Mixed Messages
Chapter 22

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 22 - A boy discovers through his mother's emails and IM logs that she leads a secret life. Enlisting the aid of his sisters, the three of them set out to train themselves in D/S, educate their dad, and tame their mom's apparent sexual cravings. Several others help along the way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   Nudism  

I almost whooped for joy but settled for just a huge grin. Penny squealed slightly as she began jumping around behind Mom's back. Kelly reached out silently to hold Penny for a moment before backing off and giving me a thumbs-up sign. Then she tilted her head slightly and leaned it forward slightly and her eyes got big as if to tell me, "Ron! Get with it!" I snapped out of it and reached behind me for the strip of ribbon that I had placed there earlier, along with a token of a puppy dog.

Adele got off my lap again and I rose from my seat. I moved behind Cheryl and ordered her to hold her hair away from her neck. Slowly I passed the ribbon in front of her face and tied it around her neck. Out of habit, I leaned in and kissed her on the back of the neck, causing her to jump slightly before snickering once.

I stood back and nodded at Master Frank. He winked at me and smiled. Then he put on his best Master Frank face and voice and said sternly, "Rise, Slave. And kiss your master."

Cheryl had to put her hands on the pavement to get her balance as she stood. Then she looked around at all of us, and then back at Master Frank. Suddenly, a smile lit up her face and she rushed into his arms, kissing him frantically all over his shoulder, neck, and chest, before planting a major wet one on his lips. She had begun crying again, but we could all tell that these were all tears of joy. She was saying something the whole time she was kissing Dad that I could not hear. I could tell that Dad could hear it, as he got a rather surprised look on his face.

Soon I could hear it as well. She was repeating "Finally! Finally! Finally!"

Master Frank looked at me and I nodded with a smile. It looked like we were on our way to success here. He gently pushed Cheryl away and held her at arm's length before dropping his grip on her shoulders. He reached out to tinker with the token dangling from her ribbon choker. "What name do you wish to give this token of a puppy dog?" he asked with an air of haughtiness.

Cheryl actually assumed a look similar to that demure expression that Kelly and Adele had seemed to master lately. She said, "I would leave it to my master to name my token." I could see her trying to suppress more laughter. I could not tell if it was due to joy or amusement, but I really did not care right then. She appeared to be getting into the game quickly. Little did she know!

Master Frank said, "In that case, for the time being, we will call her ... Bitchy!" Cheryl dropped an eyebrow at this, evidently not amused or thrilled by what sounded like a derogatory expression aimed at her by her new master. "But we may decide to change the name later. We shall see."

He turned to me to begin the next phase of the initiation. He said, "Master Ron, why don't you and Masters Clete and Toby secure this slave for us so that we might provide a suitable punishment for her indiscretions and years of deception."

I nodded to Clete and Toby and they rose to move over next to me and Cheryl. Cheryl, for her part, looked confused suddenly, as if she were not aware of any indiscretions or deception in her life. Toby reached out for her left bicep and Clete took her right one.

Adele had placed a cushion over the surface of the wrought iron table that was firmly bolted to the pool deck. Clete and Toby led Cheryl over to the table and stood her against it facing the cushion. I reached down below my chair and retrieved the pieces of cotton rope that I had placed there earlier. She gasped as she felt me tie ropes to her ankles and then pull her legs apart one at a time to secure them to the solid well-anchored table legs.

I handed one rope section to Toby and one to Clete. They tied them to each of Cheryl's wrists with knots that she saw would tighten and become terribly uncomfortable if she were to pull against them with too much resistance.

I went around to the opposite side of the table and nodded. Clete and Toby pushed Cheryl over so that she was lying across the cushion face-down on the table with her arms extended to me. They pulled the ropes from her wrists and secured them below the table top to the table legs on that side. When we had finished, Cheryl was draped over the table with her ass pointed toward Master Frank. The way she was bent, her pussy was obscenely visible to all passing behind her as well. I bent to check the ropes securing her wrists and returned to the other side of the table.

She was obviously extremely humiliated by the way she was being displayed, as she was blushing with a deep red hue that was most noticeable from her face down to her shoulders. I could see the effect that all of this was having on her libido as well, as the slit of her pussy was glistening with moisture of what could only be caused by sexual arousal. Connie dutifully had dismounted the video camera and was moving around to get close-up shots of the erotically lewd display of Cheryl's naked ass and her wet and open pussy sticking up in the air before coming back around and catching shots of her face.

Master Frank, meanwhile, had retrieved the folder containing the damning documents that indicated Cheryl's evident years of infidelity. He came around the table so that Cheryl could look at him. She could only do this with minor discomfort as she had to force her head up to look at his face. He opened the folder and began to reveal what I had discovered in her electronic files ... files that she surely thought and hoped would never surface within her family. I quietly took up a position behind her and to the left. I now had Master Frank's belt wrapped around my right hand and ready when it was needed. Oh, yes, it would be needed all right!

"I have here evidence that this slave ... my ... loving and ... loyal wife..." he added a tone of sarcasm as he said this, " ... has been cuckolding and cheating on me almost since the day we were married nineteen years ago."

Cheryl gasped at this and said, "Frank, I never ... Aaiieeee!"

I had snapped the belt across her thighs just below her ass with a hard blow that brought tears to both Penny's and Kelly's eyes upon hearing the sound and to Cheryl's eyes upon feeling the sting of its lash. "Quiet, Slave!" I said, "Master Frank is speaking. If he wants to hear anything out of you, he will ask." She sobbed once and leaned her face down on the cushion for a second before looking up at Master Frank with tears in her eyes. She was shaking her head negatively, but she held her tongue as Master Frank began again.

"It seems that almost from the start of our lives together, she began cheating on me. First with my boss at the time, then with strangers, and then even with men who I thought were my friends, as well as my coworkers. It seems that my son may have even been sired by one of them during a gangbang in which this slave not only participated, but apparently instigated while I was called away to the office!"

"No, that's not ... Aaiieeee!" I had swatted her again.

"You don't learn, do you, Cunt?" I said in my harsh 'Master Ron' voice. Master Frank winced at seeing her in pain, but did not let her see it, nor did he say anything about it. He just began to speak again of Cheryl's infidelity.

"Even my darling daughter and new slave, Kelly, could be the product of this slut's evident continued regular coupling with my coworkers. And the birth of the youngest of my children, and also my new slave, Penny, may have resulted from another wanton gangbang in a shower at a fitness club, again at the whim and fancy of the slave we see on display before us.

"Add to these indiscretions the fact that she evidently continues to have extramarital sex on business trips. And she is still currently carrying on in secret with a man with whom she regularly sends and receives some of the sluttiest instant messages and emails that a trusting husband should ever have to imagine reading about his ... so-called loving wife." Dad was starting to get a sound of anguish in his voice as he proceeded. I cleared my throat gently and he looked at me.

I said, "Master Frank, it would seem to me that you should carry out the sentence that you pronounced on her when you discovered all of this the other night. Don't you remember? What was it you said that she deserved?" Master Frank reasserted his control over his emotions and nodded.

"I believe I said that a woman like this especially deserves a good spanking; followed by a good fucking!"

Cheryl gasped and tried to say something. "Frank, please! It's not ... Aaiieeee!" The belt smacked down again to stop her from saying anything more.

Adele had tears in her eyes as well, but she bravely held her tongue and moved over to place a soft moist wash cloth in Master Frank's hand. She smiled at me thinly as she moved back. He rolled up the small cloth and stuffed it roughly into Cheryl's mouth. We had planned this so that her cries would not alert or disturb the neighbors.

I saw that Connie was aiming the camera with one hand while she diddled her slit with the other. Connie's eyes were glazed over with pure lust as she watched and evidently enjoyed the tableau in front of her.

I began to whale into Cheryl then with lashes to her legs, thighs, and ass. I had read about cruel masters striking their female slaves on the pussy, but I just could not bring myself to do that to my mother. Anyway, Master Frank and I had other plans for that pussy later, along with the other guys and girls. Cheryl thrashed around to the degree that her restraints would allow. She howled miserably into the gag in her mouth and her tears flowed down her cheeks. Adele watched her closely to ensure that she was able to breathe around the wash cloth in her mouth in case her nose became blocked by the mucus generated by her crying.

At one point, a few minutes into the beating, even I had to hesitate for a few seconds. After all, this is my mother. When I was younger, she was the one doing this to me, and usually with very good reason. I could not shake the feelings of love I held for her and just simply be cruel. I loved her too much.

But I was doing this as much for her as I was for Dad. She needed to realize how hurt we all were by the discovery of her actions over the years and just how much we were disappointed by her ongoing betrayal of Dad.

I was just about to administer another blow when I saw her pussy spasm and her whole body shake. As I've said before, I am just seventeen. But I could readily detect that, even with her hands and feet secured, her mouth gagged, and her butt glowing red from the belting I had given her, she was in the throes of a major orgasm! I actually grinned at Master Frank as he looked on in amazement at the intensity with which Cheryl seemed to be cumming. Yeah, I was back into the role again.

Master Frank held up his hand for me to stop the beating. I gladly did so and put the belt down below the table. He looked at Clete, Toby, and me, and made a turning motion with his right hand and extended fingers.

Toby moved to the rope holding Cheryl's left wrist and Clete moved to the one on the right wrist. I bent down to deal with the ropes holding her ankles. I removed the ropes from her ankles as the other two guys left the ropes on her wrists but untied them from the table legs. I stood to help the guys stand Cheryl up and turn her around.

It was slightly disturbing to me to see the tears on her face. But I also noticed my dick getting hard at seeing how beautiful her naked tits and pussy looked in the fading afternoon light. This sexiness was enhanced by the surprising look of lust in Cheryl's eyes as I removed the cloth from her mouth. Connie had come over to capture a close-up shot of that look perfectly. The choker at Cheryl's throat just added to the erotic vision

We leaned her down onto the table on her back and she suddenly got that frightened look on her face from not knowing what was coming next. The brothers quickly retied the ropes from her wrists to the table legs with her arms pulled down over the sides. I left her legs free. Now, she was splayed out on her back on the cushion on the table in a very lewd but ... God, how erotic! ... pose.

Master Frank moved partially around the table so that Cheryl could see him if she turned her head to the side. And she did. I guess she was curious as well as apprehensive. The brothers and I moved within her field of vision as well on either side of Master Frank.

I nodded to Adele, who quickly came over to remove my t-shirt and kneel in front of me and remove my swim trunks, leaving me totally naked, but with a very prominent erection. Adele squeezed my cock once before moving out of the way. Connie then came over to disrobe Master Frank. The little minx actually winked at me and squeezed Master Frank's cock as she moved off. Penny did the same for Toby; and Kelly did similar duties for Clete.

Master Frank cleared his throat and looked briefly to his left and then his right at all of the guys. He then made his pronouncement. "We have completed the spanking portion of the punishment. Now we move on to the fucking."

Cheryl was now confronted with the situation of being completely helpless and at the mercy of four very hard cocks. Her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen and I saw lust and excitement written all over her face. She actually looked up at Master Frank and mouthed the words 'I love you.' I easily recognized this as I had witnessed it many times from Adele over the past two weeks.

With that, Master Frank moved around to Cheryl's legs and casually lifted them while folding her knees back toward her tits. With no preliminaries or foreplay, and without saying anything else, Master Frank sank his cock smoothly and completely into Cheryl's very wet and open pussy in one even motion. She gasped at the first contact and let out a continuous moan of pleasure as he sank in to the hilt.

He did not move for a few seconds as he looked down at her. She began to pant in anticipation and pleasure. She raised her head to look at him with pleading in her eyes. Without saying a word, she was begging him to fuck her and fuck her hard.

Master Frank leaned in and roughly mauled Cheryl's tits for a few seconds before beginning his in-and-out motion. He leaned down and bit her left nipple and she let out a loud cry. The almost electric sensations from this caused her to begin to vibrate all over the table in a massive orgasm that lasted for about fifteen to twenty seconds.

Master Frank picked up the rhythm of his motion and Cheryl followed this by trying to rock her hips up to meet his thrusts. She continued to try and pull her securely-tied arms up to hold her lover, but they were completely restrained, frustrating her somewhat. All the while she was panting, yipping, or saying, "God, yes! Oh, God, yes!" Her hips began to move frantically as she tried to urge Master Frank into a faster pace. He did so and she cried out in a loud and long cry of pure lust and ecstasy.

I had seen and heard Connie, Adele, and my sisters as they had cum during the different sessions in which we had engaged over the past couple of weeks. I had never heard or seen anyone cum like my ... like Cheryl, as her whole body shook as if it were trying to vibrate itself apart.

Master Frank began pistoning like crazy and let out his own cry signifying release. He kept pumping for about twenty more seconds before he stopped to catch his breath. According to plan, he did not lean in to kiss her before withdrawing, although I could tell that he wanted to.

Once he did withdraw, he stepped around to Cheryl's head. Grabbing a handful of her hair roughly, he pulled her face to his messy cock and crammed it into her mouth. Cheryl was too far gone in her lust to be offended or appalled at the mess. She moved eagerly to take him into her mouth with gusto.

Meanwhile, Connie had moved between Cheryl's thighs and looked on with awe and a big aroused smile of her own. When Master Frank pulled his cock free of her mouth, Cheryl looked down and saw Connie there between her legs. With her senses returning, Cheryl got a questioning look on her face. As Connie bent down to do her slut cleanup duty with her tongue, Cheryl started to panic and protest, but stopped when Master Frank slapped her across the tits. It was not really a hard slap, but it got the point across. Connie moaned as she licked Master Frank's cum from Cheryl's pussy. Cheryl must have detected the feelings of that moan as it seemed to cause her to gasp.

Connie stood up with a big grin on her face once she had finished. She wiped around her mouth and nose with the fingers of one hand, putting them in her mouth occasionally so that she could be sure to capture all of the residue of Master Frank's cum and Cheryl's pussy juice in her mouth. She looked at Cheryl and said with a sultry voice, "I still say that Master Frank has just the sweetest cum." Then she bounced away to return to the camera tripod.

Now it was my turn. I paused only briefly to contemplate the fact that I was about to become a motherfucker ... literally. Cheryl looked up and saw me. She was momentarily shocked. But then she gave me one of the most excited and wonderful smiles she had ever bestowed on me. It was okay--she really wanted this--that was what the smile told me.

I lifted her legs and brushed the head of my cock across her mound for about ten or fifteen seconds just to tease her. She groaned with raw lust and I finally penetrated her in one easy motion.

Even after all these years of having sex with Dad--and evidently all those other guys--and having delivered three children vaginally, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Cheryl was still very tight! I mean her pussy gripped my cock like a vice. I pushed her legs up onto my shoulders and leaned in. This was not lovemaking. It was just pure simple fucking.

I began pounding into her and she began moaning loudly in orgasm almost immediately. Her already tight pussy gripped me even tighter. I only lasted about three minutes, but my orgasm was blindingly glorious. It felt like I must have sprayed about a pint of cum inside of her.

I backed out and went around, grabbing her hair and forcing my cock into her mouth as Adele cleaned up her pussy this time. Adele seemed to be enjoying herself a lot more now that she saw how much pleasure Cheryl was getting out of all this. I watched Adele lick all around Cheryl's thighs and then delve her long tongue into the pussy in front of her. Adele seemed to lick and kiss with erotic abandon as she went about this most intimate chore. When she finished, she moved to kiss me briefly so that I might share a taste. When she pulled back, I could see a very lusty gleam in Adele's eyes.

Toby looked at Penny one time before moving into position. The boy was evidently still concerned about how all of us, especially Master Frank and Penny, would react to his fucking Cheryl. Penny moved over to him and knelt to wrap her mouth around his cock to 'fluff' him--to get it wet and to ensure that he was good and hard before she pushed him between her mother's thighs, saying, "Go fuck her good, Lover."

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