Mixed Messages
Chapter 7

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 7 - A boy discovers through his mother's emails and IM logs that she leads a secret life. Enlisting the aid of his sisters, the three of them set out to train themselves in D/S, educate their dad, and tame their mom's apparent sexual cravings. Several others help along the way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   Nudism  

We both heard the doorknob rattle. Then there was a light tap on the door. Kelly reached quickly for a tissue and wiped her eyes. She turned away from the door to give herself a chance to compose her features before whoever was there could see that she had been crying. I went to the door and gave a quick glance at Kelly before unlocking the door.

At first I was simply relieved that it was not Mom or Dad. Then I was concerned when I saw Penny and what I could tell was a hurt expression on her face. "May I come in?" she asked. When she saw Kelly, she hesitated and I saw tears begin to form. "I ... I can come back if you two need to be alone." She turned to leave.

I pulled her inside and closed and locked the door again. It looked like trying to avoid the raw emotions of the day was just not possible.

Penny looked at Kelly and then turned back to me with a heartbroken expression on her face. She asked, "Ron, I know that I might sound like the typical 'third child, ' but do you really love me like you do Kelly? I mean ... the way you were with Kelly today ... I couldn't believe ... I..." Then she lunged at me and hugged me fiercely as she began to sob quietly against my chest.

Here I was going through round two of dealing with crying females tonight. I held her until she looked up with a questioning look on her face. I said, "Of course I love you as much as I do Kelly, you dumb cunt!" I smiled at her and kissed her lightly. "Is that what has you upset? Are you afraid that I love one of you more than the other?"

"Oh, Ron," she sniffed. "I know it's silly, but I get a free pass on silliness in dealing with guys. After all I AM a girl." Kelly and I chuckled at her efforts to come out of the funk she had been in when she first entered the room. "When I told Mom tonight that she and Dad did not have to worry about sibling rivalry, I sort of felt like a liar.

"I've been so jealous since I watched you two this afternoon. I've also never been so turned on in my life! But I began to feel left out, I guess, starting right before supper." She looked up at me again and said, "Ron, what you guys did today was just so fantastic!

"I have never seen anyone having sex ... well, fucking before, except for watching those clips that seem to pop up on more and more web sites. But to see it live! It was shocking ... and exciting ... and amazing! And you two ... I have never seen two people so full of happiness and love ... and the intensity! Oh, my God!"

Her lips started to quiver. "I started to think that I could never get to enjoy that kind of happiness and love with you like Kelly did. I mean ... how you could be that ... loving and caring ... with someone else ... with me..." Then she hugged me again and began crying once more.

Then I heard her say, "I know Kelly is older and she knows more and she has bigger boobs than I do and..." I spanked her ass with my right hand sharply and she stopped and backed away a step.

I grabbed her shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. Then I pulled her to me and kissed her fiercely on the lips. She was still a little confused I guess. I broke the kiss and said, "You crazy bitch! Of course I love you as much as I do Kelly. If we'd had time today I would have been climbing all over your sexy ass!" She rubbed her ass. It had not really hurt since she was dressed and I had not hit hard. She had just been surprised. Now she began to smile a bit.

"Don't you EVER doubt for a minute that you are any less of a person than Kelly is; or that I love you any less. As for your body, you have one of the most beautiful and sexy bodies I have ever seen; and I mean that!" She actually began to smile a little more at me through the moisture in her eyes when I said that.

"And don't believe that myth about guys only liking big tits; I happen to be one that thinks that good things can come in smaller packages. You are not small at all. You are what guys who like to brag about their sexual experience call a 'sport model.'" She snickered a bit and began to wipe her tears off her cheeks. I went on, "Pen, you are just fifteen. You still have some growing left to do. Who knows? You may end up as a candidate for Miss Double D America by the time you are eighteen!"

Penny was smiling more now, but she was still looking down with a combination of embarrassment at how she had acted and pride in my compliments. I pulled her gently to me and reached out to include Kelly. Kelly resisted as if she did not want to intrude, but I pulled her in insistently.

"Penny," I said. "I really do love you, Sweetheart. But I'm not Iron Man. By the time Kelly and I finished today I had already cum three times. Guys my age can recuperate in the sex department pretty quickly but not THAT quickly." She was slightly embarrassed now by my blatant sexual references.

"When it is your turn ... and it will be your turn tomorrow," she actually blushed a deep red at this, "I want to be able to offer you the same degree of stamina that I did with Kelly. I want to be able to share that special time with you and bring you just as much excitement and stimulation as I did with her."

I cocked one eyebrow and tilted my head slightly, putting on a mock arrogant smile. "I wouldn't be a very good master if I played favorites with my slaves, now would I?"

She had recovered enough now to reach out and pinch my side before she pulled me into a playful but firm hug while Kelly stepped back one step. Penny smiled up at me now with amusement and said, "Like I said earlier ... Master Ron ... as a girl I get a free pass on silly sometimes. I know that you really love me. It's just that all of this..." she moved her eyes all around for a second, " ... stuff ... is so intense!

"I wasn't kidding when I said I was turned on more than I have ever been. Being so turned on like this is so scary for me, too. If Mom and Dad weren't in the house, we would probably be having this conversation horizontally and naked with me riding on top of you ... or you on me.

"Oh, Ron! I have never even fucked anyone before, and I never dreamed that I would be so frantic to fuck either. Is that wrong? Does that make me a whore or a slut to want to fuck so badly when I don't even know what it feels like?"

"No," I said as I smiled at her. "It makes you a normal teenage hormone factory just like the rest of us. We are all sort of hardwired to feel the need to mate and procreate from the moment we mature enough to have the glands to make it possible.

"I am not worried about your becoming a whore. Whores are women who usually have lost their own feelings of self-worth and they sell their souls as well as their bodies. Most of them end up losing all of the joy that comes with sex because of that.

"Sluts, on the other hand, are able to keep that joy and even magnify it because they are not as desperate nor do they suffer from self-loathing like whores. In fact, a slut slave in the hands of a good master will probably enjoy more sexual fulfillment and just plain joy of living in any given year than most 'normal'..." air quotes with fingers " ... women during their whole lives.

"At least that is what some of the authorities I've been reading on the web the past few days have to say on the subject." I glanced at Kelly and in response to her raised eyebrows said, "I HAVE been trying to do some homework on all of this, you know.

"I just hope that, as we do all this stuff to help Dad, I can help make your 'slut time' as pleasant as I can without ruining your outlook on finding happiness with the right guy sometime in the future. One real concern I have had as I thought about all of this is trying to decide whether I should get some other guy ... maybe some guy you already know and like ... to be the first one you fuck instead of me. Now there's something you don't hear many brothers say!"

We all laughed now. Kelly had moved to sit on my computer chair and was looking intently at me as I spoke to Penny. Penny had reached for tissues and had just about wiped all of the evidence of her previous crying bout away.

"No, Ron," said Penny. "You don't have to worry about that. I think it would be nicer if my first fuck were to be with someone I love and who loves me rather than just with some guy who happens to be handy and has a hard-on. And after seeing you in action with Kelly today, I want more than ever now for you to be my first fuck." I guess I must have tensed up a bit.

"Don't start worrying about my wanting to get stupid about it afterward, either. I know that it can't be anything more than just sex. You're my brother, for goodness sake. But, wow! After what I saw today, I just know it's gonna be GREAT sex! You guys were just ... so ... I can't think of another word than 'intense!' I SO want that.

"Ron, I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight just thinking it. I'm so excited anticipating your fucking me for the first time tomorrow. I'm not having my next period for another three weeks. But I will still probably need a maxi-pad just to absorb all the juices that I'll be dripping tomorrow." Now even I had to blush at that imagery! Kelly just giggled.

Kelly asked about any updates from my bugging of Mom's computer and I told both of them about its being all quiet on the electronic front tonight. I gave a tender hug and loving kiss to each of my sisters before seeing them out. I would have to let my latest hard-on ease down by itself.

Penny was sitting in the middle on the way to the fast food place for breakfast the next morning. She had been slightly embarrassed at having to tell me about masturbating the previous night in order to get to sleep. She had not wanted to tell us, but I ordered her to tell me how she had been able to defuse her obvious excitement the night before.

She got over her embarrassment at that situation long enough to tell me, "You know it is sort of ironic that I was able to get rid of my sexual buzz last night so that I could relax enough to get to sleep. Now, I just need to figure out how I am going to be able to concentrate in school today knowing that I am finally going to have my first fuck this afternoon. That is making me so hot already just thinking about it ... that along with the sensations that Master Ron is giving me by playing ... with my pussy ... right now ... ooh!"

Kelly had been concentrating on something else. She looked at Penny's face and then at my hand in Penny's groin and snorted. "Master Ron, I know that feeling up a warm pussy might be really nice for a guy in the morning, but I think Penny might have a point about its being a distraction." I just glanced over haughtily and smiled thinly. When I stopped at the next light, I lifted my hand from Penny's crotch and reached over to lift Kelly's skirt and stroke the crotch of her panties one time before the light changed.

Kelly jumped a little at the first touch but then just shook her head and smirked. Then she got a thoughtful expression on her face and said, "Master Ron, I know you have been studying up on all this strange lifestyle stuff. I heard you say so last night. I just want you to know that Penny and I have been looking stuff up and reading it as well.

"As we have all begun to learn more about our situation over the past few days, hasn't it struck you that there may be something different and special about Adele Kostas?"

I frowned for a second and shook my head. I said, "No, should I? I mean she's scary smart and I think that she is really cute. But she tries to hide her nice looks behind all that shyness. What are you talking about?"

Kelly made a deliberate sigh and said, "You know how Penny and I are trying to work on acting like submissives right now to help you and Dad ... and Mom of course? So I guess Penny and I are sort of ... well ... situational subs in training."

When I nodded for her to continue, she just about floored me. "I think Adele really IS one, a submissive. I mean a real one!"

My chin must have dropped a bit. I was surprised not only that I had not noticed anything about Adele except that I thought she was cute and intelligent. I was also surprised because I had not thought about that aspect. Yet Kelly had zoned right in on it. She continued by describing what she was observing about Adele.

"I mean, I notice that she holds her chin low and avoids eye contact. Her smiles seem a bit excessive and she nods a lot when guys speak to her ... whenever they actually do speak to her, that is. She always seems to be touching herself to make sure everything is all right, like touching her hair as if trying to keep it in place, even when it is already in place.

"I tell you what; why don't you try something the next time you speak to her? Try to look closely at a spot on her forehead or her nose or an ear. See if she mirrors or self-checks by touching the spot on which you are focusing. I'll just bet she does."

I was a bit surprised as I thought about what Kelly had said. I mean, it made sense but I was just having a bit of trouble wrapping my brain around the idea of Adele Kostas' being an authentic submissive. We did not talk about it anymore that morning.

My sisters ... I guess I was going to have to force myself to think of them now as my slaves ... and I sat at our usual counter and I ordered Penny to get our breakfast meals. I still insisted on the six-inch rule for the minimum proximities of their knees to each other throughout the day. They were sitting in that manner as we ate.

Several people we knew from school came and went while we ate. I noticed that Adele came in. She glanced our way; but I noticed that she looked more at my sisters and their chokers with intense interest than at me. When she noticed my looking at her and smiling, she ducked her head as she began to smile slightly and moved on into the restaurant.

I noticed that Kelly was glancing at the door every now and then. One time she glanced at it and did a double-take and she blushed a little as she looked down to continue eating. I turned and saw that Clete and Toby had entered and were headed our way.

They greeted us as usual and then Toby went to get their meals while Clete took his usual seat at the floor-level table as he set his gaze on Kelly's ass on the raised swivel seat. Neither of my slaves had turned during the greeting of my friends to allow visibility up their skirts this morning. For some reason, this amused and annoyed me at the same time. As Toby came over with his and Clete's food, I turned to each of the girls individually and said softly, "Come with me." I slid out of my seat and started walking toward the side corridor leading to the restrooms.

Once I reached the short corridor, I checked to ensure that none of the other customers in the fast food place could see us and that no one was moving in our direction. The girls entered the corridor behind me. As they stood right outside the ladies' room I looked at them with my best 'Master Ron' serious face and said, "Take off your panties and give them to me."

The shock on their faces was amusing as I watched their expressions. Kelly turned to go into the ladies' room and Penny made a move after her sister had turned. I said sharply, "Where do you think you are going?"

Kelly looked at me over her shoulder and said, "We are going in here to take our panties off to give them to you like you ordered." Penny nodded. I frowned. What I said next really shocked them.

"I did not say anything about taking them off in the ladies' room. Take them off right here and hand them to me." Kelly had a moment's apprehension on her face as she hesitated while thinking about the implications.

Penny was already excited about this afternoon's prospects and evidently that excitement motivated her to action. She raised her short skirt and quickly slipped her panties down over her hips and legs. She squatted to pick them up and held them out to hand them to me. They were delicate light yellow bikini-style panties. I did not take them right away, opting instead to wait for Kelly to comply, leaving Penny in the embarrassing position of standing there holding her panties out.

Kelly saw all of this and realized that I was serious and that her sister had already complied. She sighed and shook her head as she lifted her short skirt and slipped her lacy pastel green panties down over her hips and thighs. She let them drop to the floor and retrieved them. She held hers out to me as well.

I made them more nervous by waiting another ten seconds with them standing there holding out their panties before I took them from them. I made a slow-motion demonstration of sniffing each one before placing them into one of the side cargo pockets of the shorts I was wearing.

I'd had a moment of anxiety myself as, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw the ladies' room door begin to open as the girls had extended their panties to me. But it closed quickly and no one came out.

I said to my sisters, "I'll return these when we get home from school today, Slaves. Oh, and by the way, the six-inch rule is still in effect. I will really be interested in hearing about the reactions of the people around you today. So remember details. I will want to hear about and enjoy all of them."

The girls were still in shock, but not as much. They were both blushing furiously, but I began to get the impression that they might actually be getting turned on by this when I saw the beginnings of smiles on each of them. I turned and led them back to our seats. As they sat, I said, "Ladies, why don't you turn around and join in the conversation with Clete and Toby and me this morning?"

Kelly and Penny were almost shaking with embarrassment and, yes, excitement. Each of them turned her swivel seat around slowly until she was giving one of the two boys at the adjacent table a direct view of her bare pussy. I knew that the girls were embarrassed from their blushing. I knew they were excited from way their nipples were trying to drill their way through each of their thin blouses. I was getting hard just from the secret knowledge of my power over them.

Clete had stopped eating and his eyes almost bugged out of his head. As the girls and I tried to engage him in small talk, he could only stammer out monosyllabic grunts in response. I almost laughed out loud, but I managed to control myself. I noticed that Kelly was able to carry on what sounded like a normal conversation despite her embarrassment. But she held those knees at least six inches apart like a real trouper!

What was interesting was that Toby had paused only for about fifteen seconds to admire the view of Penny's visible pussy. Then he had looked up at her face and smiled delightedly at her and resumed eating and carrying on a normal conversation, only occasionally glancing at the obscene display of her slit. Penny's blush had almost disappeared! She really seemed to be enjoying this blatant display of her naked charms!

I let this go on for about another ten minutes before I told the girls we had to go. I had Kelly take the tray with the trash to throw it in the bin. As I looked up, I saw Adele sitting at her table alone. She was not eating. She was just staring intently at me. I smiled and looked directly back at her.

After a few seconds of trading this locked stare, she reached up to pat her hair to ensure that it was all in place ... even though it already was. Then she blushed and turned back to her orange juice. I thought briefly about what Kelly had said in the car earlier.

I turned to follow the girls out. Once we were at the car, I had Kelly sit in the middle and Penny on the outside. I ordered both girls to raise their skirts to waist level before sitting in the car.

Thank God we have vinyl seats! Both of the girls were glistening with moisture. I confirmed this by placing my right hand on Kelly's pussy and stroking just inside her labia with my fingers as I drove to the school yard.

"Master Ron," Kelly said in a husky voice. "I was so embarrassed back there. But, God! That was so hot! This is just what I imagined it would be like ... to be under control of a master, I mean ... but like multiplied by ten!

"I hope that you have a lot of energy this afternoon; because after you fuck Penny, I am going to need your attention like crazy! God, I'm so horny right now!"

Penny was busy rubbing her own slit with her fingers as we parked. She said, "Girl, you had your turn yesterday. Today, Master Ron is all mine. After all, it's special for me, being my first time and all."

I decided that I would make things even more interesting. I said, "Girls, the rules I described earlier still apply. But I am adding one more. Neither of you is allowed to masturbate to orgasm in the girls' room today ... or any other place ... until after our session this afternoon at home. I don't care how turned on you get." They both actually groaned at this as we exited the car and headed to our first classes. I caught glimpses of the lower roundness of their fine asses as their skirts swished while they walked away.

On the way home that afternoon, I ordered Kelly and Penny to tell me about obeying the six-inch rule without panties on today. They blushed to that adorable color of red that I have grown to love to see on my slaves. Then Kelly began.

"The guys were almost frantic today in their efforts to see up my skirt. At first they had expected to see the crotch panel of my panties. When it turned out they were seeing a real, live, exposed pussy they went ape-shit. I'm just glad that the school is only a one-story building, or else they would have had a clear view of the whole region if I had needed to go upstairs with all those horny boys following me up.

"Most of the antics were just juvenile staring and making crude comments. They knew that I was flashing my pussy deliberately after the first guy dropped his pencil and looked and I did not put my knees together or turn away. Only a handful of guys had the nerve to try to get me to do other things. A couple of them asked me if I would lift my skirt to let them have a clearer view, but I refused. I even felt a hand on my bare ass a couple of times in the crowded hall today.

"The same two guys who had tried to get me to go to out to the bleachers and 'talk or something' the other day got bolder. They just asked outright if a girl who flashed her pussy like I did would like to go behind the bleachers and either fuck them or give them a blowjob. I declined their offers as well. Maybe if they'd been a little nicer, I might have done it, since I was so horny already; but I thought both of them were crude. So I told them, 'No way.'

"One of them tried to grab my arm and insist. Thank God Clete saw him and stepped in. The guy saw the determined look in Clete's eye and backed off. He did not even apologize to me. The asshole!"

I made a mental note to myself that I would have to thank Clete in some special way. I had in mind something that involved my sex slaves, of course.

The guys in Penny's classes had just acted silly. She said, "Guys in my classes are not at the action stage yet, I guess, as sophomores. The same juniors and seniors who showed such interest the other day showed a lot more interest today. But they did not try to force me to do anything or get rude and crude like the guys that Kelly was describing.

"It was the girls that surprised me. Up until now, they have been either amused or mildly disgusted with me. Today some of them were going absolutely bonkers. Some were so amused that they even went to get their boyfriends to point me out to them for ogling. Some of my friends that I have had since kindergarten gave me really disgusted looks though. I think I may have lost a couple of friends today too.

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