I continued, "breathing normal", I waited, and, "heartbeat normal", more writing, and, she bent forward. Her mother should have told her that the outer clothing should cover the inner. Her breasts were just held by a low cut bra, I'd say a 36C maybe D and in this position she was displaying a fair, no, it was better than fair, it was a good amount. Well rounded and no tan line. This was going to be fun.

"Put one thumb between your eyes and your other thumb between hers, when I say so, exchange thumbs and see if you can feel any difference". She looked at me???. "I know what I'm doing, you will when you have finished. Body temperature is hard to guess, the best place to measure it is between the eyes. If you can't feel a difference she is okay, now, please do it Miss".

As she placed her thumbs she told me her name was Jackie but, just call me Jack. Okay, just call me Jack, "Change hands".

"Oh, I see, well, I can feel, no, there is no difference", her eyes wide, she was helping, she felt needed. "Temp normal", she looked at me. "Please write everything down, I not a doctor but they need all the help they can get with a case like this".

"Now, can you call Mall management and tell them what has happened and ask if they have a stretcher.

A mobile phone appeared like magic, two buttons later, she must have speed dial, she was talking and I tried to make sense from the one side I could hear, she looked at me, "No", that must mean no stretcher.

"Have they got a room", more one way, "Yes, but it's at the other end of the Mall". I HATE MALLS.

"Is there someone that can help", again I waited. "Yes, but they are at the other end of the Mall". I clenched my teeth.

"Please ask them to send someone as soon as possible" I said in my most reasonable tone. This was repeated and just call me Jack said, "She will be here ASAP".

New sign for the garage. 'If the world didn't suck, we would all fall off'

Now we get back to the hill, my leg was getting wet. "Jack, we have a problem. I won't look but could you lift the ladies skirt and have a look between her legs. I'm getting wet and I need to know if it's blood".

Jack stood back. "Gross". Now for the up front in your face part. "She's out of it and I need your help, she's not wearing panties and my leg is getting wet, I need to know if it's blood, she could be bleeding internally, ie, pregnant and if she is we need to call the emergency services".

I turned my head and Jack looked. "Woooh nice, ummm, she's not bleeding but... , she's wet, I mean... , you got the wet spot", and giggled.

Great, next on the bill, "Jack, She only has a watch on her wrist so I need you to unbutton her top and see if she is wearing a medic alert".

"This is so bad".

"No it's not, you could be saving a life". Buttons popped, no alert, okay. "Next you need to pull her top out of her skirt, see if she has a belly chain. A lot of young girls are doing that".

"I don't even do this with my girlfriend".

Breath Deep. "Just do it already". No alert.

The hill got bigger. I heard a noise and looked at the entrance and noticed the crowd had thinned as a storm in a teacup came flying through, she might have been 5 foot but she was a force 3 hurricane. She saw me, then saw what I was holding and changed course.

"Samatha!, Sam!, what's wrong. What have you done to Sam?, what are you doing??".

She touched down in front of me and stroked Sam's? forehead, running her fingers through her hair. This was to much. She had NO BRA and by leaning into Sleeping Beauty I could see everything, maybe a 34 B a small part of my brain said.

"Is she okay, like, what happened, why are you holding her like that?".

I noticed her shoulder bag.

No More Mr Nice Guy.

"Is there by chance a pair of panties beside your bra in that bag?, your friend collapsed in my arms, I noticed she was not wearing any panties and did not want to cause her any embarrassment by showing her... , bare to the whole Mall, and now she is making my pants look like I've pissed myself. Any more questions or should we look after Sleeping Beauty. Jack, do you stock panties or do you ladies carry pads, all I want to do is buy some sheets on sale. By the way, who the hell are you anyway?".

Silence, I liked using my command voice, it doesn't happen often but it does work. Just call me Jack answered first. "We don't stock panties but I have a friend in the Mall that stocks pads, down in the chemists. I'll see if she can come up".

Again the cell phone appeared out of nowhere and again I listened to half of a conversation as Sleeping Beauty moved for the first time.

"You know, Like a heavy period". I switched off.

I have enjoyed female company and usually the meeting point is soft and loving, Sam's hips were bony and a little hard on certain parts of my body, also I noticed my legs were feeling numb. With her friend here I could put Sam down on the chair.

I looked at Storm, she was looking at me, this was not normal. I was looking at her eyes, her breasts were looking at me, at least her nipples were. Nice nipples. "What's with Sleeping Beauty anyway, is this normal?".

"She has a medical problem. She falls asleep, just like...".

I remembered, I... , something I had read or seen about people that just went to sleep, no get ready for bed, no goodnight's or change into nightwear, just went to sleep. Anywhere. I did remember that it was wrong to try and wake them.

Beauty seemed to move closer.

"If I put her down can you hold her". I definitely needed to move.

"Nooo, she has to wake up on her own".

Another lady joined us and Jack led her over to me. I was happy this lady had dressed, she had on some kind of outfit, uniform, ah, the friend from the chemist. Just call me Jack, held her hand in a funny sort of way.

"This is Jill, she's got some pads". I choked back a laugh. Jack and Jill.

It is easy to undress someone who is out of it, you just push them back and undo and pull, no problem. Trying to dress someone is a whole different ball game. I saw Jill was possibly the best and thought about Jack an Jill, nursery rhythms had a new meaning. Jill was very careful as Jack lifted her skirt. How do you put a pad in place with no knickers. I would not find out as Miss Mall management walked in.

"What are you doing. Six foot from my sitting position and no tits, half an Amazon.

Storm tried to explain as Jill pushed the pad between Sam's legs. I said nothing, letting the girls go until.

"YEEEOWWL". Everybody except Sleeping Beauty looked at me.

"She pinched me, what did you do... , I didn't move".

But Sleeping Beauty had, her top half had gotten closer but her bottom half, well half her bottom half, one of her legs had slipped free from my arm and was now showing the world she had no knickers on. She WAS wet.

Storm in a teacup became that again, "Put her back the way she was, she has to wake up on her own, in her own time".

Hey, what about me, Jill lifted her leg back in place. I had just had the pressure removed from a sensitive place and now it was back, and if possible, worse. Her hip was now firmly on my erection.

I looked at Miss Mall management. "How about some help".

"Well, if you could carry her back to our first aid room".

Yeah right, carry a unconscious girl the length of the Mall, her butt hanging down and no panties. I could see the headlines clearly. Flasher in Mall.

All I wanted was some sheets, Egyptian cotton, with a high tread count.

The store was on this level, half way down and Miss Mall management wanted me to carry a woman, bare pussy an all, the full length of the Mall on the wrong floor.

Did I tell you, I HATE THE MALL.

Back in the command voice. "At least get her a blanket". Miss Mall management disappeared. Jill was just about crying. "Thank you for your help Jill, when this is settled I will come down and pay for the pads, in the mean time, I think you should go back to work. Jack, you have a customer. Storm, you stay here".

"Why do you call me Storm, my name is Liz?".

Just call me Jack looked around, there was a lady looking at a range that was to small and about 20 years to young, I motioned for her to go, she giggled and went.

Storm looked at me, her greygreen eyes open. Try again, "Liz, your friend collapsed in my arms. I could tell, without looking, that she had forgotten her panties and I looked for a place to put her in the recovery position and render any help I could, I have had training, this was the only place around. I am holding her like this because she, Sam, I thought I could name her, doesn't want me to let go, there are no beds around and I just want to buy some sheets. NOW, tell me what's going to happen when she, Sam wakes up. By the way, you are Storm, a storm in a teacup.

The shopper walked over with, just call me Jack on her heels, she must have heard me.

"Can I help, I'm a trained nurse". I looked up and saw caring on her face.

"Jack, could you get that paper please, we will do it again, this time with a nurse".

I turned to Storm, "Can you tell her all, I need to stand". I gathered Sam close and slowly stood, I took a couple of steps to ease my legs and lift her weight. Sam wasn't big but my cock was. Sam had told me in a no uncertain way she was happy with the way things were. I held her tight and then gave her body a little squeeze. Sam tucked in tighter.

Damn, the shops were going to be shut by the time this was over, I thought about getting Storm to do my shopping when Miss Mall management walked back in carrying a blanket. It was so neatly folded I saw her bed in my minds eye.

Hospital corners and all.

Miss Mall management walked over to me followed by Ms Customer, just call me Jack and last of all, Storm. It had been a thing in the 'Gulf', you did not get close to newbee's, you did not want to know their names, you did not want the memories, just give them a label. I was about to give Miss Mall a new label as she pushed the blanket between Sam and myself. Sam got there first.

"SHIT. What are you doing". Everybody looked at me

Ms Customer moved forward, Miss Mall moved back, just call me Jack nearly tripped over her legs and Storm looked up at me.

It was Storm that broke the deadlock. "Hell, I didn't know you were so big, what happened?".

I looked down at Sam, was she smiling. "SHE happened and she used her nails, I think I'm bleeding. Why did you do that?", I asked my Sleeping Beauty.

"She is having an unconscionable orgasm". Ms Customer said. "I work in ICU and sometimes look after coma patients or patients in an induced coma, it's a parody of the sex act but, in this case it's true, she has definitely had a climax. Look at your leg.

I looked in the mirror opposite, I was soaked. My erection was making a tent in my pants.

All I wanted was a pair of sheets. How was I going walk into a shop and ask the sales clerk... , I knew she would be female... , and young, for a pair of sheets when she could see I had pissed my pants. I smiled to myself, if I pissed my pants and it started there, she would know I had a big cock, maybe it would work. I needed to sit down.

I moved back to the chair and hoisted Sam a little so she would be sitting rather than flat out across my lap. Ms Customer came with me and with a smile said she could help before I sat down. She had a nice bedside manner. She knelt down and picked up the box of pads.

"They don't have to go between her legs, I can put them on yours". This is better I thought, they can dry my pants at the same time. She opened the pads and used their 'sticky wings' to make a good field dressing.

"Just hold her up as you sit down and I'll put it in place". This is real good, team medics and slowly sat down, holding Sam up. I nearly dropped her completely.

Ms Customer had grabbed my cock and squeezed as she put the pads on my leg.

Multi tasking, she looked up and smiled, in a low voice, "You are not wearing panties either".

Not that I did, wear panties that is, but she was right, no underwear. It had been a lesson back then, critters could get in there and get a good hold. I remembered the pain of evicting unwanted guests and had never worn them since. She gave me a rub then squeezed again, she removed her hand and told me, with a bigger smile, I could rest. Yeah, right. "Jack, where's that paper".

Ms Customer went over Sam in a calm and professional way that told me she had her heart and soul in nursing.

The touching part told me she was a sexy lady the rest of the time.

Storm arrived and arranged the blanket over my shoulder so it draped Sam's legs and gave me another view of the twin peaks. On purpose. Why was I being punished like this, they were like a tag team, pushing all the right buttons. I only wanted some sheets, I only wanted to help. Ms Customer finished with her exam and looked at the notes and told me she had no experience with this, but she thought about 30 minutes would be max, she looked back at just call me Jack, Jack looked down. Yes, 35 minutes had passed. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun.

Ms Customer said she had some more shopping to do and got her card from her purse and slipped it into my shirt pocket and winked. "If there is anything else I can do, help with... , just give me a call". She stroked Sam's forehead and wiggled her hand under my nose. No ring. Again the smile and left.

Miss Mall's voice brought my attention back to the here and now. I looked around, she was talking on her phone, not her RT, what, who...

Oh yeah, Instant News, if you see it, give us a call. I can put a stop to that.

The command voice, "Hey, Your job, Get rid of that crowd". The early wannbes had drifted off but the cast of extras had grown again, there was a traffic jam outside the entrance. Miss Mall took to her heels and I looked at a very worried Jack. I told her the place would be packed after we left, they will look but most will want to talk, get all the juicy bits. Some might even buy something. The 'First Rule' of the Mall. Get the person in the shop and they will become a customer.

Sam moved, this wasn't a pinch to get my attention, this was a small child snuggling in close, she moved her head from my shoulder and tried to tuck it by my neck, under my chin.

I remembered reading stories to my children before bedtime and got a warm fuzzy. Jack had disappeared and now reappeared carrying a bottle of water, she saw the movement. "Is she awake?" she whispered. Storm looked up and Sam stretched.

This was good and bad, the blanket slid from my shoulder, gained speed and left Sam's legs to pool on the ground as her legs straightened and opened. One neatly trimmed pussy on display. As Storm kissed her, not a friend or sister type of kiss, I was up close and personal with them, I tried to think of something else. Sam tried to get closer, wrapping an arm around me and wriggling in my lap.

Sam looked up at me and then at Storm, I wasn't ready for what came next. "I'm sticky". Storm looked at me.

"When Sam goes to sleep, it's like... , time stops and then starts again when she wakes up, I'm sorry, I was going to tell you, like... , warn you when the lady interrupted me".

Sam sat up and turned which left her with a leg either side of mine, thankfully on the pad. A triple tag team. "Hey!, I'm here, where?, what did I do this time?".

I kept my mouth shut as just call me Jack and Storm tried to explain, Sam nodded but didn't move from my leg and I tried to remember my social security number, what my bank account number was, anything to get rid of my erection before Sam stood up. Just call me Jack, bless her soul, picked up the blanket and handed it to me, she offered the bottle to Sam to distract her.

Storm blew it to hell when she exclaimed, just a little loudly, "You had an orgasm".

Sam looked at me, not accusing but. "I didn't touch you, there were people here all the time. I'm Dave by the way, how do you feel?, apart from sticky". That didn't sound right, but, lets try both feet. "Do you want to sit in the chair for a while, there are some pads here". How to stop a conversation, they all looked at me.

"What... , I need to get my sheets while I can before the shop shuts". I could see the thoughts running through Sam's mind, sticky, orgasm, pads, sheets, waking up in a strangers arms and to top it all, riding a strangers leg... , with no panties. She was taking it all very calmly. "Look Sam or is it Samatha, Storm and Jack can fill in the holes", that got a giggle from Jack and a choked cry from Storm, "sorry... , um, gaps in your memory, meanwhile, I want to buy some sheets".

Sam looked around and moved back up my leg, please stay on the pads. "Who's storm?, who's jack?". Just call me Jack came to my rescue again.

"I'm Jackie, I told Dave to call me Jack and Liz is Storm. I don't know why".

They all looked at me. "When Liz arrived, all 5 foot of her, she looked like a storm in a tea cup, ... what... , ". They had all started laughing. Sam leaned back on my chest in a very friendly way, no one had thought to do her top buttons up and the bottom of her shirt was still out, she had a nice tanned tummy. I still had my arm around her.

"It's like you have known Liz forever, she's always like that, specially when I sleep like this".

Storm laughed again but I failed to see anything funny. A face came to mind. After boot camp, an instructor who was very short on words, the ones he used, we, most of us, remembered, "Learn from me or die".

The command voice. "Sam, you were two step's from the top of the escalator when you went to sleep and fell back. If I had not been there you would have gone down, Backward, Head first, there was nobody else there to stop you. So Storm, no, I don't think there is anything to laugh about. I'm a parent and would hate to lose either of my son's, especially if it could have been avoided, you should have been with your friend. But... , I'm glad I could help and everything has turned out okay". I made the last bit a softer telling off, I was just blowing off some of the worry that had been building up. I really did hate seeing young people wasting their lives, I mean, really seeing, and it got rid of my erection. So what if they thought I was a grumpy old man.

Silence, I wondered if my face had been so long when I heard those words from our instructor, had I gone too far.

Liz was starting to cry as she hugged Sam, and me by default, Sam had not moved a muscle. "I'm sorry Sam, I just got distracted, I won't do it again. I love you. I don't want to lose you. I'm sorry Dave, you must have been real worried".

Jack bent over and gave me another show. She had pulled her bra down, more nice nipples. She gave Liz little pats on her back and smiled at me.

It was Sam that really threw the curve ball, I didn't see it coming, I was watching her hug Liz.

"If she does it again will you spank her?".

The question hung there.

"The doctors say there is no cure, just to be careful, they joked about no rock climbing, everybody's so good, wanting to help. But I don't want to spend my life in bed, worried about when I will go to sleep in the wrong place, or at the wrong time. I want to live. It's funny, like... , you are the first person to talk to me like that, treat me like everyone else, you know, like... , normal". Her whole face lit up with her smile, the warm fuzzy was back.

Liz looked up, a glint in her eyes. "I really do need a spanking, I've been a bad girl".

The tag team was back, Sam's skirt had ridden up to just about indecent and Liz was still showing her tits, a lot closer. It was all spoiled by Miss Mall management.

"The policy of the Mall is you have to go to hospital or see a doctor, you can't just stay here. You have to leave".

I had got rid of one set of emotions and was working on the other problem when 'that deadly calm' settled on me. I stood up, lifting Sam with me. Miss Mall must have looked tall because I was sitting at the time. Now face to face she barely topped my shoulders and she was not prepared for the command voice in full volume.

"You. Care. About. People. First". She turned white and then turned and ran out. All the watchers suddenly remembered things they had to do and more importantly, places they had to see. Jack said woooh, I like that. Her eyes wide and looking at me. I wondered.

I lowered Sam. Shit, I had lifted her off her feet, my arm around her chest, my hand cupping her breast. "You okay, sorry about that, umm... , how did you get here".

"We got a bus, like... , we were looking... , we wanted... , we were going to my place tonight. We have the place to ourselves... , my room mate is out of town for the weekend...".

All of that in one breath from Liz as Sam put her arm around me.

"Well, I can give you a lift if you want. You can come with me and I can buy my sheets and the management can't say anything if you are moving". Sam hugged me tighter and I took that as a yes when Liz joined on the other side.

I turned my attention to Jackie, they deserved names now. I gave a little bow. "At least you were human first, thank you for your help. It must have been a shock when I walked in. You did real well. Sorry about the mess", the pads were in a heap at my feet

Sam disengaged and gave Jackie a hug. "Yeah, thanks for everything, whatever, well, you know, I'll come back and see you and I promise to stay awake".

Sam came back and put her arm round me like it belonged there as we left.

I had lost an hour, met some nice people, done some good deeds, the sun was streaming down from the big arches, what could go wrong now. The 'Hate Malls' was simmering to 'Dislike Malls' as we walked to the store I had wanted in the beginning, although it was a bit strange trying to put my arm around a female that could walk under it. Liz didn't mind and sort of trotted alongside me.

I was right, the store clerk was female, she was young and she had no idea about thread count but she could point to where the sheets were.

The Dislike went straight back to Hate.

They were there, they were Egyptian cotton, with a high tread count and They ... Were... , PINK. Sam laughed and asked why I wanted pink sheets, I felt like swatting her fanny but remembered, no panties. Liz giggled and told me they were cute.

I called Miss Stupid over and asked if they had any other colours. After hearing a lot of nothing and that I could have any colour Queen size, I broke in telling her I only wanted Super King, Sam looked around me at Liz, no talking but lots of moving lips. Miss Stupid became Miss Dumb when she said I could dye them. To hell with it, I can sleep on 'pink' sheets anyway and took my prized Egyptian Cotton Sheets, with a high tread count, PINK sheets to the check out.

There was an older lady at the checkout and she smiled as I put the sheets down. I was just waiting for some silly comment to finish my day on a really bad note and reached back for my wallet. What happened next blew my mind, I had forgotten Liz was tucked under my arm, as my arm swept back, Liz ducked and pressed into my front, I drew my wallet and Liz popped back into place smiling.

She had managed to rub her nipples against me.

The lady accepted my card and told me what lovely daughters I had. Sam said thank you like a well behaved daughter and Liz giggled. I nodded, signed and left. Where the hell did I park the car. Double shit, pay for the pads.

We finally left the Mall and as we headed to my car I asked Liz where she lived, sort of hoping it was on this side of town. It was and it wasn't to far out of my way, I wasn't in any hurry. I had nowhere to go for another month and all day to get there. I was thinking about the ship and where I would join her as Sam and Liz were talking to themselves, an everyday family outing to the Mall.

It felt kinda nice.

I had lived on my own after the boys left, it wasn't bad for the 2 or 3 months a year I was home, work took up the rest. I went to work one day, worked 12 hours on, 12 hours off, 7 days a week for 10 months and then came home.

Oh for the life at sea. Well... , as an officer.

My thoughts were interrupted by Sam hitting my arm. "You were miles away, didn't you hear?".

"I"m sorry, what..."

"Food, Liz and I were going to eat at the Mall. We forgot and there's not much in her fridge". Liz giggled again and told Sam there was enough milk for their coffee.

"Well you could come on home, I have enough chicken for all of us. It's in a slow cooker right now and will be done by dinner time. If you want. I usually cook enough for 2 or 3 meals at once. One for now, the rest are MRE".

We got in the car.

Liz asked what a mre was and Sam said yes at the same time.

"Hey, one at a time, a MRE is short for Meals, Ready to Eat, I put part of whatever I cook in a container and freeze it, then latter, all I have to do is heat it".

"Cool, could you teach me. When we run out, we eat out, your way we would always have something".

Liz was bubbling with excitement as I looked quickly at Sam, "Do you mean 'yes' you want to come for dinner". I caught a nod and a blush before I looked back to the road. The nod I could understand, the blush, from a female with no panties, who had shown me everything. No, don't go there, she does not know what happened.

It was Liz that knew what she was doing.

What about the spanking. Wait, Keep calm, Breath deep. We arrived.

I thought the hill had gone and I was on flat ground, wrong, a speed bump occurred. Neither Sam or Liz could release the seat to allow Liz to get out. I went to help as Sam got it, the seat fell forward and Liz had started to get out. This is not a thing you can easily do from a low back seat and I held my hand down to help. I got an eye full.

Liz was in a very unladylike position, one foot out and one still inside, legs wide apart and she had slid forward, her dress had stayed behind.

News flash! my eyes told my brain. NO panties, Bare Bald pussy.

I was the perfect gentleman, I didn't say a word.

We went inside, I showed them the lounge and pointed to the bathroom, I excused myself to check dinner and lit the gas under the potatoes. Next on the list of stupid things for today. Do I ask if they are old enough to drink and embarrass them or just risk it and take a bottle and three glasses.

Number two, chose number two. I told my hormones to shut up and picked up a bottle of white, the chicken smelt good to go. I headed back thinking there was something else I had to do.

I reached the doorway and remembered, sheets, they were still in the car when I got 'shock' number?. I nearly dropped the wine.

Liz, Liz bent from the waist over the end of my couch, Liz with legs apart and her dress up in all her naked shaved glory, Liz with her hands in Sam's lap, Sam sitting with a demure smile.

"She's ready for her spanking Master". I did a very good impression of a fish out of water. When did I become Master?, then... , I can do this. I thought, this could be fun.

I dragged the chilled bottle of wine between her open legs and held it against her pussy. I think shock would have best described the reaction.

Neither Sam nor Liz had expected me to act so fast so it was quite funny to see Liz trying to climb over the end of the couch with her legs still open while trying to pull herself over using Sam's skirt.

In the end it had been funny, Liz had pulled Sam's skirt down to her knees and had her face between Sam's open thighs.

She was three quarters on the couch with her feet in the air, her legs tightly closed after the cold encounter and all of us laughing. What an icebreaker

I poured each of us a wine as they rearranged themselves leaving a gap between them for me, I sat down and gave each a glass, I offered a toast, 'To a day at the Mall'.

The wine disappeared, not gulped, just... , well, I had more. Before I went to get another bottle I waved a finger back and forward, "No more surprises".

Two Sweet Angles smiled back, "Who?, us?"

I went to check the food and get the bottle.

Dinner was nearly ready so I set the place's and got everything out. I cocked an ear, so to speak, silence. I figured out they were just like my Son's when they were young. When they were quiet they were being naughty. I wondered what was going to happen this time as I grabbed the new bottle.

The scene was just about the same. They were sitting in the same place, they were smiling and, they were naked. I put the bottle down and knelt before them.

"You... , both of you are beautiful, I thought of you as Angles before, now I know, I... , damn, I've died and gone to heaven. You are stunning. Your breasts are perfect, your legs... , your...". I ran out of words. They were beautiful young ladies

Sam blinked, no jokes this time, no playing around. "Liz told me what you did for me, how you were concerned, how you tried to protect me. You didn't even know me. Sometimes when it happens I can sort of hear, like I'm in the room but not and other times I can feel. Today I felt safe, Liz told me how I pinched you when the others did something, I... , I didn't want to let the feeling go. I think that's why I had the climax. Liz told me she flashed you but you kept holding me and when you told us off, well, I just knew you cared. Now, I'm showing you I care. I want to show you...". I saw the blush.

"I just want some chicken El Fresco, in the raw, when do we eat. I love home cooked food".

"In just a minute, if you ladies don't mind, I'm a little overdressed", I paused, not wanting to push. Liz beat me to it and told me to strip, she wanted to see all of me.

I looked at Sam and she nodded. The big suprise came as I lowered my pants. It was Sam that said. "No underpants. We will have to spank Dave for going to the Mall with no underpants". Liz just looked.

As I picked up the bottle of wine I heard a loud whisper. "He's big".

That bottle disappeared.

Get another bottle for dinner

The meal was good even if I say so myself, the spices I had been mixing worked well with the chicken and both girls had commented on the taste. We were sitting outside in the warm evening air, nobody had mentioned the fact we were all naked. I had talked about my job, the ship and my travels, I showed off just a little when I said 'mens conscia recti', both wanted to know what it meant, Liz said it sounded so sexy.

"A good conscience, I feel good about this". I stood up and remembered the wine. Three people, three bottles of wine. I was okay and I hoped Sam and Liz were.

There was to be no date rape here. They could sleep in the spare beds, bed.

I gathered the dishes and feed them to my housewife, I smiled. I had no baggage as the saying goes but I did 'Name' my dishwasher after my ex wife. Sam and Liz cleared the table. It gave me another warm fuzzy as Liz smiled at Sam and held my cock.

"Where's dessert". I smacked her on her fanny.

"After your spanking I'll think about It". Truth be told I already had thought about it. I had a bucket of icecream and I knew where I wanted to eat it from, but the girls, one at a time or both together. Did they have a thing going.

I was stalling for time or an indication from them.

It came from Sam as she put her hand on my cock as well. "After I hold her and you spank her we will all want some dessert. Mind you, you will have to work up an appetite, I seem to remember something a bit bigger when I was sitting on you"

I'm not into pain and sex but this sounded more like fun. It sounded like they had done it before and my cock responded. I still had a bit more to go.

We went back to the lounge, I told Sam to sit in the middle of the couch and Liz to lie across her legs. I was playing this by ear, making it up as I went along but the girls did as they were told, I walked back and forward rubbing my chin.

How to start, how many, how hard. Liz was moving in Sam's lap so I smacked that oh so nice bum. Again the element of surprise brought a yelp from Liz and Sam lifted her leg to put pressure from beneath.

"Stop moving!, now, one for leaving... , smack, Sam, one for flashing me, smack, one for... , smack, telling everybody Sam had an orgasm, one for laughing at a problem... , smack. Don't give them a patten".

I looked at Sam and mouthed 'six', she nodded. Liz was moving again. "One for rubbing your breasts, smack, against me when I couldn't rub back.

You were a bad girl! Are you going to be a good girl now?".

Sam was softly running her hand over her bum.

"She needs one for getting my leg wet".

Liz looked up at me. "You forgot one for no panties".

"This is my house and these are my rules, only six at a time. I'm starting the count for the next time. You have four to go". Liz looked as if she wanted to continue the punishment/pleasure right now as Sam slipped a finger between her legs.

The legs opened.

As Liz struggled to right herself, Sam asked if they had to wait for six reasons before starting and could I get a cloth, Liz was wet. I was shaking my head as I went to get something for that problem and thinking about the younger generation. What had happened while I was at sea. I got a wash cloth and swung by the kitchen to get another bottle of wine. A nice 'dessert' wine. The girls were doing fine, nobody was drunk but my mind must have been a bit off track.

I had forgotten their playful nature. 'Shock' number?

Sam was still sitting on the couch, Liz was lying half on the couch and half on Sam's lap sucking her nipple while Sam was stroking between her legs. Someone walked into a dark room in my mind and turned the light on. They work together.

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