The Nervous Princess

by Jacqueline Jillinghoff

Copyright© 2011 by Jacqueline Jillinghoff

Humor Sex Story: A horny fairy tale in the manner of the Brothers Grimm. It’s never been a popular story, but it’s a personal favorite of mine because it was so much fun to write. The plot is ripped off from Chandra’s fine incest story, “Daddy, Can I Talk to You?” By way of apology, I dedicate this piffle to her.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   .

Once upon a time, there lived a young princess who surpassed in loveliness all of the days of spring. She was such a beautiful child that when she bathed in the stream beside her father's castle, the sun himself felt unworthy to shine upon her, and he burned more brightly, consuming himself to clothe her in radiance. She was fair-complected, with golden flowing hair, eyes of sapphire and the soft blush of roses in her cheeks. Her hands and feet were delicate, her hips were slender, and her buttocks were as smooth and white as a pair of boiled eggs. The counselors to her father the king warned him that he must find her a husband before she grew to womanhood, for if he did not, the kingdom could not bear to lose the many men who would fight and die to win her hand.

And so, on her thirteenth birthday, her father called her to his throne and told her the time had come for her to marry.

"But how can I marry," she replied, "when you are the only man I have ever seen?"

"We have chosen a prince for you from the kingdom to the west," her father said. "The two of you will grow to adulthood together, and the fortunes of the kingdoms will be joined."

The princess saw her husband for the first time on her wedding day. He was a mere stripling, a beardless boy and not handsome, although his tutors said he possessed a fine mind and would one day be a wise and compassionate ruler.

Neither his face nor his gifts were of any importance that day, however, for the eyes of all present gazed only at the princess as she entered the church in a shimmering pearl gown. The sun, as his wedding gift, sent a brilliant shaft of light through a high window, throwing her into dazzling relief as she walked down the aisle, and plunging all else into deep shadow.

On their wedding night, at the castle of the prince, the servants removed the couple's finery and placed them naked together in their bed. The prince looked at his bride in the light of a ring of candles that hung from the ceiling.

"Your breasts are beautiful," he said. "Please let me touch them."

Horrified, the princess fled the room and ran naked through the castle. She hid in the servants' galley, where she slept in a chambermaid's bed, and in the morning, she sent for her clothes and returned in a carriage to her father's kingdom.

"Daughter, why are you here?" the king asked her. "Why are you not with your husband?"

"The servants undressed us and laid us naked together in the bed," the princess replied. "My husband said, 'Your breasts are beautiful. Please let me touch them.' And I was frightened."

"It is a common thing," the king said. "All husbands touch their wives' breasts."

"If you would show me how it is done, I shall not be so frightened when my husband approaches me," the princess said.

"Lower your gown," said the king.

The princess pulled the gown from her shoulders and stood before her father naked to the waist. The king placed a hand over each of her snow-white breasts, and he rolled the rose-pink nipples between his fingers until they became pointed and erect. Then he took her breasts into his mouth, one after the other, and sucked on them as, he said, husbands do for their wives.

The princess loved the feeling of her father's hands and mouth on her breasts, and she returned home happily that very day, swearing that she would allow her prince to touch them.

That night, the servants again stripped the couple and laid them side by side on the bed, beneath the ring of candles.

"Your breasts are beautiful," the young prince said. "Please let me touch them."

"You may touch my breasts," the princess replied, "for I know now it is a thing husbands do for their wives."

Overjoyed, the prince lovingly took her breasts in his hands and teased her rose-pink nipples, just as her father had done. He put each in his mouth in turn and sucked on them until the princess moaned with pleasure.

Then the prince looked at the downy tuft of hair between his young wife's legs.

"The hair between your legs is like spun gold, and the pink flesh beneath it entices me," he said. "Please let me touch it."

Horrified, the princess bolted from the room again, running naked through the castle and sleeping a second night in the chambermaid's bed.

In the morning, she returned to her father's home.

"Daughter, why have you returned?" the king said. "Did you allow your husband to touch your breasts, as I taught you?"

"I allowed the prince to touch my breasts, and it gave me great pleasure," the princess replied. "But then he said, 'The hair between your legs is like spun gold, and the pink flesh beneath it entices me. Please let me touch it.' And I was frightened."

"This, too, is a common thing men do for their wives," the king said.

"If you would show me how it is done," the princess replied, "I shall not be so frightened when my husband approaches me."

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