It's Alright Daddy....I Understand

by Chandra

Copyright© 2011 by Chandra

Erotica Sex Story: A 15 year old girl is grateful to her dad for taking such good care of her since her mom had died. But when she discovered he'd masturbated into a pair of her panties, she knew how to thank him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Father   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

It'd been 3 years since his wife died. Raising their daughter hadn't been easy but she was a good girl, an excellent student, popular at school, very helpful around the house and very obedient. He hadn't had a date in all that time, preferring to devote himself to his work and his daughter. He'd become aware however that at 15, she was no longer a child and had developed into a young woman. He found himself looking at her in unfatherly ways and feeling very unfatherly feelings for her.

The truth is, he was horny and his daughter, while still young, was developing a very grown up body. A brunette with a beautiful and innocent face, she looked a lot like his wife. He had to jerk off often to keep from becoming aroused around her. A number of times he'd seen her walking around the house in her underwear and it made him nuts to see her like that. He had to ask her to be more modest, if just to keep him from getting turned on. It wouldn't do to get a hard on from looking at his daughter.

One evening while she was out, and without even thinking about why he was doing it, he went into her room. He looked around. He took in her smells. The smells of a teenage girl. There were pictures and posters and teddy bears and sports trophies and her laptop ... all the usual trappings of a 15 year old.

He went to her hamper and opened it and looked at her soiled clothes. Shirts, shorts, socks, bras, panties. He put his hands in and felt them. A pair of pink panties. Lightly stained at the crotch. He brought them to his nose and inhaled her. Musky. She'd lubricated in these panties. Had she masturbated while she was wearing them? Did some boy have his hand inside these panties? Her sex smell was like catnip to his cock. He put them to his mouth and licked at the crotch, then dropped them back into the hamper. He rubbed the bulge in his pants.

He went to her dresser and opened what he knew was her underwear drawer. His daughter's underwear. He couldn't help himself. He opened it and surveyed the contents. Bras and panties. He'd always been an underwear man but these belonged to his little girl.

He reached in and touched them. He ran his fingers over the material. Cotton, mostly. And some rayon. He played with her underwear, her bras and her panties; her young girl panties, cotton ... whites, blues and pinks. Some had little designs on them, some were a little lacey. One red pair and one black pair. When did she buy these and who had seen her in them? He felt the cotton material and imagined her breasts in the bras and her vagina and her ass in the panties.

He felt the inside of a bra where her nipples would be and the inside of a pair of panties where her cunt would be. His daughter's cunt ... his baby girl. He was hard. He stripped from the waist down and his cock sprung out. This was his daughter's underwear. This was wrong but he was turned on and didn't care. He stroked his cock and his balls with her panties. He spread them out on her bed and looked at her underwear. He laid out her bras and panties as if she was wearing them.

He put a pair on his face and sucked at the crotch, knowing her cunt went there. He lay down on her underwear pretending she was wearing them and he humped her panties. He felt her bras as if her breasts were in them. He imagined her swollen nipples. He went down on the panties, sucking at the crotch, pretending he was eating out his daughter's cunt. He wanted her. He couldn't help it. He humped her panties on the bed.

"Oh my baby girl, Daddy is making love to you. Daddy has his cock inside you. Daddy is fucking you my 15-year-old daughter. Aahhhgggg!! Uhh! Uhhhh!" His cock shot a load and he came onto a pair of her panties, his daughter's white cotton panties.

"I'm disgusting," he thought to himself. He straightened everything up, putting her underwear back the way it was and he put the stained panties into the hamper. "Whew. That was fun," he had to admit.

Chapter 2

Several nights later, while he was watching TV, his daughter came in and sat down on the couch next to him. She hadn't yet changed since coming home from school and was still wearing her short school skirt, a button shirt, white sweat sox and penny loafers. His eyes were drawn to her exposed thighs and although he looked away as soon as he realized he was staring, she'd see it.

"Hi dad."

"Hi sweetheart."

"Dad, can I talk to you?"

"Sure, honey. What's up?"

"Remember a few months ago when you told me to be more modest around the house and not walk around in my underwear?"

"Yes honey."

"Daddy, was that because you missed mommy and you haven't been with a woman in a long time?"


'Where was she going with this?', he wondered. Should he admit the truth?

"OK, yes, sweetheart. The truth is, you're a young woman now, with a very nice figure and I didn't think it was a good idea for you to be walking around in your underwear."

"Dad, were you getting turned on by me?"

Jesus! But he had to admit it. "Yes, sweetheart, I was." He felt ashamed.

"Daddy, were you in my underwear drawer? Did you do something in a pair of my panties?"

Oh shit. Busted.

"Oh God, I'm so ashamed, honey. Yes, I was playing pretend with your underwear. With your bras and your panties, and I masturbated into a pair of your panties. I'm disgusting. I'm so sorry, sweetheart. Please forgive me. I swear, it'll never happen again."

"You don't have to be ashamed, daddy. It's alright. I understand. You've been so good to me, taking care of me since mom died. I know you haven't gone out on dates and I'm grown up now, so I understand these things. Now I'm going to take care of you."

She kissed him on his cheek and with a look in her eyes that said she'd made up her mind about something; she stood up in front of her father and began to unbutton her shirt.

"Sweetheart! What are you doing?"

"Shhh, daddy."

She undid the buttons on her shirt, revealing her white bra and she took the shirt off. He was frozen. She was so beautiful, his little girl. He moaned silently as she modeled for him, turning around.

"Is this what you like, daddy? To see me in my bra? Does this turn you on?"

His 15 year old daughter was undressing in front of him and he was getting hard.

"You're so beautiful, sweetheart. You look very sexy standing there in your bra. When did you start buying the lacey ones? Are you going to take off your skirt too?"

"Would you like to touch yourself daddy? Like you did in my room?"

He was shaking with anticipation but he was also afraid. She slid her penny loafers off her feet but kept her white sweat sox on. She unsnapped her skirt and pulled the zipper down. He could see baby blue panties from the open fly.

"Stop this, honey. You're my daughter and you shouldn't be undressing like this."

"I want to be good to you, daddy. I want you to feel good."

She slid the skirt off her hips and stepped out of it, revealing her panties. A pair of her cotton ones. Her father moaned at the sight of his daughter undressing down to her underwear.

His virginal 15 year old daughter was undressing for him, standing in front of him in just her underwear. Her cotton panties and bra. He'd fantasized about this and here it was. She did a turn and he marveled at how beautiful her ass was in her panties. Blood surged to his cock and it twitched.

"Am I sexy, daddy? Do you think I'm really sexy? I only wear a B cup. Are my breasts too small?"

He'd been jerking off for three years, imagining her doing this and here it was. She was doing this.

"You're gorgeous, sweetheart. Your breast size is perfect. So sexy. Your breasts and hips are growing very nicely. You have cleavage above your bra and you look incredible the way your panties curve and stretch around your hips."

She had nice hips and developing breasts. He loved her B cup. He desperately wanted to touch himself.

"Come on, daddy. Give yourself a break. Here, let me help you."

She got down on her knees in front of him, undid his belt and pulled down the zipper of his pants. He didn't make any effort to stop her. She tweaked his hardness through his underwear. His daughter had touched his cock. It was a shock wave to his system.

"You have an erection, daddy. Come on ... take your pants off. I want to see what you look like." She giggled and stood up.

Now it was his turn. They were undressing. This was sex. He was having sex with his teenage daughter.

He was still sitting on the couch. He lifted his behind off the cushion so could pull his pants down. The bulge in his underwear was obvious.

"Now take off your underwear, daddy. Come on. I wanna see it. He, he."

"We shouldn't be doing this, honey. Oh God, well, OK, maybe just this once."

He was about to expose his cock to his daughter. He was incredibly turned on. He pulled his underpants off his hips and his curved cock popped out. He was sitting on their couch, naked from the waist down, with his legs spread wide and with a raging hard on from looking at his 15 year old baby girl standing in front of him; standing in front of him in her white lacy bra and light blue cotton panties. It also turned him on for her to see his erection. He spread his legs wider to make sure she could see his balls underneath his cock. His very hard cock.

"Can you see it, honey? Can you see daddy's hard penis? Can you see it sweetheart? My hard cock and my balls? It turns me on to expose my penis and balls to you. Look at daddy's nakedness, sweetheart. See me, baby."

"You like saying the words, don't you daddy. I like it too. It sounds very sexy."

She winked at him.

He stroked his stiff cock obscenely while she watched him in fascination. She'd heard about jerking off and she'd seen pictures on the Internet but this was her father and he was jerking off because she was undressing for him.

"Wow, daddy! It's so big. Is it big like that because I'm standing here in front of you in my underwear? And the head of your penis is so red. I read in my Seventeen magazine that a man's penis gets all red when he's excited. I want so much for you to feel good, daddy, so I'm glad it looks like that."

"Oh yes, sweetie. You're a very sexy young lady. More sexy even than your mother was, rest her soul. And my penis is hard and red because you are SO very sexy and because I love seeing you in your underwear. God, this is turning me on!"

"Can I touch it, daddy?"

Without waiting for an answer she reached down and fondled his cock. She stroked it tentatively.

"Is this the way mommy touched it? What about underneath?"

She stroked her father's cock with one hand and touched him tenderly under his balls with the other, bringing moan after moan from him. She'd seen an Internet video of a girl doing this and it made her feel very grown up.

"Ohh, Jesus shit, that's nice honey. Oh God."

She giggled while fondling his balls with her fingertips and it was driving him crazy and he was getting very close to shooting his load.

"Uh, uh ... oh my God, honey, oh my God, this is so sexy. You're only 15 and you're my daughter and you're standing there in your underwear and now you're touching my penis. Your father's penis. My cock. My hard cock. Ohhh. Better stop that, honey. It feels too good."

She didn't understand how it could feel too good but OK. She just wanted her dad to feel good and be happy.

"Would you like me to move around daddy?"

And again, without waiting for an answer, she walked around the room, trying to be sexy for her dad. He played with himself. She watched him as he stroked his shaft with one hand and tickled himself underneath his balls with the other. He groaned as he looked at her and continued playing with himself. This was his dream come true.

'OK, if we're going to do this, let's do it', he thought to himself.

"OK honey, go sit in the easy chair and spread your legs for me. Pull your knees up and back. I want to look at the crotch of your panties. Show off for your dad. That's daddy's little girl."

She wanted so badly to please her father; she would do anything for him. She sat down, pulled up her knees and spread her legs, showing him the crotch of her panties and the crease of her pussy against the panties. It felt very, very naughty.

I'm being slutty for my dad, she thought to herself.

"Like this, daddy? Do you like looking at me like this?"

He did. Very much.

"God, yes, honey. Your spread legs are very sexy. I can see your thighs underneath right up to the elastic of your panties. And you're showing me your panty crotch, where your, uh, vagina is behind the material. Spread your legs wider, sweetheart. Oh yes, baby. Ohh, that's nice. Oo, my cock. Oo, ooph."

"Oh, daddy, your penis is so hard and it's so big! And I know it's because you think I'm sexy, like mommy. It's alright, daddy. I understand. It makes me feel good to make you happy."

It made her feel very good to spread her legs like this for her father.

"You have no idea, sweetie. Now I want to look at you some more but in a different position. Lie on your stomach on the floor for me, like you were watching TV and spread your legs. I want to see your behind in your panties and look at the back of your bra."

She really didn't understand why he would want this but she immediately got on the floor, wanting to please his every whim.

"I guess you like looking at me in my underwear, huh, dad. I'm glad."

She lay down on the carpeting, on her stomach, still in her cotton panties and bra and sweat sox and she spread her legs, knowing her dad wanted to look between them.

He looked between his daughter's legs, at her ass, in between her thighs, at her crotch, and he jerked on his cock. She was also enjoying showing off her body to her father.

"Now get up on your knees and elbows, honey. Mommy used to stick her behind in the air for me to look at. Your behind looks so good in your panties, sweetheart. I can see between your legs." He stroked himself harder, as he ogled his daughter's incredible ass in her panties.

She has no idea how sexy she is, he thought to himself. And she'll do anything for me. She's like my little sex toy.

"Can I turn over dad, and see what you're doing?"

She turned over on her back, picked her knees up and spread her legs again. She was enjoying feeling like a slut for her dad.

"Do you like me like this daddy, with my legs spread open for you?"

"Oh shit yes, sweetheart."

He continued pounding himself as he looked hungrily into his daughter's crotch, seeing the outline of her cunt lips against the panties. He could also see that she was getting wet.

"Look at me, daddy. Can you see me? Look at my panties between my legs."

"I can see your vagina pressing against the material of your panties, honey."

"Daddy ... when you masturbated into my panties, show me how you did it. Lemme watch."

"Oh my God, sweetheart, yes. Yes, baby. Daddy is going to masturbate in front of you. But this is so wrong."

He mouthed the words but didn't really care. His cock was hard and he was going to jerk off in front of this daughter.

"No it isn't, wrong daddy. You need to be happy and I love you so much and I'm here to help you. I want you to jerk off."

Too turned on to care about how wrong this was, he got off the couch and kneeled on the floor, in between her knees and her spread legs. He continued to stroke himself. He leaned his face close to her mound, his daughter's pussy mound, through her panties. He could smell his teenage daughter's cunt. He stuck his tongue into her cunt through the material and it was her turn to feel an electric charge.

"Honey, touch daddy a little bit! Touch daddy,"

She reached out and put her hand on the head of his cock.

"Like this daddy? Did mommy touch you like this?"

"Oh God, yes, honey. Now underneath. Gently tickle my balls, sweetheart. There! Oh yes! Yes, oh God! Oh, shit! Ooh ... uhh. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum in between your legs; onto your panties. You're watching me jerk off. Your blue cotton panties; little girl panties. My teenage daughter. You're only 15 years old. Your bra and panties! Your cunt. Ohhhhh!"

"Masturbate daddy. Come on daddy. Please cum. I want you to. Please let me see you cum. I want you to feel good, daddy. Here ... I'll touch you underneath."

"Now, honey! Now, my baby girl! Oh, GOD! Arrrrgghhh!!!" Arrrgghhh!!!

She fondled his balls and he shot a huge load of cum into the air, onto her panties, her thighs and her belly. While she fondled his cock and his balls, he'd jerked off on his little girl.

After the spasms subsided he felt more ashamed than he ever had in his life.

"I'm so sorry, sweetheart. I'm so ashamed. Go clean up." And he got up and went to his room.

"Please don't be sorry. Didn't that feel good? It's alright, daddy; I understand. I just wanted you to feel good."

Chapter 3

In spite of his daughter's loving efforts, it was days before he could look her in the eye again. But she was determined to repay her father for all his kindness in raising her. In the meantime all this had gotten her really worked up, so when she got back to her room she stripped off her underwear. Her panties had a wet stain on them. She enjoyed being naked in her room.

She looked at herself in the mirror and felt herself up. She kneaded her breasts and tickled her nipples, making them harder than they already were. She put her hand between her legs and massaged her labia, making herself wetter than she already was. She stroked her clit. Her knees almost buckled as she pushed into herself with her hand. She lay down on the bed, spread her legs and put her cum-stained panties on her face. She sucked her father's cum off her panties while she masturbated. She stroked herself, tickled her clit and drove her finger in and out of her cunt.

"Oh daddy ... make me a woman. Put it in me, daddy. Put it in me. I love you so much, daddy. Oh yes. Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck yeah!!!! Ohhhh!"

Chapter 4

It was early Sunday morning and thinking his daughter was still asleep, he took a naked swim in their pool. He didn't often get a chance to swim in the nude and the high fence around their yard gave him the privacy he needed. He finished his swim, climbed out and sat in one of the chairs, feeling the warmth of the rising sun on his body. It had been a difficult couple of days for him, what with the conflicting emotions he felt over what happened between him and his little girl.

She's my 15 year old daughter, for Christ sake. But this was also a fantasy come true and that was a very intense orgasm he had when he jerked off between her legs. He started getting aroused. Feeling very horny, he closed his eyes, leaned his head back, spread his legs and began to fondle his cock; one hand under his balls and the other stroking himself. Images of his daughter undressing for him down to her panties and bra were turning him on again.

'She's so pretty', he thought to himself. So young. He was unaware of her when she walked in front of him in her bathrobe, stood there and watched him playing with himself.

"Daddy! Are you feeling lonesome again? Are you going to let me help you or what?"

"Oh, shit. I'm sorry sweetie. It's just that ... what are you doing here?"

He stopped stroking himself but he was rock hard, his cock standing straight up. The head was purple. He made no attempt at covering himself; instead he enjoyed the thrill of his aroused nakedness in front of his daughter.

"I was watching you from my bedroom window, daddy. I see you're excited and you're touching yourself again."

She couldn't help looking at his hard-on. She loved seeing how hard her father was. And the truth is, it turned her on.

"What would mommy do if she saw you like this out here? Tell me! What would she do?"

"Well ... she would put a cushion on the floor, get on her knees and play with my cock, sweetheart. She would put some of this lotion on it and use both hands to make me feel good. That's what mommy would do."

That's not all his wife would do but his daughter was too eager and he didn't dare go any further.

He wondered what she was wearing under her bathrobe. He opened his legs wider, to make sure she could see his balls under his cock and he started stroking himself obscenely in front of her.

She picked up a cushion from another chair, put it in front of her father's spread legs and got down on her knees in between them. His cock stared her in the face. She put a generous supply of the oil all over her hands and reached out. She was aware of her own desire between her legs but this was about making her dad feel good. Still...

"Move your hands away daddy. Let me jerk you off." She was discovering how much she loved the words.

She's going to jerk me off?

He dropped his hands and his young daughter took over. She rubbed the oil all over his cock and his balls. She stroked his shaft like she'd seen him do. She did it slowly, rhythmically. She played with the head, pumped him up and down, cupped his balls, and tickled him underneath with her fingertips. It seemed she was awfully good at this. She was driving him insane with pleasure.

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