Mixed Messages
Chapter 24

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 24 - A boy discovers through his mother's emails and IM logs that she leads a secret life. Enlisting the aid of his sisters, the three of them set out to train themselves in D/S, educate their dad, and tame their mom's apparent sexual cravings. Several others help along the way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   Nudism  

We watched the DVD videos that included the first time sexual encounters with Kelly and me and then with Penny and me. I looked at Dad with a meaningful look when I paused at the scene where Adele showed up the first time. He gave me the indication to go ahead.

"Ron, I want Cheryl to see how you assumed control of the other two true submissives and treated them so well. She really should see this." I breathed out loudly and hit the Play button.

We were up until just past midnight, seeing the recordings of the events involving my sisters and me; Adele and me; my sisters and their boyfriends; and Connie and me. We fast-forwarded through some of the long scenes and some of the plain silly sexual antics that we had pulled around the pool, like shaving Connie's pussy.

Dad wanted me to show the serious level of the love and dedication involved in all that we had done. Nevertheless, none of us could completely avoid being titillated and turned on by watching the videos. Dad and I had raging hard-ons and Mom and the girls were squirming with different levels of arousal at what they had been seeing for the past two-to-three hours.

Dad finally called a halt and said that everyone should calm down and be getting to sleep. Tomorrow was not a school day per se for us, but I still had graduation rehearsal. Mom and Dad also still had jobs to which they had to report after several days of having been away from the office.

Even though aroused, I could see that my sisters were exhausted from the stress of today. They dragged themselves up the stairs ahead of me. Tired as I was, I still got a charge out of watching their naked asses going up the steps in front of me.

At the top of the stairs, I turned to see Mom and Dad below holding and kissing each other passionately and tenderly. They broke their embrace to turn toward the stairs. Dad was looking around for the light switch. Mom was looking directly at my face. She smiled tiredly and threw me a kiss. I threw one back and went on to bed, flopping into it naked. I pulled the covers up and went out immediately.

Thursday morning came upon me in a weird way. Feeling the bed move and my covers pulled back, I assumed that the next thing I would feel would be Kelly's mouth on my cock. As I felt the wonderful sensations of warm wet lips engulf my cock, I reached down to stroke Kelly's hair.

As I opened my eyes, I gazed into the loving eyes of ... Mom. She had her right hand around my cock and her lips were around the top half of my cock with her tongue working its way along the bottom edge. I was speechless and just lay there for a second, stunned by what I was seeing and feeling. I was also instantly hard as a rock!

Mom pulled away and dragged her very naked body against me as she moved up to put her face at the same level as mine. "Good morning, my sleepy-headed Young Master," she said lovingly as if to a small child. But she was loving on me as anything BUT a small child.

"Mom! What ... you don't have to..." I started to say, but she leaned in to kiss me as my mother had never kissed me before for a wake-up kiss in the morning. This was the hottest morning kiss I had ever imagined coming from her. Her lips locked onto mine and her tongue gently massaged my lips and tongue. Her tits grazed my chest and I felt her hips move across my body as well. All the while, her hand was holding my cock.

Mom pulled her mouth away for a second and smiled down at me. "Baby, you are just so special!" she breathed. "I want to do this for you, Master Ron. After all, you are the one who figured out what we all needed and wanted; me, especially!"

My brain was still in that just-awakened swirl but was coming out of it quickly. Despite the fog in my head, I knew that Kelly would be in here any minute. I tried to say, "But, Kelly..." but Mom shushed me with a finger to my lips.

She said softly, "I heard Kelly get up and start to move around. I intercepted her in the hall and we sort of agreed that, now that I'm part of the game around here, I should pull my weight in the morning rotation for your ... demands and your needs." She said that last part breathily as she smiled at me.

My head had started to clear now. I looked at my mother with as serious an expression as I could muster, given that the feel of her tits was driving me crazy. "Mom, are you sure that you want to do this, now that everything is ... well, I don't want to say fully resolved, but cleared up a little bit? Do you want this to go beyond just what happened yesterday afternoon and evening?"

She shifted to lie across my body full-length with her legs spread around and over my cock so that the shaft was now lodged between her legs, specifically between the lips of her pussy. Her tits were now pressed firmly into my chest. "Master Ron, please call me Cheryl ... or 'Slave' ... or even 'Cunt' or 'Bitch' when we are together like this without friends or guests around. I believe you have earned that right both in my opinion and in the opinion of Master Frank as well.

"I realize now, looking back, that you have been working on my mind over the past week or so in order to get me into the mindset that you were seducing me like a lover rather than just being an affectionate son. And it has worked. Your touch, your hugs, your kisses, and even the hot looks you gave me all last week have had me smoldering after you for days now and caused me to explode yesterday. I have been so turned on by your actions and confused by the stray thoughts of fucking my own grown son for the past week that I could hardly concentrate at work or at the conference.

"After the explanation last night, I know now that Master Frank is right about you. You truly DO have the knack for sensing what is needed in all of this and doing the right thing at the right time. After seeing you in action with your sisters, and with Adele and Connie in those videos ... God, those were just so sexy and loving and thrilling!"

She kissed me deeply and squirmed. I could tell she was getting more aroused as she was remembering what she had seen. I could feel the moisture of her cunt seeping around my cock as she began to slide her sex enticingly along my rock-hard shaft. I felt as if I could explode at any moment!

She broke the kiss and panted, "And I woke up this morning without any regrets at having been fucked by my own son and his friends during that ... God! ... Wonderful gangbang you set up for me. Oh, God! I don't remember having ever been so turned on! I have never had as many orgasms in a MONTH as I did during all of that, much less one afternoon!

"Master Ron," she said breathily as she continued to move against me. "Don't worry about my loving you and ... still interacting with you as ... your mother ... ooohh..." she was really getting worked up now; "I will always love you like that, Baby ... but, right now, and whenever you feel the urge ... now that this situation ... God, that feels so good ... now that this situation is going to continue ... I want you to feel free to bend me over a table or the back of a sofa or a chair and ... oh, God ... fuck the living shit out of me! I mean that ... whenever you feel like it. Oh, fuck, I can't wait any longer. Your cock is driving me wild! I need for you to fuck me like a lover and I need it right now!"

With that, Cheryl raised herself up and reached down to line my aching cock with her wet hole. She was so wet that there was no problem with my entry into the heaven that was her tight, warm pussy. She slid down on it easily in one smooth motion and moaned out loud and long in her first orgasm as her body shook with delight. She began to ride me and pinch my nipples and pull my hair. She tossed her head back and grunted and moaned as she moved, leaning in every now and then for a fiery and passionate kiss.

Cheryl was in absolute ecstasy and I was doing pretty well myself. I mean, there was a hot MILF waking me up with her mouth and then mounting me to ride my cock. She might have been my mother, but she was also one of the hottest fucking babes in town! How many teenage guys get to wake up this way?

As I savored the wonderful feeling of having my cock engulfed in the wonderful love glove of this fiery and passionate goddess who was my mother, I heard the demon's whisper. In response, I reached up and pinched Cheryl's nipples hard, causing her to shout and writhe in a mind-blowing orgasm.

As her rhythm of riding my cock was interrupted, I rose and wrapped her waist with my right arm. With my left arm I levered us around. She began to realize what I was doing and moved her legs and feet around me tightly to allow for my cock to remain in her as I rolled us both over. It was not easy, but we did it.

We ended up with Cheryl on her back and with me on top and with my raging hard dick still firmly implanted in her hot and very tight pussy. I wrapped my arms under her thighs, pushing her legs back toward her marvelous tits and bracing them with my biceps as I planted my hands on the bed beside her tits.

Rising up over her, I began to pound into her ferociously, letting my cock almost pull out before shoving it all the way to the depths of her pussy, feeling the glorious suction of her sex drive me crazy as I moved. She had her arms around my neck trying to squeeze me as she panted and mouthed unintelligible things while I continued to pump frantically into her grasping, wet pussy in my frenzy.

Finally, she screamed loud enough to wake up the people living three doors down the street as her body was wracked with a major earth-shattering, mind-blowing orgasm. I could feel the muscles of her pussy clamp down on my cock in what must have been an Über-Kegel. My orgasm was one of the most intense that I had ever felt as I sprayed the womb in which I had been conceived with a massive amount of my own sperm, briefly imagining seeing stars as my vision dimmed a bit.

For about a minute-and-a-half, I could feel her pussy contracting and relaxing its intense grip on my manhood as I tried to get my breathing back to normal. As my brain started to function normally, I gazed down on the face of my mother with an expression of filial adoration and love. As her lust faded, she looked back at me and I could see a touch of worry in her expression.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear as my cheek pressed hers and my chest pressed against her tits, "I love you, Mom, and I always will." As I lifted my face to look at her, I could see that she had lost the worried look and simply looked at me with deep loved etched into her face. Then the demon spoke, "And as wonderful as your tight pussy feels around my cock, you had better believe that, as long as Master Frank keeps this game going, and if Adele leaves me with any energy after we are together, I am going to take you up on what you said; and often at that. I am going to bend your lovely ass over any surface close at hand and plow into your warm tight pussy and fuck you with gusto!" I said this with my arrogant Master Ron smile.

For a second, Cheryl was shocked at hearing her son speak to her this way, but she recovered quickly and grinned up at me. Then, in that coquettish voice that all females seem to master at an early age, she said, "I would expect my Young Master not to disappoint his new slave by waiting too long between those events. I believe that this slave would need to be disciplined by your cock often." Then she giggled and hugged me close.

I just snorted and said, "Slut!"

Cheryl giggled again and just said, "Um-hmm. I guess you are right. You have been right all along so far."

We held and caressed each other for a few minutes more, until my cock softened and I started to slip out of her. I started to slide out of bed toward the door, intending to go to the bathroom to clean up. She bounded up and got between me and the ... oh, shit ... open door again. Everyone in the house must have heard us!

Pressing one hand gently against my chest, Cheryl smiled up at me lasciviously and said, "Master Ron, you don't want to drip all over my carpet with that mess!" Then she leaned down and wrapped her lips around my messy cock. Evidently, she and Kelly had talked about a few other things, either before or while they met in the hallway this morning.

Cheryl used her tongue and lips to kiss away our co-mingled juices. All the while, she held her left hand over her pussy, as it still held a lot of my load. Standing up after cleaning me, she gave me a wicked smile and a lift of her eyebrows. In as slutty a move as I had ever encountered, she lifted her cum-covered fingers from her pussy and licked them like a porn star would lick a cock in a well-directed close-up. Then she proceeded to dig into her pussy several times with her fingers, scooping out every bit of the residue that she could find and moving it quickly to her cum-stained lips. On the last insertion of her index finger to wipe it around her pussy, she pulled it out and looked first at it and then at me. She offered it to me and I opened my mouth and sucked on it hard like she had my cock earlier. The tanginess of our blended juices was wonderful.

When Cheryl had finished licking and swallowing all of the juices that she could find, she reached out to hug me, lifting her face and licking her lips with her very sexy tongue. "Did I do the cleanup correctly, Master Ron?" God, but she was sexy!

Cheryl was having tons of fun now; I could see it in her eyes. The next few weeks, months, or even years were going to be very entertaining, loving, and ... well, almost magical. I could tell already.

I said, "Well, Cunt, I can see that you have promise. We will just have to give you ample opportunity to gain a lot more practice at it so that you might do all of this progressively better."

Cheryl laughed excitedly as she said, "Oh, I do so look forward to that, Young Master!"

I put the demon back in his box for a minute. I held Mom close and said, "God, Mom, I really love you! I love all of this, but I love you and Dad so much more now! I am so glad to see this turning out so well!"

At that point, I heard a scream of female orgasmic ecstasy and a feminine voice saying, "Oh, my God, Penny, you've got his cum running out all over the place! Don't waste it!" I looked up toward the open doorway and then I looked back down at Cheryl ... Mom, as she chuckled.

She said to me, "When I stopped Kelly in the hallway, we also had a brief strategy session. I told her that Master Frank would probably resist having sex with his own daughters unless they attacked him first. From what we are hearing now, it would appear that they are double-teaming him with their hot little bodies.

"He has never mentioned it, but I would not be surprised if they have not just fulfilled one of HIS secret fantasies of making it with two hot teenage girls at one time. Don't all guys have that fantasy at one point or another?" Cheryl snickered as she looked over her shoulder toward the hallway with a smile before turning back to face me.

I put on a disgusted look and said, "NOOooo!...

Then, I said, "Well, maybe...

Finally, I said, "You, know, now that you mention it, that subject may have come up in conversation with me and my friends once ... or twice, yes." I released Cheryl and slapped her gorgeous ass, telling her that I had to use the bathroom and shower. I still needed to get ready for the graduation rehearsal. She did not say anything, but just smiled knowingly on her way out.

When I got to the bathroom, I lifted the seat and cover and began to urinate. I was somewhat surprised to hear the shower being turned on. When I looked around, Mom was laying out fresh towels ... two of them. She looked up at me, smiling widely, and said, "My Young Master could probably use some help in reaching some of those ... hard-to-reach places during his shower."

I grinned and moved into the tub. Cheryl got in with me and pulled the curtain closed, ensuring that it was inside the tub. She might be a sex slave, but she was still a fastidious Mom when it came to keeping the house neat and in proper shape. We soaped each other, and washed each other's hair, and just laughed together and caressed each other like normal lovers; except that, this time, I just enjoyed the comfort and the feel of her presence as my loving mother who happened to be naked and willing to be touched, caressed, and even groped and probed.

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