The In-between Times

by Losgud

Copyright© 2011 by Losgud

Incest Sex Story: Going over to your friend's house to play is always fun. But the sisters go and make it even funner. And then you tend to forget about your friends. As always, enjoy.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

I met Stan in the second grade. His family had just moved to town. He lived just a couple streets from me. We'd been best friends ever since.

We were a lot alike, in many ways, so we got along great. One thing we both got to bitch about was our only other siblings, our bratty little sisters.

Things got different when we got into middle school. Our sisters were still brats, but not when me and Stan were hanging out. Stan and I, I mean.

If Stan was over, Janey would appear out of nowhere and be all nice to us, arranging snacks. Likewise, over at Stan's, I came to like it when Cathy made sure my glass of soda was kept full. His sister, like mine, was getting cuter and getting boobs, and I liked it when she leaned down to give me my refilled glass.

The weird thing was that after our sisters followed us into high school, they suddenly became best friends. They hadn't even been friends before that. Anytime I was going over to Stan's and Janey wanted to tag along, Mom now backed her up, 'cause it was her friend too. At his house or my house, we'd be doing our stuff while our sisters did their stuff, but then they'd always wind up hanging around us.

We were at their house, with their parents gone, when Cathy decided and insisted we play "Spin the Bottle". It was kind of senseless, and involved a lot of do-overs. I wasn't going to kiss my own sister, and I certainly wasn't going to kiss Stan. When the girl I was ready to kiss decided to take over the spinning, the bottle pointed at my sister.

Stan and I watched as our sisters rose up on their knees and leaned in for a sexy little kiss. I know I got even harder, and I doubt Stan was any different. After that, it didn't really matter where the bottle wound up pointing. It was always moved some more so that I was always kissing with Cathy, while our siblings also were bottle-ordered to make-out.

It wasn't but a few times later that we wound up separating into bedrooms. After the boobs came out, the hand-jobs began. Us boys were happy to do whatever it took to keep on that track. After our hands became acquainted with the mystery of girls, we were going over to one another's houses every chance we got. That got solidified once the blow-jobs began. And our tongues first tasted pussy.

It was always kind of weird, afterwards, walking back home with Janey: the both of us stoned from orgasms, and walking funny. Staggering to make small talk without mentioning our damp undies. "Going over and playing with our friends is fun," she once declared.

Both sets of parents began referring to us four as The Inseparables. If only they knew about all the gooey glue involved!

Stan had figured out how to hook up his Xbox to the big screen in the livingroom. So we weren't stuck in his room with his crappy t.v.

But then our sisters entered the livingroom. No one else was home. Their parents weren't due back for hours. They were both wearing these shrunken ribbed wife-beater t-shirts, bearing their breasts if not actually baring them. The hems didn't even cover their belly buttons, leaving all that delicious skin to the waistbands of their tiny panties.

Here we'd been concerned with battling against an army of Nazi zombies.

The controllers in our hands suddenly seemed terribly unimportant. On-screen, we were getting slaughtered, but that didn't matter at all as Cathy advanced upon me. This was the girl, now nearly naked, who'd already sucked me off enough to slay me. My sister moved a little bit more hesitantly upon Stan.

I expected Cathy to continue until she was on her knees on the couch straddling me, but she stopped right as her knees knocked against mine.

"Us girls have decided," she announced, "that this is the perfect afternoon for all of us to lose our virginities." Cathy smiled, reached her hands to mine, grabbing the controller out of my hands and tossing it aside. Then her hands grabbed at mine, pulling me up off the sofa.

Stan put aside his controller himself, standing up unaided, to greet my shy sister.

"Let's all go to my room, all of us, to my big bed." She stated it like a fact. Like me, Stan had a rickety twin bed in his room. We'd never understood why our younger sisters got to have big wide beds. Now things made sense. Sort of.

In everything else, Jayne and Stan had messed around in his bed. Cathy and I in mine, when we were over at our house, the odd times they had to do the funny walk home.

It seemed kind of weird to me, doing each other's sister side-by-side. But that was what the girls had decided. The bed was already turned all the way down, with a couple towels draped around at the ready. I quit caring about protocol once the four of us were squeezed in the room, sort of observing the holy bed.

Cathy attacked me like we were alone in her room. She pulled her little wife-beater off right away. By the time Stan had Jayne down to that stage, his sister was on her back and had us naked. Me guided on top as she positioned that which she'd sucked against that which I'd licked. And fingered.

We were fucking well before they were even naked. Even just the start I had to go slow because it felt so good. They were still sitting up. I knew enough about girls to know what membrane was obstructing my progress.

We paused, eyes locked. "Do it," Cathy commanded, "it's what I want." I got aggressive enough to pierce her, and then I stopped. I waited for her hips to urge me on. My girl started to moan and groan, but in the good way.

She turned her attention beside us. They were finally on the bed, lying side-to-side, but both still in their underpants. "It hurts real hard fast at first." I began getting a little more active. "But now it feels so fucking good," she sputtered.

The pain wasn't so brief when they finally got to it. It was weird seeing my sister naked. And then Stan was as gentle as a horny dog. He was done before Janey could start feeling good.

Slowing down for Cathy had taught me a lesson--that the good feelings would last a lot longer if I didn't just hump her like a dog and be done with it. As they watched, I built Cathy back up. I liked having my dick in a pussy for the first time. I wanted to stay for awhile. I wanted to be the perfect guest so I'd get invited back.

I felt so proud when Cathy started making the noises I knew meant she was building towards the end. I wanted to give her a big come, holding back myself so I could give her some more. But when it hit, her cunt went crazy, milking me like never before. "Oh, god," I cried as I suddenly stiffened and peaked, the bomb of that half-second before I started shooting off inside her. My explosion made Cathy come even harder.

Collapsed in a tangle of broken limbs I heard a girl whisper to herself, almost involuntarily, "Wow." It wasn't Cathy. Her tongue was in my mouth at the moment, lightly thanking me. My tongue was likewise thanking her. And as long as we were kissing again, on our sides and sated, I moved a hand down to play with her breasts.

She shifted so that my upper thigh was trapped between hers. She gave a little grin and started hunching against my leg. The way we lay, she had to feel me thickening against her bottom thigh. I slipped my hand way further down, her hand around my wrist, pushing me with a giggle. I found her, and her fresh wave of wetness. I thought that was astonishing, but then her little hand left my wrist and found my thickening.

I didn't think it was possible, but the more I touched her, the more she touched me. Soon enough I was hard enough to be a handle--Cathy grabbed and pulled me over on top of her again. I saw that Stan was hard again as well. I heard Janey say something about doing it the old way, because she was too sore.

I wasn't paying too much attention to that. It seemed like Stan got a hand-job from my sister, with some lip service. While his sister and I were fucking our brains out, again.

It was the weirdest walk home. Janey stayed behind me, going slow like she really was sore. And never saying a word. Even the two times I tried to strike up a conversation.

Stan wasn't stupid. He'd watched the tutorial. Ever after he made sure to make Janey happy first. With that, all was good. We'd split into separate bedrooms, have our fun; but always there'd be the silent walk home with my lagging sister.

We were always over at their house. Playing with our friends. It always started out that way. Stan and I would be doing our stuff, while our little sisters did what girls did. But then their Mom would go to the grocery, and we'd pair up to the bedrooms to fuck.

It was a Saturday after lunch, and both their folks were home. Stan had a new game that sounded awesome--drive a fast car and run over zombies while your babe copilot kept whispering coy hints in your ear. But actually, it was pretty boring. We kept at it, not willing to concede quite yet. Even though our copilots looked like loser girls lifted from the Sims. The trailer trash edition. Pretty enough, but pixilated, with oozing sores around their mouths.

It was their mother who roused the girls from Cathy's room. Just like that, barely the blink of an eye, all the females in the house were gone to the mall. Janey had done babysitting enough to have a debit card all her own.

We continued playing, with Stan bitching about the money he'd wasted buying the stupid game. It was a stupid game, and he had wasted his money, but we weren't done with it yet.

Not until his dad came in the room cradling a basketball. He made us turn off and abandon all hope, following him out to the backboard above the garage.

It was actually a lot of fun. We played h-o-r-s-e, and 2-on-1, and then started inventing a string of games. The clang of the ball hitting the metal rim, the sweet swish of the net parted more gently. I didn't even like Stan's father all that much, but it was much better than stupid cars that always ran out of gas right as you were ready to mow down a lane through a field of zombies.

We kept at it, were still at it, when the Mommy Van pulled back into the drive. Cathy and Janey charged over and joined in on our reindeer games. Their dad tried to get their mom involved. "Boys versus girls," he called out. She waved us off, carrying the shopping bags into the house like a camel.

Soon after, she came out and announced she'd made snacks. The basketball got rolled into the garage, where it came to rest against the lawnmower. We were a tribe of five gathered in the kitchen eating the snacks served by the sixth. After that nourishment, Stan and I drifted back to the stupid game.

We heard his mom in the kitchen telling his dad that they had plenty of time before dinner to go play a round of golf together.

"That's code," Stan assured me. "They go golf now, he gets laid tonight."

It was barely the blink of an eye before he was following his wife out the door, caddying both bags of clubs out to the trunk.

We were busy on a crappy map of Havana. All the cars were relics that dated back to Batista, so they kept breaking down, and then there weren't enough trigger fingers in the world to keep the zombies from pulling you out of the car and eating you. Fail. They got both of us, so we had to go back to the beginning of the level yet again. We both shrugged and powered back up.

"It's gonna get pretty crazy here in a couple minutes," Stan warned. I didn't know what he was talking about. Actually, the first sublevel back was so rote it was boring.

But that wasn't what he was talking about. He knew in advance that his sister would lead my sister into interrupting us guys to show us what they'd bought.

Sexy cropped girl tops and shorts. I thought we'd be adjoining to appropriate rooms soon, but then they turned, giving us a fashion show, heading off to the next fitting. In their absence, Stan looked over at me and stated, "I hope you understand that we are totally doomed."

Next were skirts so short, the panties were meant to be seen. Our sisters danced circles in front of us, showing us their panties.

"Totally doomed," I echoed.

"You don't know the half of it," he explained.

They came back in lingerie we'd both only imagined. That they'd managed to get because they'd worn out Cathy's mom, and left her in a chair at the Food Court.

I thought for sure things would start happening. Things were certainly starting to happen for me. But they went away again. They came back in the original, the baby wife-beaters and just panties, dancing in a loop in front of us. Showing off their favors.

Cathy just pointed and screamed, "Janey look!--we're giving our brothers hard-ons!"

That they certainly were. My shorts were poking out, as were Stan's. We glanced down the couch at one another and gave our best what're you gonna do? shrugs. My sister shook her tits at him and squealed, looking over at me. "I love it when we get to come over and play with our friends."

She faked a pouty face. "But I just hate the in-between times... " she began jumping and shaking, " ... because I get so horny!" Cathy joined her. They kept dancing around the room like crazy. On one round, Cathy grabbed the remotes. Our game died unsaved, and the screen went dead.

Our sisters were still in motion when Cathy stopped in front of Stan. Which left my sister standing in front of me, nearly breathless, her chest heaving as she panted. Janey wasn't jiggling her tits at me, but they were moving, and her nipples remained poking out her shirt. She was looking at me with bright eyes and big smile, matched by my reply. So soon we'd be pairing off with our friends...

"Actually," Cathy announced, "Stan and I have figured out a secret about how to get through the in-between times."

"Really?" Janey piped up, "what's that? 'Cause I'd sure like to know that secret."

Cathy got a plump smile. She looked past Janey to me. "Dane," she said sweetly, "this is what I like to do when I'm missing you. When I'm aching for you." With that she stepped toward Stan, leaning down to yank his shorts and stuff to his ankles. She knelt down between his bared legs, kneeling before the sofa to grab Stan's stiff cock at the base, while kissing the very tip.

"You should try this, Janey. I know Dane loves it. And like my Stan, your brother has an awesome cock. Stan also says that, like me," and here she looked at me, "your sister is likewise an awesome cocksucker."

With that said, Cathy went to work on Stan, casting grinning glances at us as her saliva dripped down his cock.

Janey gave me a shy little smile and then stepped forward, pushing my legs apart to kneel between mine. She extended a finger to tug at the waistband of my shorts. "So I guess it's feed me time," my sister declared, licking her lips for the effort. She rubbed at my bulge, but didn't cross the next line.

She knelt there, waiting for me. It was up to me to unbutton and unzip my pants, to unveil myself to my own eager sister. I took about two seconds to think before I presented myself, slowly undoing the button, rattling down the zipper like a slow train going its way. I shrugged the shorts off my hip bones and let them drop. The only way to get my briefs off involved pulling the front of the waistband way out. And then there I stood, with her help, presenting myself to my sister. "But Janey ... only if you want to," I whispered. She gazed at my cock lovingly, longly, and longingly.

And then she finally touched me. Small fingers wrapping daintily around my firmness. Her voice followed, chiming like wedding bells, "I do! I want it. I want to do this!" To prove it, her wet lips widened, and she took my cock into her mouth. The warm wetness of a mouth was bad enough. The worst thing was Stan wasn't lying. My little sister sucked cock like some crazy banshee slut.

Stan broke the slurping silence, "C'mon Cathy, show me your tits!"

That was enough for Cathy to stop sucking. She backed away from her brother and yanked up her shirt. Then she looked at us, with a lilt in her voice. "C'mon Janey, show him your tits!"

My sister did just that, grinning at me all the while. She tossed her shirt in my face so I tossed it back, for her to fling away. She didn't care after that, her head bent back down, taking me back into her mouth. While my hands slunk down like cowards to cup my sister's cute little breasts. My fingers savoring their soft curves, keeping her nipples excited.

Janey was all silk, the light touch of her tongue. A glance over saw Cathy's head going up and down like a rapid piston. My sister was teasing me, keeping me harder than I'd ever been.

Stan gave that low but building warning groan. Cathy broke off long enough to urge Janey on. "Get serious, girl, come on, let's make our brothers come at the same time."

Janey slacked off to lean up and kiss me, whispering her secret words next to my ear, "Guess we're going to go way faster than I intended, so be sure to buckle in." She glanced down, gazing at her hands jacking my beanstalk. "I was wanting to give you the best blow-job of your life, but I guess that'll have to wait for the in-between times." Her head bowed back down, going back to work, doing triple-time, playing catch-up to Cathy and Stan

"Too late," I groaned, "it's already happening." However abbreviated, it was still the best blow-job of my life.

Stan gave his great cry, and I followed, copying him--my balls emptying into my sister's mouth.

I was scarcely seeing light yet again when Cathy was hopping up and wriggling down her shorts and panties. "Girls' time now," she announced, sinking down and getting comfortable on their end of the sofa.

Stan was of course still in a stupor, so she batted at him, nudging him with her legs and battering him with her feet. It was an act of sculpture, nearly scripture, with Cathy working him into a position in-kind, making it not long before he was on his knees on the floor, his mouth between her spread legs.

"Girl, get naked," Cathy called over to Janey. "Trust me, your brother eats pussy like it's going out of style!"

I too was still in a boy stupor, but I stood up, and stood my sister up as well. My hands were all over her, my lips pecking at hers. I oriented her, turning her so that she was backed against our end of the couch. I undid a snap, did enough tug at the zipper to push her shorts past her ass and onward to the target on the floor. Her panties clung along for the ride.

I danced my sister downward. "Lie down and get totally comfortable. And show me your pussy." I was fast to my knees, in strictly observational mode, mind you. We are talking about my sister, for heaven's sake.

Janey got herself real comfortable, reclining against cushions and pillows, her legs spread salaciously. An extended finger took a lazy ride down south, splitting her peach and showing me her nectar.

Stan was already going to town on his sister, goaded on by her. But that was his sister; my sister was another matter entirely. I raised up from my knees so I could kiss Janey on her lips proper.

She was surprised and delighted, slipping her tongue in with glee. After a lusty bit of that, I kissed around to her ear, whispering, "I don't care what Miss Bossy says, I'm taking my time with you." My sister went into a full-body shiver.

From there I lingered down her neck, and then I lavished long praise on her pretty breasts, loving on the stiff nipples as her hands ran through my hair. Eventually a sweet scent beckoned me lower. I kissed my way slowly down her rippling tummy. It felt like an earthquake was about to break. I moved down on my chin through the hairs of her sparse bush.

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