Junior High Soccer Moms

by Jethro Shiloh

Copyright© 2011 by Jethro Shiloh

Erotica Sex Story: Marianne caught her son and two friends masturbating to a Wet T-Shirt video. She told the Soccer Moms about it at their next Bridge Club meeting. They all thought it might be a thrill to give the boys their own Wet T-Shirt Contest Live and in Living Color with their Moms. Things went a little too far.

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An original story from the warped mind of Jethro Shiloh

All characters are entirely fictitious, none under the age of 13.

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Marianne Smith huffed up the stairs, a basket balanced on her hip as she trudged along on her chore to pick up the clothes her two kids left strewn about the house. Blowing the strand of dishwater blond hair from her face she moved into her daughter Bethany's room and found the usual litter of panties, skirts and shirts lying on the floor and the bed. As she began to pick up the clothes she heard a muted cry of surprise coming from further down the hall.

Normally Marianne would have ignored it but she knew her son was in his room with two of his friends from the soccer team and they had been locked away for over an hour. Jacob was fifteen, certainly old enough to have friends over on a Saturday morning but she had that mother's instinct that something was up that her son was trying to keep hidden from her. Ignoring her chore for the moment she stepped down the hall to her son's room and pressed her head lightly against the door.

"Oh man, look at that rack!" she could hear coming from the room. "What I'd give to breast feed from that mama!" Marianne felt a flush race down her body at the sound of the words. She couldn't tell which friend had said it but she knew it wasn't her son. He was such a good boy.

"My mom's are almost as big," Jacob said proudly. Marianne's legs grew wobbly at her son's words. How could he say such a thing about her? He was only fifteen. She should barge in and stop whatever it was they were watching! But Marianne didn't move. She was weak and leaning heavily against the wall listening to their 'oohs' and 'ahhs'. With a start she suddenly realized that the sounds from her son's room had quieted and now she could barely hear anything except for the far away sounds of cheering that must be coming from the television.

With practiced patience Marianne turned the knob noiselessly and pushed the door open a sliver. She could see the foot of the bed and the dresser on the far wall where a television was perched on top. The screen showed girls on a stage in white T-shirts getting sprayed with water and their ample chests being displayed to a cheering crowd. The girls strutted their stuff back and forth, rubbing their tits in the faces of those lucky enough to be in the front of the crowd.

"Damn" one of Jacob's friends said and then let out a groan that Marianne was all too familiar with. "Oh god" she heard the strangled moan. Marianne pushed the door open a bit further and watched as Derek stroked out a load of cum onto a towel. Jacob and his other friend Stan fixed their gaze on the television ignoring each other as they masturbated themselves.

Stunned, Marianne watched as the final dollops of cum dribbled out of Derek's cock, his eyes closed in self induced pleasure. As his breathing returned to normal Marianne was suddenly aware that she would be caught in just a second.

She jerked back from the room and pulled the door closed as quietly as her shaking hands would allow her. Darting back to her daughter's room she sat heavily on the bed and pressed her hand into the crotch of her jeans where her pussy had made her panties very wet.

Rubbing her hungry cunt with one hand she pinched her aching nipple with the other and recalled the words her son had said about her body. The image of her son lying on his bed, his hand wrapped around his young, delectable cock burning in her mind. Her mouth felt full imagining him pushing himself past her lips and onto her tongue. Marianne pictured the creamy load shooting out of Derek's cock, his hand gliding up and down his flesh coaxing out that load of delicious cum.

Thirteen year old Bethany stood in the doorway to her room and watched her mother shake and shiver as she rubbed her clit, Beth slid her fingers inside her panties and began rubbing her fingers furiously over her mound. Bethany knew how to make herself feel good and could easily recognize that her mother was doing the same. She watched as her mother's tightly clenched eyes relaxed yet did not open as the hand that was rubbing her pussy set off her climax. Bethany climaxed at the same time her mom did.

Beth pulled her hand out of her panties so her mom wouldn't see it then stepped into her room.

"You must have really needed that?"

Marianne's eyes flew open and she looked about in a near panic. Looking up at her daughter she wondered what she must think. Did she know it was because of her older brother and his friends?

"Sorry sweetie," Marianne offered with a weak smile and a shrug. "Guess I just got caught up in the moment."

"It's okay mom," Bethany said with a warm hug. "A girl's gotta take care of herself sometimes."

Marianne raised an eyebrow at her young daughter's words but decided not to press the issue. She wasn't sure how experienced her little girl was in the ways of sex, but prying after she was caught jilling off on her daughter's bed to fantasies of her son and his friends probably wasn't the time or place.

Grabbing the basket she left her daughter's room and stopped at her son's door. Knocking on it loudly she smiled as the sounds of muffled grunts could be heard as the boys moved about in a hurry. She could imagine them trying to stuff their cocks back into their shorts and stuff the jizz soaked towels and socks into the hamper.

"I'm coming in," Marianne announced and pushed the door open. Jacob was trying hard to look like he had been napping in his bed covered only by a sheet. The tent that was pitched in the middle of his groin was almost enough to make her laugh.

Her eyes swept across the room and landed on Derek who was eyeing her with a hungry look. He was sitting in the chair with his legs spread apart as he looked up from a comic book. Marianne couldn't help but smile as the image of this boy stroking his cock was still hot in her mind. Without realizing it she flashed him a toothy smile and thrust out her hip just a bit further.

Stan was standing in front of the television, his face covered in a guilt ridden expression that was barely hiding how uncomfortable he was. He gave her a nervous smile and waved when she looked at him.

"I'm here for the dirty clothes," she announced. The boys looked at her as if she had just sprouted a third eye and stared at her dumbly. "Get them for me" she told her son. "I'm not sticking my hand under that bed, god knows what I'll find."

Still the boys looked at her, their nerves on the edge of complete meltdown.

"Move it!" she shouted incredulously.

Jacob jumped up, his erection having faded a shade but still noticeable in his boxer shorts. Marianne smiled as they picked up the towels, socks, jeans, shirts and underwear and piled it in her basket. As they cast about for the last items she looked up and noticed that the television had not been turned off, only the volume turned down. As the boys were looking all over the floor another girl was trotted out to a raucous crowd and a pitcher of water poured over her ample bosom.

At last Jacob placed the final item in the basket, the towel that the boys had jerked off on to. He looked up at his mother and saw her staring intently and when he turned to see what she was looking at his face became ashen as he too saw that the DVD was still playing.

"Oh god, Mom! I'm sorry!" he pleaded as he flew to the set and hit the power. When he turned to look back and face her fury he was struck dumb as his mother picked up the towel and lifted it to her face. He watched as she sniffed it and then a small conspiratorial smile spread across her lips.

"It's okay baby," Marianne said soothingly. "Mom understands." As quickly as she had entered she spun on her heel and bounced out of his room.

"Holy shit" Derek gasped. "We are so dead." Stan only nodded his agreement as he slumped onto the bed.

"I don't know guys," Jacob answered absently still staring at the spot where his mother had stood. "It may not be as bad as it seems."

Derek and Stan left as quickly as they could. Jacob holed up in his room for most of the day and though Marianne didn't avoid her son on purpose she was thankful for the time alone to contemplate her actions. Her husband was on deployment again, gone for nearly seven weeks already and no end in sight meant that her womanly needs had definitely fallen to the toy soldiers in her nightstand. Her mood was elevated and it was obvious to everyone, but most especially Bethany.

At thirteen Bethany wasn't a virgin. During a sleepover at Emily Watson's house, whose mother was a known lush and frequently blacked out by 9:00 pm, some boys from the frosh soph football team sneaked over and they had a make out party.

The girls were cheerleaders and in wanting to be popular they let all the football guys fuck them as many times as the guys wanted. Emily even let some of them fuck her mother.

The quarterback, Ian, sweet-talked his way into Bethany's panties. He wasn't going to get her cherry because she let her daddy have the privilege of taking it. She let Ian use his finger in her cunt. He then went down on her and got her near a climax. That felt real good so she let him stick his dick in her. He went slow until he was all the way in then increased his speed until they both climaxed. It didn't last very long, but it was okay, she thought. It will hold her until her daddy gets home. At least Ian was decent enough to use a condom. If her mom had been getting it good from Dad for so long like Beth was and then to have it taken away while dad was traveling she figured her mother must have been going nuts just like Bethany was. At least Beth could get some relief from the boys at school. She was trying to think of ways to get guys to fuck her mother to help her frustrations. Maybe it is time to initiate her brother.

Marianne changed out of her drab button up housework shirt and into a tank top with a scooped neckline. Her breasts, while not quite as pert as when she was eighteen, certainly had held up to the test of time and looked fairly decent in the white cotton top. Looking at herself in the mirror she felt deliciously damp as her nipples hardened and became clearly visible through the flimsy material. Pulling off her jeans she gave her bushy cunt a nice rub before pulling out a skirt and slipping her legs into it.

Posing in the mirror she guessed that if she bounced just right someone might be able to see her panties. If they walked up the stairs behind her they would certainly get a naughty view. The sudden freedom she was feeling was making her giddy and she reveled in it. The fact that it had been triggered by her son and his friends only made her grateful to them and gave her a desire to repay them in some small way.

Bethany whistled her approval as Marianne came down the stairs to start the laundry. With a bright smile the mother of two continued with her chores with a newfound appreciation for the world and she was eager to spread her joy around.

"Thank you Beth," Marianne said as her daughter came into the laundry room and helped sort the clothes.

"Guess you really needed it." Bethany began as she gave her mother an appraising stare.

"What do you mean?" Marianne asked pausing in her duty, a pair of her son's boxers in her hands.

"Well, I haven't seen you dress like this in ... Well, ever!" Bethany said with surprise. "I guess that time alone must have really helped is all."

"Do I look silly?" Marianne asked with genuine concern.

"No mom, you definitely got it going on." Bethany answered.

"Thank you baby, it's nice to know my children think I'm still pretty."

"Children?" Bethany had picked up that her mom had included Jacob in her thanks.

Marianne looked down at her hands and felt the flush creep into her cheeks yet again. In her mind she argued over how much to tell her daughter, not wanting to corrupt her at such a young age. She wasn't aware Bethany was fucking her dad. On the other hand it was obvious that Bethany was no child and this may be the best opportunity to get her little girl to open up to her. Digging into the clothes basket she found the towel the boys had used to catch their seed.

"See this?" Marianne said, holding up the still wet stain on the cotton towel. Bethany looked closely and nodded, but it was clear she didn't understand what she was looking at. "That is the proof that your brother thinks I'm hot." Marianne held her daughter's gaze for a moment until at last comprehension dawned in Bethany's eyes when she realized the towel was full of cum...

"Really?" she gasped in disbelief. "How do you know?"

"I saw him and his friends playing."

"Oh wow, Mom. That is totally hot." Bethany squirmed, pressing her hands between her legs surreptitiously.

"I bet he does it to you too," Marianne whispered. Bethany shivered at her mother's words. "Now you know why I feel so good today."

"Do you think he wants to fuck both of us?"

For a long moment Bethany stared at her mother with heavy lidded eyes, her breathing ragged and her insides feeling like jelly. Marianne looked at her daughter and understood this is what guys must see when their girl wants or needs a kiss.

With only motherly intentions she bent down and placed a gentle kiss on her daughter's lips. When the fire exploded in her breasts and pussy she slipped her tongue out and tasted her daughter's tongue. Beth opened her mouth and mom slipped her tongue inside Beth's mouth. Beth sucked on it. Instinctively mom reached out with one hand to slip her fingers inside Beth's shorts. Picking up on that Beth put her hand under her mom's skirt. Neither were wearing panties which made the pussies available to the touch of the fingers. They rubbed their fingers up and down each other's slits and finally fingering their clits.

They continued kissing during this whole exercise, rubbing each other's clits until they both had a small climax and both were gushing their fluids covering both their hands. It was so intense that it would be emblazoned in their memories forever.

They broke the kiss and pulled their hands from each other's pussies. Marianne picked up the towel with Jacob's cum on it. She handed one end to Beth while she held the other end. The two stared into each other's eyes as they wiped their hands on the towel.

Looking up at her mother Bethany knew that it wouldn't be the last time she tasted her mother's lips nor felt each other's pussies.

Mom said, "I can't believe we did that but I'm not sorry one bit."

Mom, I really enjoyed that. I hope we can do it more often.

"The next time can I lick and suck your pussy? I've always wanted to try that but didn't have the nerve to ask another girl."

"Well with your dad gone I'm sure horny a lot so I think that would be nice and help me get over some of the anxiety."

Bethany thought to herself that is how she feels by also not being fucked by dad while he is gone.

"Want to torture your brother?" Marianne asked mischievously. Bethany's eyes lit up and the pair began to conspire.

For the next two weeks Marianne and Bethany had been teasing poor Jacob to death with their revealing clothes and lack thereof at some points. She would come to breakfast in just her robe or a rather revealing nightie.

Bethany had been wearing skirts her mother would never let her leave the house in they were so short. Sometimes Marianne and Beth would not wear panties. They would sit in chairs where the skirts would rise up just enough to let him barely see they had no panties on.

Jacob would get an instant hard on. He would try to cover it up but both would see him and they would just smile. Jacob had been making visits to the bathroom or his bedroom multiple times a day to relieve the pressure they were building up in his balls.

Beth said, "we better be careful mom. He might get fired up and want to push you or me to the floor."

Marianne said, "I think we need to talk."

It was Diane's turn to host the Bridge Club gathering at her house. She bought some pre-mixed Margaritas and Wine Coolers, chips and dips. The ladies all came in and sat around the dining table. All of the women in attendance at the regular 'Bridge Club' had a boy on the soccer team.

"So you will never believe what I caught the boys doing a couple weeks ago," Marianne said lifting her second margarita to her lips. The ladies around her leaned in close, eager to hear the juicy bit of gossip.

"Tell us already" Lynne said while taking a long sip of her wine cooler. She was the mother of three children, her youngest a fourteen year old boy. Lynne was a rubenesque black woman with large tits and a fleshy ass. Although a big woman she had a narrow waist which gave her a sturdy, yet feminine appearance.

"I caught Jake, Derek and Stan," she said looking at Diane and Janet in turn as she said their boy's names, "watching a Girls Gone Wild video." Marianne let it hang in the air as she took another swallow of her drink.

"Big deal," Maria said. "Boys watch that and much worse on the internet all the time." Maria knew damn well that her son was no saint. The amount of discarded tissues in Hector's room that were caked with expelled semen was a testament to his prowess as a beat off artist.

"Well the boys weren't just watching it when I found them. The three of them were busy spanking their monkey's like it was going out of style." Marianne laughed uproariously and the rest of the women giggled and chuckled nervously.

"That explains it then," Diane said. The other women turned to Derek's mother, a rather prim and proper woman who dressed conservatively. Today she wore an elegant pair of slacks with a black silk blouse that billowed, hiding her trim body. "Derek has been showing off to me every chance he gets now. Whatever happened that day tripped something in his head making him think that I'd like to see him naked."

"You don't?" Marianne spat. She gave her friend an incredulous look with the memory of Derek's body still fresh in her mind. All eyes turned back to Marianne, judgement and disapproval washing over her in waves. "I don't believe it, that boy, well young man actually, is something to behold." She sat back and reveled in the delight of her vision, crossing her legs to provide pressure on her clit in a delightful manner.

"I didn't say that," Diane admitted. Now the rest of the mothers turned to stare at Diane in disbelief. "He is developing rather nicely. He heard me walking down the hall so he deliberately step out in front of me with a big hard on." Maria and Lynne howled, slapping Diane on the back.

"You two are nasty!" Lynne said loudly taking another drink. "How about you Janet? Little Stanley trying to get his mother's attention too?"

Janet shook her head, turning away from Lynne's penetrating gaze to take another sip of her wine cooler. "Yes he keeps trying to catch a glimpse of my breasts. Lynne only laughed.

"Well, Marianne, that explains why you went from a boarded up shack to cat house open for business!" Marsha said. When Marianne shot her a confused look she continued, "Three weeks ago you couldn't attract a horny sailor now you are dressed to make the priests give up their vows. Look at you!"

Marianne could not deny that she had indeed had a transformation after that morning. She had taken to dressing much like her daughter, in fact wearing some of Bethany's clothes when she could get away with it. More often than not though she had been forced to purchase many of the clothes in her own size.

"Well let's just say I've been having a lot of fun lately," Marianne confessed. The women pressed her for details and she began to tell them how she had been showing off to her son, leaving out the parts where Bethany was joining in on the fun. Some of the mothers, Janet in particular, listened with a rather shocked and disgusted look upon her face.

"My favorite part," she said leaning forward, her breasts heaving with excitement as she told her tale, "is when he pulls my panties out of the hamper. I'll juice up a pair real good for him and then leave it on top for him to find. I've sneaked up on him and found him with them wrapped around his cock or pressed up against his face."

"Is he big?" Maria asked. The eyes turned on her this time. "What? I'm just curious is all." The other women laughed at her defensiveness.

"He's big enough," Marianne answered with a proud smile. "Is Hector?"

Maria could not hold back the prideful beaming that broke out on her face. "I saw him in the bathroom a few months ago. He's bigger than his papa." The women howled.

"So what were they boys watching?" Janet asked, trying to steer the conversation back to something a little less scandalous. She could feel an itch beginning to form and it made her very uncomfortable. She should never be having such feelings about her son.

"I think it was just a wet T-shirt contest or something like that. The girls were parading around on a stage getting wet and showing off their tits." Marianne was quietly surprised that Janet had not left yet. She was pretty sure that she would have bolted at the mere mention of her Stan doing something inappropriate.

"We should do that!" Everyone looked back at Diane. "I just think the boys might like a chance to see a wet T-shirt contest up close and personal."

"I think Diane's had too much to drink," Lynne offered and everyone laughed.

"I bet she just wants a chance to show off her titties to her son," Maria said nudging her elbow into Diane's side. The other ladies broke into laughter again when Diana could only smile.

Betty said, "actually it sounds like a fun idea. John is always trying to see my titties and anything else if he can find half a chance. This may be a good way to settle their curiosities."

"You want to soak up your titties and let your boys see them?" Lynne sounded like she couldn't believe what she was hearing from women that she thought she knew.

The others looked at her and she could see it in their eyes, they wanted to do it! "Damn, I never knew you girls could be so fun!" The others stared at her in open awe and then they broke out in alcohol hazed laughter.

Marsha said, "Sammy and I have a more open relationship. We go nude around the house and have since he was very small. So he is used to seeing me and he isn't bashful about me seeing him. Neither of us will have a problem with this activity.

"You in for this Lynne?" Diane asked.

"Sure, why the hell not? Before my middle son Darren moved away he used to keep me company many a nights when his father was out of the house. 'Bout time I let Larry take his brother's place." Her confession was met with a round of hoots and howls. Even Janet was beginning to look at her friends in a new light.

"You ever do anything like this before Marianne?" Lynne asked.

Marianne just shook her head no but the broad smile on her face said she was up for it.

"How about you Janet?" Lynne gave her a 'Don't you lie to me' look that only a black woman can pull off.

"When I was younger," Janet looked down into her cup. With a deep breath she continued, "My brother would complain that he was hurting and I would rub him until that stuff squirted out of him then he felt better." She looked up at the other women. "It wasn't until I was much older that I realized what I had been doing." The women looked at her in amazement.

"I knew you all was just a bunch of dirty hoes," Lynne said with a holler. "I think we are entering a whole new way of mother and son bonding."

A month had passed since that fateful day when Marianne had caught her son and his friends jerking off to that video. It was two weeks since the ladies last gathered. A lot had changed since that day she thought to herself as she prepared the food for the barbecue she was hosting for the boys on the soccer team and their mothers. A sly smile crept across her face as her pussy juiced up beneath her cut off shorts.

Jacob had worked hard through the morning getting the back yard ready for their guests and a light sheen of sweat covered his chest and arms. Walking into the house he was once again unable to keep from staring at his mother. Her tits were pressed together tightly and her cleavage was on full display beneath the button up shirt that was tied off over her stomach. The top three buttons were undone and her breasts swung freely, wobbling sexily due to the lack of a bra. How badly he wanted to step up behind her and grab himself a handful of her tits.

"Earth to Jake!" Marianne said loudly, waving her hand in front of her son's face. "You all done outside?" she asked when his eyes finally rose up from her chest to meet her gaze.

"Yeah mom, all ready" he answered through a dry mouth.

She pulled him to her and put her arms around him. She pulled him right where his face would be in the opening of her shirt right between her two breasts. Jacob could see the nipple of her one breast and immediately got a massive hard on. Marianne had him pulled tight enough to her where she could feel it pressing against her body. She rubbed her body against his hard on for just a moment, then turned loose of him.

"Now go up and get changed."

Marianne watched him leave, his shorts tented where his erection was pushing out obviously. He's not even bothering to cover it up anymore, she thought with a wicked smile. After Jacob stepped out of sight she slipped her fingers into her loose shorts and pressed past the trimmed hair that covered her pussy. The familiar sensation of a flooded pussy greeted her fingers once again. Just a little longer, she promised herself as she pinched her clit.

She sneaked upstairs and went to Jacob's door. She could hear the bed squeaking and knew he was jacking off. What shocked her was he kept saying, "momma oh yeah momma fuck me momma." A moment later she could hear him moan at his release and again "oh momma".

Her faced turned deep red and she hurried to her room where she fingered herself to a climax.

The doorbell rang and soon the guests were arriving. The boys: Derek, Stan, Hector, John, Sammy, and Larry joined Jacob in the pool and spent most of the afternoon splashing and playing water basketball.

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