Mixed Messages
Chapter 19

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 19 - A boy discovers through his mother's emails and IM logs that she leads a secret life. Enlisting the aid of his sisters, the three of them set out to train themselves in D/S, educate their dad, and tame their mom's apparent sexual cravings. Several others help along the way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   Nudism  

I had finally decided to clue Clete, Toby, and Connie in on the whole reason behind the drastic change in lifestyle within our family and around our house by the time Dad finally joined us. He came out to sit with us by the pool, where we were all sitting naked. Before he could sit down, Connie and Adele had gotten up and double-teamed him to get his polo shirt, shorts, and boxers off, leaving him naked as well, except for his sandals. He blushed a little, and then smiled finally and sat down with a sigh.

Surprisingly, he was only briefly and moderately embarrassed at being naked and erect around all of the rest of us. He did not even seem to notice that, at my nod, Connie and Adele sat on the bench on either side of him, pressing their tender naked bodies against his sides.

"You know," he said, "I think that after all this is settled, we need to keep the new clothing-optional rules in place; but just for our family and those who have been carefully screened, so as not to get us arrested or run out of town on a rail. Deal?" Connie and Adele smiled broadly. Clete and Toby nodded their agreement, but were still nervous and found it hard to smile convincingly around Kelly and Penny's father.

Dad looked at Clete and Toby, each of whom was currently adorned with one of Dad's naked daughters on his lap and grinned. "I can't believe that I keep having to tell you two guys to relax all the time. My two girls have convinced me that they know what they are doing and that they really like the guys with whom they are doing it. So, will you two just chill out?" They appeared to relax a little. Smiles and kisses from the daughters in question served to help.

"I think that the plan you all came up with has a good chance of working. But it can only work out with one slight twist. I don't mind dominating and mastering Cheryl. But if I were try to do it by dominating my kids or their friends, she would see that my heart is not completely in it and the whole thing could come apart. That's why I will be the Master of the House, but I am going to require that Ron be the Master of Ceremonies." He looked at me and saw my frown.

"Look, Ron, the girls had partially convinced me as of this morning. But I've watched the rest of the DVDs and I've even done some reading today on the web about dominance and submission fantasies. I've met and seen all of these nice folks here and seen how they react to you. I have especially seen your approach to things up close over the last few days. I have become fully convinced that you are, in fact, a natural Dom where I could only be an unconvincing copy.

"That is why I want YOU to convince Cheryl that the changes in this house and family are truly happening and in place to stay for a while, as if they were my doing. Then let me handle her personally. That I CAN do without any role-playing or acting. I meant what I said the other night when I mentioned that she needs a good spanking followed by a good fucking." He had gotten more intense as he got onto the subject of Mom. His erection had gotten stiffer as well ... just an observation, you understand. How 'bout them Bears?

I watched as Connie saw his intense expression and her eyes started to get a glazed look and her breathing got quicker. She looked at him and said, "Master Frank, believe me; you can convince her of your dominance. You've sure got ME convinced." She reached out calmly and took hold of Dad's cock with her hand and started to lean down to take it in her mouth.

Dad was surprised and it took him a second or two to try to reach out to push her away; but, in that time, Adele grabbed his arm to restrain him gently. When he glanced at her, she smiled at him and said gently and convincingly, "Master Frank, she really wants to do this for you. Please let her." He started to say something, but Adele quickly kissed him gently on the lips and said almost in a whisper, "Really, it's okay."

By this time, Connie had her lips sliding down Dad's slender seven-inch cock. She was excited as she did this for an adult man for the first time in her life. She slid off the bench and got in position between his legs. Dad sort of just let things happen from that point on. She worked on him and he enjoyed the sensation.

As she lifted her hands up to get a better angle, she leaned hard and the weight of her body pushed her head down. When she had stopped moving, her lips and nose were in Dad's pubic hair and his cock was all the way into her throat. She squealed around his cock and Dad got a momentary look of panic. She reached up to hold his hands away and pulled herself off his cock for a second.

She cleared her throat once, coughed gently, and shouted, "I did it! I got it at last!" Then she whooped once, smiled at Dad, and dived down on his cock and bounced twice before taking his cock into her throat once again. Her whole body seemed to be celebrating her victory. Adele actually clapped and the rest of us just smiled around at each other.

Dad just leaned back and enjoyed the amazing sensations. He may not have wanted to have sex with a teenager but, at this point, he was not turning away from a primo blowjob. He said softly, "I'm about to cum, Honey."

Connie backed off so that just the head was in her lips. She cupped his balls with her left hand and jacked him with her right until he groaned loudly and began to fill her mouth with his warm semen. Connie treated it like fine wine. Her eyes danced as she let her mouth fill with his seed.

After he had stopped spasming, she slowly backed away, careful not to allow any to spill. Then she swallowed just enough to allow her to open her mouth without spilling the rest. She proudly showed Dad his own cum in her mouth and twirled her tongue to show off a bit before swallowing the rest. She was fully into the slut mode and having a ball doing it. We all laughed and applauded. Clete let out with a loud fan whistle. Kelly hollered, "You go, Slut!"

Connie was beaming with joy as she leaned in to kiss the last drop or two from the tip of Dad's softening cock. She said breathily, "Oh, Master Frank, thank you so much for letting this slave suck that magnificent cock!" From anyone else that might have been pouring it on a bit thick. But, coming from Connie, it really sounded authentic. Then she added, "And you DO have just the sweetest-tasting cum!" We all broke up at that, even Dad.

She got up and slid into his lap with her arms wrapped around him tightly and leaned her cheek against his head. He finally got over his surprise and gave in. He wrapped one arm around her and, with the other hand, patted Adele's thigh, but more toward her knee and well away from her pussy.

I suddenly remembered something. "Hey! I want to hear about the events of Tue-Yes-Day! I know about Connie and Adele, but not about Penny and Kelly. But I am sure that we all want to know what happened with all of you."

Connie took the lead in telling about how exams had really put a damper on the idea of the girls' inability to refuse any request from guys at school. There just had not been that many opportunities for the fun to take place except for lunch or after school. Then she regaled Dad, my sisters, and the Haskins brothers with the tale of the boys' room blowjobs. Dad was obviously amused by the antics I had instigated for Connie and Adele but, when he glanced at me, he had a look of amazement, as if he were only now beginning to know the real me.

Penny went next. "I did not have any weird adventures today. Although one of the guys who has been trying to put his hand up my skirt all this past week finally succeeded. I had been pushing his hand away. Today I didn't. When I didn't, he reached up and stuck two of his fingers in my wet pussy." Dad cringed at her common street terminology, but only once. He seemed resigned to it after that instance though.

Penny continued, "I was so wet and horny by then that I hardly felt them slide in. But I did feel his thumb on my clit and that gave me a shiver. It's just a shame that he did not have enough experience to carry on with his touch and caresses. He pulled out right then and left me so horny I wanted to scream. After that, we got to the exam room and I lost the urge while taking the exam.

"Nothing really interesting happened second or third exam periods or during lunch." She looked at Toby and grinned, "Except for SOMEONE taking me out to the parking lot for a quick blowjob behind a van parked at the end of the lot." She leaned in and kissed Toby, who blushed at being ratted out.

"How about you, Kelly?" I asked. "Tell us about that janitor's shirt and why you were so pissed after lunch."

Kelly's deep frown returned. Then she told us her tale.

"Jarvis Boyce started feeling me up after the second exam session in the morning. I could not say no, so he soon realized that I was letting him and he asked me about it. I was required to tell him the truth, that I could not say no to anything any boy demanded of me and, when he heard that, he ordered me to follow him to the boys' restroom on the west side of the school.

"A couple of other boys were in there when we got inside. Jarvis told me to strip so that he could get a look at my tits and ass. I sighed and removed my blouse and skirt, leaving me in just my ribbon and my shoes.

"He had me kneel and told me to give him the best blowjob I could. Naturally, that meant that I had to take him into my throat. He almost screamed like a girl when I did that and he came right away. Man! He has absolutely no staying power!

"Anyway, the other two guys there pulled out their cocks and told me they wanted the same thing. I jerked on one while I sucked the other one. Then I sucked the third one.

"When I had finished, I looked around and Jarvis was gone and so were my clothes. The little son of a bitch had left me stranded in the boys' room naked." She had a really angry and disgusted look on her face as she relived that moment for us. Toby, Clete, and I were all smiling and trying our best not to laugh out loud at the humor of this.

She went on, "I asked one of the boys, Jimmy, a freshman, if he would try to get my clothes back from Jarvis as I had to take an exam this afternoon. He said he would if I would promise to give him another blowjob and let him fuck me sometime. I told him he had a deal. I mean, this kid was sort of nice, but he had 'I am a virgin' written on his forehead in bold letters.

"Jimmy and the two other guys that I had sucked off left me all by myself in that boys' room for about five of the longest minutes I have ever spent in my life. I hid in one of the toilet stalls with the door closed. When I heard Jimmy come back inside and call my name, I opened the door and stepped out, hoping to see him with my clothes.

"I almost had a heart attack. There was Mr. Nichols, the school custodian, standing there with one of his work shirts in his hand." We could not help but smile broadly now as we imagined the chagrin Kelly must have felt standing naked in front of the black middle-aged school janitor. Even Dad was smiling in obvious amusement.

"He saw that I was naked and he obviously was almost as embarrassed as I was. He was so nice that he tried to turn away so that he wasn't looking at my naked body as he reached out with one of his shirts. It would have been better if he had turned away from the wall with the mirrors, but I guess he wasn't thinking with his main brain at the moment.

"I put on the work shirt and buttoned it. I had to roll the long sleeves about three times though. When I looked in the mirror, I could see that it was just long enough to cover my ass and my pussy if I did not have to sit down. I was horrified at what was going to happen in the afternoon exam room. But I did not have any choice. I thanked Mr. Nichols. Then I thanked Jimmy and assured him I would keep my promise on our deal. It should not be so bad; he's kind of cute and not entirely a dork, for a freshman.

"But I was so pissed at losing that blouse. It cost me a lot and was one of my favorites. When I came out, Clete was about to come in."

Clete spoke up saying, "I had planned to dog her moves after the exam, but I did not finish mine as early as she did hers, and I missed her being led to the boys' room. I only found out when I saw this kid, Jimmy, and Mr. Nichols running in there with an extra shirt. I figured anything strange happening today must involve one of Ron's girls. So I was headed that way when Hurricane Kelly came out. Man! Was she pissed!"

I could not help it. I laughed out loud and said, "That was the purpose of the whole exercise called Tue-Yes-Day. I planned it so that it would cause intense emotions in my slaves."

Kelly glared at me and said, "Well, it sure worked on me. I was so pissed and so embarrassed ... and so aroused. When I got to the exam room, the only seats left were on the front row. Mr. Akers, the exam proctor, was frowning at me when I walked in with that shirt on.

"Several of the guys made crude comments about my being Mr. Nichols' bitch now, and some of the girls even said nasty things and called me awful things in loud whispers from across the room. Mr. Akers ordered silence and told me to sit down. When I did, the shirt rode up and I was on full display for Mr. Akers. He almost dropped his dentures when he saw my exposed pussy.

"Normally, he walks around the room during exams to make his presence known. Today, he did not budge. He just stared at my pussy for two solid hours. And, since I had to follow the six-inch rule with my knees, he had a very good view, too." Some of us were chuckling now and even Kelly was losing some of her anger and finding herself having to smile at her situation today.

I asked, "How did you feel while you took that exam? Besides being pissed, I mean."

She looked at me and said, "I was so turned on that, if I did not have to finish that exam, I would have grabbed the first male within reach and demanded that he bend me over the nearest desk and fuck me until I screamed. I just know that, as aroused as I was, and as close as I was to him, Mr. Akers could probably smell my odor of arousal from where he sat."

Clete could not hold back. Even though Kelly was in his lap, he had to laugh. Kelly pinched him once on the left nipple, causing him to cry out, but he had to laugh some more. We joined him, and even Kelly began to laugh a little.

Dad was incredulous at hearing all of this. He asked me, after his own laughter settled, "Ron, just where did you get this idea for Tue-Yes-Day?" I told him of several blog sites on the web where dominance and submission are discussed. Several of them actually run tutorials on how to train slaves from basic levels all the way to more advanced levels with many innovative exercises. He just looked at me and shook his head slightly and said, "You obviously have been a pretty good student in that regard; which is why I'm relying on your expertise tomorrow when Cheryl gets home." I had noticed he had been referring to Mom by her given name rather than as 'your mother.'

It was getting to within about an hour from the time for our visitors to plan to head home. We all finally finished talking out some of the details of what to expect the next day at school. Kelly and Penny, along with Toby, were basically finished and only had book turn-in. They would be home by around eleven. Connie, Adele, Clete, and I had book turn-in and graduation cap and gown inspections that would not get us home until around noon.

I told the boys they were welcome to drop by when they finished to ... relax and take the edge off ... or ... whatever. Toby smiled at Penny and Clete leered at Kelly, earning him another nipple pinch.

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