Hardon High 04: After School Special

by Marc Tremaine

Copyright© 2011 by Marc Tremaine

Erotica Sex Story: All of the young teens at the orgy were under strict instructions to keep their hands off each other, so that they were always available for the men (fathers, grandfathers, uncles, coaches, teachers, priests) to use. But young Steve had been fucked so many times, he couldn't help but enjoy Rick's 13 yr old talented tongue sucking all those loads of cum out of his ass, and telling him about his first blowjob from an adult in the swimming pool shower.

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Steve was worn out! Even though one of the twins—Rick, he thought—was eating out his hole, his dick hardly twitched as it sagged limply on his friend's chin. But he still reached back to spread his cheeks apart as he squatted over Rick's face, so that talented tongue could get as far up inside as possible.

Actually, they weren't supposed to be doing this, since they were at a club orgy, and like the rest of the boys, they were under orders to keep their hands off each other so that they were available at any time for whichever of the men wanted to use them. That just made what they were doing all the more exciting.

Rick swallowed some of the heady mixture of cum and assjuice and lube and lifted Steve's butt slightly. "Hey, stud, whose cum is this, anyway?"

Steve smiled tiredly. "Well, your dad had me twice, and so did Marty—you know, the guy who brought me out—and I think that lawyer from out of town, and a couple of hung studs in the orgy room. Jesus, I like being fucked!"

Rick just grunted agreement as he pulled the funky-smelling slimy ass down and got to work again. This time Steve really relaxed his muscles, and the last heavy load slid into Rick's eagerly lapping mouth. Rick saved this one instead of swallowing, waiting until Steve stretched out beside him before giving Steve an open-mouthed, deep-tonguing kiss so they could share the cum. They both swallowed, and then just lay in each other's arms, idly playing with the other's dick.

Rick crooked his elbow, rested his head on his hand and looked down on Steve. "How'd you come out? I never heard."

Steve laughed. "At the swimming club." He looked up at the sexy seventeen-year old whose mouth still glistened with his cum, and began talking...

Before the incident at the swimming club, Steve had never actually done anything with another guy, at least when he was old enough to understand what two guys could do together. But he was always thinking about it. He'd been that way as far back as he could remember, even when he was too young to really know what was going on.

Hell, when he was five or six years old, there was an older boy in the apartment building next door, 17, 18 years old, maybe older, and they used to go behind the bushes at the old stadium whenever they could. He remembered almost everything about it, especially how much he liked the feel of the boy's hands on his butt, and his tiny butthole and his dick. Most of the time they crawled in between the stadium wall and the huge bushes, where there was a small open space that was hidden from anyone walking by. The boy would pull down Steve's pants and kneel behind him, playing with his ass; reaching around to stroke and squeeze Steve's baby prick.

Sometimes something hot and sticky would splash on his butt and that really made Steve feel good, even though he didn't know what it was, but just before it happened his friend was usually breathing heavily and moaning Steve's name over and over. If he didn't have a handkerchief he'd use some leaves to clean Steve's ass, and then give him a hug before reminding him that what they were doing had to be their secret.

Once in a while, too, the boy would make Steve get down on his hands and knees, and Steve could feel the boy crouched over him, with something big and hard, yet soft at the same time, rubbing his back, and his buttcheeks, and up and down his crack, leaving sticky trails. And in a few minutes there'd be a really big load of that hot stuff plopping in great big gobs on his back, and his butt, and around his hole.

And then, there was the last time they were together. Steve got to see what that big, hard/soft "thing" was. It was after school, and Steve decided to head into "their" spot in the bushes, and pretend he was with his friend, even though he hadn't seem him around for a fairly long time. To his surprise, the boy was there, almost as if he'd been waiting for Steve—except that the boy looked shocked to see Steve, and seemed real nervous when he saw Steve. He even asked Steve if anyone was with him, but he relaxed when Steve told him no.

The boy was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, but the shirt was pushed up high so his hard-muscled chest and dark brown nipples were visible, and even though he was sitting with his back against the stone wall, in a mound of leaves and twigs, his jeans were around his ankles ... and so was his underwear. The "thing" Steve had never seen before was an enormous, fat prick, standing almost straight up from the boy's skinny hips.

"Uh, look, Steve, I don't think we..."

But that's as far as he got, because Steve was taking off all his clothes, too. The boy watched in amazement as Steve tried to imitate his friend as best he could, by unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off, and then dropping his shorts and underpants down around his own ankles. For some reason, Steve was feeling short of breath, and so was his friend, who just kept staring at the small, slender boy-body of the six-year-old—all the while he kept stroking his fat meat, and the precum began oozing out of it.

Steve just stood there until the boy finally moaned, "Oh, fuck, what the hell!" and reached out to pull Steve close. Steve hobbled over, and then the boy helped him get out of his clothes completely, even his shoes and socks. Steve shivered in the half-dark of the bushes as the teenager fondled Steve's butt and little boyprick, and Steve drank in the sight of the huge, throbbing cock rising out of an incredibly thick jungle of almost black crotch hair. Steve dropped to his knees to get a closer look.

The teenager lifted his hips as he stretched out further on the ground, so just his head was resting against the wall. The air was getting really warm and Steve drank in the hot, musky scent of the older boy's crotch. The boy pulled Steve down on top of him so that the massive cock was trapped against Steve's belly and chest, and Steve's own cock and balls were nestled against the teenager's large, furry balls. Holding onto Steve tightly, stroking his back, digging his fingers into the tiny buttcheeks, the older boy began writhing beneath Steve so that his rampant cock was moving back and forth. In no time at all the boy was sweating, and his meat was leaking a steady stream of precum that lubed up their bodies even further, and he was moaning, and clutching at Steve and then all of a sudden he began humping against Steve's belly and with a loud gasp that he just barely stifled, he began pumping a gusher of gism between their bodies. Steve could actually feel the spurts all the way up the length of the enormous dick!

At last, when the older boy was done, he lifted Steve up so he was sitting on his thighs; his belly and chest were dripping with the teenager's sweat and cum. There was a satisfied smile on the boy's face, and Steve smiled back, glad he could make his friend feel so good. The boy raised up on one elbow, scooped up a wad of gism off his chest on one finger, licked it off, scooped up a bigger wad, and held his fingers out to Steve. Steve couldn't wait! He leaned over and eagerly began licking and sucking the cum; it had a slightly warm, salty taste. And with only a little encouragement from the boy's hand on the back of his head, he bent over and began licking and sucking the rest of the cum off his friend.

The fat dick surged back to full hardness almost immediately, and the boy kept both hands on Steve's head, holding him down close to the surging dick, whispering to Steve to "lick my fuckrod, boy, c'mon, kid, put those sweet lips around it, suck it, kid, suck my meat!" Steve didn't understand the words, but he was almost drunk on the smell of sweat, and cum, and the bushes, and crotch hair, so he did the best he could, although his mouth was too small to do anything more than get just part of the boy's dickhead inside.

Then the boy pulled Steve up and made him bend over with his ass toward the boy, who promptly proceeded to soak the asscrack, and Steve's inner thighs with loads and loads of spit. Next, he made Steve lie down on top of him again, but this time the fat meat was between Steve's thighs, right under his own cock and balls and right up his ass crack. The boy whispered to Steve to cross his ankles so he could hold his legs together real tight.

But the boy's dick was so long that he could spit on his hand and reach around to grab the top of it and a few inches of the shaft so that he was fucking Steve's thighs and his own sticky hand at the same time. Steve continued licking the older boy's chest, and when he began licking on the boy's tits by accident, the teenager almost went crazy! Steve could feel the nipple getting hard in his mouth, while the boy began thrusting up and down between Steve's legs even harder and faster, his hand almost pounding the back of Steve's thighs.

The teenager began moaning again, his breath coming even harder and more ragged than before, while his left hand clamped down on Steve's back to hold him in place against the bull-like thrusting of his hips, fantasizing about fucking Steve's tiny butthole. "Oh, yeah, Stevie, baby, gonna fuck your little hot tight boypussy, ram that big manmeat up inside and cream your guts! Take it, you little boyslut, take that big manprick, feel it squeezing up your tight little hole, yeaah, baby, spread those cheeks and feel that big cock shoving up your hole, hot, tight, sweet, boypussy, oh yeaaah, gonna fuck me some boypussy one more time, oh yeaaah, yeaah, oh, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuccckkkk!" And with a final whispered scream, the boy began shooting an even bigger load than the first time, gushing through his fingers and spraying Steve's butt and back and thighs.

Steve almost passed out from the excitement! And it got even better when the older boy, his chest still heaving, held up his cum-slick right hand for Steve to lick clean, and then the boy stood Steve up and gave him a thorough tongue bath, licking every bit of cum and sweat off Steve's body, poking his tongue in every crack and crevice of Steve's body. Which just resulted in a third load he beat off in his hand, and they took turns licking it up.

After they got dressed, the older boy hugged Steve close, and told him they probably wouldn't be seeing each other again; that he had to go away, and that was why he was glad their last time together was so good. He told Steve to wait for a while before leaving, so no one would know they'd been together. And then he was gone. Steve lay down in the leaves where his friend had been, and after what seemed like a very long time, he crawled out the other way and went home.

He never saw the boy again. A couple of weeks later, though, he overheard a couple of the neighbors talking about how his friend had gone to jail. The two men had had a couple of beers and were talking about what a disgusting pervert Steve's friend had been, putting his dick up the shitholes of little boys, or making them suck him off. Steve didn't quite understand all the words, but he got the general idea, although he didn't understand how they could say what he and his friend had done was bad, when he could see that at least one of the men was sporting a hardon while doing all the talking.

Both Steve and Rick were hard again, playing with each other. "Christ, man, you sure got started early."

"Yeah, but I didn't really understand it. And fuck, nothing happened for years after that."

While he was growing up, especially after the early incidents, Steve liked looking at naked men and boys—not his own age, but teenagers and adults only. He just didn't have much chance. Except for swimming. His family liked to swim, and used to go to the city swimming pools. They were the kind where you got a basket to put your clothes in, and everybody changed in a big open room with just some benches to sit on. That really turned Steve on. All that meat!

After the family was out swimming, Steve took every chance he could get to go back into the dressing room—to get a drink of water, to use the toilet, to shower off the chlorine from the pool that had gotten into his eyes. And he'd stand around as unobtrusively as possible, looking at the nude studs. But it wasn't just the handsome guys that turned him on, it was anybody with an impressive piece of meat, or a hunky body even if the face was average. By the time he was twelve he was starting to get hardons himself. Hell, he watched his father get naked and take a shower at the swimming pool one Saturday afternoon and had to get into a toilet stall quickly before his dad noticed Steve's rigid prick!

And once he started cumming himself, Steve would fantasize about his friend, the one who had "molested" him so willingly all those years ago, and shoot load after load of gleaming white cum all over himself. But never over anyone else. He just never had the chance. Until the family joined the swimming club.

They had moved to the suburbs and the city pools were too far away, so they joined a club that had a couple of tennis courts and a swimming pool. And a one-room changing area, too. That's where he met Marty. He wasn't quite 13 when Marty joined the club. He was in his mid-thirties; average height; average build with a slight gut starting, but he was hung like a horse. Everyone knew everyone else at the club, so Steve couldn't afford to be too obvious about it, but he did his damnedest to be around whenever he thought there was a chance he'd see Marty naked.

That happened surprisingly often the first two months of that summer. Steve didn't think much about the "coincidence" since Marty was always with a group of women when he was in the pool area—tight bikini trunks with such a huge bulge attracted them like flies to honey. Looking back on it, Steve realized how many times he'd been the one to go into the dressing area first, to be disappointed at Marty not being there, only to have Marty show up suddenly.

Sometimes Marty would mutter something about "gotta take a leak" as he was passing by Steve, and then he'd head into the toilet area and undo his trunks and pull them down over his hips and let them drop to the floor. By that time Steve was at the urinal trough, not too close, but close enough to get a good look as Marty leaned and stretched as if to work the kinks out of his muscles, and thrust his hips forward. Then he'd scratch his balls, before lightly holding onto his dick—always with the hand away from Steve so Steve's view would be unobsructed—and directing his piss out and down. Steve would try to piss, too, and usually succeeded, at least a few drops, and he imitated Steve by dropping his own boxer trunks down to the floor. But it was real difficult not to get a hardon.

Sometimes, too, Marty would complain about his trunks having gotten dirty on the floor so that he "had" to take a shower to clean them before going back into the pool. Steve would try to loiter around as long as he could in the area, but he never quite had the nerve to follow Marty into the shower room. That would have given him away for sure.

Then came "the" day. Steve was at the pool with his dad, and some of his dad's friends from work. The rest of the family was out shopping and they were going to pick them up when the pool closed, to go out for a picnic. The day was kind of cool, and not many others were around. But Marty was. And when he went back into the dressing room late in the afternoon, he gave Steve a long, slow look as he went in that direction.

Steve glanced around nervously. Could he get away with it? He'd just been in there a little while ago, and he'd seen some really nice meat on the lifeguard, but something his dad said made Steve think his dad was beginning to catch on that something was going on. But still, this was Marty! And there weren't any women around today. And there was that look, and ... Steve stopped making excuses. He got up and walked slowly back to the dressing room as soon as Marty was out of sight. He didn't notice his dad's eyes following him.

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