Party of 10

by Jethro Shiloh

Copyright© 2011 by Jethro Shiloh

Fantasy Sex Story: My brother Manny and I decided to have a party. My parents had gone out and wouldn't be back until late. So my brother and I were home alone. We invited two of my girlfriends and ten guys that Manny knew to the party. It was really wild until our Parents walked in. Then things got far more weird.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Father   Daughter   Orgy   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

An original story from the warped mind of Jethro Shiloh
All characters are entirely fictitious, none under the age of 13.
This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit, or
reposted elsewhere without the written permission of the author.

A group of girls were sitting out by the pool getting some rays. One of the girls named Marsha said, "hey Monica we heard you had a super hot sex party."

Monica said, "yeah I did and boy was it a party."

Marsha said, "well don't keep us in suspense, tell us all about it."

Monica said, "my brother Manny and I decided to have a party. My parents had gone out and wouldn't be back until late. So my brother and I were home alone. We invited two of my girlfriends and ten guys that Manny knew to the party."

"While we waited for everyone to show up Manny and I fucked twice. Then we took showers before the others arrived."

Everyone went wow.

Marsha said, "you really fucked your brother? Was it good?"

Monica said, "yes and he is the greatest fuck of any boy I've ever had. You girls should try him some time."

They said together, "bring him on."

Monica said, "anyway, to continue the story we three girls fucked all ten of the guys including my brother. They would cum, recover and fuck another then me. Only I wouldn't let them cum in me. The party was going great. Everyone was fucking everyone."

The girls were oohhing and ahhhing.

Marsha said, "wow you fucked ten guys one after the other? What did it feel like?"

Monica said, "it was fantastic. Some guys had dinky cocks some had pretty good size ones. I liked the big ones better. The guys were a bit upset because I wouldn't let them cum inside me because I was fertile but they did cum in the other two girls. From all appearances it looked like the pussies were so full they were overflowing all over the floor. Good thing we put towels down for everyone."

"Everything was going great when suddenly my parents walked in. They were aghast at the scene. There were the two girls and me, their daughter, on the floor with cocks in our pussies and cum oozing out of two of them. They noticed that my brother just happened to be fucking me when they walked in."

Marsha said, "WOW busted big time. End of the world for you guys, right?"

Monica said, "the boys and us three girls were all scared to death we would be reported and sent to jail."

Dad said, "I should call the cops and have you all arrested."

One boy spoke up and said, "sir please don't. Here is why. First these girls, including your daughter, will have their reputations ruined around town and school, and known as, pardon my language, whores or fuck sluts."

"Second, your own reputations and questions of poor parenting would be tough for you and your wife to face."

"Third, most of us are seniors and have scholarships to college. If reported then we would be expelled and lose those scholarships. So it's not just a sex scandal it is ruining the lives of everyone in this room."

My father said, "perhaps you boys should have thought about that before you created an orgy." He looked at mom and asked, "what do you think?"

Mom thought for a minute then she nodded to him. Apparently they both knew what the other was thinking.

Then dad spoke again. "OK, so it's a choice of you boys ending up with a career as garbage men or ditch diggers or following your dreams in a career. With the girls it's whores, sluts, and prostitution or a future for them with their own careers and being mothers. Then my wife and I will be the pathetic doo gooders who turned you all in to protect their cunt fucking whore of a daughter. Am I right so far?"

Everyone had shaky grins but agreed.

Monica said, "I didn't like his term for me but I knew to keep quiet."

Dad said, "what if I was to be as guilty as you boys and fuck all three girls here in front of all of you?"

They were all shocked and made sounds and some said wow. The girls were shocked? Fucked by a parent?

The boy spokesman said, "but sir, one of these girls is your daughter. Would you fuck her too?"

Dad said, "did all ten of you fuck her?"

They all said "yes".

"Did all ten of you fuck the other two girls?"

Again he said "yes".

Dad said, "then what is one more cock in their pussies?"

Monica said, "dad then got down and fucked the first girl and shot his cum in her. The boys gasped, he really did it. He fucked the second one and he shot a load of cum in her."

"The two girls could not believe they were just fucked and have a pussy full of cum by a parent. Now it was my turn."

"The boys thought that maybe he wouldn't do me. He looked at all ten boys with a determined look. Now came the big moment. He laid between my legs and had his cock right up against my pussy. He looked around at all the boys and smiled. The boys and the two other girls were looking at my cock and my pussy not believing what they are seeing. When he slid his cock inside my pussy everyone went WOW.

One boy said, "he really did it. He is fucking his own daughter."

My dad said to me, "as long as I'm going to fuck you I am going to thoroughly enjoy it."

I just smiled up at him and said, "I've always wanted this moment and now I finally have it. Make me climax while we are at it. Fuck me good daddy."

Dad said, "truthfully I've been wanting to fuck you too but I was afraid your mom would shoot me."

"He began sliding his cock in and out then he fucked me harder and longer than the other two."

Dad pumped me in a steady rhythm. When I neared my climax I said, "come on daddy let's go for broke".

We both were oblivious of the crowd around us. Dad was now pounding me as hard and as fast as he could. I exploded into my climax and screamed "yes daddy fuck me". He unleashed a torrent of cum in me. Our arms and legs were locked together and were still in the throes of passion. We both climaxed a second time and then collapsed.

Everyone at the party was dumb struck seeing this scene that they could not believe. A father fucking his daughter in front of a group and both are thoroughly into it and have two super climaxes together. The guys were jacking their cocks and the girls were fingering themselves while watching. It was unreal.

"Then my mom spoke up, unseen by them she had removed her clothes."

Mom said, "ok boys line up. You want to go to jail or fuck my brains out."

They were even more shocked at this. She was lying on the floor with her legs spread wide and up in the air.

The boys, already fired up from watching Dad and me, couldn't resist and one by one they fucked her and revisited the other two girls for more fucking with them.

Marsha, one of the girls at the pool said, "oh my God. Your mom fucked all those boys? This is getting exciting."

Monica said, "dad was still hard and was still pumping his cock in me. It was a thrill he has always wanted but was afraid of doing it. He asked me what I thought about fucking him."

I said, "I have wished for this for a long time and was afraid to say anything because of mom."

Dad said, "well I'm fucking you now and I've given you a big load of my cum."

I said, "yes daddy and fuck me some more. Come on daddy fuck your baby girl and put that baby making batter in me."

That ran a thrill through dad's body so he pumped harder. I was rocking and trembling, then shaking violently and hit my climax as he shot off a huge load of cum in my sopping wet pussy.

The girls at the pool are all squirming hearing Monica talking about fucking her dad. They are all rubbing their pussies and tits.

"Dad slowed down and started to pull out."

I said, "no daddy, don't stop. Keep fucking me please."

He was still hard so he kept stroking in and out.

I whispered to him, "the other boys fucked me tonight but I wouldn't let them cum in me so you are the only one. Cum in me again daddy as I am fertile and I want your baby and I want to be sure there is enough cum in me to make it a fact."

"Oh my. I didn't realize you were fertile. Well at least it's too late to worry about that now."

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