The Seduction

by sagacious

Copyright© 2011 by sagacious

Flash Story: This was done as a challenge on the forum. Scene: She is a wide-eyed, innocent girl. He is a wealthy trust-fund boy used to getting his way. Together, they are spending the weekend at a cabin by the lake. Her motives: love and beauty, something deep. His: he wants to fill her holes with his cock. This is my response.

Caution: This Flash Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

Rodney stood at the railing and examined his next conquest. His Frat brothers called him the "Cherry Picker", and he was about to add to his tally. Bethany was sitting in the little alcove tossing flower petals into the lake. "I'll bet she's thinking about me while doing 'he loves me, he loves me not'," Rodney thought. Judging by the number of petals and stems in the water she had gone through most of the patch of black eyed susans on the lakeside. He had been building up to this moment all weekend. Subtle hints, gentle touches, quiet comments meant to be overheard, they would all culminate in his cock blasting off inside this tender young morsel. He knew it would work, because it had so many times before, and afterward he would clean the mess with her panties and show the blood and semen stained trophy to his friends.

Rod moved down toward his target making sure that he was heard just before he got to her.


"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to startle you." Rod smiled at the girl, "What has that field of flowers done to deserve destruction at your pretty hands, Hmm?"

She had a look of confusion for a moment, and then glanced at the flower petals spreading away from her on the water. "Oh, no. I didn't mean to ruin so many, I lost track what I was doing."

"That's alright, there are plenty more, I was teasing. May I join you?"

She blushed a bit, "Yes, of course. This is your place after all."

"It belongs to my parents, Beth, not me. You don't have to sit with me if you don't want to."

She blushed a little more, "Oh, I wouldn't mind you sitting with me Rod. I hope you aren't upset that I am here, Rod. Your sister said that this was your favorite place. I can leave if you want me to."

"No, please Beth, I wanted to talk to you and this is the perfect place to do it."

"What do you want to talk about, Rod?"

"I wanted to ask if you were dating anyone, Beth?"

"No, I'm not, Rod."

"Well, I thought I ought to ask. A pretty girl like you probably has a lot of guys wanting to go out with her." Actually, she was pretty plain. Her best feature was her sun streaked hair and tanned skin. Her face was nothing special and her body had a bit to go before it was fully developed. He liked to find girls like this as they were almost assured to be virgin for him.

"I don't go out much. The boys at school don't seem that interested in me. I was surprised when your sister invited me to join my sister this weekend. I don't have much opportunity to be in a great place like this."

"High school boys need to mature a bit Beth. They don't realize what a jewel they have in front of them." Rod had to control a strong urge to smirk, "Here, I picked this for you." He handed her the rose bud, "I thought that it represented you so well, just budding into beauty like the rose."

She sniffed the bud, "Thank you Rod. It is beautiful. I love the smell of a rose. I didn't think the bushes by your house were budding."

"They aren't, but we have a small hot house with some plants in it. I picked it from there." In actuality he had an agreement with a florist in town to supply these whenever he was at the cabin.

Rod put his arm around Beth's shoulders, just barely touching her. "Would you like to go out on a date with me sometime, Beth?"

"Why would you want to go out with me, Rod? My sister tells me that you have a lot of girls available at college."

"College girls are so brash and coarse, Beth. Most of them only want to date me because of my family's money. I need a girl who just wants me, Beth, someone like you."

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