Mixed Messages
Chapter 3

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - A boy discovers through his mother's emails and IM logs that she leads a secret life. Enlisting the aid of his sisters, the three of them set out to train themselves in D/S, educate their dad, and tame their mom's apparent sexual cravings. Several others help along the way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Slow   Nudism  

I was speechless. I did not gape with my mouth open. I did not look at them with bug eyes. I basically had no expression at all. I put my soda can down and stood. They were still holding each other's hands. Now their mutual hand clasp included both hands.

Kelly was looking at nothing in particular with an expression that indicated she had surprised herself with what she had said. Penny looked at me with an expression of what could have been interpreted as mild panic. Neither of my sisters said anything as I turned to walk away from them around the pool to gather my thoughts.

I walked around the pool slowly and let what Kelly had said sink in. The girls were not talking as they sat there and waited for my reaction. I realized with a warped sense of irony that I was having a Gregory Peck moment.

Dad was interested in the history of World War II. He liked to read about it and watch movies about it. I had watched countless movies with him over the years and had enjoyed them. One that struck me as really great was 'Twelve O'clock High.' This was a movie about a heavy strategic bomber wing stationed in England that suffered from lack of leadership. They were suffering terrible casualties to the Germans and were not hitting their targets effectively.

Gregory Peck played the role of the officer called on to go take over this misfit bomber wing. I remember the scene where he stopped his enlisted driver before they drove onto the base he was about to take over. He had called the driver by his first name. When the car stopped, Peck got out and walked around the car while smoking a cigarette. He looked as if he were making up his mind about something. When he did, he dropped the cigarette and crushed it out under foot. He got back into the car and told the driver, calling him by his rank this time, "Let's go." He had assumed a new role and proceeded to cut everyone a new asshole in the new unit he was taking over. Eventually, under his leadership, the unit became a great one.

This was my Gregory Peck moment. I had to decide whether or not to take charge of the situation. If I did not then our family faced at least a dysfunctional future if not complete dissolution. If I did then my relationship with all of my family members would change, drastically and forever, but at least we had a chance of remaining together.

In the latter case the change would have to start with my fellow coconspirators, my two younger sisters. From across the pool, they looked right at this moment like they were ready either to flee in panic or collapse from stress. I could not see it but I could tell they were trembling.

I shook my head at nothing in particular. I took a deep breath. I had reached my decision.

I stood before them as I got back around to their side of the pool. They were not looking at me directly. They were very aware of me though. I realized that for the first time in their lives they were aware of me as a man rather than as a brother.

When Kelly had said that I needed to become dominant and that I would have to exercise dominance over her and Penny, I knew from what I had read that she was conceding control. I realized how big a concession that was and I understood now just how courageous Kelly was being. Kelly really believed that it had to be done in order to solve our family crisis. I was still unsure about Penny.

I thought for about twenty more seconds as I stood over them before I began to speak.

"Before we start, I need to be sure that you realize I love you both very much."

Kelly looked up directly into my eyes at that point. For the first time ever in my life I saw pure love in her eyes for me. This was not the love of a potential mate. She was now a young woman gazing on her brother as a man, with a love from deep in her heart. I realized that she must have lain awake most of the night coming to this decision and I was truly touched.

Penny glanced at Kelly and looked at me. She then flashed back to Kelly's expression. After seeing the look of love for me in Kelly's eyes, recognition of the importance of the moment registered with Penny. She smiled at Kelly and then looked up at me with a look that also spoke silently of love. But I could see fear and doubt as well. Penny was not quite as sure as Kelly. Still, she looked like she was willing to go along.

I almost collapsed from the realization of the intensity of trust they were now placing in me. They trusted that I would do the right thing with their sexuality and with their futures. I had never had to bear such adult responsibility before and it was a little frightening to me.

I had indeed read stories and articles about dominance and submission on the internet. I now was coming to realize that I would need to become well-versed in all aspects of this realm of fantasy and sexual attitudes. I knew enough already to realize just how this situation would change how my sisters went about their daily lives. It would change how we treated each other and how their friends treated them. I began to tell them what I knew. They listened and nodded as I told them some of the details.

"If this change in our lifestyle goes to the highest level then only a few of the girls that you know will come anywhere close to feeling envy or even pity for you. A lot of your female friends will come to despise you if they find out about you. The guys you know will either come to see you as objects for immediate but temporary sexual or emotional gratification or else they may avoid you entirely. After all, who wants to be known as the guy who dates a submissive slut?"

The cold reality was beginning to sink in with both of the girls. Penny's jaw tightened and her smile was long gone. Kelly surprised me by continuing to gaze at me with what appeared to be deep interest rather than apprehension.

"We are both coming to that conclusion, Ron Jon," she said, glancing at Penny. "But this is about saving our family. I'm willing to do this. Maybe I was too quick to speak for Penny. What about it, Pen? I love you, too, and I don't want you to start anything that is just too much for you."

Penny pulled both her hands away from Kelly and slowly covered her face with them. She just sat there for a minute. When she lowered her hands she had tears glistening on her cheeks.

"I can't hide the fact that I am terrified about all of this. But I agree with Kelly that we need to be in this together if we are going to keep Mom and Dad together when he finds out about her. And it is only a matter of time until he does. This will not work if we are not all involved completely. I just..." Here she paused and sniffed.

"I have never had a real boyfriend and I have never even seen a live boy naked. Well, except for that one time two years ago when I walked in on Ron Jon in the bathroom and ran out quickly." She blushed and looked up at me with a smile. She sniffed.

She surprised me once again on this day of surprises when she said, "Just so you know, I knew you were in there. I was thirteen and my hormones were starting to roar. I was curious. So I arranged to barge in on you 'accidently'." As I stared at her with an incredulous but amused look on my face, she said, "And I wasn't disappointed. Even then you were starting to develop into a handsome boy ... all over. I can only assume that everything has only grown bigger and better over the past two years." She really turned red as she smiled at Kelly.

Kelly smiled back and took her hand again. She raised her eyebrows and asked again, "So, Pen, can you do this? Will you do this?"

Penny looked back at her seriously. Then she looked up at me. I knew this was the go-no-go moment that would determine if we even proceeded to consider it. It would take all three of us. If Penny backed out, this would not work. We all knew it. Most importantly, Penny knew it.

Penny wiped away the last tear on her cheek and said simply, "Yes."

I sat down then and said with what must have been irony in my voice, "I never thought that incest would ever be a topic that came up in our family's polite conversations." Both of the girls then blushed a deep red. They could not meet my eyes. "But it looks like it is going to happen if we do this as it should be done."

Penny replied through her embarrassment, "After reading what Mom wrote, we would probably only be involved in partial incest. The way she was evidently screwing around back then we could just be half-brother and half-sister." Her face crumbled again into another soft crying bout as the full impact of what she said actually hit her.

Frank Campo, our dad, may not actually be the biological father of any of us, we all now realized. But he was the only dad any of us had known. We also knew that it might take a 'father' to make a baby; but it took a 'dad' to raise and love one. We loved Dad and we knew that he loved us. Even if he was ignorant about who might have made us. He had always been there for us while raising us. Now it was up to us to be there for him.

It took all I could muster to continue. But I had to lay it all out. "We, all three of us, are going to have to be involved in sex of some sort in all of this. And it is impossible to avoid that it will be among ourselves ... at first, anyway. Once we move beyond getting used to all of this, it will involve others as well. I am supposed to be the Dom in this arrangement until we can bring Dad on board. So it will be up to me to tell you with whom and under what conditions you will have sex."

They were both still a little frightened as they nodded. I noticed that they had moved up slightly in comfort from the panic level to just very apprehensive. I was very glad that we were talking this out first.

"When we go full bore with Dad, you will very likely be having sex with him." They both had known it. Hearing it spoken seemed to give them a mild chill. But they nodded. I had a sudden thought. "Are you guys on the pill?" I had figured Kelly was since I knew that she had been sexually active already. She nodded and we both looked at Penny. She surprised us by nodding as well.

"Mom got me started about four months ago. She really did not want to. I guess she thought that by going along with my request to get me started that I might already be planning to have sex.

"You know how moms worry that their daughters will take getting on the pill as a green light for having sex all the time. I was not and have not seriously considered it. I just wanted to be ready whenever I finally ever did consider it. It has not happened yet. But it looks now like it is going to happen, whether I had considered it or not."

I resumed. "We are going to need to be very discreet as we explore all of this. You know that we cannot let anyone know at first. There will be more people obviously who know about the sex once it starts. We just can't let them know why.

"Later, though, either someone will find out or else we may need someone else with a mildly perverted attitude to help us with something with Mom and Dad. I am not actually planning right now for that to happen; but we just need to be ready if it comes up." I had said that last part before Kelly could get the objection she was forming out of her mouth.

"As for our sexual histories ... mine and Kelly's..." I hesitated. This was so weird! "Penny, I don't know how much you know about our sex lives. But I have only had sex with one girl and only one time. That was with Elaine last year, the one who moved to Florida. Kelly, I guess you need to enlighten Penny about your situation."

Kelly blushed only slightly as she said, "I have only been with Kyle that one time."

Penny gawked at her and said, "Kyle Sickles! But he's with Kari!"

Kelly patted Penny's hand and said, "He is now. Four months ago he wasn't and we were both curious and horny. I don't feel any real love for him and I don't think he does for me either. We both just needed the experience and were available to each other. It was not love; it was just sex. What about you, Penny? Do you still have your cherry?" Her bluntness sort of caught me by surprise. Penny's answer did as well.

"That thing is long gone," she said with a wry smile. Seeing our faces she went on, "It's not like that. I have not had sex yet. My hymen tore when I was about a foot-and-a-half away from second while I was sliding safely on a stolen base against Central last fall. Lots of girls in athletics end up with their hymens gone due to vigorous exercise."

We talked for a little longer about staging all of this in phases but still keeping it as a part-time program until it was time to bring Dad on board. We agreed that first we had to overcome our own embarrassment at being nude with each other, and then in front of others. Then we needed to get used to the idea of sex in general, and with siblings, before engaging in sex with other people.

I guess I surprised them when I said that would include sex with male AND female siblings. They had not considered girl-on-girl sex up to that point. But they reluctantly acknowledged it was very likely that it would come up eventually. We tried to talk about all of this clinically, but we knew that it was going to turn personal very quickly once we were under way.

We talked about how the sexual activities would involve oral as well as vaginal sex. Penny was startled a little at that and Kelly shivered, but they looked at each other and nodded with resignation. I told them that I would NOT consider anal sex at all. I might end up being branded as a 'terrible' Dom, but I just could not do anything like that or allow it to happen to my sisters.

"As a proper Dom, I am supposed to make things difficult for my submissives ... well, my slaves, I guess. But I also have the responsibility to look out for you so that you are not harmed. A little pain may be okay on rare occasions, but I will not deliberately harm you or allow you to be harmed or injured in this game." I looked at them seriously to let them know that I meant what I said.

Kelly looked at me and said, "Ron, once this starts, it will no longer be a game. It will be some serious shit. And you know it. I understand about the oral and vaginal sex being part of it. At some point in all of this anal sex just may have to be included. I am just glad that you plan to avoid it for as long as possible. I know that you love us and I trust you to take care of us."

"I guess I do too, Ron," said Penny. "I just don't have the level of courage that Kelly seems to have. But I trust you both enough to believe that you will look after me." She looked away for a second before smiling wistfully. "It just would have been nice to experience having a real boyfriend before I became a sex slave to my BROTHER ... and my dad." Kelly once again teared up a little at that and reached out to hug her younger sister. I felt moisture starting in my eyes as well but I continued.

"I guess it will be almost impossible for you girls to establish meaningful relationships with guys who might be potential life partners until you leave for college. Even then, when you come home during semester breaks or summers, you will probably be required to revert to submissive roles. This is going to continue until you are out of college and on your own or until Mom and Dad come to some accommodation that makes this no longer necessary.

"Our new lifestyle will involve actions that would be considered repugnant by normal people. As women, you will be reduced to the status of property. You will be required to obey immediately any order or whim of males in the household. If, as a submissive, you do not follow the rules, or if you question orders, you will need to be punished. Your tears will not matter as that will just make watching you more enjoyable for the true Dom." I was just stating the cold facts.

They looked at each other again and nodded.

"That love I spoke of earlier that I have for you will never change." They nodded as I continued. "I will probably make mistakes while this change in lifestyle comes into being. I understand this." I paused and looked as solemn as I felt. "But I hope you realize and understand as well that YOU will unfortunately be the ones who will have to suffer for MY mistakes.

"Usually, part of being a good Dom is setting the rules and goals just beyond the reach of his subs. That ensures that there will always be failures and punishments to follow.

"Since we are siblings in these roles the need to establish rules that are out of your reach does not apply. I just cannot do that to you. But when Dad is brought in that could change. Then it will probably be harder on the submissive females in the family. Do you understand?"

Penny looked to Kelly as if to take her cue, but she said, "Yeah. Before we commit to this, I have a couple of questions. For example, how are we going to do this as practice and preparation for Dad without Mom's finding out? I mean, as soon as one of our friends or classmates at school gets wind of all this and blabs, we're toast. It is the same for coaches, teachers, and the principal.

"School is not out for another couple of weeks and we can't wait that long based on what you have showed us from Mom's messages and emails. If Mom finds out before Dad is ready, it will all be over and we will have done all this for nothing." Penny looked directly at me then as she continued.

"Ron, from what you have said, it's obvious that you really have read and studied somewhat about all of this. But you will need practice and we will as well. Just how are we going to manage all of this while you get your feet on the ground?"

Kelly had been thinking while Penny had voiced her concerns. She now spoke up. "I think we should try to establish daily practice time from when we come home from school until right before Mom and Dad come home for supper. That gives us about three hours a day. Then we can expand it to include following your rules during school hours as well. I'm just glad we play fall ball instead of spring ball. Otherwise, softball games and daily practices would interfere. Does that make sense?" We all nodded.

Kelly went on. "I know that I am scared to death right now, but I must admit also that the fear has me excited as well. This is all so grown up!"

I was watching Kelly as she said this. She was beginning to show signs of intense excitement as well as apprehension. Obviously the idea of submission had flipped a switch in her that made her consider enjoying the idea of all this despite her stated fears. Penny was excited as well, but not to the same degree as Kelly. I guess time would tell with both of them, but especially with Penny.

Penny got up and said, "I have to go inside to pee. Excuse me for a minute." Then she hurried back inside. Kelly and I waited in silence. She eventually reached out for my hand and I reciprocated, giving her hand a quick squeeze. Kelly smiled at me as we heard Penny returning. Penny had her left hand low and behind her left thigh, evidently holding something that she did not want us to see quite yet.

When she sat down, Kelly asked the next logical question. "So, when do we get all of this started?"

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