Mixed Messages
Chapter 8

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 8 - A boy discovers through his mother's emails and IM logs that she leads a secret life. Enlisting the aid of his sisters, the three of them set out to train themselves in D/S, educate their dad, and tame their mom's apparent sexual cravings. Several others help along the way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   Nudism  

I did not do it in teasing stages like I had the day before. I just pushed in very slowly and smoothly, being careful not to plunge or rush and hurt her. Penny held her breath as I began to enter her. Then she began to take shallow breaths and I was worried that she would hyperventilate.

As I slowly and finally reached bottom, she let out a long loud sigh and said through fresh tears of joy, "Oh, God, Ron, why did I wait so long! This feels so ... ohhhh ... it's ... wonderful!" I did not move for a moment as I took in the angelic face that looked back at me with such intense love and trust. I was once again in that special heaven that only men can experience; that heaven of a just-entered pussy with its warmth and moisture and loving grip on your cock that is unmatched by any other sensation.

Penny initiated the movement and I reciprocated. We rocked in the fucking rhythm gently at first. I tried to move with more of an out-to-in rather than up-to-down motion. I wanted to try to hold off as long as possible.

It was useless. I was so turned on that I came after only about a minute-and-a-half. I guess I should have taken her up on that blowjob after all before doing this.

I was disappointed in myself for not lasting long enough to give her an orgasm during her first ever experience with fucking. She saw my look of disappointment and my apologetic expression after I got myself back under control after cumming. She said gently, "That's okay; you've done more than enough to make this just so wonderful."

She kept moving gently and, to my surprise, I did not lose all of my erection. In fact, after a few minutes of her gentle loving motion and her kisses, I was erect again and kept moving with her. I tried to ensure that my pubic bone grazed her clit and we both were rewarded with her having a very nice orgasm. She was not as vocal as Kelly in her orgasms, I noticed. But her facial expressions were more descriptive of how she felt during them. She smiled with absolute delight afterward and wrapped her arms around my neck as I continued to plunge on until I came a second time in her pussy. She held her face against my left shoulder and moaned.

When I had subsided in my gyrations from my own orgasm, I looked down at her and smiled. She reached up and kissed me and said, "I'm so glad it was you. I love you so much and I know that you love me. I'm so glad it was you." Then she kissed me again and again and again.

We lay like that in a clench. I began to caress her gently and talk soothingly to her for about five minutes as I remained in her. She evidently liked that after-fuck attention and gentle talk because she almost purred she was so content.

I heard a sob and looked up to see Kelly crying like a baby. Penny and I pulled apart enough for both of us to look up at Kelly with concern. She saw us and got herself under control. She smiled through her tears and said, "God! That was so beautiful and so hot! I could see why Penny might have been jealous last night. Now I am the one who feels jealous. That was so ... so ... God ... so intense ... so loving ... so beautiful!"

I wanted to go to Kelly and hold her but my dick was still in Penny. I pulled out gently and Penny smiled and moved quickly. Before I could stop her, Penny took my softening cock in her mouth and began to lick it clean of our juices. I never get over just how erotic that action can be; even if it is considered nasty by some.

Kelly then surprised me as she sniffed and moved down to Penny's pussy while Penny was focused on my cock. Kelly pulled Penny's legs apart before Penny realized what was going on and had her mouth to Penny's pussy, lapping and licking her, cleaning her out of all the cum residue from our fuck. Penny tried vainly to push Kelly away, but I noticed that she did not try too hard when she felt Kelly's tongue inside of her. I was somewhat shocked at seeing a girl lick another girl's pussy for the first time in my life. I was also very turned on by it.

As Kelly rose from her task, I reached out and grabbed her up into a passionate kiss before she could wipe off or swallow all of the fuck juices. I wanted her to know that I could handle the taste just as much as the girls could.

As I pulled back, I saw that Kelly was no longer crying and all three of us burst out laughing almost hysterically with joy. Kelly got up and paused the once-again-tripod-mounted video camera, while I helped Penny up.

We took the cushions with us over to the outdoor shower and cleaned them and ourselves off. Returning the cushions to the lounge chairs, we all went into the pool to relax for a few minutes. All of us needed to come down from the sex high and reflect. As we talked, we realized that we loved each other with a deeper intensity than ever before.

We shared a three-way hug that got my dick hard again. Kelly looked down and asked, "Do you want me to take care of that for you?"

I thought about it and said, "No. I have a better idea." With that, I led both of the girls back over toward the pool deck furniture. Kelly saw what was coming and aimed and restarted the video camera.

As we got to the table, I pulled Penny to me, kissed her, and said, "Now for the really fun part of being the master to such a compliant slave." I turned her around and, kicking her feet farther apart, I pushed her down over the table. I grabbed Penny's hips and positioned my cock at the entrance to her slit. I shoved it all the way in and heard her grunt with pleasure. Then she giggled at the realization that I was 'taking' her this time.

Kelly had moved around to the other side of the table and leaned in to hold one of Penny's hands and catch a good video close-up of her face as I plundered Penny's pussy from behind. I lasted longer this time while they smiled at each other enthusiastically and occasionally giggled. Penny did not cum this time, but she was having a great feeling, based on her giggles and grunts of pleasure and the intensity of her smiles with Kelly. Kelly even leaned in once to kiss Penny passionately right on the lips.

I might have lasted longer after having already cum a couple of times today, but the sight of Penny's gorgeous ass beneath my gaze with my cock pummeling her pussy from behind was stimulating enough to get me off with a surprisingly large orgasm after about seven or eight minutes of pounding. I actually felt this one more intensely than the first or second one.

Before I pulled out of Penny's pussy, I pointed to the tripod and beckoned Kelly over. She returned the camera to the tripod and came back to within my reach. When I pulled out I pushed Kelly down to perform her slut duty. She grinned and took my cock into her mouth to clean it. Then she licked my balls and thighs clean of any juices.

I held Penny down and Kelly moved in behind Penny to lick up any drips coming out of her pussy and along her thighs. There was not much after my third orgasm of the day. Then she stood Penny up and turned her to lie on her back on the table. Kelly bent and finished her licking and cleaning of Penny's well-fucked pussy with her tongue before helping Penny up.

Penny was beaming at me as she said, "Wow, Caveman! That was awesome!" We all laughed and held on to each other for a few minutes. We told each other that we loved each other over and over.

As we showered again, I asked Kelly if she needed for me to help her get off since I knew that she had been turned on by what Penny and I had done today. She smiled and thanked me but said that she had gotten herself off more than four times with her fingers just from watching and diddling.

Believe me, we honestly tried to tackle homework before Mom and Dad got home, but none of us could concentrate. I found myself just sitting there grinning stupidly at a textbook. I heard the girls down the hall giggling every now and then. Evidently they were discussing the merits and the, dare I say it, 'ins-and-outs' of sex.

Finally, I realized that I was not going to get anything productive done with school work, so I moved to my computer and opened the word processor. I began to copy the text of some of the racier sexting messages and emails into a document. I began the process of redacting, or marking out, actual names and overt references to Mom's and Dad's lines of work so that I could have these as un-personalized as possible for when the time came to begin Dad's awakening.

Dad called at five-thirty to say that Mom had told him she was going to be late getting home. He was not expecting to get home himself until after about eight and we should go ahead and eat supper. I went down the hall to tell Kelly and Penny about supper being just us three. They were lying across Kelly's bed with their heads together talking softly when I looked in and told them about Mom and Dad's not planning to be here until later than usual.

Penny smiled at me and said, "We'll be down in just a few minutes. It's my night for kitchen duty. Do you want ... anything special?" she asked with a leer in her voice and on her face.

I leered back and said jokingly, "I'll take a slave sandwich and a side of thighs. And I want to sit between the two of you as I eat it." Then I went back to my computer to work some more on the redacted message files. I heard my giggling sisters dash past my door and down the stairs. I closed out the file and went downstairs to join them for supper.

They were nekkid! And they were wearing their ribbon collars.

Like one of Dad's favorite humorists had said in one of the old TV shows Dad had kept on VHS tape and had me transfer to DVD. Naked means you don't have clothes on. Nekkid means you don't have clothes on ... and you are up to something. My sisters were nekkid!

They saw me staring and both of them stood up. They came over and one pulled my t-shirt off while the other pulled my shorts and boxers off. When I was suitably nekkid they led me over to the kitchen table where they had laid out bread, cold cuts, cheese, and condiments. They also had glasses of water in place.

They sat me down in my place and moved to their seats on either side of me. They scooted their chairs as close to mine as they could and proceeded to bother me incessantly throughout the meal. Needless to say, I kept a hard-on throughout all of this. I would occasionally squeeze a breast or stroke a pussy and they would grab my cock and shake it. It was all done in good humor and with no intention of really engaging in actual sex.

We were lovingly comfortable. We simply had supper and had fun with each other and each other's bodies without any shame whatsoever. I sort of missed the blushes. I think I mentioned just how erotic and exciting it is to see my sisters blush in a sexual situation.

I could not help but consider in mild amazement the changes that had been wrought in the past few days by our discovery of Mom's indiscretions. Regardless of how this all turned out, my sisters and I would forever be changed by these strange circumstances. Changed for the better, I was convinced.

Just as we finished eating, Penny got a somewhat serious look on her face as she looked directly at me. She said, "Ron, what you did for me today was just so special. I ... I can't tell you how wonderful that was." I started to worry for a second until she continued. "No, don't worry about my getting all gooey on you. I know what this is all about.

"But, God! You are just such a fantastic guy. That includes being a great lover. But it is more than that!

"You seemed to know just what I needed. I'll bet you that the other girls my age at school have absolutely NO idea what it means to make love ... I mean really make love with a guy. A lot of them know about fucking by now. But for most of them I'll bet that all they know is rough groping in the dark back seat of a car or in the bushes near the baseball field. I am probably one of the last ones my age at this school to hang on to my virginity ... until today. But I'll bet I've got more insight into making love from that one time today with you than they will have by the time they finish college." Then she did that adorable blush.

"And, God! Why did I wait so long? Sex is just so ... so ... great! I mean ... I ... I guess I don't know what I really mean! I just..." Then she began to cry gently and reached out to hold me. I held her and we just rocked gently for a while. After a few seconds, I looked at Kelly and she had tears in her eyes as well. I beckoned and she came around to be part of the hug.

We just sat like that hugging quietly for about three or four minutes before Penny sniffed and said, "Enough of this girl shit." She reached for one of the napkins on the table to take care of her tears and to blow her nose. "I have to get this stuff cleared before Mom and Dad get home and we need to get dressed."

Penny got up to do her kitchen cleanup duty. As Kelly and I got up to leave the kitchen, I upped the ante on the girls once more in our role development. In my best 'Master Ron' voice I told them that from now on, on school mornings, I expected one of them to come and wake me. Whichever one did the waking would also give me a wake-up blowjob.

It was up to her how she avoided detection from Mom and Dad, but I expected to be serviced every school morning before departure and we would still be on time for breakfast at the fast food restaurant. Kelly would be first in rotation.

They both looked at me in mild surprise for about five seconds. Then they looked at each other and began to giggle. I tried to give them one of my best 'Master Ron' frowns and they just laughed even harder.

Kelly oozed her naked body next to mine and asked, "Which one of us should take care of your problem right now?" She grabbed my dick as she said this. I just shook my head and sat down again in my chair, realizing just how daring this was to do it in the open in our family kitchen with Mom and Dad due home at any time.

Kelly got between my legs and engulfed my erect cock in her talented mouth while Penny went about kitchen cleanup. As Kelly continued, I heard Penny gasp and say, "The camera!" and run outside. I was too far into the zone of receiving a first class blowjob from Kelly to realize right at that moment how catastrophic it would have been if Dad or Mom had gotten to the camera before we could retrieve it with its damning contents.

Kelly had been working on me for about two minutes and I was lasting primarily because of having cum so many times already in the afternoon. As she stood to get a better angle while still holding my cock in her mouth, she lost her balance slightly and tilted her whole body toward me. Her mouth went down on my cock and before either of us realized what had happened her lips were around the base of my cock and the head of it was in her throat.

She gagged and pulled completely off. She looked stunned for a minute and I said, "Geez, Kel, are you all right?"

She got a quizzical look on her face as she coughed once and got her breathing back under control and said, "Give me a second. I think so."

Penny came in with the camera right at that point and saw that something was up. "What's going on?"

Kelly said, "Get the camera going. This ought to make for some interesting footage." As Penny aimed and started the camera, Kelly stood up again and started working on my cock. After two normal descents, she descended a third time forcefully and my cock once again went into her throat.

Penny laughed and shouted, "Woooo! Kelly! You go, Girl!" and kept the video rolling as she came in for a close-up.

Kelly backed off and smiled at me. Then she did it again ... and again ... setting up a rhythm. I could not help it. I gave it up, cumming directly down Kelly's throat even if I could only manage a few drops by now. Like I said, I may be seventeen, but I'm not Iron Man. She held in place until I got my breathing under control so that she could tell I was finished.

She sat back, coughed once, and said to Penny with a smile, "Wow! I have learned a very interesting new trick. There are only two drawbacks. It makes my throat itch a bit and I could not actually taste Master Ron's cum. If I do that all the time, I'll miss that taste." Then she smiled up at me with a seductive gleam in her eye. "And I've sort of been getting used to it."

We had dressed and straightened up the place by the time Dad got home. The girls greeted him with hugs that once again included more body contact than he had been used to. He still did not say anything but I could see that he was eyeballing them more closely when they moved away from him. I could not tell if he was actually getting turned on by his two sexy daughters but his wheels were definitely turning.

The fact that I was continuing to give him manly hugs instead of just a handshake had ceased to surprise him. He returned my hug and gave me smiles and greetings of genuine love.

When Mom got home, she looked miserable. She claimed that her allergy reaction was still in full swing. She shot nose spray from the hall bath medicine cabinet and took Benadryl.

When she came out, she reached for a hug from me. I continued to give her as much of a full-body hug as I could muster. She seemed a bit uncomfortable with the intimacy implied by it, but she still did not complain or comment. She always came up with a motherly loving smile for me.

She had some toast with peanut butter and went straight on up to bed. I noticed that she did not take her Smartphone to synch it tonight. I went over to her purse to retrieve it and finally found it among a lot of junk. When I went upstairs to her computer, she was just pulling her pajama top on over her already-in-place pajama bottoms. I got a glimpse of some prime tit just before she saw me and turned away to button the top. She was slightly embarrassed but I pretended that I had not seen anything.

I said, "Mom, I hope you don't mind, but I saw that you left your Smartphone downstairs. I just thought I would bring it up so that you could synch it."

"Why, thank you, Ron Jon," she said with real gratitude. "That was very thoughtful." She took the phone and retrieved the cord to start the procedure. I looked at the computer and then at Mom. I could not help but think about her and a bunch of faceless guys that she had evidently been fucking over the years, one of whom was probably my biological father. She was beautiful, and she was my mother, but I could no longer look at her the same way I had just a week earlier. She must have seen something in my expression for she said, "Ron Jon, why so sad? Are you okay?"

I had to think quickly. "I guess that I'm just already feeling sad that I'll soon be going off to A&M and I'll miss you and all the rest of the family," I said. I had been accepted at Texas A&M, Florida Tech, and Clemson, but I had decided to be an Aggie. I was leaning toward Mechanical Engineering.

When she pulled me to her for a hug this time, I was really aware of her tits through the light pajama material. She could not miss my hard cock either as her thigh brushed my groin. She did not give any sign of having noticed, but moms have a way of hiding emotions from their kids. I knew, though.

I went back to my room and this time I actually did get into my homework. Only occasionally would I drift back to this afternoon and yesterday and realize that these were two of the most significant days in my life. The significant date ahead of me that I dreaded was the one on which we had to turn the key and start up a new way of life for the whole family. I did not know exactly when that would be, but it was approaching rapidly.

I was awakened the next morning by the sound of my door knob turning. I remembered that Kelly was supposed to get me up with a blowjob, so I pretended to be asleep still as I heard someone approach the bed. When I felt a hand on my shoulder, I moved quickly and grabbed her, pulling her down onto the bed and into my arms. I quickly planted a passionate kiss with a lot of tongue and placed a hand on one of her boobs, fondling it and tweaking the nipple. It really felt big and soft to the touch. She went tense on me and I opened my eyes to reassure ... Mom!

"Mom! Wow! I was dreaming about ... someone and I guess I got carried away! I ... I'm sorry ... I..." I had a boner on which she was lying and it hurt like hell. She was still in her thin pajamas and I could feel her awesome tits against my chest. Which was easy to explain since I still had her in my arms. I quickly opened my arms and tried to slide up and away from her.

She hastily pulled away and climbed to her feet with a shocked look on her face. "Ron, don't you EVER do that again! You scared the living shit ... I mean the living daylights out of me!"

She tried to show that she was recovering from a fright. But I could tell ... Mom was actually turned on! She was blushing like crazy and her nipples were hard as rocks. At least, they looked that way poking through the light material of her pajamas. She saw me eyeballing her tits and her blush deepened even more as she crossed her arms over her chest.

She tried to divert me by saying, "You need to get up. I saw that you were still asleep so I came in to make sure that you were not late."

She looked at me strangely and said, "Ron, there is something different about you lately. You haven't started hanging around with the wrong crowd, have you? I'd hate to see you endanger your scholarship." I had gotten awarded a partial scholarship that would not come close to defraying the out-of-state tuition and the cost of dorms and books, but, hey, it was something.

"No, Mom, I still just hang with Clete. Well, him and Kel and Pen." I said. She seemed to be thinking a long time about ... things.

"Well you had better get moving, Buddy," she said as she turned to leave.

Kelly and Penny were trying their best not to laugh their asses off as we drove to breakfast this morning. Kelly finally got enough breath following a laughing bout to say, "Oh, Ron Jon ... I mean Master Ron ... I'm sorry but you have to admit that it really is funny!

"By the way, I was just leaving my room to come fulfill my morning obligation when I saw Mom going into your room." Then with a sly look, she said, "As fast as you have been moving with us this week, I thought you might have already enlisted Mom into you harem and gotten HER to come blow you!"

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