Mixed Messages
Chapter 11

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 11 - A boy discovers through his mother's emails and IM logs that she leads a secret life. Enlisting the aid of his sisters, the three of them set out to train themselves in D/S, educate their dad, and tame their mom's apparent sexual cravings. Several others help along the way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   Nudism  

Hi, Lover:

I've missed seeing you lately. These allergies have had me down. I haven't even been able to make love to Frank for the past week. I just have not had the energy or the desire with my sinuses all blocked most of the time.

I did have one interesting thing happen to me. I went in this morning to wake my son, Ron. He must have been having a wet dream. When I touched him, he reached out and grabbed me. He wrapped me in a hug and pulled me down onto him and kissed me like I haven't been kissed lately. Can you image my excitement at getting the tongue from my own son? He is a REALLY good kisser, even when he's half asleep.

He had me hot in seconds. Of course his hand on my boob along with his tweaking of my nipple had a lot to do with that! Then I felt his hard cock and I almost ripped my pajamas off and jumped his bones right there. I mean, I could tell he was naked under the covers. I could also tell that he has a really nice cock for a teenager.

Of course I have been getting that impression lately anyway by the way he hugs me when I come home. When he presses in on me, if he weren't my son, I would swear that he's trying to come on to me. I can feel his cock against me as if it is constantly erect just for me. That is quite a turn-on for me as well. Of course, teenage boys probably all walk around with perpetual erections like they did when I was in high school.

Well, I guess I can't really think of him just as a teenager anymore. He's off to college this fall. And he's so tall and masculine. I find that I am almost jealous of any other women who might find him attractive. I would love to keep him to myself, but that just wouldn't fly the way society is about that sort of thing. And I don't want him labeled as some sort of Oedipus nut case.

He had a young lady visiting him today. Her name is Adele and I get the feeling that he and she are more than just friends. She is very nice, but I think that she might have self-esteem issues. We'll see better how things are developing between them when her folks come over for a cookout next week. My daughter, Kelly--you remember my mentioning her; and no, you can't have her, you old pervert--recommended the invitation. But she had a strange look to her when she recommended it.

In fact, she and Penny have both been acting strange lately. They can't seem to keep their eyes or their hands off their brother. Maybe I'm not the only one attracted to him on the basic sexual level. I'm sure that they have more common sense than to do anything to ruin their reputations or their minds though. But they are both hot young ladies themselves. I almost envy them in these years of exploration and sexual discovery. I think Kelly is already sexually active. I don't know about Penny. I wish that they would wait until they are older; but, just like their mother, if they hear the call of the cock, they will probably answer ... just like I did with Frank ... and with you ... and the others. I just don't want to see them get hurt.

I don't want you getting jealous of my son or even Frank. I love them both and they are the perfect son and husband for me. But yours is the perfect cock for me and you know just how to set my body to tingling. I can't wait to see you again. It might be fun to go back to that bar where you arranged for that gangbang for me last year on the pool table. Now, THAT was a hoot! At least for the first hour or so; the last two hours were sort of tiring and repetitious, but I still enjoyed it.

Gotta close out; I look forward to seeing you next week at the sales meeting. Monday evening is just a meet-and-greet. We should probably just skip it and go back to the hotel and fuck. We can order room service. I promise to tip the waiter like I did before. It's still a turn on that young guys like that can enjoy blowjobs from women in their thirties. Tuesday, I have to attend the morning and afternoon sessions, but we can still go dancing and dining that evening and come back to tear up the bed linens all night long. On Wednesday, who knows? Maybe we can sneak in another round of hard cock-worship and pussy-pounding before I have to return home that evening. It needs to be someplace where I can cleanup afterward on Wednesday. I don't want to come home smelling like cum. Or, maybe I do! I know; I'm bad. We'll see.

Loving your cock,

I got pissed at her again for doing this kind of shit behind Dad's back and writing such nasty things for a wife and mother to say. I also got pissed at myself for getting another five-star boner from reading my Mom's erotic email so shortly after receiving a world-class blowjob from my sister.

Penny woke me quietly and erotically the next morning. She came in and pulled my covers back gently. The fact that I had begun to sleep in the nude over the past week helped things along the path to the natural conclusion. She had easy access to my cock. And she took advantage of it.

I lasted about four or five minutes but she seemed to enjoy what she was doing. When I came, she swallowed it all and licked her lips before climbing in bed to lie naked full length against me. She wrapped her arm across my chest and nuzzled her face against my neck. We were quiet and still, just enjoying each other's company for a few minutes.

She finally said, "Do you think that we are getting warped by all of this, Ron Jon ... I mean, Master Ron?"

I chuckled and said, "Ron Jon's okay for right now, Penny. Other people might call this warped. All I know is that, over the past week, I have grown to love you and Kelly more deeply than I can ever remember in my life. If that is warped, then I don't mind. Do you feel warped?"

She thought for a second and said, "No. Until we started this stuff, I had read and heard a lot of stuff about sex. But the reading and hearing do not even come close to describing just how great it really is. But the problem is that I can't talk to my girlfriends about just how wrong they are about a lot of stuff without letting them know what kind of pervert I am."

I reached out and pulled her a bit closer and said, "You are a wonderful pervert. We will not be able to put the incest genie back in the bottle and we will need to be very selective about just who finds out about that. But I don't think that either you or Kelly needs to worry about being warped, from what I can tell. Hell, the very fact that you are quietly analyzing it in your mind without freaking out tells me that you are coping extremely well.

"Hey! We are wasting daylight and you never know when Mom or Dad might choose to check on me. It would be sort of hard to explain lying here naked with my little sister. So scoot."

She reached up and kissed me and paused to look me in the eye with a smile. "I love you, Ron. And I am glad that Adele loves you, too. I know it's hard for you to believe Kelly and me when we tell you that we saw it all over you yesterday. But trust me. You really do love her. We just want you to get used to it in your own time and enjoy it. Okay?"

"We'll see," I said, getting up and reaching for my watch. Penny got up and slipped her t-shirt on. She had evidently worn it to come down the hall. It barely covered her ass when she did not move. When she walked she put on quite a show that was enhanced by her absence of panties. She opened the door carefully to ensure the coast was clear and slipped out, pulling the door closed behind her.

The crowd at our favorite breakfast place was off a bit in numbers this Friday morning. As we sat eating at our usual elevated counter, I got a surprise when Adele came in. She looked completely different than she usually did. She was walking with what would appear as naturally straight posture. She also wore a smile and a look of determination on her face that spoke of a girl that was anything but shy.

I got another thrill when Adele got her coffee and breakfast croissant and came over to sit with my sisters and me at the elevated counter. She looked like she should fit right in; since she was wearing a short skirt and blouse of the type that each of my sisters was wearing.

When Adele got close, I could see that she was actually wearing makeup that was perfect for her and really enhanced her already considerable beauty. Her hair was up like Kelly's and Penny's as well. Most striking to all three of us was the presence of the black ribbon choker prominently tied at her throat.

As I took all this in, I noticed that Adele had her eyes locked on mine. When I looked at her face, she smiled with a look that I never thought I would ever see on Adele Kostas: a seductive come-fuck-me look. And it was targeted specifically at me!

Adele had just set her food and coffee down when I remembered that I needed to perform one of my daily duties for my slaves. I said, "Before we start eating, I need for you three to come with me for a minute." I got up and moved to the corridor leading to the restrooms.

When my sisters and Adele had joined me there, standing in a line facing me, I just looked at them for a second without smiling. Looking from face to face to face, I simply held out my hand.

Adele raised her eyebrows slightly. When she saw Kelly and Penny raising their skirts to remove their panties right there in a public place, she blushed and sighed. Then she looked at me and actually smiled. That blush never left her as she raised her own skirt and thumbed her panties down as well. I waited until all three of their hands were extended with panties in them. I paused for an additional excruciatingly--for them--embarrassing ten more seconds before I took their offered panties one at a time.

I began with Penny's, and then I took Kelly's. Finally I took Adele's. I performed my obligatory crotch sniff of each pair before placing it in my cargo pocket.

I heard a gasp from a few feet away and turned to see Connie Younger staring at us. She had evidently seen the transfer of panties from all three of my slaves. She blushed and mumbled something as she turned to go back into the seating area.

"We're going to hear about this now all over school," said Kelly rolling her eyes in embarrassment.

"Quiet!" I said firmly. "Now let's go and enjoy our breakfast. And for the benefit of the newest member of our little group, let me repeat the rule of the day. Adele, no matter where you sit today or under what conditions, you may not have your knees any closer together than six inches apart. Do you understand?"

My sisters were grinning. They had endured the consequences of this rule for a couple of days. Adele had only endured the awareness of being naked under her skirt for only one day. She had not been required to show it off until now.

She took a sharp breath. Dropping her gaze momentarily, she actually started to smile as she said simply, "Yes, Master Ron." Then she looked up at me with an intensity that went straight through my heart to my dick. She was already turned on at the thought of the humiliation that she would be forced to endure today. And she loved it! And evidently she loved the guy creating the situation for her ... that would be me.

"You will also be required to remember details of any and all situations arising today in school from your current state of dress and the six-inch rule now in force. Adele, I will expect you to come by the house after school to tell me the details before I return your panties to you." She simply nodded and smiled at me as we moved back to the table area to eat.

We had only been back at the counter eating our breakfast for about ten or fifteen seconds when I heard Clete's voice. "Hey, Toby, get us our usual. I'm going to get us some seats over here next to Ron and the Witches of Eastwick."

As I turned to greet him, I was amused to see him smiling at us. Well, he was smiling at the girls actually. I had to admit to myself that they were indeed looking particularly luscious this morning. Toby was having trouble getting to the ordering counter since he seemed to be unable to watch where he was going. He kept bumping into chairs and people with his attention riveted on the three lovely girls seated with me.

I traded comments with Clete for a couple of minutes. It was clear that he was not as interested in talking to me as he was in looking at my sisters, especially Kelly, as well as Adele.

I glanced at my sisters and Adele and saw them smiling and blushing at the obviously complimentary remarks coming from Clete. I noticed that Penny was watching Toby intently as she had on a couple of other occasions. The girls were eating and still facing the counter as Clete sat in his usual spot in hopes of enjoying a glance at Kelly and perhaps a view up her skirt if she were to turn his way. I had decided that this would indeed occur once Toby got in place.

Kelly and Penny could probably read my intentions as they each glanced at me and smiled at my smirk as Toby approached his and Clete's table. Adele noticed Kelly's grin and glanced at me, but her expression was one of curiosity. She was about to get her curiosity satisfied; but not necessarily in a manner to her particular liking.

When Toby got to the table with his and Clete's breakfast items, I said, "Hello, Toby. How are they hanging?"

He might have been a little perturbed at my slightly off-color question, but the fifteen-year-old did not want to appear to be un-cool. So he said, "Ah, you know, one lower than the other." He got a little pink as he sat down.

"Girls," I said smoothly, "why can't we be polite? Turn around and say hello to Clete and Toby. You wouldn't want them to think we don't have any manners."

Penny and Kelly grinned at each other and began to turn around until they were giving clear shots of their pussies to the Haskins brothers. As expected, Clete just gawked and stammered as Kelly said in her deliberately sultry voice, "Hey, Clete. Hey, Toby." Toby gazed for a few seconds at Penny's exposed slit and then looked at her face and smiled at her.

How could a guy look at a babe's face when he could look at her pussy, I thought? I figured at that point that he must really have it bad for Penny. Penny seemed pretty taken with him as well. She smiled a dazzling smile at him and said softly, "Hey, Toby," with hardly any blushing at all. In fact, her breathing seemed to be faster to my perception.

Adele finally realized what was going on. She reddened and looked down for a second. Then she sighed and smiled and then turned around with her knees apart. She faced Toby first and then swung around to face Clete.

Toby did not notice Adele's cunt shot, since he was still locked in on Penny. Clete almost choked on his OJ when he saw that Adele was sitting there sans panties as well. He finally looked at the thin but knowing smile on my face and shook his head and just said, "Dude!" That was the extent of his compliments on my obvious good fortune.

I was about to make his day better than he could imagine, though. I asked if he and Toby were busy this afternoon, it being Friday and all. He and Toby shook their heads and said they did not have any plans.

Without looking at the girls at all, I said, "Why don't both of you come on over at four and we'll all relax by our pool?" Penny actually beamed as she glanced at me. Kelly actually placed a hand on my thigh as if to catch herself, figuratively. Adele simply blushed deeper, if that were possible.

Toby finally looked over at Clete and said, "Hey, Bro; that would be really cool. You don't mind Little Brother coming along, do you?"

Clete finally dragged his mind off Kelly's and Adele's pussies for a second. He said, "I guess you can come as long as you don't go all 'kid' on me. I know you are fifteen, but I don't need you to ruin my style with sophomore attitude."

"Hey, Big Brother, after next week, I'll officially be a junior, so don't worry. I know how to act." Toby snorted once at Clete and returned his attention to Penny. This time he had the good 'guy sense' to gaze at her pussy while he still had the chance.

I heard a feminine voice off to my right exclaim, "Oh, my God!" I looked and saw Connie going toward the exit with one hand over her mouth and a blush on her face. She must have seen the little spectacle that I had orchestrated here.

I said, "Great. Then I guess we'll see you at the house at four. Ladies, we need to push on or we'll be late." I had Kelly dump the trash as we moved to the exit. Once outside, I turned to Adele and said, "Adele, I want you to come directly from school to our house. That should put you there at around three-thirty."

Adele did the quick mental manipulation and said, "Yes, Master Ron, but with Clete and Toby coming over to swim, that sort of leaves me out, since I don't have my swimsuit in the car with me."

I smiled at her and said, "Don't worry. Kelly and Penny have spare suits ... if it comes to that. That won't really be a problem. Will it?"

The implication finally hit her. She looked like she might be unable to breathe for a second; and when she finally did, she sighed and reached out for my arm. I felt her sag against me as her eyes closed. She looked like she might be having an orgasm standing right there next to me! But if it wasn't, it sure was a close approximation. I could tell that she was turned on. As she turned, I notice her bra strap impressions through her blouse.

When she got her breathing under control, I added fuel to the fire. I held out my hand and said, "Adele, I did not realize earlier that you were wearing a bra. You know that you have a fine set of tits that don't really need artificial support. Why don't you let me hold onto that for you, along with the panties that you gave me? I'll keep them secure for you until this afternoon." I looked intently into her eyes as I said this. She knew that it was not a suggestion; but an order.

I had almost expected Adele to come close to passing out. There was fear on her face all right, but her excitement at being humiliated by her master was a potent drug to her at this point. She did that girl thing. You know, she un-tucked the tails of her blouse from her skirt and reached her hands up inside. With one hand she reached the opposite shoulder strap and shrugged it down the short sleeve until it protruded at the elbow and then pulled that side's hand out of the strap. She did the same with the other. Reaching back up inside her blouse, she pulled the cups down and slid the main bra strap around to the front while keeping her tits completely covered with her blouse. She unhooked the bra and pulled the whole thing out at the bottom and handed it to me.

Anyone seeing this would know exactly what Adele was doing even if he or she did not see any exposed flesh. It was extremely embarrassing to her, as evidenced by her continued deep blush. I added to her embarrassment by holding up the bra to eye level so that any passer-by could see what it was and to whom it belonged. I said, "This is nice, but I don't believe that you need to wear one of these again in the future. Okay, Adele?" I asked

Her eyes were showing her humiliation and her excitement as she responded breathily, "Yes, Master Ron." She knew it was an order.

As I turned back to the car, I noticed that Connie had not yet left the lot and was leaning against her own car just looking at us all from a distance. She got Adele's attention as Adele passed her and the two were still talking when I pulled out of the lot with Penny in the middle next to me and Kelly sitting on the right side.

"Ron!" exclaimed Kelly as we pulled away.

"That's Master Ron to you, Cunt!" I said firmly. "Do you want to be punished? Because I have some dandy ideas on how to punish a recalcitrant slave." I had said this in my Dom voice without a second thought.

Penny gave me a shallow smile and a curious look as Kelly took a breath and said, "Forgive me, Master Ron. You just caught me by surprise. I was not expecting for you to invite the Haskins brothers over today. I just figured that with time running out for us to get the hang of all this ... lifestyle, I guess you'd call it, we would need to spend our efforts on that with just our small group, rather than diverting time toward entertaining."

I just smiled for a moment as I looked through the windshield. Then I said, "Who said anything about diverting?"

Penny let out a chuckle and looked over at Kelly with a half-grin. When I glanced at Kelly, she was a little surprised. She just sat there with her mouth open a little. She recovered a little and reached out to take Penny's hand and said with a wry smile, "I hope this works out okay."

I calmly reached out across Penny and ran my hand along Kelly's thigh and up to her exposed pussy. Probing her slit with two of my fingers, while being as careful as possible with my left hand on the wheel, I caused her to gasp, but she did not try to push my hand away. I pulled my hand out to examine--and then show her--my wet fingers. I said, "Oh, I think it's working out already."

As we drove home that afternoon, Penny was laughing about the continued adventures of the girl with the exposed pussy ... her. She had been approached by more of the guys in her grade as well as the usual collection of bolder juniors and seniors.

The sophomores had begun to get more comfortable and amused about the situation. Unfortunately, most of the approaches they made were lewd and increasingly suggestive of anticipated sexual encounters with her, rather than simply trying to get to know her better. She knew enough about horny boys now to realize where their priorities were at this stage in life. Pussy was everything to them. I laughed and told her that, for probably the next thirty or forty years in their lives, that particular priority would not change for the guys.

Kelly had been unusually quiet while Penny had related her adventures. Before she could start to tell me about any of them I said, "Let's hold off on the telling of all this until we can all be together when Adele comes over. Then she can add her story contribution to the pot."

I paused for effect and said, "In fact, I think it would really be interesting for Clete and Toby to hear all about them as well when they get there at four." I thought the girls would object to this, but to my surprise, they simply grinned at each other and, nodding at each other for timing, said in unison, "Yes, Master Ron!" I had to grin and shake my head at that. My sisters really were turning into first class sluts. I was so proud of them!

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