Mutual Aid

by Stepdaddy

Copyright© 2011 by Stepdaddy

Erotica Sex Story: This is a story about two high school cheerleaders on an away game overnight. Quickies with their boyfriends leave them on edge. Did I mention these were two cheerleaders?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   BiSexual   First   School   .

Cindy Nichols dodged back into the stairwell. That was close! As she'd stepped out into the hotel hallway, she'd seen the shadow of someone approaching. She'd ducked back in time, though.

It certainly wouldn't do to get caught by one the chaperones. If one of the coaches spotted her out of her room after curfew, they'd think she'd snuck off to see her boyfriend, Randy. The young quarterback's spunk, viscously sliding down the walls of her immature vagina and collecting in her dampening cheer-panties, reminded her that they would be correct in such an assumption.

The evening had worked out well enough. The fourteen-year-old freshman cheerleader was staying in the state capital, along with the rest of the cheerleading squad and the boys' football team, because tomorrow morning the football team would be competing in the state semifinals.

Although the coaches, both the boys' and her squad's, had sternly shepherded all the teenagers into their rooms for the evening shortly after dinner at the Country Buffet, the pixie-cute brunette had lucked out. She was assigned a room with Nadine Tucker, a doe-eyed, sixteen-year-old blonde junior with an agenda similar to her own.

Within five minutes of entering the room, Nadine had called her boyfriend, Calvin, and everything had been arranged. By either fortune or design, Calvin was assigned a room with Randy, and so Cindy had crept out and up one flight of stairs just as Calvin had come down.

Within fifteen minutes Randy had tossed her onto the bed, pushed up her pleated skirt, pulled off her panties, shoved his virile bone into her, and deposited a generous load. Now, five minutes after that short interlude, Cindy was trying to sneak back before her coach's bed check.

Suddenly the stairwell door swung open, and Cindy gasped, only to be relieved a moment later to discover it was only Calvin, heading back of to his room.

"Hi, Cin," Calvin had smiled as he strode past her and up the staircase. "See ya tomorrow."

Cindy watched him saunter powerfully up the flight and wondered if what they said was true about black guys' cocks. She realized she could always ask Nadine; well, she could if the very prospect of such a conversation didn't embarrass the hell out of her.

She consoled herself by noting that Randy's penis was plenty big enough for her, and besides, due to their abbreviated schedule, Nadine had probably been left as unsatisfied tonight as she herself had been, no matter how big Calvin's thick, long, coal-black...

Cindy found herself at the room and dropped the thought. The unsatisfying quickie must have left her a bit addled.

A soft knock gained her admittance, and for a moment the two adorable cheerleaders looked somberly into each other's flushed faces before bursting into shit-eating grins. They had gotten away with it.

And not a minute too soon, for just then, Ms. Williams, the cheerleading coach, stopped by to check on the girls. She shook her head.

"Girls, we have an early morning tomorrow. And you're still in your travel uniforms! Get to bed now, lights out, okay?"

"Okay, coach," they responded in cheerleader unison.

Within twenty minutes the two girls were both laying in their beds, make-up removed, uniforms exchanged for t-shirts and panties, watching TV with the lights out and showing no sign of falling asleep anytime soon.

"Did you have a good time with Randy?"

"Umm, yeah. What about you guys?"

"It was okay. Too short, though."

"Yeah, too short."

"I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight."

"Why not? The big game?"

"Boy, you really are a freshman! No, not the game. The fact that I'm still horny! Calvin was just getting me warmed up when bam! he was done. Can't really blame him, though; he did have to get back before bed check. But my god, it feels good having a dick inside you, doesn't it?"

Now, although Cindy had been sexually active for several months now, she was still quite shy in talking about things like this in detail. For example, when scheming with Nadine earlier, she'd said she wanted to "hook-up" with Randy, even though Nadine talked of nothing but "getting some hard cock." She was still pretty uncomfortable responding to detailed, specific sexual inquiries, even from another girl. And Nadine, after all, was an upperclassman who Cindy barely knew. So she settled for the noncommittal.


"Well, what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Are you still horny?"


"It's a simple question. Calvin fucked me fast, just got my engine heated up, and then ran off. I'm still horny. Don't tell me you actually got off?"

"I can't believe you're talking about this."

"What? I know you're only fourteen, but you did just go and fuck your boyfriend. I think you're old enough to talk about it!"


"So, are you still horny, or what?"

"Alright, yeah, I suppose so."

"So you didn't get off?"


"Have you ever had an orgasm?"

"Yes, of course I have."

"Have you ever had one with Randy?"

"What kind of question is that? Randy is just as studly as Calvin!"

"That's not saying much. I mean, sure, Calvin has a big cock and all, but he's just a teenager. I can come from fucking him, but only if he takes more time, and if I finger myself while he's doing it."

"I can't believe we're talking about this."

"Oh, should I stop?"

"No. It's okay. Go on."

"I did have a man bring me off before. I worked as a camp counselor last summer. The camp director was fucking me. He brought me off with his mouth lots of times, and towards the end of the summer, he could even make me come with just his dick. I didn't even have to touch myself while he was screwing me."

Cindy noticed by the television light that Nadine's hands were both under the covers. Way under the covers. Moving. Nadine continued.

"So, you say you've had an orgasm, or lots of orgasms. I assume that means you masturbate, like me and every other girl. Right?"

Cindy felt her face burning. She also felt her pussy heating up.


"Yes what?"

"Yes, I have masturbated before."

"You mean you masturbate all the time."

"I suppose."

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. It's one of my favorite pastimes. I'm doing it right now. You should, too – go ahead."

"That's okay."

"Suit yourself. Anyhow, I'm guessing you're where I was at when I first joined the cheerleaders."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean like me back then, you've never had an orgasm with someone else."

"Yeah, I guess that's right."

"Can I tell you a secret?"


"No, I'm serious, like a total secret."

"Okay, yeah. What is it?"

"My first orgasm with another person ... well it was with a girl."

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