Gay Pride

by StarSapphire

Copyright© 2011 by StarSapphire

Erotica Sex Story: I meet a young girl at our Gay Pride parade who is very curious about my sexuality.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   First   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   .

It was a glorious July day in the big city and we were celebrating with our Gay Pride Parade. This annual event had become extremely popular in the city and even the mayor was in it. I'd participated a few times but this year I was a spectator. The beautiful floats, the drag queens, the leather boys, and anyone else willing to be identifiably gay always put on a wonderful and funny show.

The streets were packed and good viewing spots were hard to find. Luckily I had grabbed one and standing just behind me were what turned out to be a mom and her 12 year old daughter. From their accents they seemed to be Scottish and when I asked them they confirmed my guess and we got to talking. They were here on holiday for another week and staying at the hotel immediately behind us.

Mom was pleasantly pretty with short brown hair and slim body while her daughter Maureen was quite beautiful in that twelve year old way. They were both casually dressed for summer in T's and hip hugging shorts. Maureen was about five feet tall and her mom about five foot four or so. We were all having great fun as I explained the various floats going by and sex wasn't really on my mind.

After the long parade was finally over we felt like we'd known each other for years. Maureen and her mom were chatty folk, which helped. Of course they knew I was gay from my having described the parade to them and that didn't seem to cause them any problem at all. In fact I'd noticed Maureen looking at me a lot, especially my large boobs. I was flattered but didn't think much of it.

I had been into young girls years ago, but had decided to let that stay largely in the background of my dirty little mind. I'd last been with a young girl when I was 28 and I'm now in my mid forties so it was a long time since I'd thought much about them. And, to tell the truth, in this day and age I truly feared to make any advances anyway. So when Maureen's mom asked if I'd look after her for a few hours while she took a tour Maureen didn't want to go on, I accepted without a thought of bedding the young thing.

Thinking back of course I could see that it was Maureen who had manipulated these arrangements and suggesting I baby sit. A clever girl was our Maureen. After her mom left us it wasn't soon before Maureen said she needed to talk to me about something and was glad she was away from her mother. I took her for coffee wondering if it was about what I thought it was. And it was.

"I think I'm gay too," Maureen said as we sat sipping our coffees. "And I really need to talk with you about it." She blushed furiously and lowered her eyes.

"Of course honey! How do you think you know that?" I asked her, reaching out to take her hands in mine. As I said I wasn't surprised. She had clearly been sending me shy sexual signals all day long and I was going to do my best to make her feel comfortable with her admission. I felt a great sense of responsibility to do that, knowing just what a pivotal moment this was for her.

Maureen went on to explain about the crushes she'd get on her women teachers, and how girl's bodies really turned her on and that boys simply didn't. She couldn't imagine having sex with any one of them. She said she had felt like this for quite awhile but had never told anyone nor tried to initiate a relationship with anyone either. She felt so different but after seeing the parade she began to hope she could belong somewhere, to fit in somehow. And finally, that it would be alright simply to be the way she was.

As she was telling me all this I kept a tight grip on her hands reassuring her that what she was telling me was okay. Tears had formed in her lovely blue eyes and were rolling gently down her cheeks. A couple even escaped mine as she got all of this stuff off her mind and into the open for the first time. I felt quite privileged to be here for her like this.

I suggested we go to my place which was quite close by, and talk more privately. Even at this point my intentions were totally honourable. I could certainly admit to having warm feelings for her but they really didn't have an erotic tinge to them yet. But that would soon change.

I showed Maureen around my condo and seated us on my big couch. We both sat close to each other near the middle as Maureen continued to talk. I interrupted her briefly while I fixed us something to eat and drink then settled in, listening to her and answering her many questions as best I could. Then the questions began to get sexual and I could feel my long dormant feelings for young girls awaken and wash over me, surprising me with their intensity.

I could tell they were arousing young Maureen as well. Her cheeks were red, she was licking her lips, staring again periodically at my breasts, and her little nipples were poking out through her T shirt. Glancing down I noticed that my own little soldiers were standing at attention too, even through the bra I wore. And I was wet, even wetter when I saw Maureen's hands clasped tightly together between her legs, all her sexual tension seemingly focused on that one significant spot.

After I'd done telling her of my first sexual experience, my teen sex life, and other things she'd asked me about, I asked her about masturbation. She blushed furiously at first but with a smile she told me she'd been doing it for about a year and really liked it. I told her that I did too, as did almost everyone else. When I said I did it at least once a day, she gave a huge sigh of relief and told me she had been worried she was doing it too much. I naturally told her that she could do it as often as she liked, that it didn't wear out, you really couldn't hurt yourself, get pregnant, or catch a disease!

We looked at each other then and our eyes locked. Even through her embarrassment I could see the innocent longing in her eyes and my heart melted. I reached out and stroked her hair.

"How are you feeling right now?" I asked her.

"Well," she paused. "Kind of excited. I've never talked to someone about this stuff before," Her eyes lowered. I felt a rush of heat wash through me.

"I can imagine. We've been talking about very intimate things and I'm feeling kind of excited too." I said. Mustering up my courage I then asked her "So what do you want to do about that?"

Maureen looked at me a bit startled. "What do you mean?" she stammered.

"Well, how would you feel if i kissed you? Would that be okay?" I heard myself say, slightly surprising myself at my forwardness. Having blurted out my request I waited breathlessly for her answer.

She simply raised her face and, with a look almost of awe, dumbly nodded yes, closing her eyes and bringing her lips up to mine. With tripping heart and quivering body I moved in and accepted her invitation and her luscious lips met with mine. The moment was magical and sublime. Her lips were wet and puffy as I pressed mine closer to hers, melding them tightly together. A hundred thoughts and feelings ran through me at once as my excitement spiked and I could feel myself getting wet. I actually felt like a teenager myself at that moment!

Tentatively I let my lips part and the tip of my tongue explore her sweet lips, gently grazing them, not wishing to shock her with any bold moves she wasn't prepared for. This was her first kiss and I wanted to make it as pleasant as possible for her. Then her own lips parted and the tips of our tongues met briefly before moving past and around each other to dance wildly inside each other's mouths. Maureen moaned and her arms gripped me more tightly. I returned her urgent embrace and felt my breasts crush against her chest as our passion built.

As our passionate kiss developed I ran my hand up underneath the back of her T shirt and luxuriated in the feel of her smooth soft skin against my hand. Maureen's hands remained motionless, locked in her tight embrace of me. Feeling the need to go farther I paused our kissing to ask her if I might touch her little breasts. She again simply nodded yes as my hand came around to her front and moved up to feel her little titties and nipples. As my palm made contact with her engorged nipple we resumed our kiss.

The feel of Maureen's tiny soft breast flesh was exquisite to me. Her nipple nestled in my palm and I gloried in the sensation of it. My own nipples ached and longed to be touched so I slowly eased her hand up to my breast and let her feel me. Her touch sent a shiver of pleasure shooting through me and she moaned quietly as we kissed and she kneaded my big tits one after the other. We continued kissing and petting for some time, hands always above the waist, but I was definitely getting hotter and hotter. So was Maureen by the look and sound of her.

After about a half hour of this passionate, but unfulfilling play I stopped and asked her if she wanted to go farther. My breath was catching in my throat as she looked at me and said rather boldly, yes. Rising, I took her by the hand and led her into my bedroom. When we entered I had her sit on the edge of my bed.

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