Meeting After Class

by wardog73

Copyright© 2011 by wardog73

Erotica Sex Story: John got more than he bargained for when an employee need to stay after to learn about the company software

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   BBW   Big Breasts   .

John worked for the company as both an IT person and instructor on the collaboration software in use. He didn't mind the teaching part as it allowed him to ogle all the women in the organization without getting into too much trouble. He had to make sure he didn't "over" do it as to not cause a scandal with the Equal Opportunity rep.

One particular week, a lady came in from the logistics section and John was immediately turned on. She was about 5' 4" tall and probably around 250 lbs. She was thick, but she was curved well with a juicy ass and boobs that jiggled as she walked. John quickly regained his composure as he began greeting the students to class. She said hi and said her name was Lori. John replied "Hi" back and tried not to overdo his smile or anything else. She asked if there was assigned seating, and John replied there wasn't. The only thing he could think of was, "On my face would be nice", but he kept that thought to him. He regained his professional composure and began teaching once all the students arrived.

After the first day of class, Lori came up to him and asked, "Can I come by in the afternoons for some extra training time? I'm getting the hang of this software, but I want to make sure."

"Sure," was all John could say.

"Thanks," was Lori's reply and John watched as her juicy ass sashayed out the door. John was horny for her, he went to the restroom and was able to wank one out. "Damn, she's hot," was all John could think.

Those thoughts of Lori continued when John got home and had wank off 3 more times before he could stop thinking about her long enough to fall asleep, even then, the dreams of Lori were vivid. Multiple positions, multiple places, multiple ways, it was a miracle that John got any sleep.

Next morning, Lori called John at his desk before class and mentioned that she had an unplanned meeting she needed to attend and couldn't make it to class. She also asked if she could come by another day to make up the time and take the final test. "Sure, no problem," John replied, "Just call ahead and I'll make sure I'm not busy".

"Thanks, John," replied Lori and she hung up.

"Well," John thought, "This will make class go easier."

A long agonizing week later, Lori called.

"John, can I come over tomorrow afternoon and finish up the class?"

"Sure, say 1 pm?"

"Sure, see you then."

"Ok, then. Bye."

"Wow," John thought, "I get an afternoon with just her." With that he had to take care of himself, again.

The next morning at work seemed to drag endlessly for John. The clock couldn't move fast enough to get him to be in the class Lori, all to himself. He had planned on asking her out and couldn't remember if she had a ring on or not.

12:30 pm rolled around and John headed over to the classroom to make sure everything was setup and to wait for here. 12:45 pm, Lori showed up and said "Hi".

Lori was wearing a low cut blouse that barely covered her massive cleavage and a pair of dress slacks that showed off her super ass, in addition to wearing low heels. John was stunned and quickly regained himself and said "Hi, take a seat and we'll finish up your training and move into the final exam."

Lori chose to sit in the front row and leaned forward on her arms, which allowed John and excellent view of the bounty that lay within. Her hands were covered so he still couldn't tell if she had a ring on. "Damn, he thought, she is going to drive me nuts."

John, pulled himself together, finished up the session and let her begin the final test. He excused himself so he could wank one out and headed back to class. Once back in the classroom, Lori asked for help as she was confused by something. John stood behind her and followed along, as her intoxicating perfume hit him. It was very sensual and arousing all in the same time. John was trying his best not to have his member regain strength, but he was slowly losing. He helped Lori through the problem area and sat back down at his desk to check his email, sports, news, anything to keep his mind off of Lori.

"I'm done, John, "she stated.

"I'm done, too, "John thought. He headed over to her desk and checked her work. She had completed all the tasks as necessary and stated, "Good Work, Lori. You passed." With that he went back to his desk and handed her a certificate of completion.

"Thanks John. By the way, is there anyone else coming over today?"

"No, not that I can think of, why?"

"I know you have been staring at my body. Are you turned on by it? Most guys only stare at my boobs, but when the look at the rest, they appear disgusted."

John was stuck. Not only was he caught, he didn't know how to answer. So finally, he responded, "Yes, Lori. I was turned on by you when you walked in the door. How your body curves, how it moves, your smile, everything."

Lori seemed impressed by this and replied coyly, "So, do you have anything else you need to get done today?"

John replied, "Nothing I can think of, why?"

Lori walked up to John and said, "Oh I don't know, there's a couple of things I need to work on."

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