In for a Penny in for a Pound

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2011 by Sirdar

Sex Story: A young teacher is very craftily seduced by a student. He finds that he has no option but to continue the affair

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Pregnancy   .

Tony Nash a teacher at Hazlehurst Grammar had been away on a weeks course to learn about new developments in Computer or IT teaching methods. It had been a very good course and very instructive, and he had enjoyed it. However he missed being away from Gail his fiancé.

During the course, he had mixed with other teachers, and had met a couple of very nice and quite sexy teachers from other schools. The invitation had been there, and very obvious, Tony was tempted but thinking of his girlfriend back home, he without causing offence, quite carefully turned the opportunity down. He was waiting to get back to Gail his fiancé, they were planning to marry now they had both finished their teacher training.

Home again on the Saturday he rang Gail. She seemed pleased to hear from him, but he sensed that something was wrong, and somehow he felt that she was hiding something from him. He was just about to go out to meet her when Mrs. Riddick his landlady stopped him and said "My Fred said he saw Gail snogging with a young fellow in the park on Wednesday night. When he spoke to her, she did not reply but turned her face away and she was looking very guilty. I just thought you should know."

Tony was devastated - the thought that Gail might be cheating on him was hard to believe. He was convinced it was a mistake, and that Fred had mistaken another girl for Gail. But when she answered the door, one look at her face told him that she was feeling terribly guilty about something.

He said without preamble" Gail I have just been told that you were seen with another man kissing on a bench in the park. Is it true?" Gail broke down in tears, and said "I am so sorry Tony -it was only done for a bet." But Tony was shattered, he felt betrayed, and he just turned without another word, and walked out of the house to the nearest pub where he sat and drank steadily until closing time.

Getting back to his apartment much later, it took both his landlady and her husband to get him to bed. In his drunken state he heard his landlady mutter "I wish I had never told him now."

"I told you it would cause trouble didn't I?" He heard her husband say as they left the room. "Some things are best left unsaid."

The next morning Tony had a splitting headache and as it was a Saturday he did not have go to school. He stayed in bed most of the day, he ate very little, but drank plenty of water.

It took Tony a couple of days and some hard talking to, by a close friend who told him. "Look old son there are plenty more fish in the sea - go out and find some and forget her. Its best to know what she was like now, rather than later when you are married"

Gail tried calling to see him, but he would not see her, nor would he speak to her on the telephone. When he came face to face with her in the staff room the following Monday, he made it clear there was no way back for them. Gail broke down in tears, but Tony felt no sympathy for her at all.

Tony vowed from then on, he would take all the sexual opportunities that came his way. He went through the phase where it was hard for him to believe that any woman could be utterly faithful, especially so, when as a matter of coincidence, his best friends wife went off with another man.

Tony had a few dates as time went on but somehow they were not the same. The feeling of togetherness was not there. The school was full of bright young sex mad teenagers and a few very nice and very sexy women teachers. None of the teachers would go out on a date with Tony as they liked Gail. But after Gail had left the school, and moved away from home Tony had a few casual dates with some of his female colleagues. All of which were generally very unsatisfactory.

One part of him blamed his landlord for telling on Gail, and causing the split up - he was at the point of half believing that if he had not know then he would have still been with Gail. It was then that Tony decided that he would get a self contained apartment on his own, and after some searching, he found a small apartment close to the school which suited him.

He had started drinking more than normal, and most nights he would go for a drink after dinner at a local hotel, although he did not drink to excess, but it eased his loneliness, as he made friends in the bar, and was able to talk to them and ease his loneliness.

It was on a Friday evening when he met the very sexy looking slim blonde Sandra Maddox in the Harvester bar of the hotel. He had noticed her immediately he walked in. At first he tried to ignore her, but he was very aware of her and could not resist looking over at her occasionally, and they frequently made eye contact. He tried hard but his eyes kept getting drawn back to her, and he noticed that she gently rebuffed the approaches of other men in the bar who tried to pick her up.

After about an hour she picked up her drink, and came and sat by Tony.

"Can I sit with you please. I think I feel safer with you."

They talked for a while and soon they were quite friendly. Tony at the time did not recognise her as one of his fifteen year old students from school, but then he was not supposed to, and with her hair done up, and her make-up so expertly applied, there was little chance he would recognise her at all. After a few drinks, her extremely sensuous sexy seductive, and very adult behaviour won the day, and soon they were chatting like old friends, she was certainly very good company. Tony had not been slow to take up the implied invitation, that she was offering. Not having a clue at the time that she was an underage teenager.

When Sandra invited him to walk her home, he knew what she was offering, Tony was in the mood for some fun and it seemed so was Sandra. Soon both of them were naked on her bed Sandra knew she was more than halfway home as she fastened her eyes on Tony's impressively sized cock. She was fondling it so lovingly in her soft teenage hands, just enjoying the feeling of success, and winning the bet she had made with her best friend. She knew if she played her cards right, that she was going to have the pleasure of that lovely male cock deep into her hot young pussy any minute now.

Soon she hoped, he would be shooting his seed deep into her waiting young womb. Impulsively, she leaned forward and planted a wet kiss just on the tip of his cock, smiling happily to herself as she saw it react almost immediately, to the feel of her hot warm wet lips, and the subsequent look of lust in his eyes as he gazed lovingly up at her, was a just reward for all the trouble she had taken to get him into her clutches Sandra could see happily, that his cock had become so hard with his desire for her young hot body.

She had to play this carefully, this seduction had been the result of long careful planning, brought about by her determination no longer to tolerate the fumblings of teenage boys, who just wanted to shoot their load into her, and leave her sexually frustrated. She had chosen Tony with care, he was young, single and the heartthrob of most of the older girls in school. She had done her research, his break-up with Gail was common knowledge, and his obvious unhappiness had induced her with much discussion with her mother, to make a plan for seducing him, and she put her plan into action, and now she had to play this man like an angler plays a fish, to get him into her power. She knew that once she had let him sleep with her for a night and fuck her a few times, she had a good chance of holding on to him, he dare not risk the publicity, so that in future she had a real man to satisfy her every need.

One benefit she had over other girls was in having a mother who was a top class hooker, and who was very broad minded ... She knew all about men, what they liked, and what they disliked. She knew just what a girl could get away with if she was clever, and careful enough. In fact her mother had actively encouraged her to get laid properly, getting fed up with her teenage moaning. about the boys at school. She had actively helped Sandra with her clothes and make-up, and Sandra knew that her mother would not create hell with her if she brought him home, or if he stopped out all night, as long as she had some idea where she would be.

Sandra had taken her mother into her confidence, and tonight her mother had lent her some of her very best clothes, and had spent nearly two hours helping her with her make up and her hair, and Sandra knew that when she looked in the mirror before she left home, she looked really good, and she looked at least eighteen or nineteen years of age, instead of her proper age of fifteen. She had certainly fooled the barman and had no difficulty ordering drinks.

Her target from the time she had first seen him had been Tony the young IT teacher at School. All the girls in her class had the hots over him, they knew he was single, but none of them had the nerve, or the mother broadminded enough to coach them in the techniques of male seduction, of more importance, they did not have the overt parental encouragement, which was such a massive help. Her blonde hair, and the lovely wet looking tight red leather jacket her Mom had lent her, had all been a terrific help in luring Tony into her feminine trap.

Now she knew she had got him naked in her bed and she was so near getting him into her clutches, as she bent down and kissed him tenderly on the lips, and took one of his hands to place on her young breast, while she took his cock in her hands and continued to gently massage lovingly and tenderly. Then she bent down spearing her tongue out, as she licked the hot juice pre-cum oozing from the slit of his hard cock. She licked at the large bulbous rounded head with her tongue moving slowly downward toward its base, and back again listening happily to the moans of delight coming from his lips, and enjoying his torment.

She happily licked his entire cock with her tongue, and then she sucked it using her lips to tease and excite him, until she knew that the time had come for him to put his cock inside her and fuck her properly...

The entire length of his cock gleamed with her saliva, as she took the head between her lips. She sucked his cock as tangible proof of her overwhelming desire for him. She felt his hands rest gently on her head, holding her there, loving the feel of his strong fingers running his fingers through her long blonde hair, as she worked away steadily on his now massive erection.

Soon she decided enough was enough, and so she lay back on the bed, her legs spread wide in open invitation, her knees bent, and her arms spread wide in an unspoken invitation, as she looked up at him as Tony crawled between her young slim legs, her eyes pleading for him to hurry up.

But Tony was enjoying his time with Sandra and for a moment he let his eyes gaze down on her nude voluptuous beauty. She was undeniably a beautiful girl, and as he looked down at her lovely young body, a picture of wanton lust, he could not imagine why such a beauty should be so attracted to him ... Sandra waited with growing impatience for him to take her. His cock felt as though it was ready to explode, as he looked down at the graceful curves and hollows of this ravishing young girl.

"God, Sandra you are gorgeous," he whispered hungrily.

"Come, my darling man make love to me I can not wait for ever". She said softly, barely containing her impatience. She slid one hand down her belly, pulling the lips of her young pussy apart and letting him see the joy that was waiting for him.

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