Penny and Chad

by Little Preggo

Copyright© 2011 by Little Preggo

Erotica Sex Story: Penny, 16, has been saving her virginity for her best friends dad. After one sweaty soccer game will she get her wish?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   .

Penny was not a shy 16-year-old girl. With fully rounded breasts, a tiny body and a head of curly red hair, she was every high school boys dream. But Penny could care les about those boys. Yes, she had given her fair share of under the bleacher blowjobs and had lost count of how many high school boys had felt her up through her bra, but Penny had her sights set on Mr. Hasselback. Chad Hasselback was 39, a soccer coach with graying blonde hair and abs that could cut glass. Most importantly Chad was the single father of Gwen Hasselback. Penny's best friend since grade school and Penny was determined to lose her virginity to Chad.

"Thanks for the ride, mom!" Penny said as she got at out of the car at the Hasselbacks. "I hope you and dad have fun this weekend." Her parents had scheduled a long weekend cruise and Penny was staying at the Hasselback's while they were away. This occurrence wasn't uncommon at all. Gwen and Penny were constantly back and forth in each other's home.

Penny bounded through the back door without knocking and smiled when she saw Chad at the dining room table. "Hi Mr. Hasselback!"

Chad looked up from his work on the laptop and grinned at Penny in appreciation. It seemed like over the past year she had suddenly turned into a woman and Chad appreciated that every chance he could. "Hey there Pens."

Penny dropped her bag at the back door and walked over to where he was working. Looking over his shoulder, her breasts lightly grazed him as she leaned in.

She smiled, "Ah ... Next season's roster. How's it looking?"

"Not too bad. I think we've got a winning team."

Penny snorted, "Not possible without me."

Chad laughed, she was right and they both knew it. Unfortunately he coached a men's college team. "If only, Penny girl. If only. You could run circles around half my boys I have out there."

Penny shrugged and walked over to the refrigerator. "Is Gwen back yet?"

"Nope," he smiled at her. "Want to shoot some goals while we wait?"

"As if you have to ask!" Penny grabbed two water bottles and followed Chad outside. She grinned as she watched his tight ass jogging out into the backyard. Soccer with Chad always meant that his shirt would be coming off once things began to get heated.

However, today Penny was the first one to shed clothing. Although the temperature wasn't hot enough to warrant stripping down to her white sports bra, Penny did anyway. She watched as Chad's eyes glided appreciatively over her young body, taking in her flat stomach and growing chest. It didn't take long for him to shed his own shirt afterwards. They played for 45 minutes, dribbling the ball around each other, sweaty bodies connecting, before they both were ready to call it quits.

Penny leaned over to place her hands on her knees, giving Chad a glance down her cleavage. "Good game," she smiled at him.

He tore his eyes away from her breasts to smile back. "As always. I swear Pens every time I see you you're getting better and looking better. You know ... out on the field."

Penny tossed him a coy smile as she jogged over to the hose. "I'm soaked! Mind if I use the hose to cool off?"

No, he didn't not one bit. Chad bit back a smile, knowing that in mere seconds Penny's white bra was going to be completely see through. His cock stirred in his gym shorts at the thought of it. He watched as she bent over to turn the faucet on and slowly began to hose herself off.

"Come on over!" she offered the hose to him.

This is purely innocent, Chad reminded himself as he stared openly at her firm, round boobs. Nothing wrong with looking, Penny was practically offering him a free peep show anyway the way she was standing there. Just don't touch her, Chad. Save your fantasies for later tonight.

"Can you rinse my back off for me?" she asked with a smile.

Somehow in the movement of handing over the hose, Chad's hand connected firmly with Penny's breast.

Chad paled and reluctantly pulled his hand away, there was no way to ignore this one. As wonderful as she felt underneath his hand, Chad still managed to slip out an apology. "Oh! Gosh, Penny. I'm so sorry."

She smiled at him and pushed her chest out further, "I don't mind. Not one bit." Then in one swift, brazen move Penny took his hand and put it squarely on her right breast.

Chad knew he should pull away. Instead, he squeezed her gently while Penny looked into his eyes. How could he pull away when she was looking up at him with those wide, brown eyes?

"That feels good," she whispered. "Really good."

He continued to caress her ripe breast, feeling her hard nipple poking out from the wet and see through sports bra. His cock began to stiffen. "We can't do that Pens."

She pouted, "Why not? It's obvious we're hot for each other, Mr. Hasselback. Who's going to know?" She moved closer to him, tilted her head up smiled at him with her full mouth. "I've been hoping this would happen for a long time now."

Chad held back a moan. Those red lips of hers were taunting him. If he could just have one small taste ... just maybe his thirst would be quenched. Penny ran her tongue over her bottom lip while moving her face closer to his. He moved in closer, one hand still cupped on her breast, the other moving to rest on her hip. Chad moved her teenage body towards him and captured her lips with his own. She surprised him by being an unbelievable kisser, Penny's lips and tongue moved against his in expert motion. Her mouth tasted like cherry lip gloss.

Hidden by the trees in the backyard, Penny let Chad explore her mouth and body. His hands moved up and down her while his tongue ravished her mouth. It wasn't long before she could hear a car pull into the driveway and garage door open.

Chad heard his daughter arrive home at the same time Penny did and quickly put distance between them. "Quick get inside and take her upstairs," he said gruffly. "If she asks you tell her I am at the neighbors."

"I'm not done with you," he whispered to himself as she entered the house through the back sliding glass door.

Later that evening the three of them ordered pizza and ate dinner together. Gwen was oblivious to the lingering glances between her father and best friend all night.

When Gwen left the room at one point in the evening, Chad sternly told Penny. "That will never happen again." But really who was he kidding? He never wanted it to stop.

Penny pouted, "Why? Kissing you was unbelievable."

"Penny, some many horrible things could happen. We can't. You need to listen to me. No more."

Not one to easily give up, Penny lightly grazed the front of his jeans with her hand. "You're missing out."

Chad nodded, she was right. "I'll just have to. It won't happen again."

"Don't you think I'm pretty?" There were those wide brown eyes again, staring up at him like he had just wounded her.

"Without a doubt one of the most gorgeous women I have ever laid eyes on, but that's not the point. I could lose everything. It. Will. Not. Happen. Again."

"We'll see about that," with one last stroke through his jeans she turned and bounded upstairs in search of Gwen.

Late that night, after Gwen had fallen into a deep sleep, Penny quietly snuck down the hall to Chad's bedroom. Slowly she climbed into his bed, expertly straddling him. His eyelids fluttered as she began to move up and down against him.

"Penny, what the fuck?!"

"Shhhhhh. You'll wake Gwen up," she smiled down at him. "I can't help it Chad, I needed to come in here tonight."

"Penny, we can't do this. I told you!"

"I will never tell a soul," she whispered softly into his ear while continuing to move her body up and down his quickly hardening cock. He was becoming powerless against her. "I promise."

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