Ameiliee's Stories: The Founding of the Adventurer Guild

by Luvirini

Copyright© 2011 by Luvirini

Fantasy Story: This story tells how the adventurer guild and the the academy got started. Ameiliee's Stories are short stories about places and people told by the true elven sorceress Ameiliee Liamyn. They are mostly meant to give color to places and people in the world Myaasia and support the main stories.

Tags: Fiction  

Timeline: About 400 years before beginning of "Luvirini's Journey"

Today the adventurers are a mostly trusted group, that most people see as useful to have. Of course all groups have their bad apples, but the organization and training of the guild has kept those to a minimum. However it was not always like that.

Less than 500 years ago the word adventurer was a mixed bag, as were the people calling themselves adventurers. They ranged from the good to the really bad. While there were many groups of adventurers, like the ones I was in, that were in it to help people who needed it, there were others that were mostly bandits that did some adventurer type things to get a reward if that seemed more profitable.

About 400 years ago some of us had had enough of the people who gave the adventurers a bad name. There was no specific time when the idea surfaced, and no specific person you can pin it on, the original idea seemed to come from several people and form itself to a real shape in the discussions that we adventurers had with our own kind when we met.

Finally there were enough of us who thought it necessary and worth the work to create a guild to drive our interests.

So 382 years ago we finally had the founding conference down on that field below the current academy. This place was chosen because it was so central on the continent and yet it was far from any major political entities. We did not want the guild to be part of only any one country, instead we always saw it as a global thing.

There were 306 of us camped here for about three weeks, while we worked on defining the basic rules and organization of the guild. They are still the sames as we have today for most part. There has of course been some smaller additions and some rewriting to make certain things fit better, but when you get to the academy and go to the museum, you can see the original rules and regulations and see how close they are to current.

There were of course a lot of discussion on everything of it, but somehow the core values were not discussed much, they were taken as self evident and the discussion was mostly about how to achieve them and how to formulate the texts.

That place and time was the forming of the guild and really of the profession of adventurer.

Of course the transition was not easy, as we still had all kinds of other people calling themselves adventurers. But only in few years after that it was commonly known that a "guild adventurer" was most likely a reliable help to a problem of the type adventurers solve, whereas someone else calling themselves adventurers could be anything.

In the beginning there was only the membership committee as the only permanent organ of the guild, they accepted people into the guild and when needed kicked people out for breaking the rules. It was also decided that the members would again come together every five years to decide on any needed changes.

By the time of the first five year conference it was clear that some more structure would be needed. So adventurers again talked about those whenever we met, so again almost everyone was aware of the issues, though opinions obviously varied by the meeting.

So 377 years ago we had the first five year guild conference, and about 3000 of us gathered on that field.

The most important change that was instituted was the rank structure, where respected adventurers would have a greater say in the guild matters, but in return would need to dedicate a certain part of their time to the guild. At that point also the need for training and certifying adventurers, beyond the simple reputation based system in use at that point, was noted and decided on.

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